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In the past few decades, Camera Module is a distant term. Due to the quick growth of innovation, you can now build your own ingrained camera system, consisting of Kiosks, tablet, drones and also surveillance toys. This development permits development companies to conveniently utilize this formerly unattainable part.

Like all various other components, the USB camera module has additionally been established, the sensor as well as lens are popularized, as well as the camera module need to have gone into customer use. Nowadays, it has come to be an important function. Without an excellent video camera system, many applications and devices are insufficient.

Although the Camera module has actually been around for time, the wide range of sensors as well as lenses of different requirements have actually made numerous customers confused concerning buying the camera module for their system or device. This guide will aid you purchase a camera module.


If you have a little knowledge of camera module equipment, you might see that there are various sorts of camera modules, yet there are still numerous customers that do not know this reality. According to the interface category, there are mostly 3 types of offered camera module, USB2.0 camera module, USB3.0 camera module, MIPI camera module.


As we all recognize, the higher the pixel of the sensor, the bigger the size of the captured photo. Nevertheless, the quality of sensors used by different manufacturers is various, and the top quality of the caught images is likewise very different. In this instance, it is best to discover a sensor that matches the actual application to match the developer's system.


One of the most critical aspects to take into consideration when selecting a camera module is the lens. Please focus on the range of the challenge be photographed, and the dimension range of the things. If you are uncertain regarding the range to the object, you can likewise select an autofocus lens. Please insist on choosing an ideal lens to get better picture quality.


Price and brand have a particular impact on item top quality and effectiveness. However, it is not that the higher the price, the bigger the brand name will certainly adapt to your application. The products generated by the relatively inexpensive camera module Manufacturer does not indicate that its quality is poor. You do not have to pick pricey brands to ensure you have the most effective products, however select the camera system that best matches the item.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) is collaborating with over 40 organizations, including the Community Development Department, the Department of Cultural Promotion, the Department of Agricultural Extension, the Department of Industrial Promotion, the Cooperative Promotion Department, the Designated Areas for Sustainable Tourism Administration (DASTA), Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB), the National Village and Urban Community Fund Office, Government Savings Bank, Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives, PTT Global Chemical Company Limited, Pracharath Rak Samakkee (Thailand) Company, as well as public and private universities, tour companies, tourism-related associations, and other organizations working with local communities, to host the Rural Tourism Awards and OTOP Tourism Awards in order to promote and strengthen rural tourism and encourage self-reliance among local Thai people. This is under the government’s sustainability policy to improve the grassroots economy in accordance with national strategies. In the time of the global COVID-19 crisis, the nation’s economy is now in particular need of internal reinforcement.

Mr. Yuthasak Supasorn, Governor of the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), said “This will be a landmark Rural Tourism Awards, with over 40 public and private organizations and academic institutes working together, starting from today until September 2020. All qualified communities will be evaluated by a knowledgeable committee board. Finally, a vote will be open to tourists to reach unanimous results. The Rural Tourism Awards and the OTOP Tourism Awards will truly bring pride to the communities. Each winning community will receive an honorary plate and public relations support to help with marketing and sales through various media channels, including the world-renowned online platform Airbnb, for tangible results.    

 TAT is confident that the competition will motivate these communities to improve their capabilities in terms of tourism, as well as enhance their public image and elevate local community tourism, building confidence among domestic visitors and improving awareness at an international level.”                                                                

The “best tourism village competition” consists of two categories: 

1. Rural Tourism Awards – 5 sub-categories

1) Best Creative Experience

2) Best for Agro tourism

3) Best Homestay

4) Best for Responsible Tourism

5) Best for Company Outing

2. OTOP (One Tambon, One Product) Tourism Awards – 5 sub-categories

1) OTOP Tourism Award in Household and Decorative Items

2) OTOP Tourism Awards in Herbal Products

3) OTOP Tourism Awards in Food and Drinks

4) OTOP Tourism Awards in Textile and Clothing

5) OTOP Tourism Awards in Miscellaneous Products

In addition, the villages nominated with the highest votes will also be announced in the event.

25 rural tourism villages (5 villages per sub-category)  

100 OTOP tourism villages 

(The list of qualified villages is presented in the attached document) 

The judging of both categories will be carried out in the same manner. A board committee consisting of knowledgeable members from all organizations will select 15 finalist communities (3 per sub-category). They will then visit the communities to select the winner, 1st runner-up and 2nd runner-up. Tourists are also invited to vote for the best communities. The winners will be decided based on the committee’s score (70%) and tourist votes (30%).

TAT will host an event to announce and celebrate the winners of the Rural Tourism Awards on 27 September 2020, which is also World Tourism Day. The OTOP Tourism Award winners will be decided and announced in late 2020.


For more information please contact:

Thachasorn Atsadatorn (Klao), public relations department, mobile: 09-8635-6365

Helping You Find the Biggest Deals and Best Offers Online

Washington DC, Jul 25th 2020- CheapoAlert today announced the launch of their brand new daily deals site at The site will cover a wide range of product categories, from clothing to electronics and much more.

“We have made the sales process quick and easy, by not requiring our customers to use promotional codes and coupons.” Says Rafique Khan, the CEO of CheapoAlert.

Bargain hunters can look forward to discounts starting at 50% off the recommended retail price (RRP), and increasing by up to 80% for the best offers.

Consumers can look ahead to special deals from top suppliers around the world. For the best deals, the demand is expected to far exceed supply. However, with a regular update schedule, there will always be items to interest potential buyers.


CheapoAlert is a daily deals site based in Washington DC. It is set to make a big impact to the daily deals sector, by combining a streamlined sales process, high demand products and a customer focused approach.


Irshad Khan


ST LOUIS, MO.  June 27, 2020 – Jason Murray Arnold published a new book, The Beginner’s Guide to Wine. It features ten chapters packed full of information on viticulture, oenology, and wine appreciation. It introduces the audience to wine starting with the rich heritage of wine production, and details all that goes into producing a quality example. From harvesting the grapes to fermentation, each step matters.  Some of the topics covered by the book include wine classification, styles, and regional differences.


Before one can be considered a genuine wine connoisseur, he must understand the proper way to enjoy wine, follow wine tasting etiquette, and educate himself on the many varieties. The Beginner’s Guide to wine covers all of this and more. It’ll take the reader through a detailed description of the Old World wine producing regions of Europe and uncover modern winemaking innovations in the America’s.  By the time the reader reaches the last page, he’ll have a grasp of the terminology surrounding viticulture and oenology.

With more than 8,000 different grapes in the world, it’s important for wine consumers to understand how to select an appropriate style and vintage. In The Beginner’s Guide to Wine, Jason Arnold explains in simple, clear language how to make the right selection for any occasion. He breaks down the complex world of wine so that it can be easily understood and appreciated by all.

“For me, at least, I find human history in every glass,” writes Jason Arnold. He says, “Winemaking is such a fascinating process, one that most people know little about. My hope is that they’ll read this book and come away with a greater appreciation for wine.”

The Beginner’s Guide to Wine is available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle editions. To read more about the book or to order, visit

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