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PowerShell command is designed for Windows 10 that used to manage scripts and commands. It can also use to change custom settings and do automatic tasks. It is an extremely capable command-line interface that gives you an extensive tool and offers to get more control and flexibility on special scripting.

The script can be considered the group of commands that are stored in a text format; this command only understands by the PowerShell that can perform multiple actions and separately. PowerShell command has a quick power task that manages the Linux, Windows, and macOS operating system. It can manage all your commands in your computers and access your data. It can access registry, certificate as well as all the files storage in your system.

Creating Script via Notepad

  1. Launch Start.
  2. Find the Notepad
  3. Tap on the first result to start the application.
  4. Paste your script or create a new script in the given text field.
  5. Tap on “”
  6. Choose “Save As.”
  7. Enter the File title like — the second script.ps2.
  8. Tap the Save icon.

Creating a Script With the Integrated Scripting Environment

You can also use PowerShell ISE to identify your scripts in Microsoft windows 10. Here are the steps on how you create scenarios:-

  1. Launch Start.
  2. Find the “Windows PowerShell” (ISE)
  3. Right-click on the result.
  4. Choose to “Run as administrator” section.
  5. Tap File.
  6. Choose “New” to generate a new vacant .ps2
  7. Paste your script or create a new one in the text field.
  8. Tap on “”
  9. Hit Save.
  10. Enter the File title, like Second script.ps2.
  11. Choose folder’s location where you want to save the script.
  12. Tap the Save option.

How to Control Powershell Script Data on Windows 10

  1. Launch Start.
  2. Find the “PowerShell”
  3. Click on the result.
  4. Choose the “Run as administrator” section.
  5. Enter the given command below to permit the script to run.
  6. Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned
  7. Click Enter.
  8. Enter “A” and click on Enter.
  9. Enter the given command below to permit the script to run.

& “C:\PATH\TO\SCRIPT\first_script.ps1”

  1. Remember to change “PATH\TO\SCRIPT” within the aforementioned command to locate scripts.
  2. There are four policy by PowerShell as follow:-
  • Restricted:- It can stop any running script.
  • AllSigned:- All the scripts run long signed by the trusted publisher.
  • Unrestricted:- Run any script with no restrictions.
  • RemoteSigned:- Runs scripts on the created device.

In the above troubleshoot, you can learn how to command all the local scripts to run in the windows 10. If you are not sure to do them regularly, then you can restore your windows default setting. On step four, remember to use the Set-ExecutionPolicy Restricted command.

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While travelling we always face an internet connection problem in many areas. Some prominent hotels are providing unlimited service and more network connection but they charge excessively too. If you stay in a standard hotel, then maybe you also get troubled by an internet connection. The hotel provides you a Wi-Fi connection in your room, and some hotels offer limited service or only one connection. It has a limited context for their guest and providing not much speed. So if you like the proper connection on your device, then you can use Chromecast in the hotel to boost the Wi-Fi network. This blog helps you to how you make your Chromecast in the Hotel to use hotel Wi-Fi quickly and adequately. It is no matter you are staying in which Hotel. This method you can use in any hotel or any other place where you want to boost your network.

Hotels are providing you Wi-Fi connection with limited use because they want to sell their network connection rental. If you are in a hotel, then you want to spend your time in the hotel via watching videos, etc. you need a proper connection to streaming video. They also provide you movies on rent that all thing is a method of earning money. If you want to enjoy all the service free, then you can boost your Chromecast with hotel Wi-Fi.

How to Attach Travel Router With Chromecast

If you have learned how you can connect your router with Chromecast, then you are prepared to attach your Chromecast before entering the Hotel. In this blog, you can get setup information to attach your Chromecast and how you can log in to use it.

Here are steps on how to attach router with Chromecast:-

  1. Attach your travel router in the hotel room Connection outlet.
  2. It may take some moment, wait for a few seconds.
  3. Search the default Wi-Fi network connection name and its password that show on TP-Link travel router then you can use its credentials to attach your device, tablet, Smartphone, and PC.
  4. You can use the web browser that shows on your device and move to the router configuration option. To fined TP-Link N300, here you find an address http//
  5. Sign in as an admin and create a username and password on the given link TP-Link N300, it can be different from another router.
  6. Tap Quick Setup.
  7. Hit Next.
  8. Tap Hotspot Router according to your device model.
  9. Click Next.
  10. For your WAN network connection, choose Dynamic IP.
  11. Tap Next.
  12. Choose your Home Wi-Fi network in the given list.
  13. You can log in with your Wi-Fi password in your home network Wi-Fi network.

