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Microsoft could be gearing up to launch a brand new range of Surface-branded devices. Inside records reveal that Microsoft could be preparing to release a trio of devices, as implied by the secret code-named ‘Andromeda,’ ‘Carmel’ and ‘Libra,’ as per Thurrott, which was the first to find the documents.

Andromeda is estimated to be one of the most progressive new launches from the tech giant, since it may include totally new hardware dimensions and component layout, including a dual-screen design which can fit in a person’s palms.

It is believed that the parents for pocket-able, dual-display, handheld device filed by the company earlier have been for Andromeda.

Stories have been rolling since weeks that the company has been contemplating a full overhaul of its Surface series of computers. Both Andromeda, as well as Libra, may hit the markets this year, whereas Carmel is more likely to hit the shelves next year or later. Andromeda was listed in the internal records as possessing a launch date of 2018, Thurrot wrote.

A patent which was issued in April 2018 boasted about a device which has a foldable screen, or a ‘digital pocket notebook’ which is able to fit in a person’s hands. As reported in, the company might want Andromeda to work as a PC and that it may also take the form of a Surface Phone.

Microsoft is not the only one!

 Microsoft is not the sole company which is rumored to be thinking about a dual-screen display.

Very recently, ZTE launched a dual-screen phone which has a hinge, whereas Asus has merchandized Project Precog, a concept computer which has two screens.

Lenovo also verified that Yoga 2, a dual touch-screen laptop is going to launch soon

‘Libra’ is expected to be a relatively less expensive Surface tablet which has been considered to be in the works.

In May 2018, it was revealed that Microsoft is planning to go for a reasonably priced Surface tablet in order to compete in a better way with rival iPad.

This device might be launched by the end of this year and will possibly have a 10-inch display screen, Intel processors, USB-C charging, and Windows 10 Pro.

What are the rumors floating around Microsoft this year?

The tech giant is rumored to have various new products in the pipeline for this year and the following year.

Up to this point, it has been greatly considered that Microsoft is estimated to refresh its range of Surface products. Microsoft may launch a brand-new, affordable Surface tab in 2018 that competes with Apple’s iPad. Codenamed ‘Libra,’ it is estimated to begin at $400, and it may be released post the second half of this year.

The other device, which is called as Carmel internally, will be a replacement to the newest Surface Pro device. Though, it will probably consist of the most recent processors from Intel, which are due to towards the end of 2018. Therefore the ‘Carmel’ device will not be released until the next year at the earliest.

Possibly the most obscure Surface device which is rumored to be in the process of being made is ‘Andromeda,’ which be a Surface-branded phone.

Besides these devices, the company intends to launch a low-cost keyboard case, stylus, and mouse. The current kit is priced at $160.

Microsoft might also be gearing up to release a low-cost version of the HoloLens, which has been codenamed ‘Sydney,’ in 2019.

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Microsoft Word has received a transformation, with an emphasis on simplicity.

The overhauled Word discards a majority of the icons located in the banner at the head of the Office application, decreasing the three rows of shortcuts down to just one row of the most regularly utilized features.

Microsoft has refurbished all the other icons with a unique sharper, high-contrast fashion which the company states will increase visibility for the users.

The abridged look is now available to Microsoft Office 365 subscribers across the world.

Microsoft has also uncovered a comparable update for Microsoft Outlook featuring an Artificial Intelligence search tool.

 However, Microsoft states that it will refrain from renovating the rest of applications in the Microsoft Office productivity suite, which include Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Excel until it hears back from users on the updated look.

The revamp happens as Google redesigned its email client, Gmail, at the beginning of the present year to compete better with Microsoft Office 365.

The company has begun to roll-out a new look to its Outlook and Word applications.

It includes a simplified user interface, and overhauled icons.

New Changes in Microsoft Office:-

New Toolbar: The Company has decreased the three rows of shortcut icons which were earlier displayed in the toolbar at the head of Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Word applications down to just one row.

Updated Icons: The other icons have been revamped from the very beginning in order to scale in a better way to different display dimensions. In addition to this, the company has also extended the contrast to make the icons appear more apparent to users who have low vision.

AI Search: Beginning with Outlook, the company will add a search bar powered by Artificial Intelligence to the Microsoft Office 365 productivity applications. This AI search function will try to forecast customer’s inquiry no longer than they hover the cursor over the bar.

