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There is nothing so difficult if you want to add your email account to your iPhone. Whether you have purchased an iPhone for the first time and entirely new to its setup, it is always great to customize the email experience to get a better user experience while using an iPhone. Rather, email customization can be done more quickly and easily.

In the previous few months, Apple has released some new iPhones, including the cheapest iPhone, till now, along with iPhone SE and iPhone 11. Whether you have purchased the new iPhone or someone has gifted you, adding an email account may not be your priority list. Despite adding an email account, other multiple features can be used to maximize the user experience. For example, you can turn off AMBER alerts to maximize your experience while using the iPhone. Moreover, there is still some delay in the release of the iPhone 12, which is indicating that Apple users may be stuck with the model they are using for a longer time.

It is making up a good time for Apple users to switch to learn things about their current iPhone model a little more. The mail app in iOS devices is under a careful examination of the default mail app flaw in iOS 13. The default mail app has been affecting the users of the iPad and iPhone since the release of iOS 6. However, the issues affecting iOS devices are not limited only to the default mail app as a bug in the Edison Mail app of iPhone users puts their online information at risk.

All these vulnerabilities have compelled the iPhone and iPad users to worry about their online data security. However, developers and the companies are releasing updates to deal with these mail app security threats, but it will be good to remain aware of these latest issues or bugs. Meanwhile, if you are willing to add your email account to your iPhone, then Apple has offered instructions in detail regarding it. You can refer to the FAQ section of the company and get help from its support pages.

Ways to Adding Email Accounts To your iPhone

You can add your email directly to the iPhone by clicking on the Settings. The Settings section on the iPhone will appear in the gear or cog shape in gray. Then, keep on scrolling down to Accounts & Passwords and then tap on it. When you click on the Add Account section, you will be prompted to a list with a lot of email providers. After selecting the applicable one, move to enter the information related to your email account. When you tap on Next after entering the account information, you will receive a verification mail on the selected user id. After personalizing the other information for your email account, Click on Save. As you will complete the entire process, the email will become visible in the Mail app.

The  Mail app in iOS supports many other mail apps such as Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook, AOL, Microsoft Exchange, and iCloud. It supports other account variants such as POP and IMAP email services. However, these can be added to your mail app manually, but you may need your email provider’s help for any required information. For the users who are unsure if some specific email accounts are supported or not, they can find the required information from the support page of Apple.

There are also several mail apps of the third party are available on iOS devices for those who are not interested in using the Mail app of iOS. For example, The users can Spark, which has a smooth user interface with modern design. Also, Spark supports many other email services, which are much popular such as Outlook, Yahoo, and Gmail. Moreover, Spark is very much personalized and fast compared to the Mail app making it a great choice for professionals. It is helpful for professionals if they want their online data sorted quickly and easily on their iPhone.

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Ava Williams is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cyber security. He writes about the latest updates regarding and how it can improve the work experience of users. His articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs and websites.

Google collects a huge amount of online data about its users through different Google apps and services. It has raised concerns among the advocates of Privacy. But, the question arises how much information Google has collected about you. The answer depends on the number of Google apps and services you are using, like Google Docs, Google Calendar, etc.

How Google Gathers Your Data?

If you understand how Google gathers your data, it will become easy for you to know how much Google knows about you. It is not that Google is spying on you, but it simply stores all the information that you search online using its services. But, this is enough to store important data and keep a historical record about you. Here is Google Services that you use:-

Google Chrome: Google Chrome gives a history of all those websites that you have visited even if you have opened the specific website while searching for it.

Google Search: It keeps a history of all those searches that you have done through its search engine.

Google Maps: Whenever you use Google Maps for navigating some location, it gives access to Google to all locations with its history.

YouTube: Google keeps a record of those videos you have watched by tracking your searches on YouTube.

Android: When you are using Android, Google does not need to rely on its other services to rack your information. It tracks your phone along with your text messages and everything that you have saved on it. If you were addicted to Candy Crush a few years back, then Google knows about it.

