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The ecommerce websites developed using the Magento platform are called Magento ecommerce websites. The Magento development platform offers complete ecommerce business solutions. All modern features of an ecommerce website should have been included in the platform. Magento developers can customize the platform as and when needed to meet the business requirement. The modern ecommerce platform is equipped with the latest technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI). The platform has many modules and extensions to meet the ecommerce business requirements. These can be customized and new ones can be added easily by the ecommerce developers. The Magento ecommerce development platform is based on PHP and MySQL technologies.

The Magento ecommerce websites are equipped with the following features in general:

l Product Catalog - The website builder lets the ecommerce developers create various pages together with the product catalog. The catalog consists of category-wise products and product pages. Bulk products can be uploaded using the dashboard of the store website. Upload the .csv file to upload the products in bulk. The look and feel of the ecommerce catalog depend upon the theme chosen from the various options provided.

l Shopping Cart - Integrate the shopping cart to the product catalog. Choose payment gateway options together with COD as per the business strategy. Payment options are crucial for an ecommerce website as it is directly linked with the conversions. Similarly, choose shipping options you want to provide to your online shoppers. A shopping cart enables an ecommerce website to receive payment for the orders placed and complete the transaction.

l Inventory Management - The backend of the ecommerce website offers the product stock management system. The Magento platform offers real-time inventory management together with just-in-time inventory (JIT) management. Inventory management in Magento is an automated process. Reports can be generated using the dashboard for the inventory. There are various modules available on the platform to choose from as per the requirement.

l Order Management - Orders are the backbone of an ecommerce business. Online buyers place an order using the website to the seller. The online seller receives the order and views it in the dashboard. The seller does the necessary activities to ship the product ordered to the buyer. This makes the transaction complete. The Magento platform offers various reports to enhance further sales and improve the overall CX.

l Cross-selling and Up-selling - Product recommendations are the key to ecommerce conversions nowadays. AI & ML together play a fabulous job here. The Magento platform offers Adobe Sensei extension to automate the product recommendations to cross-sell and up-sell the products. This offers easy conversions together with a good customer experience (CX). This makes Magento websites different from the other ecommerce websites available.

l Personalization - The Magento offers merchants to give a personalized experience to the shoppers. Ecommerce personalization is based on customer behavior, order history, location, gender, and so on. Using these parameters merchants can set dynamic pricing, show personalized content, show personalized offers, and so on. Personalization gives a higher conversion and keeps customers smiling.


The Magento platform offers a flexible ecommerce platform with almost all necessary website features already intact. Zaptech Solutions is a Magento ecommerce development company that offers to hire a Magento developer to meet business requirements. It has more than a decade of Magento development experience.

Hypertext Pre-Processor or PHP is a programming language using which developers are building various application software to use on various devices. PHP is more popular for web solutions and backend solutions. Software developers build various desktop-based stand-alone solutions using PHP programming. Usually, PHP is used together with MySQL database and Apache web server on Linux OS. This combination of technologies is popularly known as LAMP. It is free to use and most have default installation on Linux servers. PHP has evolved with contributions from the huge community present worldwide. PHP is regarded as the most popular server-side scripting language in the world.

Following has made PHP development popular in the world:

l Open-Source - PHP is an open-source server-side programming language. Any developer can modify the source code of PHP itself to suits the need. Even the development in the code can be posted on the community site. If a majority of moderators accept the change in the language then that is bind with the installation software. PHP developers across the globe are contributing to the growth of the programming language. The online community of developers supports each other.

l Easy-to-Use - The open-source PHP programming language is written in C and C++ programming language. C is known as the basic programming language in the computer world and is known to the majority of programmers. The computer programmers already familiar with C adapted the PHP language quickly. The popularity of the PHP language spread like a fire in a forest. A large community build in no time and started to support each other. The beginner PHP programmers never find any problem faced unsolved.

l Portability - The PHP programs can run on any operating system of the computer server. If a PHP program is developed on Linux OS then the source code of that program will run on Windows OS in the same manner. This feature of PHP gave it an upper hand in making the language popular. It covered almost all computer programmers irrespective of what operating system they use. This helped PHP in attaining a vertical growth graph.

l Community Support - The gaining popularity of PHP was building a large online community to interact with each other. The online PHP community is very lively behaved and is found always enthusiastic. The solution to almost every problem faced while programming in PHP is published online. Even if any beginner programmer searches the error occurred in the search engine then the proper solution pops out instantly. This is one of the major factors of PHP being at such a height of popularity.

l Security - PHP programming language can produce secure applications. Options are already provided to the developers to secure their software from DDoS attacks. Even security patches are provided at the hosting level to provide a secure environment. In PHP development the programmers know already the vulnerable areas and take necessary steps in the code to make it secured.


Nowadays, about 80% of websites live on the www are using PHP somehow. Already many popular sites like Facebook, Dailymotion, etc. are using PHP. Zaptech Solutions is a PHP development company with more than a decade of experience. Hire PHP developer to fulfill your software requirement and business goals.

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