Reversible: All the user interface modifications which are slated to launch can be reversed. The company has assured consumers the choice to return to the earlier look with a click.

Recent changes made to Outlook:-

The recent rollouts to Outlook come barely weeks after Microsoft rolled out an array of new features to its email client, in order to compete better with rivals such as Gmail.

Bill Reminders: Outlook automatically searches the user’s emails and attaches any scheduled dates for bill payments mentioned in the emails to the calendar.

Better Location Support: The modernized application uses the search engine Bing in order to populate the user’s appointments with added details regarding the venue.

Syncing: Microsoft Outlook for iOS will be able to synchronize any incomplete draft mails between the iPhone, Android phone or tablet, and desktop computer and laptop devices.

RSVP: Outlook now presents customers the entire record of responses from individuals who have RSVP’d to an event, not just their own.

Better Time Zone Management: Microsoft states it has updated time zone support. Therefore now the users can attach calendar notes which begin in one time zone, but stops in a different one.

Outlook added a new bill reminders function which examines emails for bills and adds due dates automatically to person’s calendar.

It will then notify the user by sending an email reminder two days before the due date of the payment.

This function already works a similar service for travel reservations as well as package deliveries, as does its opposing Gmail.

Outlook also gives recommendations for meeting venues in calendar entries and uses the search engine, Bing, to populate data related to the site automatically.

This tool is also accessible in the Outlook app on iOS, along with the choice to book a meeting venue via a mobile phone device.

Microsoft is also upgrading the RSVP system built into Outlook, with users now able to see the responses listed by everyone invited to the meeting.

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On June 14 (IANS) in San Francisco, Microsoft has announced in San Francisco, a design update to the Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Outlook for the users of “” and “Office 365.”

Some biggest changes by Microsoft that are planned to roll out this month which includes a simplified controlled ribbon at the top, some new icons, colors and for a better search function, said by Microsoft in a blog post.

Trish Miner, the principal design researcher of Microsoft said, during the gathering feedback from thousands of people, we have found that people respond most positively to feeling in productive, control, and more secure,” said

The new abridged ribbon will surely help the users to focus on their work and join forces naturally with some others, the new colors and icons are built as scalable graphics which are designed to make the software more accessible and inclusive.”

However, the new search function would provide access to the commands, content, and also people along with the “zero query search” which would bring up recommendations that are powered by the Artificial Intelligence (AI) and also with the Microsoft Graph, immediately by placing the cursor on the search box.

The last version of “Microsoft Office” was “Microsoft Office 2016”, which was essentially released in the year 2015.

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Now, the Microsoft Office 365 is progressively becoming a complete package for any category of business. Not only email facility, but Microsoft Office 365 offers several other facilities which ease out with many processes which involved in a business.

Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium is the latest version of Office 365; it offers some new business apps to their customers. These new business apps are specially designed for the small-scale businesses. This new business app also includes the Microsoft Connections, Microsoft Listings, and Microsoft Invoicing.

Apart from these facilities, Microsoft is also introducing the Office 365 Business Center and Mile IQ. This new Business Center is a central place where users can easily manage these business apps and also get an end to end view of your businesses. Alternatively, Mile IQ is a mileage tracking app which comes under the Office 365 Business Premium subscription benefits.

New business apps in Office 365 Business Premium are as follows:

1- Microsoft Connections

 The new Business app in Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium is one of the very simple to use email marketing services. By using this new app, small-scale business owners can easily drive more sales and users can also create professional looking emails marketing campaigns with some pre-designed templates for newsletters, announcements or customer referrals. They can also provide some simple and easy ways for people to join their mailing list or unsubscribe.

With the growing of the mailing list, users can easily manage their subscribers to make and target some specific groups of the customers. Microsoft Connections app can come with the performance charts, where the users can simply track the open rate, new sign-ups, new customers, clicks, offer redemptions and also unsubscribed the numbers for each of the email campaigns. It will be easily available on the web and also on mobile apps for iOS and Android.

2- Microsoft Listings

The business app in Office 365 Business Premium is one of the easiest ways to publish the business information on top sites. With Microsoft Listings, users can manage and publish their business listing on Facebook, Bing, and Google. The new business app comes with a web dashboard that allows the users to monitor reviews and ratings. Since the users updated their business profile in Microsoft Listings, then the changes will automatically populate across the Facebook, Google, and Bing.