Waze: Google gathers a lot of information through Waze as it is a crowd sourcing service that helps to guide the drivers.

Google Apps: It includes Google Calendar, Google Docs, Gmail, Google Drive, Google Photos, etc. enough to send every valuable information about you.

Note: Although Google has no direct access to the iPhone as it enjoys on Android, it can still gather information about you using Google Maps or Google Photos on any iPhone.

The Things Google Knows About You

So, if you are quite feeling exposed, then it can be understood. It is also clear that we are not living in a world with not so much Privacy. It is only due to this data tracking that you see advertisements for any product or service. Also, Google uses the information of locations gathered through Android phones to tell the traffic conditions in a particular area. Moreover, you can see all your online data if you know where to view it all. Here is what you can do:-

  • You can view an overview of the information gathered by Google in the advertisements settings. These settings can be defined as an outline used by Google to send you targeted ads.
  • You can check the history of your web activities, including the websites you have searched and visited both.
  • You can also view the webpage of Google for knowing the location history it has kept on you.
  • You can check the websites and apps that are using your Google credentials to allow you to Sign-in. You can also check the apps and websites that access information from Google services in your account permissions.
  • You can visit the link and download a packet of data with all information that Google has stored on you.

How to Stop Google From Collecting Data About You

You can stop using the services and apps of Google to prevent it from gathering data about you. You can start using the iPhone instead of Android and can install the web browser Firefox. Moreover, you can switch to  WolframAlpha and DuckDuckGo instead of using Google Search. It can be an extreme step, so if you want to put some limits in basic form only on Google, you can do these things:

You can select Activity controls to edit the things that you don’t want to be saved in your Google account. You can prevent the search giant from tracking various things such as web & app activity, location, voice & audio activity, information of the device, YouTube searches, and watch history.

You can enable Privacy to check features and make the modifications through your Google account. You can opt yourself out from the Google services that share your information when you are visiting it. Google uses Google Analytics service to help in analyzing visitors on various websites.

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A discovery of quite a big magnitude has been seen in Call of Duty: Warzone. For a Battle Royale game like this, this is very big news. The discovery shows a massive figure moving underneath the ice next to the dam location in the Battle Royale game. The game of Warzone has been in an all-new hype as it had just kicked off its 4th season. The game has captivated its player base with a surprisingly good story and the new season is bringing new surprises.

This new discovery is a big deal as at the beginning of season 3, the players could unlock Bunker 11, and inside the bunker was a nuclear warhead along with the evidence of the construction of a nuclear missile. With such an interesting story, the players were hoping to see an escalation with the situation with the coming of the new season, but according to the video footage of the discovery, probably not in the direction they were hoping. The players have found mysterious shadows moving around in the water body underneath the ice next to the dam.

Reddit user Ronny972 was the first to make the discovery, which can be seen by Warzone players right now on the game’s live servers. The discovery came along as Ronny972 and his friends were playing near the dam during a match, while suddenly they saw a huge shadow pass underneath them under the snow, having caught attention now, the players found a helicopter and went up in the air for a better view. This revealed an elongated oval-shaped shadow or object, passing along the full length of the dam’s upper edge under the ice.

Adding to the mystery, this shadow beneath the ice does not only pass along the just the surface of the ice, but into the rocky terrain. What the shadow does is it emerges from underneath the rocky terrain of one side of the dam and continues to disappear into the other side of the dam again going under the land. According to the players, this can mean that there is a possibility that this part of the map is connected together by a watery tunnel system that runs through the dam section of the map.

Always ready for some excitement, Warzone players started jumping into conclusions. Of course, it was a big topic of discussion as it had been really big moments of focus in other Battle Royale games such as Fortnite. Some players think that it might be an underwater monster, like the Fortnite’’s monsters frozen in ice. But some players, including Ronny972, believe that the shadow might belong to a submarine. Of course, it being a submarine will go with the theme of Warzone a lot better than it being a monster. As soon as the news hit, leakers went about trying to find information about the mystery object, and noting that there are absolutely submarine-related files in Warzone. Whether they’re connected to the shadow under the ice remains to be seen.

