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Recently, Netflix stated that its profile icons are getting a huge conversion. While the ability to make profiles was first introduced five years ago and the profile icons are also for the long overdue for a modern look. Though not only the classic icons are being updated, but from now you will also be able to choose a character directly from a trendy Netflix original series.

When it was first introduced, then the profile icons that you could choose from weren’t anything more impressive. In fact, they were quite ordinary.

During the announcement, Netflix wrote: the company announcing a progression of profiles. All those profile icons which users have used from the last five years and are now also getting an amusing makeover. However, the companies will also introduce a collection of new icons which includes most adored characters directly from Netflix shows and movies.

 Here, just a look at all amazing features that reach up to you.

Netflix Profile Icon Maker

However, the profiles will allow each member of your household that all have their individual list of favorite shows in the Netflix. And by this user can also set up profiles for their kids that show the suitable content which is only related to your child’s age.

Moreover, it is very nice to see that all old cartoon icons are now getting a new modern design. But it’s even better to easily choose a character from the popular original Netflix shows like Stranger Things; Orange is the New Black, Luke Cage, Fuller House, and many more to continue. There will be more than 100 new icons which rolling out soon.

Still, the Netflix continuously tries to bring some more new features and also other options to its streaming service over the past few weeks. Last week, the company was also rolling out a new TV experience with a sidebar only for the easier navigation. Now the Netflix also updated, it’s a web-based speed test tool, for including more detailed data. And before that, the company were also introduced automatic downloads of latest episodes of your beloved shows on Android. The latest change to the profile icons is now the other welcome improvement directly from the video streaming giant. Though, the new profile icons are automatically rolling out to the website, TV devices, and also in the mobile apps in the upcoming weeks.

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As you probably know that, all the iPhone users can easily block phone numbers from calling an iPhone or contacting your iPhone with the use of Block Contact feature. But the blocked numbers or blocked contacts can leave you a voicemail, and that left voicemail you can easily check by using the blocked callers.

Although blocking a phone number or contact from being able to attain you, but still you can also check any voicemails which are left by those blocked phone numbers on the iPhone.

For checking the voicemails which are left by blocked contacts and blocked numbers, then you must have an iPhone with a latest adequate version of iOS only to support contact blocking, and your iPhone must also have the Visual Voicemail working and setup. However, the respite is pretty effortless and also relies on accessing a largely indefinite and hidden “Blocked Messages” inbox of the voicemails.

And yes it is true, if you block any phone number then that number can still leave you the voicemails on the iPhone, and you even don’t get a notification about that voicemail, but by going through and listen to the blocked caller’s voicemails which are left on the phone.

Steps to Access Blocked Caller Voicemail on iPhones

Here we provide you the complete steps of how you can easily access and listen to any voicemails which are left by a blocked caller on an iPhone. The steps are mentioned below:

Click to open “Phone” app on iPhone

Click on the “Voicemail” tab

Scroll down to the bottom of voicemail list

Click on the “Blocked Messages” voicemail inbox

In a blocked message voicemail inbox you can easily access, listen to, check, read the transcript, share, save, and also delete any voicemails which are left by a blocked number to the iPhone.

While you can also share voicemails and save voicemails on your iPhone, and you can also save and share the blocked voicemails which are left by a blocked number or blocked the caller. Or simply you can only read the voicemail transcript of a blocked call and also determine.

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Recently, Google has updated its way to discover events in Search, and also adding some new features that both personalized results and also provide more key information about the events exactly in the search results.

So when you are searching for an event and click on it, an overview will appear on your screen which shows details like venue reviews, ticket cost, time, and also location. Moreover, you can also save the events only to revisit later, or also click through to buy tickets via various other vendors like StubHub and Ticketmaster.

However, all new update will cover all types of events, like local festivals, concerts, cooking classes, and also museum happenings. You have to Search with the terms like “free concert,” and a list will be returned which combined from a range of different sites.

Google is also providing tab called as “For You” which should deliver events that only based upon the interest of the user’s personal interests, including the categories like cooking, running, and photography. Google has also offered some tools for the organizers for marking up their event listings, so you should easily able to see giant happenings, but it should also include smaller meetups happening in the user’s neighborhood which is much like a local dancing class.

Google also stated in its post that all new events. The search would roll out over the upcoming few days for those who are in the US.


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These days a lot of security threats are looming around, so the users have to be careful with their data and devices they use. This is the reason for which people tend to use antivirus programs to protect their data and computer system from any kind of security threat.

The files deleted by McAfee Antivirus software can quickly be recovered with some data recovery programs available in the present market. Antivirus is a sort of computer application that is essential for all PCs and cell phones. Since the antivirus has the capability of preventing most viruses from attacking computers and mobile so as to protect system security and data, but unfortunately many instances are reporting that security software removed valuable data accidentally.

