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Now, Twitter will allow its users to send their tweets from its prime web app. Whenever the users compose a tweet, they would see an icon of a Calendar. The users can schedule their tweet with a gentle click on the Calendar icon.

Twitter proclaimed about this feature through their official Twitter Support handle. In the following tweet, they said that they were working on the schedule feature since November and now finally it is included in the Twitter app. Additionally, they also noted that the users who are unable to use this feature through the web app should try it using Tweetdeck.

Twitter about this context also added that the users now have the time to save their tweet in the drafts and then schedule it to send at a preferred time. In addition to this, Twitter also said that the drafts saved through the mobile app or those from web app are different. If the users have saved any respective draft in their web app, they will not be able to schedule it through the web app. In fact, they won’t find it in the drafts while they open their Twitter account through the web app.

This feature is quite fantastic and useful because the Twitter thing went on fast. You don’t have enough time to think, and you have to either respond to others’ tweets or any event. Now3 after this feature, the users will get enough time to think about the tweet as well as the best time to share it.

The scheduling feature is quite commendable, but the initiative of Twitter to separate it among web and mobile app is still not understood. Twitter didn’t announce anything in the following contrast. They just said that if the users are not ready to send their tweet, now through they can either save their tweet to the draft or schedule it for an ideal time; they called the feature as Tweet Composer.

The freedom of speech given Platform; Twitter is quite famous worldwide. According to the reports, over 300 Million users are active on Twitter. Most of the users have increased in the past few years. Thus, now Twitter continuously includes new features to their service. Previously, we have seen a reply feature on Twitter, which is also greeted quite well by the users. Now, we all have to wait to see how the users of Twitter welcomes the Tweet Composer feature.

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Daisy Martin  is an avid technical blogger, a magazine contributor, a publisher of guides at and a professional cyber security analyst. Through her writing, she aims to educate people about the dangers and threats lurking in the digital world.

The Atari Breakout game remained hidden for so many years. The game is available on Google search if you want to play. Here is how you can find and play it in the year 2020.

If users are knowing, then there is a game called Breakout developed by Atari available on Google search for many years. The game is available to the users to play on Google search and one of the many games on Google related to Easter eggs. The Breakout Easter egg game was released in the past years, but it is still available for the users. However, it is not so difficult to access the game, but the process is a little different due to the uniqueness of the game.

If we compare the game in terms of standards used in modern-day games, it hardly stands anywhere, visually or mentally. The game was first launched in the year 1976 and instantly became a colossal hit. The game was a unique product of the past which attracted a massive demand among the users. Steve Wozniak developed the game, which was published by Atari. Steve Jobs paid Steve Wozniak to develop the game, Breakout. However, the game was launched in 1976, but its version for Google was introduced in the year 2013. The game was added to celebrate the 37th anniversary of the original game. Google introduced some modifications in its search inspired by the original game. The players can use the arrow keys appearing on the keyboard or can also use a mouse for playing the game. There is no clicking, and the players can score the highest as they will get five opportunities to get live. Each time players can break through several blocks for achieving the highest score.

Searching for Breakout Easter Egg on Google Search

Finding the Breakout Easter eggs is not so tough in Google search; however, you may need to take to some extra steps. You can put the term Atari Breakout or only Breakout in Google search to find the game. If you search for the game without taking care of the specific terms, you may find the typical result, including the links to resources and official sites in Google search results. Moreover, you can go to the images option of Google for searching for the game. However, the best option to explore the game in the year 2020 is to click on “I am Feeling Lucky” after pasting the term used for searching. Now, if the players will not be able to load the game as they have intended.

While going through the images option of Google, the players will end up with only several photos of the Breakout game without getting the option to load the game. Additionally, the section of I’m feeling lucky is not available on the Chrome app on mobile devices. So, when the players try to access the Google Search tab via Chrome, it will not be useful for them. Such players can find the game by navigating the terms and links of the game in a usual way. They can put the search term in the specified place and click on the first result appearing. However, the game will instantly be fired up whenever you start searching it by putting the keyword in the search option.