3- Microsoft Invoicing

As invoices are one of the essential parts of any businesses, then creating professional, accurate invoices and raising them on time is one of the big task itself. Microsoft Invoicing in Office 365 Business Premium will also help small-scale business owners or users to create some professional invoices and get fast paid. This app is easily available for users on the web, and on mobile apps for iOS and Android devices.

The Microsoft Connections, Listings, Invoicing and the Business Center will be revolved out in preview over the next few weeks to the Office 365 Business Premium subscribers in U.S., Canada, U.K.


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If you are experiencing a problem where the program you are trying to run is missing or even corrupted. In this case, Windows might not be able to run the file properly, and then the operating system will generate an error message File is not a valid 32-bit application.

Usually, the error is about the executable file not being a valid 32-bit application, so it is very clear that the system has a big problem. However, there are many ways to get things back on the right track.

It might be possible that while the program was being downloaded, the executable file was automatically corrupted. There are several other reasons such as download failed to complete; it’s not compatible with the latest version of Windows.

We always recommended you to download executable files from the primary source or the official homepage for the safety of your system and save yourself from troubles.

Steps to Fix Error Message File is not a Valid 32-bit Application

The very first step to fix this error is to delete the program and re-download it again from the sources on the internet. Once confirm it that the process is completely 100 percent before trying to install. If that does not work, then try to download it from some other different web-pages on the internet.

Another option is that if you have a CD/DVD with the program laying around, then it is a very good idea to try and install it by the use of physical media. These days no one can make use of the physical media,

If the Program is Already Installed but Unable to Open

If you are facing the issue with an already installed program that worked before, then first we need to verify carefully that it has not been deleted. We tend to open applications from a shortcut, and there are times when a file is removed, then the shortcut doesn’t go with it.

The other step is to check that do you dealing with a corrupted or damaged hard drive? Then this might cause functioning apps to fail. In this situation, we highly recommend you to use Disk Defragmentation and Disk Error Checking process to check your drive is running at optimal performance or not.

After checking, if the problem is not that, then there are more chances that you are dealing with a bad file. Check that any file of the association might be changed to .exe. Always make sure that you download an executed file then it is always a .exe format.

The File is not associated with the Right Program

When it comes down to the Windows operating system, then each file extension is directly associated with a program. Whether it will be .exe,.png, .txt, .jpg, .zip, and many more, they always require a default program to open them.

It might be a reason that you are dealing with a situation where the wrong program is assigned to you, and as such, it is prudent to check that if it is indeed the case and makes the necessary changes.

Virus or Malware Infection could be the Issue

In the worst case, your computer might infect with a virus, trojan, worm, or malware attacks. If the reason is this, then your anti-virus has completed its job due to a virus-infected executable file is unable to run, then the anti-virus has stopped it in its tracks.

Once check your anti-virus program to see that your antivirus has been quarantined, and also take some necessary steps to remove it from the computer.

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Credit card fraud is a very harrowing event in various ways. It is not only the act of theft frightening breach of security, but it is also the short-term loss of funds, which can be happened at any of the unfortunate moment. On top of that, it has very longer-term effects, such as credit damage and theft identity. Every person considers their credit card information one of the most valuable proprietary items in possession.

About Credit Card Fraud

Credit card fraud is the illegal hunt, and the use of a credit card or credit card numbers are for obtaining payments or goods. Many types of credit card fraud happened these days including the stealing cards, phishing for card information online and for creating false websites to get credit card numbers, among the others. It totally depends on the condition where you reside; credit card fraud might be a crime or an offense.

Some of the credit card companies monitor their users’ accounts for fraud and will also send credit card fraud alerts when someone notices unusual activity. However, it is better to stop cases of the credit card fraud before they happen. By this way, you even don’t have to report the fraud request an investigation into the deceitful activity and struggle to get the charges removed.