Catching up with another detail in the new season, it is seen that the direction the shadow travels is directly in line with Bunker 10, and this was new information released in the 4th season that Bunker 10 has a live nuclear warhead, and this is in direct natural progression with the story of what was found in Bunker 11. This new information can be brought together and speculated that the shadow that might be a submarine might go to Bunker 10 and pick up the nuclear missile and bring it back and might even launch it from the top of the dam.

There is obviously a lot to come in the Call of Duty: Warzone as it moves forward. And players are already accepting a new map change as well as a potential in-game reveal of the next Call of Duty game. It is still to be seen as to how the story comes together with a live nuclear missile and the possibility of a submarine emerging, and how it will all tie together. Well, players can likely already start making connections. Season 4 is going to be very interesting.

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There are multiple options to help when it comes to downloading videos on TikTok. If the users get the opportunity to Save videos on the platform, it will make a huge difference to the users’ experience.

Seeing the popularity graph of TikTok, it is not surprising that downloading and sharing videos viral on TikTok through other social media platforms have been increasing on a large scale. Also, since the people find content and challenges on TikTok relatable and so the downloading and sharing of the videos is rising. Moreover, it is very simple to download any TikTok videos, and there are multiple ways to do so.

TikTok has witnessed huge popularity all across the world, and with time its demand is still growing. The number of app users is limitless and has continued to increase users, even amid the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak. As more and more are forced to stay inside amid the current health outbreak, they choose social media platforms to socialize with their friends and relatives along with entertaining themselves. Among various social media platforms, TikTok is far ahead in terms of user numbers and popularity. People use the app normally for dance and music challenges along with collaborating for duets. But, the app has also improved itself by spreading messages related to topical and world events. For example, the users have witnessed various challenges that emerged, highlighting the current events such as washing hands frequently or checking your privileges over the last few months.

Since the nature of TikTok is collaborative, sharing the content on the platform makes the user experience significant. It will impact the user experience hugely if the users will know about saving videos on the app. If the users once learned to save videos on TikTok, they can use the saved videos later for the duet and send it to their family members and friends. The functionality of TikTok is very much versatile and offers many ways for the users when it comes to sharing content and videos both outside and inside the app.

Different Ways to Share & Save TikTok Videos

The users of TikTok can share their videos with their family and friends in many ways. For example, they can go to the bottom of the screen and click on the icon Share. Once the users click on the Share button, it will open a menu. Further, the list will provide users with the option to share their videos with their friends and other users through direct messages. The users can copy the video link and send it to their friends and loved ones in the form of a URL. The URL creates a link redirecting the users to the TikTok when clicked on it.

For the users who want the exact copy of the TikTok video to share, send, or to keep with themselves even then, the process is easy. First of all, the users will need to tap on the screen while holding it. Then, they will be redirected to the pop-up with several options. The users will need to tap on Save options appearing in pop. Once you tap on the Save option, it will download your video to the storage of your device. Alternatively, the users can get the Save option at the bottom row in the share menu where they can copy the URL.

If you have not enabled the option of saving video, you can use a third-party app to save your video. If you are an Android user, go to the Google Play store and download Video Downloader for Social Media- No Watermark app, which has been developed by Avalon Inc. The iPhone users can also search for the same app in their App Store. However, the app has a downloader plugin for TikTok, which can make the process much easier. Apart from these, there are also some other options which can be used to save the videos, but if some user has turned to the Save option of their video, then it should be respected by other users. If you have a tap on the sound to be used even then, other users can make the same videos, and it can be downloaded and saved further.

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Instagram allows users to send and receive direct messages using a web browser. Here is everything you need to know.

The free photo and video sharing social networking service, Instagram has extended its direct message support to web browsers. The extension of direct message support to web browsers has made it easy for users to communicate not only with their near and dear ones but also for distant users. The step can be proved a more useful way to the users following social distancing and staying and working from home.