Follow these steps mentioned below to recover the files deleted by McAfee security suite using data recovery programs:

  1. First of all, download and install a data recovery application on your computer.
  2. You will have to restart your computer after installing the data recovery software package.
  3. Click twice on the data recovery program. You will find it on your computer’s desktop.
  4. Select the Deleted Recover option, do it when asked what kind of Recovery Operation you want to perform.
  5. Go to the Hard Drive of your computer from the driver’s list displayed.
  6. Then tap on the OK button.
  7. Now you need to find the folders in the Folder window until you get the folder that contains the deleted files.
  8. And you will see this folder will be labeled almost similar to Scanned Deleted Files option.
  9. As soon as you find the folder, select this.
  10. Then you will need to choose the files which McAfee has deleted within the FileListView window.
  11. Select these files, and then tap on the OK button to recover the data you want.
  12. Now you have retrieved the files which were deleted by McAfee.

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Recently, Google has been strike with a record-breaking €4.3 billion which is approximately $5 billion, fined by the EU regulators for infringement of antitrust violations. The European Commission said that Google had mistreated its Android market supremacy in three key areas. Now the Google has been bundling its Chrome apps and Search Engine into the operating system. And Google has also blocked phone manufactures from creating more devices that already run forked versions of the Android, and it also made payments to certain large phone makers and mobile network operators to entirely bundle the Google search application on handsets.

Now the European Commission wants Google to get its prohibited conduct to an end in an effectual manner within the 90 days of the decision. It simply means that Google will need to stop forcing the manufacturers to preinstall Google and Chrome search to provide the Google Play Store on the handsets. It will also need to stop the preventing phone manufacturers by using the forked versions of Android; the commission said to the Google that they did not provide any credible evidence by which the Android forks would be exaggerated by the technical failures or fail to support applications. However, the Google’s unlawful payments for application bundling finished in the year 2014 after EU started to look into the problems

Now Google said that it would appeal the decision. A Google spokesperson in a statement said that they created more choice for the users not less. An exciting ecosystem, rapid innovation, at very lower prices are the standard hallmarks of the robust competition. And they will now appeal on the decision of the Commission. The Google is also warning that the EU’s decision might influence the free business model of Android in the future.

Moreover, the EU has been inspecting Android further strongly over the past few years, when the competitors complained that Google has been abusing its market supremacy in software which runs on the smartphones. Originally, the FairSearch filed a complaint against the Google in the year 2013, and the group has included competitors like Microsoft, Nokia, and Oracle. The former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer was also called Google a monopoly. Microsoft and Google ended the Android patent disagreements that have not even stopped the EU from investigating the original allegations.

However, the $5 billion fine dwarfs Google’s earlier $2.7 billion record-breaking fine from the EU last year over influenced search results. Still, Google is pleasing that scrupulous judgment in a back-and-forth which is expected to last years.  Intel, Facebook, and Microsoft all are facing significant anti-competition fines from the European Commission. And the Microsoft was prominently fined twice by the EU when the software developer failed to include a browser ballot in the Windows 7 update. And Apple was also ordered to pay back $15.4 billion in taxes to the European Union.

Though the Android has been considered as the open-source software, but Google has been slowly adding the key components into its Google Play Services software also in its associated agreements. The anti-fragmentation agreements are available for keeping the manufacturers on the Google’s version of Android which most Android handsets now ship with the Google’s software and also services bundled on them.

But now the EU has ordered Google to stay to its judgment within the 90 days and also unbundle Chrome and search from its Android providing. With Google appealing the decision, then the lawful process is probably to run for many years ahead. While many had expected from the Google to face its own Microsoft moment and the EU doesn’t appear to be forcing any strong future which is an oversight on the Android or asking Google to transform its software for including a ballot for substitute browsers or search engines.

And the decision appears to be more about preventing Google from bundling its services to the Android, which forced the company to change Android considerably. Still, the phone makers will be free to bundle Chrome and Google search application only if they wish, but they even won’t be forced to do so, and they will also free to provide the devices with forked versions of the Android.

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Whenever you download images, songs, and videos or install any program on your computer, they all take up space in your system’s hard drive. Here we are going to show you how you can check the amount of free space on your computer to ensure that your computer system will never run out of room. We will show you exactly how you can do it on Windows and Mac computer.

On Windows

Follow the guidelines mentioned below to know how to check free hard drive space on Windows:

  1. Go to the Start window in the bottom left corner of the screen.
  2. Open the Settings in the lower left side of your PC’s menu.
  3. Tap on the System option.
  4. Tap on the Storage option located in the upper left corner of the Display page.
  5. And you can review your hard drive’s space usage.
  6. Now you need to tap on your hard disk icon below Local Storage.
  7. Now you will see a comprehensive list that shows you how much storage s specific file and program are taking up, that will help you clean-up the files and programs which are covering a lot of space of your computer.
On Mac

Follow the guidelines given below to find out how to check hard drive free space on Mac:

  1. Tap on the Apple logo located in the top left corner of your Mac’s screen.
  2. After you open the Apple menu, you will get to see a drop-down menu.
  3. Tap on About This Mac option, present at the top of the drop-down menu. A new window will open.
  4. Now you need to tap on the Storage tab. You will see this option at the top the About This Mac window.
  5. Now you can review your Mac’s hard drive space. And you will find it in the upper-right corner of the window.
  6. On the open screen, you will be able to see the amount of storage space remaining out of the overall available storage on your Mac computer.

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