This setting provides you a robust Wi-Fi network with your home Wi-Fi network. With this setting your router access all the Wi-Fi network near to you, you can use any network that is suitable to you. After this setting, we go throw the Chromecast.

Attach Chromecast With a Travel Router

Here are steps on how you can attach your Chromecast with your travel router:-

  1. Attach your Chromecast into your TV.
  2. With the use of micro UBD cable, attach the Chromecast to the outlet or any free USB port into your computer.
  3. Turn on your TV network source, here you find HDMI on the screen setup as Chromecast.
  4. Download and install the Google Home Application on your device that is available in the Google Play Store and Apps Store for Android and iOS devices.
  5. Launch the application.
  6. Log in with your Gmail ID and Password.
  7. Here you see an Add Button on the Application home screen, Hit the Tap icon.
  8. Click on Set up device.
  9. Hit on New device icon that is shown near the Google icon.
  10. Hit Add a new Home.
  11. Click Next.
  12. Add Hotel, or you want any name as a new home.
  13. Name the Location access in the Google application to work smoothly with Chromecast.
  14. Hit Next.
  15. Hit Allow when your device asks you for permission.
  16. Now the Google application automatically finds your Chromecast successfully. You can see the device carrying four-digit same number shown on your TV.
  17. Hit on the device.
  18. Click Next.
  19. Within a few moments, your device will connect to the TV, and you can see the unique code with both devices you TV and Google home application.
  20. Hit the Yes icon to confirm your setting with the right device.
  21. Select whatever you want to collect your data collection with Yes or No in your Chromecast.
  22. Tap Next.
  23. Customize your name and check before starting this service.
  24. Hit on Continue.
  25. After the setting, you can attach your Chromecast to the travel router, Choose the Routers Wi-Fi connection name from the list appear on your device.
  26. Hit Next.
  27. Enter the password of the Wi-Fi connection.
  28. If you want to save the password, then tap on remember to keep the password for further use.
  29. Hit on Connect.
  30. After this setting, you will be connected to Wi-Fi within a few moments.
  31. Hit on Next to cancel it.

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The complete manual for burning ISO files in the USB Drive.

Assume you have an ISO file and you want it on any external drive for permanently, then you have to burn it. Burring the file allows you to boot the device through that external drive.

If you think that you only have to paste the file in the external drive, then you can’t be more wrong. It is more different than just coping or even burning ISO file to the Disk.

Technically, now we don’t burn anything because we don’t use laser and other similar technology. This term only carries on.

The procedure of burning:

Burning of any ISO file takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes, and it also depends on the size of ISO Files. The following process can be applied to the operating system platform of Windows 10.

Many free fantastic new tools automatically burn the ISO file to the external optical drive. So if you only have to follow these steps to perform the burning process:

  • Download the Tool Rufus firstly.
  • This tool is free. It is a portable program. It prepares external drives. This tool extracts ISO content and copies these file in the USB drive. It should be burned so that it can be bootable. This tool automatically burns the file.
  • This tool can be work on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10. when you choose the tool, then prefer the 3.4 Portable version of the Rufus.
  • After downloading the tool, go to the Download folder. Find the Rufus-3.4p.exe and open it. It starts at the exact time. As mentioned above, it is a portable app, which is the reason why it can run in the same manner.
  • Now connect the USB Drive into the PC, which will be used for burning the ISO file.
  • In the Rufus Program Screen, select the USB in the Device Drop section. This tool informs about the external drive. So make sure you have sufficient space for the file.
  • Choose Disk or ISO image from the Boot Selection.
  • Then tap on Select.
  • The Open Window will display, then you have to find the desired ISO image and open after selecting it.
  • Wait till this tool confirms that is ISO file.
  • Tap on the Standard Windows Installation, which is located under the Image Option.
  • If you have any specification on Partition Scheme, File System, Cluster Size, and Target System, then change them otherwise leave it alone without making any changes.
  • Go to the Volume Label, make any changes if you have some specification otherwise leave it as in the default mode.
  • Now find the Start button, and press that button once, which will trigger the burning process.
  • Now press “OK” in the warning message, which informs that this step will remove the existing data in the drive.
  • Wait till the process is completed. It is a bootable too.
  • It would be best if you waited till the Rufus windows display text Ready. When it happens, you can remove the drive and close the app.

