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When opting for automation of ecommerce business, there are a few best practices you can follow. Automation needs more than simply using tools. You need to know if the uses of multiple tools are in synchronization with each other for smooth functioning. Strategizing the synchronization of the automation tools with Business Intelligence helps you in providing reports, alerts, and other such data to manage the tools efficiently. The decisions can be quicker and easier with the use of BI. Due to this reason, you must consider using automation tools that provide real-time data and reports. Some of the categories you can consider automating is research, ecommerce platform, operation, marketing, fulfillment, accounts, and data analytics.

Ways to automate your ecommerce store

Automation of ecommerce stores needs to be done with a planned strategy. If not done right, it can bring you losses more than the profits. Below are a few ways by which you can automate your ecommerce store the right way:

Sponsored advertising

Sponsored advertising is one of the best ways to market your business online. However, it can be a daunting task to manage bulk advertising. Automation of sponsored advertising looks after the minor changes in bulk advertising, bidding, etc.

Strategizing the product pricing

When it comes to deciding the prices of the products, it is to be done carefully. If you prize the products extremely high, the competing business can easily knock your store out. Similarly, if you prize the products too low, you may not be able to meet the operational costs or you may not make any profits from your business. Due to such reasons, automating your pricing strategy can help you set the right prices for all your products as well as manage them to meet your goals and enhance your business revenue.

Demand forecasting

The customer demand for online products may keep fluctuating. In such situations, it might be difficult for you to manage the data, especially in the case of bulk products. Demand forecasting is an automation procedure where it analysis billions of data across sellers and provides you with accurate data for the current customer demand and helps you manage your selling with the utmost ease.

How does ecommerce automation work?

There are different types of automation for which various software are designed. Automation software adjusts to the varying actions of the website users using Artificial Intelligence (AI). With the power of AI, the software tracks the user actions and triggers responses for the same. As the interaction with the customers' increase, the machine learning process helps in enhancing the intelligence to build a personalized and efficient relationship with the customers. You can integrate features such as chatbots, smart search solutions, and recommendation engines using AI to provide the best experience to your customers. You can manage and enhance the customer interaction to deliver quality website experience to your customers that eventually benefit your online business.

How to choose the tasks for automation?

As an ecommerce owner, you must know the tasks that are best done when automated. You can do so by creating the list of tasks you have in your ecommerce store and noting the time consumed for each task. Once you note the time, you need to scale them as per the level of importance and the scope of interest in each task. You can pick the tasks that you least enjoy doing and automate them to save your time along with boosting your business.

Here is the URL of a free ecommerce website builder,

The website builders which provide free services have some limitations. Like, when you just complete the registration of your store at any free website builder platform, URL of your store will be This means, your store will run on a sub-domain. If you wish to run on your domain then one time nominal fee is there. This one time fee involves ecommerce store setup charge, maintenance charge, hosting charges and support charges. So, still it is a win-win situation for the ecommerce sellers.

For an instance, when you create your store at Builderfly, the link to your store will be

That's totally a case of free trial period. At Builderfly, we let you customize your store by linking your store with a personalized store domain. When you register your business with Builderfly as a startup, you get a free access to professionally create your store. You get a lifetime free access to your store and can sell upto $5K from same store. On linking your personalized store domain, you can raise your brand as an individual entity.

Now, your store link will be

So, now you are brand on your own and must look more professional.

We love to see you grow and we are ready to assist you at every step of your business. With the intuitive ecommerce store builder, you can manage your store, take care of marketing, manage orders and fulfillment and can take care of numerous aspects of your business. The ecommerce blog of Builderfly is knowledge rich. For example, you might require to know the trends online shopping has, these all topics are covered in the blog. And, it always keeps updating with new insights.

Don't think a lot about the plans and features you will be getting access to. Register yourself at Builderfly to get hands on experience with your store. Once you feel satisfied, connect your domain and make your store live.

Ecommerce platforms ease your journey by offering you a DIY solution to launch your business. If you already have a physical store, a team to help you run your store, you can try your hands on building your digital presence. And, if you are starting this ecommerce journey, making your store on your own can help you save some amount in your pockets.

Builderfly is the magnificent ecommerce solution to grow your sales, streamline different tasks, market, and analyze the growth. The primary target of the platform is to support small and medium scale businesses. Builderfly offers you the double benefit in the single investment, by allowing you to create your native m-commerce app in the budget of building your store. It enables you to manage all of the frontiers of your retail business from a single dashboard.

Benefits of using Builderfly store Builder

  • The interactive store builder enables you to create your e-store without any technical knowledge.
  • Access to numerous professionally designed free themes as per your business niche.
  • An easy-to-use ecommerce builder lets you customize every section of your store and add the touch of your brand.
  • Integrate your sales channels and manage your orders via a single dashboard.
  • Bulk list your products and manage your inventory across all the platforms.
  • Create unlimited user accounts and assign roles to your team. You can offer complete/partial access to the store as per their section of services.
  • Integrated CRM to manage the database of your customers.
  • The store is linked with a payment portal, payment gateway, shipping providers to allow real-time shipping calculation.
  • Add third-party apps from the Builderfly marketplace to get most of your e-store.
  • Market your products with integrated marketing tools and grow the reach of your business.
  • Analyze your sales and keep an eye on the strategies that are working well for your store.