Here are some tips which help you against fraud. The list is mentioning below:-

  • Acquire Accounts of every Person who holds Your credit card information
  • Always shred sensitive documents for disposal
  • Avoid to Store passwords on computers
  • Carefully review your monthly bank and credit card statements
  • Always shop from credible online resources
  • Utilize sellers which provides a secure checkout
  • Try to use PayPal to complete your online transactions
  • Be careful while handling your credit card and its information
  • Be careful of Telemarketers
  • Always verify Your mailing address
  • check out your credit score once per year
  • Make sure to report fraud or any losses
  • Always try to sign up for the security alerts
  • Enlist a credit card freeze

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b66b359cdab8e0cb34f9cc5c5739a0a7.jpg -We offer help to setup Microsoft Office . The Microsoft Office setup bolster is accessible round the clock dependably. You should just to call our 24x7x365 specific help and we will settle all Microsoft Office related issues .Call Office without toll number today !8003840231 .Get more data please visit :

Everybody knows Microsoft Office, however, it is not the only option for word processing, presentation, and spreadsheets application. While Microsoft Office does enjoy a cult status amongst the different software suites and it is the top choice amongst people and businesses, there is not harm in knowing more about other competing software suites. Office has several advantages such as advanced features, it is easy to set up at, and it contains a number of productive apps. Let’s find out more about the alternatives to Microsoft Office.


Who wants to pay for a productivity suite when you can get LibreOffice for free? LibreOffice runs on various Operating Systems such as Linux, macOS, and Windows. It can also be used on the web browser if the user uses LibreOffice Online as the software-as-a-service or SaaS server on a cloud container, bare-iron container or a Docker container. The most recent version of LibreOffice, which is LibreOffice 6.0  possesses way better file compatibility tool than Microsoft Office documents.

The office suite includes Writer which is a word processor with similar to Microsoft Office Word. It also has Calc, which is a spreadsheet software just like Microsoft Office Excel. Impress is a presentation program which is similar to Microsoft PowerPoint. Draw is a vector graphics editor as well as a diagramming tool which resembles Microsoft Visio.

Google docs

Google Docs is simply the most famous office software suite across the globe after MS Office. It can be somewhat complex as “Google Docs” is the name of the word processing application itself, but can also apply to the consolidated set of applications which are Google Docs, Google Slides, and Google Sheets.

The chief reason to work on Google Docs? It is straightforward to use.

One does not have to install anything, and one can share documents without the receiver installing anything, the user interface is absolutely intuitive and straightforward.

The most exceptional features of Google Docs:

  • Up to 15GB of free storage space which includes Docs, Slides, and Sheets files.
  • The user can track revisions and version records for documents.
  • Up to 50 users can simultaneously collaborate online on a real-time basis.
  • Users can manage permissions and limits regarding what can and cannot be done in the document.
  • Offline editing feature syncs automatically as soon as the user comes online.
  • Integration with other Google services such as Gmail and Calendar.
  • There are a number of free fonts available from Google Web Fonts.
iWork for iCloud

Here is something which you may not know: While Apple iWork suite usually is usually sold for $10 per application, Pages, Keynote, and Number can be worked on for no cost on the web by using iWork for iCloud, which is an alternative to Google Docs as well as Microsoft Office Online.

Apple’s iWork for iCloud mirrors the desktop variant for Mac, and it is precisely what anyone might expect from Apple: pleasant yet straightforward interface, sufficient versatility to create whichever sort of documents you need, however not a lot of workspace customization choices.

This office suite is the reasonable choice for people who use iWork on Mac because it blends excellently and allows the user to work on their files wherever they go. The only con is that it depends on iCloud for storage, which is a decidedly less successful cloud storage solution.

The most significant features of iWork for iCloud:

  • Up to 5GB of free storage on iCloud.
  • Integrates very well with iWork for Mac and is a robust option for Mac users.
  • An elegant and simple user interface which is easy to navigate.
  • Neatly exports and imports documents and files of Microsoft Office.

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According to security researchers, spies are hijacking mobile phone devices of political rivals and dissidents across the globe, and doing so gives them access to way more confidential data than what most users store on their computers.

Lookout, a mobile security company, said that 22 efforts to hack smartphones in the first five months of 2018 seemed to be backed by the government. Lookout added that most of the hacks targeted political adversaries in developing countries. The cyber researchers of the company identified two such attempts in the year 2015.

Why is it happening?

 According to Claudio Guarnieri, a security researcher with  Amnesty International, this increase in mobile hacking is happening due to the proliferation of not only inexpensive smartphones but also of companies selling hacking tools along with keyloggers to access phones. Most of the hacking attempts are targeted at mobile phones, whereas three years ago the majority of hacks were targeted on personal computers.