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Daisy Martin  is an avid technical blogger, a magazine contributor, a publisher of guides at and a professional cyber security analyst. Through her writing, she aims to educate people about the dangers and threats lurking in the digital world  .

The heart-bursting animation of Instagram has vanished from the screens. No one knows the exact reasons.

Recently, Instagram has back-peddled heart-bursting animations, which is quite amusing. The social media platform has started rolling out these animations, but soon Instagram was forced to bury the idea. Amidst all, it seems the team of Instagram has received the message regarding the heart-bursting animations. In recent times, social media platforms are adding several new features on their platforms almost every day. It can be understood that these social media platforms are rolling out new features to attract more users to extend their services. But, keeping up with such a vast number of features is quite tricky even for professional reasons. Both Facebook and Twitter have added a new feature in recent weeks. However, the rolling out of new features is slow but continuous and coming out almost every week. Still, most of the time, these new features are tremendous and provide enhanced user experience, but sometimes these may confuse and infuriate the users.

The latest example of such confusing and infuriating rollouts are heart bursting animation introduced by Instagram. After getting a lot of complaints from the users, it seems that the platform has rolled back it. The heart-bursting animations have been removed from the internet after users termed it as annoying. No one can say when the social media platform added the animation, but complaints regarding it were vocal on internet sources for the last two weeks. Similarly, the disappearance of these heart bursting animations is also a mystery. The newly introduced heart bursting animation has been reported gone from Twitter. However, on its official accounts or blogs, Instagram has not mentioned anything regarding the removal of the heart-bursting animation. Now, in the absence of any information regarding the update, many of the people are wondering whether it was only a test. People are especially worried about it is only a test of the upgrade as it was not turned on for all customers. It is most likely that Instagram has heard negative comments from the internet and reverted the updates.

The Heartless Response from the Internet

The removal of updates is the result of the response that flooded Twitter. These updates remained a goldmine for comedy and funny comments. The release of heart-bursting animation remained a mystery for the people and so remained a mystery its removal. Most of the users termed these animations awkward as it can induce platonic relationships while sending these in response. Now, since these heart bursting animations have been removed, some people are feeling not so good. However, most of the people didn’t like the heart-bursting animation update. But, these updates acted as the starter for so many conversations among the people. It seems that Instagram was testing if the animation can impact thousands of users. Amidst all, the new heart bursting animation has now finally disappeared to the people’s surprise. Many of the people were still confused regarding the new updates, and after its removal, different people are giving their reactions in different ways.

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Daisy Martin  is an avid technical blogger, a magazine contributor, a publisher of guides at and a professional cyber security analyst. Through her writing, she aims to educate people about the dangers and threats lurking in the digital world.

An internal analysis says that the latest update in the process.

Google Messages are about to introduce the encryption feature for RCS, which will be end to end. 9to5 Google confirmed the news regarding the introduction of RCS through APKMirror. RCS or Rich Communication Services is set to offer everything that most of the text messaging services do will succeed in SMS messaging. But, there is a big difference between Rich Communication Services provided by Google Messages and other messaging services like iMessage and Signal. Most of the messaging services, including Signal or iMessage, grant end to end encryption, but Rich communication services fail to do so. The major carriers of US cellular services have announced that they are going to adopt the new update till the year 2021.

Google first unveiled the  Rich Communication Services in the year 2018 as the central texting platform of Android. After that, the company announced the rolling out of the service to the users of the US in November in the year 2018. A detailed analysis of the internal build is suggesting about the introduction of future updates. The interior building analysis of Google Messages v.6.2 in indicating the inclusion of various code lines indicating that the app will have many useful features. The updates include the latest twelve strings, which is referring to the encryption in the app. Amidst all, there are not many details about the requirements of the end to end encryption going to be introduced in the app. It may happen that both the parties, including the sender and receiver, may need to use the Google Messages app. However, the requirements are not clear, and so it may change if more and more apps will start gaining support. But, till now the users at both sides including the sender and receiver will need a reliable internet connection to avail the facilities provided by the end to end encrypted Rich communication messages. If the users have a bad internet connection, then, Google Messages will start offering the users to send their messages through MMS or SMS as the default method. However, before sending messages in this way, Google Messages will remind the users the MMS and SMS are not end-to-end encrypted while asking for the users’ consent.