Like many other social media services, Instagram also allows its users to post their views and other content globally. Not only this, but the users of Instagram scattered across the world in vast numbers can also send messages to each other. The social media platform has also extended its direct message features to the desktop version’s users. It seems that the current time is very much suitable for the expansion of such a feature. As more and more people all across the globe stay at home and seek for ways additionally to communicate and socialize online, the expansion of the functionality will attract the people in huge numbers. But, the company had been testing the specific feature previously, and so it seems Instagram has not expanded the feature seeing the current helpful and favorable scenario.

Instagram confirmed the expansion of its direct message features through an announcement in its official Twitter account. Since the company has announced the expansion of its direct messages feature, only a few details have been provided. Apart from mentioning that the users will be able to send and receive messages through web browsers, the company has said the new feature would be rolled out in multiple stages. Therefore, only a few users will be able to see the extended support for direct messages through web browsers at a time.

The Ways to Receive & Send Direct Messages

The new extended support is very much easy for the people who are using Instagram and very much aware of its functionality. For the old Instagram users, it is extremely easy to access the messages on the desktop when compared to mobile applications. Users will need to open their user accounts on the platform for the news users of Instagram while receiving or sending direct messages. To open the user account, you will need to tap on the mail option appearing at the top in the right corner. While the email icon appeared on mobile itself, on desktop, the mail icon appears alongside other symbols such as Home, Likes, Discovery, and Profile. When the users check the mail icon, it will redirect them to the section of direct messages, further allowing them to read and send along with managing the inbox.

As Instagram has enabled the new feature so, almost every user will be attracted to use it. Also, it will be used widely through the mobile app, as it heavily serves its users for a better mobile experience. However, some users will access the feature to chat through the desktop by using keyboards. Also, the function is mainly targeting the power users who are busy with desktop and keyboards. Moreover, the feature expansion with access through web browsers will be proved much more beneficial for users stuck at home. Apart from these, the users can also enjoy the co-watching feature. It will allow the users to continue video chats with their friends along with viewing posts.

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The present-day world is a huge digital family. With the internet being an important necessity of human life, you cannot think of anything that doesn’t involve using the internet. From entertainment to business, everything flows in the ocean of the internet. There is a cut-throat competition between e-commerce sites, all because people want to make payments with just a simple click. They check prices, compare the products, and purchase them in only a few minutes, all with the internet. Yet, it is sad to see the poor performance of many e-commerce sites. Despite money transactions made simpler and people flocking towards the virtual money paying options, some sites are still bearing the brunt of the popularity of others. All they need here is to step up their game.

The following is a collection of 13 doable and proven strategies that will take your digital marketing to heights. Read on.

  • Make Good Product Visualization Your Thing

People believe what they see. It’s hard to impress someone with only words, especially when everyone isn’t a good reader. No matter how clearly you mention all the fancy features of the product in the description section, people will not even bother to skim through it. This will happen, especially if the visuals don’t captivate them enough. The solution? See what your product pictures are lacking. Make your visuals so appealing that they tell a lot about the product and its features.

Include smart tools that let your viewers get the full picture, such as the zoom-in option, pop-up info, and more. You can also make use of the 3D technology to enhance the captivating powers. Some researchers suggest that companies have seen a superb 5% rise in their sales after using the 3D technology in their product visuals.

  • Make The Best Of AI

AI is a great gift from the technology world to app and website developers. It can positively impact your e-commerce game. Who knew something like AI would come and allow the machines to interpret how a customer will behave online based on his/her past reactions? To measure your site’s performance, you can use metrics like conversion rates, engagement rates, and bounce rates. A huge amount of data can be gathered to give you an idea about the possible areas of improvement in your site. Once you know the lacking areas, you delve deeper to come up with solutions, thereby revamping your website. This way, you not only make more loyal customers, but you also maintain them for life.

  • Let The Chatbots Chit-Chat

Chatbots are your machine salesmen who interact with the customers through conversations. They are created in such a way that customers feel as if they are talking to a person. It is all done through efficient AI techniques.