Booting From the USB Drive

  1. After burning the ISO file, you can check whether it is bootable or not. If it is bootable, then use it whenever you need it.
  2. These files may contain the data for any windows like XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10. There many other procedures (software) that are official and free from Microsoft.
  3. When these USB has bootable OS data, then plug them into the system and then go to System Setting by pressing F2 while your system is starting.
  4. Here find the option Boot then select the USB option. If created USB is bootable, then it can be shown here.

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There are many situations when you don’t want to share your number with others when you call them. So here you can find it how you can hide your number on iPhone.

If you wish to hide your number, then there may be several reasons behind it. The reason doesn’t necessarily lie in the sinister category (yet we can’t deny that it is prominent reasons.) There are some genuine scenarios where sharing your phone number is not safe (such as when you call the unknown number.) That is why iPhone has generated a technique to hide your phone number.

This feature in the iPhone allows you to hide the phone number whenever you use the “Stealth Phone Call.” Here you can know how to Activate the Stealth Phone call.

Making a Stealth Call

When you want to make a Stealth call, you can use two methods that can make that happen:

  1. First Method:

If you have to follow this method to hide your number:

  • Open the “Settings” app.
  • Now, click on “iPhone.”
  • Click on the “Show My Caller ID.”
  • Now tap on the Toggle button. This button will turn it into grey.

Now when you call someone instead of your number on the screen, you will see “Unknown Number.”

There are many wireless service provider doesn’t give this option. So you can’t see the option of “My Caller ID” under the “iPhone” section in the Settings. Then you have to option to contact the support time of wireless service provider.

  1. Second Method:

If you don’t have the option of “Show My Caller ID,” then you can use this method:

  • Open app “Phone.”
  • Open the Keypad in the app.
  • Type #31# before the number. (the number would look like #31#45630944)
  • Click on the green button to make the call.

After doing this, firstly check that it is working or not by calling to the known number (such as friends and family), before you make any risky call. If it is not working then turn off the “Show My Caller ID” then turn them on again. If you are using #31#, later try it again.

  1. Buy an Extra Number:

This method does not stop showing your number, but it makes sure that you have the chance that you can separate both personal and professional number. By this way, you can eliminate the fare reasons that raise the necessity of hiding the number. This new number can be a bit expensive, but if you want to make sure that people receive the call without any doubt and fear.

Form this feature, people from business background have the opportunity to secure their number from unwanted distribution. Yet this feature does reduce the level of confidence and trust in the people on the receiving end and that is the problem that this feature has to face in the future.

Turn on the Stealth mode and secure your number from distribution.

Ava Williams is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cyber security. He writes about the latest updates regarding and how it can improve the work experience of users. His articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs and websites.

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Where to dance at the top of the mountains in Fortnite? Every location you need to know.

Fortnite by Epic Games allows you to have some fun in a different location on the map. One way to enjoy the game without any challenge or match is to perform the dance number on the peaks of the mountains like Mount H7, F8, and Kay.

In the Fortnite Challenge Cameo vs. Chic, there are two ways to reach these locations one is by walking, and another is by landing directly there. Still, it would help if you know the location first to reach here. You will prefer the second option to reach these locations, where you don’t have to travel and spend a lot of time in the game to reach here (because there are chances that these peaks will be out of the safe zone in a short period). Once you have arrived on the zenith, “Do not forget to launch the Emote” before you head to another zenith.

Location of Zenith of Mounts H7, F8, and Kay

These zeniths can be found in the mountain range stretches from the South to the north of the map. These mentioned peaks are the highest in the game. So if you have the weapon covering a broad range, then you will be able to kill many enemies from up here in the match.

If you wish to follow the maps, then you are going to notice that the coordinates of these zeniths are not mentioned with the original name on the map, but these are indicated with the short forms as follows

  1. Mount F8 signified by F8
  2. Mount H7 signified by H7
  3. Mount Kay signified by G7

Location of Mount H7

This zenith is situated at South- East from the Central Island. If you are at the Retail Row, Then you have to head in the south direction, and you will see this peak right in front of you. So you have to walk a complete one side of the mountain to reach here. When you reach here, you are going to notice that the other side of the hill too steep.

Location of Mount Kay

Once you are at Mount H7, then keep following the smaller peaks of the mountains in the south direction. Try not to go to the other side of the mountain range (because that can be harmful to your avatar). This zenith can be intimidating because of its location and the view it provides.