More interestingly, it seems that Google Messages will provide more protections for the end to end RCS. For example, the users can opt for settings that only those Android applications can see your information, which has the permission to see only end-to-end encrypted messages. Also, the app will remind the users that their messages are encrypted when you share your location. But, no one knows when the company will ship the features, and also there is no way to know regarding it. The company has said it the latest feature is in progress and everyone is trying hard to give it the final touch. Meanwhile, the company is also excited to launch its next-generation chat feature, Rich communication service very soon once it will be completed. If you are using the iPhone, then you can celebrate as indications are showing that the feature will appear on it very soon.

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Twitter is about to add a new feature to its service, and currently, they are still testing it. The feature will grant the users to choose their ideal audience who can repost or reply to their tweets. The following news has been issued by Twitter itself on 20th May 2020. The company stated that they are officially testing the feature using some of its employees’ Twitter account. In addition to this, they added that soon the feature would be included to all users on Twitter present globally.

The above feature will ensure and maintain a lot of etiquette on Twitter. As earlier, everyone has the right to reply to anyone’s tweet, which often led to a fight. However, after the following feature, the users now have the right to select the people whose replies they can accept. The feature grants the users to toggle the reply feature from everyone to either the people whom you have tagged or the people whom you have followed.

Twitter also took help from one of the leading news providers, Meet the Press alongside NBC News for testing of their new feature. Through their official Twitter handle, Meet the Press took the interview of NBC News’s Andrea Mitchell. In their tweet, Meet the Press has tagged NBC News alongside Andrew Mitchell and they have toggled the reply feature set to only tagged people. The interview kept going on over replies without any interference.

However, instead of this feature, the users have their own way of throwing their opinion to random people. Similarly, in the post-interview, they used the tweet messages feature to interrupt Meet the Press and Andrew Mitchell. However, both of them seem out to be unphased during the interview sessions.

Following the new interview trend, the CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, replied to the post-2019 February interview with Kara Swisher. He mentioned her Twitter account and added Kara to use the “reply to me” if they are ready for another interview. It was a clear intention of Jack to inform Kara along with the rest of its service users the feature is almost ready and soon it will be launched.

The limiting replies feature will definitely be going to stop the irrelevant fights through provocation that spread through unwanted replies. Alongside this, it will surely be going to make Twitter more personal than ever. Besides, Twitter in the past few months is trying really hard to overcome the bad influence and impact of the tweets of several negative figures over Twitter. Now we all need to wait to see what help will the limiting replies do in overcoming it.

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Daisy Martin  is an avid technical blogger, a magazine contributor, a publisher of guides at and a professional cyber security analyst. Through her writing, she aims to educate people about the dangers and threats lurking in the digital world.

Instagram has come up with instructions to not use copyrighted music in stories, posts, and live videos. According to the reports, Instagram has added a new update to its app that will inform the users whenever they try to use copyrighted music. The update will help the users to prevent their posts or story from getting restricted.

The following update included a pop-up notification that will warn the users while they are trying to post or going live on Instagram using unauthorized music. The notification will give a certain amount of time to the users for removing copyrighted music. This will prevent users from getting their accounts blocked on Instagram. Previously, we have seen that Instagram used to mute the story, live video, or posts in which the users have used unlicensed music.

Yesterday, Instagram announced the following news itself. They stated about the new update and the favor that it will be going to provide the users. In their statement, Instagram added that the notification would alert the users whenever the program finds the use of any unlicensed music. In addition to this, they said that the primary motive of this update is to notify the users about the copyrighted music to give them a chance to edit their post, story, or live video.

Although, Instagram also said that the update would also be going to help the users to know about the license agreement of the music. They said that numerous types of music content could be used by the users in their posts, stories, and live videos. So, it is better to check the music by this update to know if posting it is permissible or not. Instagram also said that there is various music that is allowed by their creators to use them in Instagram posts but is restricted from being used during the live video. Thus, it is suggested that the users must check their story, post, or live video.