Boost your sales with a native mobile builder

  • Builderfly gives you complimentary access to native mobile app builder.
  • The intuitive design interface lets you create your mobile app on your own without any knowledge of coding.
  • The AI flow builds a link between your store and the mobile that data is in sync. This keeps you from the trouble of updating your catalog distinctly for your mobile app.
  • M-commerce app enables you to track your mobile users and serve them in a better way.
  • AI lets you track the real-time activities of your customer and enable you to provide real-time offers.
  • With integrated Analytics, you can better understand the customer requirements and update your store.

There's still a lot more to tell you. But why not check it on your own!

Getting started with Builderfly is simple, you need to register your business, and it doesn't need any legal documentation. On registering, you will get access to a 14-days free trial; you can use all the features and learn their utility. Later, you can select the business plan that best suits your needs and fits in your budget.

Builderfly has something exciting for startups, just reach for a free consultation at

When you compare the ecommerce platforms, you will find that the benefits of one outweigh the other. The uniqueness of the platform is the reason behind this fact. The choice of the features to create an online store varies from user to user. That’s why you should make a list of all the ecommerce features that you want on your ecommerce site.

Once you are done listing, you can further explore online store builders. If you are looking for a DIY store builder, Builderfly is the most promising platform that you can choose to get your business online. It lets you build your store, manage frontend, backend, marketing, and sales via a single dashboard. You don't need any technical knowledge to design your store with Builderfly.

How Builderfly can benefit you?

Easily customizable: Builderfly gives you free access to numerous professionally designed themes. From the Builderfly theme store, you can check the themes based on your industry verticals. The intuitive store builder makes it easier for you to make basic changes. We give you excess to edit the HTML/CSS code, so you can customize your store to every extent.

Flexible and Scalable: Builderfly enables you to add the features as your business requirements grow. So, you won’t feel stuck anyway. You can select the best plan and all the necessary features will be in your pocket, just on a click.

Single dashboard to manage it all: With Builderfly, managing your business is really easy. You can update/ remove products, create marketing strategies, manage orders and inventory and analyze your business growth via the single dashboard.

Easy store migration: If you are willing to take your store from some other marketplace to Builderfly, you can do so by connecting with the Builderfly experts.

Advanced customization: If you want to add new functionality to your store, you can hire the Builderfly experts to make it happen for you.

What makes Builderfly best among other ecommerce platforms?

● Builderfly designed its business plans considering the important features required at different stages of business. Thinking about the startup hurdles, Builderfly introduced a startup plan with ecommerce store builder for free. On making your store live, you can start selling your products without any commission charges.

● Builderfly gives you complimentary access to the native mobile app builder. It lets you create your mobile app for free without any technical knowledge. Your mobile app is integrated with the AI-technology, so you get largely benefited with it.

● Your Builderfly store is in sync with your native m-commerce app. This automatically adds all the database of your store to the mobile app.

● When you have registered your business as a startup, Builderfly allows you to build and launch your store for FREE. You can even get free lifetime access to your store and can start selling on zero commission fees.

Are you excited to build your store? Then, register your business and get free access to use all the ecommerce features under a free trial period of 14 days. If you need assistance in choosing the Builderfly plan that’s fitting for your business, connect with us.

Service-based business doesn’t ask you for a lot of investment. All you need to devote is your time and skills. You can start a service-based business along with a full-time job or else you can offer your services for full-time as well. If you can manage it, a service-based business can bring a great deal for you: the freedom, offerings, time- flexibility, and the handsome amount as earning.

Builderfly is the best ecommerce platform that you can leverage to sell your services. To start, make business packages as the product offerings. You can list each of those service packages as virtual products/ digital products to avoid updating the shipping information of them. You can create your ecommerce website, design, and launch a mobile app, manage your other channel sales, and promote your online selling app via the same dashboard.

Start your service-based ecommerce site for free!

If you are initiating your efforts as a startup, register your business for the Builderfly startup plan and lay the foundation of your service-based business for free. You don’t have to pay any recurring charges; instead, you can create services and get benefited with the below-listed ecommerce features:

  • -Link your personalized domain

  • -Unlimited file storage

  • -Unlimited staff accounts

  • -Free SSL certificate

  • -Abandoned cart recovery

  • -Acquire traction with blogs

  • -On-page SEO

  • -Linking sales channels

  • -Cross channel inventory management

  • -Product rating and reviews

  • -Offer gift cards

  • -Create discount codes

DIY platform

The best thing about starting your business with Builderfly is that you design your e-commerce store on your own. The intuitive online store builder lets you create and launch your store on your own without any technical knowledge. To start building your store, register your business with Builderfly, and start your 14-days trial. You can decide later about the business plan that can be the right fit for your business needs.

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