Location of Mount F8

This zenith is not attached to the mountain range, which connects the other two zeniths, but this stands alone on the single mountain. It is you can see this one situated between a single mountain (on the South of Central Island) and the mountain range containing the other two peaks.

These peaks give you an extraordinary view of the topography of the map. You can come here to perform the dance and chill around. If you reach here in the very early of the Battle Royale game, then you can hurt your enemy from a long-range weapon or know the location of the enemy, which helps you a lot in the game.

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Where to consume Mushrooms, Apples, Coconuts, and Slurpshorooms in Fortnite

In battle-royales like Fortnite, you have to keep your health level balanced. For that, you have to consume different fruits and vegetables. Now, you can collect these items in one banner, Fortnite Foraged Items. These food items can be consumed by the player to increase the health level. These spawn in very specific places on the Fortnite island. When you munch these, you will observe the increase in the health or the shield (depends upon the items you chomp), which will ready you for the next bout of Battle Royale.

This location becomes more important because you can find many other things in this same location, such as Orchard, Slurpshooms for Trick Shot Challange, Cameo vs. Chick Challange. So you can say that you have to come to this place for more than just one time. Also, you can come here to hunt other players as they will come here to get the health (if you are lucky enough).

Location of The Foraged Items (Mushrooms, Apples, Coconuts, and Slurpshorooms)

There is more than one location of these items, so players don’t have to worry about finishing these items. The maximum number of locations containing these items is Slurpy Swamp. The other locations for the items are Frenzy Farm and Sweaty Stand (having 3 locations) and theMisty Meadows (only one available location). These are the prime location for the items.

In these locations, you can find the following items:

  1. Apples: This fruit can provide an increase of 5 points in health (so if your health is 100, then you can’t consume it). You can find apples in the two orchards located on the north side of the Frenzy Farm. In these orchards, you can find enough of the apples just lying on the ground.
  2. Mushrooms: This vegetable is able to provide you the health increase by 5 points, and same as apples, you can’t consume these too in case of full health. These also can find in the northwest arena of Frenzy Farm and Slurpy Swamp, the south valley of Misty Meadows, and weeping wood’s forest.
  3. Slurpshrooms: These glowing shrooms can increase your health by 10 points and provide your shield. It will be available around the west and south of the factory region of the Slurpy Swamp.
  4. Coconuts: These items can help to gain the total increase of the 5 points in health and gain you the shield. These items can be harvested from the palm trees in the Sweaty Sands, North island, in the bay. If you can’t find the coconuts on the ground, then all you have to do is destroy that palm tree with the help of Harvesting tools you have. This action will provide you some coconuts to increase the health of your gaming avatar and help you to protect yourself from the other enemy (by the shield).

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Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order is one of the best action-adventure genre game published and developed by Electronic Arts.  It is equipped with a mixture of various enemy kinds that have been featured in such a long-standing franchise. From Strom Troopers to Sith Lords, the game offered a player of the series a wide variety of opponents to hunt down/ Apart from certain bosses the opponents that stand atop the mountain are the four Legendary Beasts.

As their names imply, these enemies are rare and hidden smartly in particular lands of Jedi World. These creatures are as challenging as they are challenging to locate and will test a user’s skills. This guide will offer a general overview of defeating and locating each legendary beast in their given worlds.

Jedi Fallen Order:  How to Find and Defeat Oggdo Bogdo?

In the game, bulbous Oggdo Bogdo is the first of these four legendary beasts. This enemy can be found on the Bogano planet and is the easiest creature as compared to others to hunt down. To locate Oggdo Bogdo, gamers must go to the dumped workshop. Now, you will discover several traversable pipes in front of the dumped building. Pursue these traversable pipes until you find a tunnel path. Move through the underground way until you come face to face with a cave.

Inside the cave, players will find their first legendary beast Oggdo Bogdo waiting for you.  The best method to hunt down Oggod Bogdo is to stay moving and hit the creature quickly. The large tongue is the only weakness that you need to chop off to defeat your enemy.

Jedi Fallen Order:  How to Find and Defeat Albino Wyyyschokk?

Albino Wyyyschokk is one of the second intimidating large spider-like creatures that players can locate on the Kashyyk planet.  Locating Albino Wyyyschokk is relatively easy and straightforward. The beast is hugely near the Imperial Refinery, and gamers only need to head over the Prison section.