People lack the ease of talking to a salesperson in online shopping. This gap is filled by chatbots that speak to the customers in a friendly manner, give them the best collection of products, and clear all their doubts. What makes chatbots loved by millions of customers is that it announces the upcoming discounts and special add-ons. It adds a personalized touch to the customer’s overall online shopping experience from a particular site.

  • Reduce Basket Abandonment

No, reducing basket or cart abandonment is not the duty of your customer. These abandonments happen mostly when the customers find some issues with proceeding further. All you have to do is simply to work on those areas and don’t give any reasons for the customers to leave your site without making any purchase. There are three doable ways with which you can decrease the numbers of cart abandonment. 

One, try to exclude the shipping fees. An unreasonable shipping fee is a major turn-off for most customers. 

Second, simplify your payment processes. If your payment processes are complicated and your customers are not the tech-savvy type, they will not be bothered much about you. Instead, they will run away from your site and never return back. Moreover, if your website demands the customers to make extra accounts to proceed with the payments, they may find it annoying. Work on simplifying the payment procedures.

Lastly, offer an email as a recovery strategy. Don’t get disheartened if the purchasing gets dumped in the cart abandonment. You can still revive your customers, and ask them to finish their transactions through a recovery mail. This way, you remind the customers about the payment they need to make.

  • User-Generated Content

Humans trust humans alike. When your friend checks out a good product and finds it useful, you have a strong tendency to buy the same product the next day. Use this phenomenon to attract flocks to your site. Allow good loyal consumers to express their love for you. Make use of trendy hashtags for your products. Convince your users to use those hashtags more often every time they talk about your offerings. Also, give space to your customers to talk about you. A healthy place for putting constructive reviews always works for you. Plus, it makes the customers feel respected.

  • Advanced Product Filtering

Filters help people get what they want without wasting their precious time. Advanced filtering helps them scout for the exact products they were searching for. When you make sorting and shopping easy for your customers, you make a special place in their hearts.

  • Make Deliveries Flexible

When people find rigid delivery options on the site, they start looking for better alternatives. And when they see the perfect replacement for your website, they never look back and pay a visit again. To avoid this, look for better and flexible delivery options you can provide to your customers. Simply put, you need to focus on how you can make your delivery speed such that it is comfortable for your customers. Also, think about the efficiency and costs of your delivery.

  • Wish List For Your Benefit

The wishlist you provide on your site for your customers can tell you a lot about them. If a particular customer has a lot in his wishlist, make sure you remind him to make the purchase. You can also mention the time for which the availability will last and your best offers.

  • Mobile Friendliness As A Success Ladder

With a smartphone in every hand, people wouldn’t want to open their laptops again and again. Make the purchases possible with the ease of their phones. Ensure that your site is mobile friendly and that customers don’t have any problem accessing it. Make sure all the buttons are easy to find, and important tabs are frozen so that they follow the scroll ups and downs.

  • Make Your Checkouts Simple

Annoying checkouts won’t do any favor to you. Simplify your checkouts now. Try to offer important buttons and options on the same page. This way, your customers won’t need to open millions of pages to make a petty payment. This ensures a superb shopping experience and reduces the chances of cart abandonment. Provide clear options to “go back” and “proceed.” An easy to understand progress bar can simplify the purchasing process to a great extent.

  • Social Sites And Social Purchases

What if a fashionista lady finds the perfect lip shade on Instagram. Why not help the lady make the purchase from her feeds? This will encourage her to make more such purchases in the future. This is how social purchases help. Displaying your products on these popular social networking sites and giving the viewers an option to purchase them directly increases your purchase by leaps and bounds.

  • Personalization Is The Newest Strategy In Town

Understanding is a strong foundation to build a healthy relationship. This holds true even in the relationship between a seller and purchaser. Make use of AI to understand the unspoken desires of your customers. Local approaches help individuals feel at home. This not only benefits the customers, but it also eases your delivery functionality, based on proximity. Moreover, when you go to the localization path, you give the best to people according to their local needs. Thus, you don’t offer everything to everyone blindly.