The pop-up notification update will also work on the recorded and live videos posted on Facebook as well. All the quirks of the following update will similarly help the users of Facebook as it does on Instagram. The location also plays a vital role in this update as using music platforms on Instagram is only available in several countries. So, the locations where the feature is not available yet, the users over there will not be notified by the new update.

The initiative of Instagram to provide resolve to its users is commendable. As earlier, the users are quite worried about using the music content to enable blocking or restriction. Thus, now they can freely be asked permission from Instagram for going live or posting the video.

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Daisy Martin  is an avid technical blogger, a magazine contributor, a publisher of guides at and a professional cyber security analyst. Through her writing, she aims to educate people about the dangers and threats lurking in the digital world.

Both TikTok and Instagram offer fascinating features based on music. However, it is difficult to decide which one is the best when it comes to karaoke and singing.

TikTok and Instagram offer karaoke and singing features; however, both apps may differ in terms of user experience. It is necessary to understand the difference between fundamental features to find which app is the best in terms of music-related features. The free media sharing social networking app, Instagram has over one billion users making it equally popular with businesses and people. The social video and photo-sharing app owned by Facebook is used by the users massively for sharing their videos and experiences. Recently, Instagram is taking all the necessary steps to compete with its several other social media service rivals, which include TikTok also.

If speaking about TikTok, it was formerly known as, a massively famous app for short videos. Also, the app has recently touched the whooping number of two billion downloads establishing it as one of the most successful social media services. Although the social media platform is top-rated among the users and is famous for viral videos and challenges, the platform is still doing everything to reach a vast audience. It can be anticipated with the fact that the social media service has introduced some more features, including mobile games.

The two applications are quite different in the way they are providing services, but both are still giving tough competition to each other. The two platforms are always busy in introducing new features every year to attract a wide range of subscribers. For example, a year ago, Instagram added a new feature of on-screen lyrics for supporting a new layer of stories. TikTok also, without wasting much time, introduced some new features making sure the rival Instagram couldn’t pull ahead. Looking toward the features introduced by the two apps, it isn’t easy to choose the best one while talking about karaoke and singing.

TikTok or Instagram: Which One is the Best When it Comes to Music Features?

If speaking about Instagram, the app allows the users to add their favorite music through a song catalog, including Justin Bieber, Drake, and Bjork. The users can easily adjust their places on the screen while scrolling through songs and lyrics. The app may mute the video of the person along with replacing the sound. Also, the users are not allowed to save music, and they will need any other video editing software for creating a suitable karaoke video. It means the co-watching feature of Instagram allows the users to hold only short sessions of karaoke. On the contrary, TikTok has made it much easier for users to sing and add music. Additionally, the users can adjust the volume of the song through the controls along with using other in-app built features of editing for creating transitions and fun effects.

TikTok was always a dedicated app for music, whereas this factor is, to some extent, missing on Instagram. The social networking site seems quite supportive of images that could not be used for karaoke sessions. However, Instagram took the help of Billie Eilish concerning the campaign of the Instagram Music, but TikTok has included the music of the artist in its library of songs. Now, the users can use Instagram Music for supporting the brief video and pictures, but the feature of on-screen lyrics is only an endeavour to compete with the music rival app, TikTok. So, the users who are interested in singing and participating in karaoke will need to choose TikTok.

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Twitter is changing the retweet displays, a move that has been for over the past few years. This could improve how people interact on the platform.

Twitter is modifying the ways of displaying retweets along with comments. The changes going to be introduced by Twitter will address the long-anticipated issue. Twitter is the most popular platform for people to interact with celebrities and public figures directly. However, there are also some other social media platforms such as Instagram or TikTok, which people use to get in touch with their favorite celebrities. These platforms can be used to follow celebrities, but it isn’t easy to interact directly with stars. But, the uniqueness of Twitter is not without oddities, thus making it quite unintuitive. It is difficult to reply and engage with the conversation as each conversation is its tweet.