Now, find the way through the platform, where you will discover a save point. Afterward, move through a dark cave-like entrance and chase the storm-troopers clash sounds. On the pit-like ground, players will come face to face with a giant spider alongside dead storm-troopers nearby the beast.

To defeat Albino Wyyyschokk, it is suggested that to target the back-side of such a huge spider and deal with the damage. The battle will end with a theatrical cut scene of the gamer stabbing at the creature’s backside. The primary thing to the focal point is never to take the eyes of your enemy and stay mobile while fighting.

Jedi Fallen Order:  How to Find and Defeat Rabid Jotaz?

On the list, Rabid Jotaz is the third creature that players can find on the Zeffo planet. This enemy is located on the planet near the collapse site landmark. In the middle of the landmark, find the way into the large water body and then move straight to the normal Jotaz foe. This opponent will appear on the rocky island and will serve as the initial step in locating Rabid counterparts. After eliminating the normal Jotaz, go to the climbable grates and unlock a force field barrier to open a metal pathway.

On the way, you will come face to face with a section that you can destroy using a lightsaber. Hit the rubble pile and reach an open put where the beast Rabid Jotaz will be waiting. To eliminate the Jotaz, make sure to use strong jumping moves and knock down your opponent’s health pool. Note, stay alert of Rabid Jotaz’s slow-motion attacks during the clash. The battle will conclude with chopping off arms of the Rabid Jotaz.

Jedi Fallen Order:  How to Find and Defeat Nydak Alpha?

At last, Nydak Alpha is the final and powerful legendary creature that you will face in the Jedi Fallen Order game. Players can locate Nydak on Dathomir near the tomb in the world’s northernmost section. As the player approaches the tomb, find the way to the wall jumping section, then stay mobile as you suddenly will be attacked by Nydak Alpha.

This battle will need a gamer to use several force attacks and “stick & move” gameplay. Ensure that to utilize the strong lightsaber throw to keep the creature at bay and damage the immense health pool. After eliminating the Nydak Alpha, gamers will be pleased with the Legendary Beast title.

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Horizon Zero Dawn is one of the best action role video games for PlayStation 4. It is developed by Guerrilla Games for potential players to enjoy by finding everything in the game. However, discovering everything in Horizon Zero Dawn can prove to be a challenging task. It is especially daunting because it can support gamers to boost their abilities and become strong enough to defeat any growing robot nemesis.  Although one option to level up character’s skills is through obtaining Metal Flowers, the better option to efficiently boost the character’s gear is to obtain the elusive Banuk Figures.

The Banuk Figures are present in the form of small Grazers and a total of six figures available within the Horizon Zero Dawn. These items are usually made out of straw, fabric, and sticks, and every figure will need gamers to travel a little distance up different mountains to locate Banuk Figures. Such items are believed to be developed by Arnak, the legendary Banuk Hunter, who was banished for eliminating his leader. These figures were made as a message to Arnak’s son, Tektuk, and placed in various regions to remind Tektuk of his home. Each item can be found amongst geometric paintings that Arnak crafted.

The main difference between the Metal Flower and the Banuk Figures is the number of bonuses. The Banu figures offer gamers twice the gifts than the Metal Flowers, making them the best option in attaining and levelling up the gear. So, to find each figure, gamers must buy the map from the merchant next to the Main Embrace gate. The map will cost one rich meat, eight metal shards, and one fatty meat. Conversely, the map does not help to show the accurate figure locations, but it is still useful to have one on hand. In the game, each figure is divided up and recognized by various names. This makes it convenient for gamers to find each figure in the game.

Horizon Zero Dawn: My Claim

Initially, players will need to head northeast and visit Devil’s Thirst Camp to find the first Banuk figure. Leave the camp and move up the mountain until you find Banuk painting along the walls. The painting will help gamers to locate the exact place to climb up. The area to climb up can be daunting to spot around here, but once you found, it will not take gamers to reach the peak of the mountain. Finally, gamers will locate the first Banuk figure waiting to be gathered.

Horizon Zero Dawn: I Name You

The next figure is placed in the northwest of Hunter’s Gathering. When looking for this Banuk figure, it is essential to move toward the figure’s place from the town itself. The town works in the game as an anchor point in finding this banuk figure. Head to the north-west corner of the town and climb the pole.