The vice president of security research at Lookout, Mike Murray said that it is one thing to hack somebody’s personal computer, but it is entirely different to compromise a listening device which people carry around with them throughout a day.

The surveillance of mobile phone devices sponsored by the government comes as more hackers of all political opinions get access to mobile phones. Security researchers say that mobile phones if turned against their users can become powerful tools for espionage. Hackers can monitor contacts, messages, location history, financial activities, and many more things.

How does it happen?

Researchers say malware often makes use of apparent bugs on smartphones which have not been fixed and attackers also attach malicious software to mobile application stores. Antivirus merchants such as McAfee view mobile-device security as an essential market for future sales. McAfee offers protection for smartphones at

According to McAfee’s chief scientist, Raj Samani, the tools, and skill required to make malware for smartphones are becoming more common and less costly. Because of this, approximately 11 percent of phone devices around the world have had some kind of infection in the final quarter of 2017. Whereas these figures were 7.5 percent in the fourth quarter of 2015.

People often get deceived into downloading Trojan horse malware which disguises as a different software such as a security application or a video conferencing app. This malware is usually created by contractors or freelancers who then sell it to government clients.

 In November 2017, McAfee found a mobile device campaign started by a hacking operation USA named Lazarus Group and security specialists say that it was backed by North Korea. McAfee considers that the campaign, which is still ongoing, is the first effort by the group to target mobile devices.

Repressive regimes more commonly mount the campaigns against dissenters in their own nation. Encrypted communications applications for example Signal and Facebook’s WhatsApp have given activists like these a degree of protection in recent years. However, that defense is being undermined by malicious software that gives hackers a method to access communications on hacked devices.

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The new type of malware distinguished as VPNFilter is infecting more variants and models of devices and it has new capacities, such as the capability to perform exploits to endpoint devices and invalidate reboots, according to the Cisco Talos reports.

Cisco Talos discovered that VPNFilter had affected a minimum of 500,000 networking devices, largely customer-grade Wi-Fi routers, over 54 nations.

Until a week ago, the devices which were identified to be infected by VPNFilter were MikroTik, Linksys, TP-Link, and Netgear networking equipment in the small and home office environment. This malware has also affected QNAP network-attached storage, commonly abbreviated as NAS, devices.

CiscoTalos updated the list of infected devices in a new blog post to add the devices from companies such as ZTE, Ubiquiti, D-Link, Huawei, Upvel, and Asus. Further devices were also identified from Linksys, Netgear, MikroTik, as well as TP-Link. However, the company owned by Cisco said that no Cisco network devices are infected.

Apart from adding more names of devices to the list,Cisco Talos stated that it found a new stage 3 module dubbed “ssler” which inserts malicious content in the web traffic as it moves across a network device, which enables the actor to perform exploits to endpoints through a man in the middle or MITM attack.

The blog post further added that with this new finding, it could be confirmed that this malware threat goes way beyond what the actor is capable of doing on the network device. It extends the threat into the networks which are supported by an infected network device.

Even though the FBI asked small enterprises and households to reboot their routers immediately, after following the previous reports from Cisco Talos, doing so will not stop the threat since even after a reboot, the ssler renders VPNFilter able to maintain a persistent presence on the affected device.

Ssler renders abilities for data exfiltration as well as JavaScript injection by blocking all the network traffic which passes via the compromised device intended for port 80 — transferring malicious payloads to other devices which are connected to the affected network. Talos anticipates that the ssler module will be performed by applying a parameter list, which defines the behavior of the module and determines the websites which should be targeted.

After this, ssler intercepts all the outgoing web requests via port 80 and they can be scrutinized and altered before being forwarded to the authentic HTTP service.

The other stage 3 module, which is the device destruction module or dstr, gives all of the stage 2 modules which are lacking the kill command the ability to impair the affected device.

It self-destructs and then launches a kill command for the Wi-fi routers. After that, it removes all of the related files and removes all the traces of VPNFilter from the device before rendering them unusable.

As per Talos, the discoveries have revealed that the threat from the malware continues to increase. Considering that VPNFilter is still out there and finding new ways and devices to expand its spread, it is crucial for people to safeguard their networks and devices. Investing in a robust security program along with a firewall can help you protect your devices from VPNFilter.

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