  • Video Content

Moving pictures have never failed to catch eyeballs. If you have something to flaunt about your product, make use of an interactive and beautiful video. This will give your product the much-deserved attention. It also increases the chance of purchases, as people believe what they see. They will trust your product more and will be able to analyze all its great features and design.

Make use of all these strategies and see your website flying high in a few days. Happy e-selling!

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Businesses these days can’t work independently without making a mark on Instagram. With Instagram topping the ranks of social media sites, creating a business profile on Instagram, and killing it has become a mandate. Everybody knows this. What is unknown is the ways with which one can take the business profiles to unimaginable visibility heights.

 Your business should know when to make the most of the opportunities. Check out the list of 7 tips that will help your profile take a leap.

  • Consistency Is The Key

You don’t only need to grab attention. It would be best if you caught memories. If you don’t post consistently, your prospective customers will forget you easily. Don’t confuse your customers by posting once in a blue moon. Be consistent with your posts. Even if you don’t have anything cool to post next, keep your interactions and announcements active. This way, you stay in touch with your customers. A great strategy for maintaining healthy consistency is by creating an effective post schedule. Take out some time and make a post calendar for the upcoming week or month. Fix a time on which your posts will run. Do the brainstorming work beforehand to think of all the content that must go.

  • A Scheduling Tool Is What You Need

Just when you think of being consistent, the next thing you should ponder about is a good scheduling tool. Today the world has millions of effective scheduling tools that aid in being consistent with posts. Choose any one of them that suits your needs and kickstart your planning process. Instagram, too offers a unique scheduling feature via the Facebook Ads Manager. This way, you won’t lag behind in the quantity or quality of your posts.

  • Collaborations

Partner with individuals and brands that have similar interests. When you collaborate with people and brands, you not only talk to your own customers. Instead, you also convey your message to the fans of the brand you are working with. 

In order to initiate a deal with a brand, you must first ensure that your ideals and objectives align with theirs. If they do, you are good to go. Successful collaborations have always benefited both the parties. Furthermore, your customers too enjoy the new taste. Pro Tip: Both brands should include their own individualities in the collaborated content.

  • Cohesive Layout

Ensure that your page looks cohesive and appealing. Make sure that your background is consistent, and no block of the puzzle seems abrupt. Go for a uniform lighting in almost all your posts to make it visibly good.

  • Hashtags

Instagram is a great platform to make the best use of hashtags. Use relevant hashtags for your posts. Don’t use unnecessary hashtags randomly. Use them strategically and wisely. Hash-tagging becomes useful as it helps in categorizing products.

  • Go Live

If you are running out of content, then you must show your appearance by going Live. People like watching a Live video, instead of going through posts. Going Live gives a personalized touch to your business. It also provides the viewers with a chance to interact with you directly.

  • Contests

Add spice to your marketing strategy. Bring in interesting contests for your customers. Giveaways never fail to attract viewers. If you have anything to offer for free, run a contest. In return, ask viewers to repost photos, like your posts, comment on your posts, or share your pictures. Also, these contests are easy to plan. Accounts that run contests regularly gain more importance and popularity. Wait no more and think of a perfect contest.

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Currently, Amazon is featuring the great deals for those who want Echo Show 5 and a Ring Video Doorbell Pro. These products are on sale, and you can get these deals for just $179. Both the items are refurbished and really works like you are using a new product. If you don’t want to buy them in a combo offer, then the refurbished Doorbell and Echo Show 5 will cost you around $180 and $60, respectively. So, if you buy these two products in a combo, then you can save up to $60, which will save more in your pocket. If you don’t like refurbished products and need a brand new one, then you can get it for $320 (price may vary).

What is Refurbished?

A refurbished product is the product that has returned by consumers to the manufacturers to vendors due to several reasons. Mostly electronic items are sold as refurbished items. Usually, these products undergo some tests to detect any defect before selling on any platform. Often, people have the misconception that the refurbished products are second-hand goods, but it’s totally a false statement.