After reaching the top, players will need to climb the wall until they are on their feet again.  Head past the zipline at the mountain to keep going up. It is a long mounting, and a few sections will consume a longer time than others. Gamers will then head around the mountainside and complete the climbing. Once reached, you will find yourself standing next to the Banuk figure in the game.

Horizon Zero Dawn: Punishment

This figure is located near the Banuk Encampment. Players will initially need to head northeastern part of the map and then head over the Banuk encampment. Now, you will spot the snowy cliffs were a significant artwork placed on the rocks. At last, use the painting to figure out the way for climbing up and collect the Banuk Figure.

Horizon Zero Dawn: I Cannot Confess

For this Banuk Figure, gamers should move back to the Meridian. The better option for gamers to begin would be campfire present to the west of Meridian. On the top of the cliff, you will find the campfire, so make sure to move towards the Banuk at a snail’s pace. By moving this way carefully, gamers can easily reach the top and collect a Banuk figure.

Horizon Zero Dawn: The Vision

To find this Banuk figure: The Vision, players will need to move either northwest of Rustwash Tellneck or south of Sunfall. The in-game item is located between the campfire south of Sunfall and Valley of Omens. Go Down the path past Broeadhead’s and Trampler areas. From there, gamers will spot numerous rocks and a pole that is marked by the artwork. Climb to the peak of the pole and obtain the Banuk Figure.

Horizon Zero Dawn: Mother

In the game, finding the Mother Banuk Figure is quite daunting. The only fastest and best way to locate it is by using the map. Head straight to the Pitchcliff and move towards the nearest campfire. There are plenty of enemies in the region, so stay alert as you come close to the cliffs. After that, you will spot several socks on some mountains that have the artwork. If gamers successfully climb up and the banuk figure can be located to the right.

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As we know, REFS_FILE_SYSTEM is a BSOD error that usually occurs when the device resource cannot be located or outdated. Due to this, the users end up facing such errors on their Windows 10. In case your system also possesses the same, then there is no need to worry. This guide will help to get rid of such a hassle in the flick of seconds. For that, check out the following steps to eradicate the REFS_FILE_SYSTEM issue.

Method 1: Turn Off Automatic System Reboot

  • First and foremost, click on Win + D to open the desktop area.
  • On the succeeding window, tap on This PC option.
  • Now, select the Properties from the following onscreen list.
  • Navigate to the Advanced system settings option available on the left side.
  • Hereafter, tap on the Advanced tab.
  • Head over to the Startup & Recovery.
  • Then, choose the Setting button.
  • On the next pop up, head straight to the System Failure.
  • Click on the Automatically Restart checkbox.
  • Press Ok and confirm the changes.

Method 2: Access Safe Boot Mode

  • On the taskbar, click on the Start Menu icon.
  • Tap on the Search bar.
  • Then, type MSConfig in the vacant box.
  • Choose the best match and proceed.
  • On the System Configuration window, look for the Boot option.
  • After that, tap on the Safe Boot checkbox.
  • Now, choose the Minimal, then hit Apply.
  • Then, select the Ok button and confirm changes.
  • Thereafter, reboot your system and wait patiently.
  • During the restarting process, tap F8 frequently.
  • At last, follow the onscreen steps to access Safe Boot Mode.

Method 3: Remove Similar Programs

  • Firstly, tap Win + I keys on your console.
  • On the Settings app, tap on the Apps & Features.
  • Head over to the next succeeding window.
  • Search for similar programs in the installed applications list.
  • Now, tap on the Uninstall button and proceed.
  • Press Yes and give the consent.
  • Lastly, purse the following steps to remove every similar program.
  • Once done, reboot your system.

Method 4: Use SFC Utility to Recover Missing Files

  • Initially, hit the Win + S button on your console.
  • Click on the Search bar.
  • Write the CMD.exe in the text area.
  • Select Run as Administrator from the menu and continue.
  • Tap on the Yes icon and give consent.
  • On the Command Prompt, write SFC /scannow.
  • Hit the Enter button and wait calmly until the process wraps up.
  • Once finished, complete the onscreen guidelines to recover files.
  • After that, restart your Windows PC.

Method 5: Use Disk Cleanup Tool

  • To begin with, tap on Win + R button.
  • On the Run dialogue box, enter cleanmgr into the box.
  • Press the Enter hotkey on your keyboard.
  • After that, choose C: and proceed.
  • Hit the Ok button.
  • Now, a window will show up, choose Clean Up System Files.
  • Hereafter, click to check every box.
  • Press Ok and confirm changes.
  • Once done, reboot your system.