Fortunately, Twitter has paid to the issue and is taking steps to fix it, which is a big deal. According to a post on the official account of Twitter, the users of iOS can enjoy the feed of retweets along with comments. In simple terms, now onwards, you will be able to see and engage with the comments retweeted by the people. The users need to click on the button of the retweet appearing under the tweet to get access. The latest modification will remain enabled only for the users of iOS devices. However, the social media giant has announced it will soon roll out the plans for Android users. Also, the new updates will soon be rolled out for the browser versions.

Improving Retweets is going to be a big deal

Before the latest update of Twitter, the button of retweet count was almost useless for several years. Most of the people were not knowing whether the option was selectable or not. After clicking on the choice, a screen would appear displaying the name of every user who retweeted the specific tweet. There was an option to follow the tweets after clicking on the particular count button. Now, the newly introduced update will allow the users to see the comments along with the retweets. It is going to be an excellent experience for a large number of Twitter users. Moreover, the recent update has changed the way of interaction and engagement for better user experience. Now, onwards Twitter is going to become much more interactive and engaging for the users.

However, some users have still not got the update, and so they need to copy the URL of the original tweet and then paste it into the search bar of Twitter. It will help them to get a comprehensive list of comments retweeted by the users. However, it sounds cumbersome to some extent, and it is difficult as the people will need to go out of their way to go for an online solution. It is not surprising that such massively popular social media platforms often become the victim of their massive success. In such circumstances, these platforms leave the unsolved problems, which continue for years only because they do not affect their popularity and user bases. However, Twitter deserves appreciation for taking steps to sort out the issue and making its platform much more interactive.

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Daisy Martin  is an avid technical blogger, a magazine contributor, a publisher of guides at and a professional cyber security analyst. Through her writing, she aims to educate people about the dangers and threats lurking in the digital world.

As we have stepped into a more technology-based market world, content marketing has achieved a whole new level. It is all about promoting your business/organization by posting informative and entertaining content to add more value to your target audience’s life and eventually encourage a purchase.

Content Marketing platforms refer to the software that enables the marketing companies to organize and improvise their operations. From planning, briefing, collaborations as well as approvals, these platforms allow the organizations to streamline and incorporate everything.

There are many Content Marketing Platforms (CMPs) that will help you in promoting your brand as well as make sure that the purpose of the content is served. In this blog, we have listed Top 10 Content Marketing Platforms 2020.

  1. SEMRush

With more than 5 million users worldwide, this software is more like an all-in-one toolkit for marketing. It offers some award-winning paid services such as helping to improve SEO, discover your competitors, boost your rankings, build social media strategies, content, keyword and competitive research, site audit, and traffic analytics.

  1. StoryChief

It is a handy tool for people who wish to make their team work together while reviewing each other’s work. StoryChief offers a free trial, and the paid plans depend on how many articles you want to publish monthly.

With StoryChief, you can create and publish articles simultaneously on multiple platforms, including social media. You can plan a content calendar and see the success rate of your keywords immediately.

  1. HubSpot

HubSpot offers a platform for inbound marketing, sales, and customer service. It allows marketers to develop fresh and unique quality content. You can target your customers and manage your contact list using the same. You can also receive guidance for SEO, web analytics, landing pages, social media, and much more.

It comes with many considerate features such as generating leads, making calls, scheduling meetings, sending emails, making a to-do list, etc. It offers a free service with limited features. You can unlock it by purchasing a premium plan.

  1. ScribbleLive

This content cloud provider enables marketers to manage the growth of their content right from the beginning till the end. It helps ideate, plan, create, distribute, and, at last, measure the content to deliver upgraded results.

With this software, you can develop interactive multimedia content, publish it on multiple platforms, track conversions, and build a strong social media strategy. With a social media manager, it assists in live publishing. Popular brands like Ferrari and Red Bull, along with more than 500 businesses use ScribbleLive.

