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This is frustrating when you cannot complete the setup process and fail to access your emails. Apple devices are known for their excellent email compatibility. If you flaunt the latest iPhone and haven’t got your favorite AT&T email account added to it, the following steps will help you.


Check out the steps carefully, and you wouldn’t have any inconvenience with the Set up Att.Net Email Account On iPhone:


       Unlock the device and go to “Settings.”

       Select “Mail, Contacts, Calendars.”

       Click on the “Add Account” option.

       Click on the option “Other.”

       You need to select “Add Mail Account” and provide the details – your complete name, email address, password, and a description (personal).

       If you want to sync both Notes and Mail, select the desired option.

       Now, select “Save.”


There you go! You can access the emails on your Apple Mail app without an issue. You may also like to check these steps below. We constantly try to provide as much information as possible so that your email experience only gets better.


Before you go ahead with the following steps:


  1. Note that if you upgrade to the AT&T powered by Yahoo homepage, re-create the account with the new settings. The below-mentioned steps will guide you through.
  2. Once a new account is created, make sure it is working.
  3. If it does, delete the old account.

       On the home screen, go to “Settings.”

       Tap “Mail” > “Accounts” >“Add Account” > “Yahoo”.

       Now, enter your email address and tap the “Next” button.

       Provide the AT&T email password and tap the “Next” button.

       You will be prompted to select the information that you want to download to your iPhone. To do that, you must tap the sliders next to “Mail, Contacts, Calendars, or Notes.”

       Tap “Save.”


That’s it! You can now send and receive ATT emails from your iPhone. If you have failed to accomplish the task or face ATT Email Not Working errors, get in touch with the manufacturer or contact professionals at AT&T Customer Support Number. 

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