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In the Windows 10 devices, the HYPERGUARD VIOLATION error shows up during the startup of the program. It mainly arises when system drivers make any critical changes in Kernel data or code and show 0x0000018C bug check value.

Besides that, hardware corruption can also be the main culprit behind it, like RAM bad sectors holding kernel associated items. In case your operating system also posses the same issue, then do not worry about anything. Here are some essential methods that you can use to overcome 0x0000018C error in the flick of seconds.

Method 1:  Recover DLL Missing Files and Repair Corrupted System Files

Missing DLL files and corrupted system components can conveniently cause several issues in the Windows system. HYPERGUARD VIOLATION is one of the havoc, and users will need to use a System file checker to fix the error with ease. Here is how you can do it:

  • Tap on Win + R hotkeys on your console.
  • On the Run dialog box, type Command in the vacant area.
  • Then, click on Run as Administrator and continue.
  • On the Command Prompt window, write the "SFC /scannow" command.
  • Hit the Enter button on your keyboard.
  • Wait for few seconds until the process wraps up.
  • Once finished, restart your PC and check the problem is resolved or not.

Method 2: Download Windows 10 necessary Patches:

As we know, Microsoft offers major updates twice in a year that contains general fixes for plenty of errors. Most of the time, outdates Windows can easily fall into such hassles, which quickly can be resolved by downloading the required patches. So, here are the steps that you can follow and learn how to update Windows 10 effortlessly.

  • To begin with, right-tap on the Start button.
  • From the following Power User Menu, click on the Settings option.
  • After that, choose the Update and Security icon.
  • On the following window, go to the right pane.
  • Now, select the Check for Updates option.
  • Wait for a while until the searching process completes.
  • Once done, the list of pending updates will show up.
  • Click on the Download and start the downloading procedure.
  • At last, follow the prompts and install the patch accordingly.

Method 3: Update Troublesome Drivers

Whenever you face a BSOD issue such as HYPERGUARD VIOLATION, then incompatible or outdated system, drivers turn out as the culprit. To keep this problematic error away, you are required to update every driver immediately. With this, it will make the drivers work speedily and effectively. So, check out the underneath instructions to perform the Windows Device Manager utility and locate the faulty drivers accordingly.

  • Tap on Win + S hotkeys to launch the Windows Taskbar Search section.
  • Type Device Manager into the text box.
  • Then, hit the Enter button and continue.
  • From the search result, click on the best match.
  • On the succeeding page, look for the drivers with an exclamation mark.
  • If there is any, choose the device and expand the driver's list.
  • Thereafter, tap on the driver with a yellow warning sign.
  • Then, hit on the Update Driver icon.
  • Now, pursue the upcoming instructions on display to complete the process.
  • Once finished, reboot your Windows PC.

Method 4: Repair the Corrupted Windows Image Files

 There are some chances of having an HYPERGUARD VIOLATION error due to the faulty image files. If so, users will need to rectify the defective ones right away by using the DISM command line. To use this beneficial tool, proceed with the underneath essential points:

  • Firstly, hit Win + R hotkeys together.
  • When the Run dialog box appears, type CMD in the required area.
  • Then, tap CTRL + Shift + Enters buttons simultaneously.
  • Press the Yes button to Run as Administrator.
  • In the Command Prompts window, enter the "DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth" command.
  • Hit the Enter button and continue.
  • Now, sit tight and wait until the system rectifies the necessary files.

Method 5: Use Safe Mode to access Basic Programs

As we know, booting in safe mode is one of the efficient options that one can utilize to access root applications only. So, follow the given steps and execute Safe mode to use the basic programs with ease.

  • Click the Win + I button on your keyboard to access the Setting app.
  • On the main interface, choose the Update and Security.
  • After that, tap on the Recovery icon available in the left column.
  • Next, head straight to the Advanced startup section.
  • Tap on the Restart now option.
  • When the system starts, click on Troubleshoot from the following options.
  • Now, go to the Advanced option and choose Startup Settings.
  • Once the system informs you that it can be rebooted using additional settings to Enable Safe mode, tap on the Power option.
  • Hit the Restart button and proceed.
  • Hereafter, press the F4 button subsequently to access Safe Mode.

All in all, you can easily use the default apps and services offered by Windows 10 operating system.

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