  1. Percolate

A leading content marketing platform that deals with brand management, content management, and social media management. You can store all your content in one place in its library and even assign subcategories to them. It lets you receive and send approvals to clients easily with its flawless approval workflow.

It features a seamless social media scheduling system that allows you to plan social media posts for the upcoming several weeks. Percolate has received the recognition of the world’s best CMP in the year 2018 and is used by Google.

  1. Kapost

From editorial processes to delivering the right content to the target people on time, Kapost enables all of it. It allows companies to manage their content marketing by enabling content ideation, distribution, promotion, and measurement of results.

You can also make as well as update workflows using Kapost. It enables the team members to give feedback directly and has a content store of files.

  1. CoSchedule

It is more like a social media marketing tool and an editorial calendar. CoSchedule enables you to create and assign tasks as well as add discussions.

  1. Ceros

An experiential CMP, Ceros allows its users to build interactive and engaging content. It offers some great tools and lets the designers and marketers create beautiful digital content by using drag and drop. It also has some attractive animated effects along with an analytical tool for tracking.

  1. ClearVoice

Apart from being a content marketing platform, ClearVoice also serves as a marketplace where you can hire some very talented freelance writers, designers, bloggers, influencers, journalists, and editors as per your requirement. It allows tracking of your assignment progress. It has some excellent features that come handy in sales and marketing, as well as real-time content editing.

  1. Hemingway Editor

Its user-friendly features make editing and writing super easy. You can use it by combining with platforms such as WordPress to make your writing more proficient. Hemingway Editor highlights lengthy and complicated sentences as well as points out errors to maintain the fluency of your content. It can be accessed through its website or by downloading the desktop application.

So these were the 10 best content marketing platforms of 2020. Drop your views in the comment box below!

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Streaming shows without subscriptions
Amazon is very soon going to add a new section known as ‘Free’ to the main menu of Fire TV. With this step, the users are going to find it much easier to watch movies and other entertainment programs on the Fire TV of Amazon. Moreover, the users will now be able to stream various movies and programs on Fire TV for free. The users will not need to get the subscription of Fire TV if they are willing to watch the programs. The newly added section in the main menu of Fire TV will help the users browse their favorite content without any charge. The viewers can browse their favorite shows on several apps such as Tubi, Pluto TV, IMDb TV, Crackle, the news app of Amazon, and The CW.
Meanwhile, Michael Polin of Amazon said in a blog post that the company has been receiving great feedback from the customers of Fire TV over the past year. The feedback of the customers is excellent regarding viewing their favorite on  Fire TV available for free. The viewers are now interested in getting an easier way to find their favorite movies and other content on the Amazon platform for free. Michael Polin said the company is willing to provide the viewers with a systemized experience to find the content and movies they wanted to view for free. Also, the newly added section will help the viewers to get information about the content about which they are unaware of. Meanwhile, Amazon has said that the recently added section would need to be refreshed to get the notification of new content and movies regularly.
Moreover, the company has added that the viewers can watch more than twenty thousand movies and TV content for free. Most of the content included in the free tab will have systemized rows of content, along with featuring a personalized set of content. Amidst all, the chief rival of Amazon, Roku has also introduced a similar feature to attract its viewers. Roku has also introduced a new tab to its main menu as ‘Featured Free’ that will highlight the movies and shows sponsored on advertisements.
 Amazon is very much aware of the steps taken by Roku, and it has launched its new feature. The newly added tab of Fire TV will allow the viewers to watch content based on personal choices, which will be categorized as popular, fresh, and trending. The content will be powered by the latest News app of fire TV. Also, the new feature will introduce several other contents for kids and families, which is available for free to all the users of Amazon. The users of Amazon, including kids, can watch their favorite content through the Prime video of Amazon for free.
The company has announced that very soon, they will start rolling out the new feature for the users in the US. Moreover, the users can access multiple content on Fire TV from several apps, including news apps, games, music apps, and much more, and that too for free.

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Daisy Martin  is an avid technical blogger, a magazine contributor, a publisher of guides at and a professional cyber security analyst. Through her writing, she aims to educate people about the dangers and threats lurking in the digital world  .

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