In some cases, the refurbished products are those products that are kept on demo or the package is opened. After the opening of any brand-new product, that product will be counted as the refurbished product.

Now let’s come on the main topic. The Amazon Echo Show 5 5.5 inches compact display with exciting Alexa feature. Most of the Echo show users use this device to control the smart appliances of their home.

The Video Doorbell Pro has the in-built speaker and mic, and you can talk to visitors directly who are at your doorstep. You will also get a feature to send an alert to your device quickly when someone knocks the Doorbell.

Other than checking on the front door, there are plenty of things that you will get with Amazon’s Echo Show 5. You can manage your calendar, get updates on weather, news, or even traffic, and also can give you the recipes of your favorite food. You can also watch the favorite shows, listen to audiobooks, the latest podcasts and listen to your favorite radio shows.

The video doorbell is a little bit different from the previous hardwired Doorbell, and it comes with colored faceplates that can match the exterior of your home. To be more specific, there are four different colored faceplates, which is quite exciting.

If you use this product, then you will definitely love this product. The product was also designed in such a way to work at any temperature. The product can be easily operated at a temperature of -5 and 120-degrees Fahrenheit.

The camera with the product will give you a tremendous 160-degree view that can cover the huge space in front of your home to provide you with more security. The product has also offered a recording feature in a 1080-pixel resolution crystal clear video with the infrared LED light that can help you to look in the camera even at night. The Bank-grade encryption offers you a secured transmitted video to your device.

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The messaging feature on any Mac is one of the most significant features to keep you in touch with your contacts without any issue. Sometimes, you don’t want to get disturbed and want to avoid the notification of the message. If you know how to manage the notification in the MacOS, then it will prove helpful in avoiding these distractions and doing what you love. After following these steps, you still receive messages.

In this blog, you will get how to turn off the message on your Mac, and customized with various preferences.

At the Notification Center

If you are using Mac for a longer time, then you must know about this feature. But for others, it is one of the quickest ways to access all the messages that you may see in the popup. Click on the notification icon that you will see on the top of the corner of the screen. There you will find Do Not Disturb, and click on that part. It is one of the easiest ways to avoid the messages until mid-night (By default). After that, you will have to reset it. You can also set it for a specific period to which the “Do Not Disturb” feature will be enabled.

The preference Menu of the System

It contains the menu option that includes the broader selection of the Message notification from the settings. If you choose any option mentioned below, then you can do it in the best possible way.

Do Not Disturb – It is the same command that you can enable it from the notification center menu. It is for a temporary period, but you can allow it for a specific period.

Allow Notifications From – It is the option that can allow you to set the alert from any particular application. It is a useful feature when you don’t want to see the notification from any specific application.

Alert Style – This feature can set alerts like Banners, None, and alert. If you choose None, then you will prevent the display of the notification on the screen. With a banner, your Mac will flash the message on the screen, and after some time, the message will disappear. When you choose Alerts, then you will display the message, until you dismiss them manually.

Show Notification Preview – It allows you to manage the display of the message on the screen. If you want to get it to display on the screen, you can also pick the display’s duration of the notification. So, choose accordingly.

Show in Notification Center – It is the only menu that can help you in picking the application that you want to see in the pop ups in the notification center. This feature will display the notifications that were received in the last 7 days.

Badge App Icon – If you have enabled this feature, then the number of messages will be displayed on the icon of the message’s application on the screen.

Play Sound for Notifications – If you have disabled it, you will turn off all the notifications.

Notification Center Sort Order – You can set the order of the notifications like if you choose a Recent sort, then all the recent messages will be displayed on the screen. You can also choose your preferred application by making some changes to the notification’s preferences. You can do it by dragging the application up or down.

Messages – With this feature, you can choose a specific message to be displayed on which section (Banner, Alert, or on-screen). This menu will display the message in the icon badge that will not display the message on the notification section. From this menu, you can also use a different sound for the different messages on this menu.


Picking and choosing your specific application for the notification alert will help you in avoiding the distraction. So, follow these steps that are mentioned above to avoid other things while working on something.

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