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Want to roll back your iOS device from iOS 14 to 13? Don’t worry; you will get detailed instructions to get your device downgraded to iOS 13. Sometimes users regret having updated their device to the latest edition. If that is the case with you too, then you are not out of luck. You can easily downgrade your device from public or beta release to iOS 13. Before taking any such action, it is recommended to take an archived backup of all your device data.

Here is how to downgrade your iPhone to iOS 13 with ease:

Putting the Device in Recovery Mode

There is no straightforward process to revert your device’s OS to the standard edition you want. To do so, you need to put your gadget into recovery mode first.

⮚      First of all, you have to switch off your iOS device, be it iPad, iPhone or iPod touch and then follow these instructions as per the device edition:

▪          If you are using iPhone or iPad devices having Face ID, then press and hold the Side tab or Volume button until you see the tab “Slide to Power Off” option. Now, you require dragging your finger across the slide bar.

▪          In case you are using an iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus, then tap and hold the Slide tab until the “Slide to Power Off” button appears.

⮚      Now, drag your finger across the available slider.

▪          If you own an iPhone 7 or earlier, iPod touch editions having a tap and touch button and iPad having Home buttons, then you need to tap and hold either the uppermost tab or Side button until the “Slide to Power Off” tab appears. Then, drag the Finder over the slider.

⮚      Once you have read all the above-provided instructions, then you need to connect the cable that came with your device for your PC. Plug it properly and proceed next.

⮚      After that, you have to connect the cable that came with your iOS device, be it iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

⮚      Next, hit the series of buttons associated with your device for triggering Recovery Mode:

▪          In case you have an iPhone or iPad having Face ID, then tap and hold the Slide bar until you view the icon related to Recovery Mode.

▪          If you are using iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus, then tap and hold the Side tab until you become able to view the relevant icon of Recovery Mode.

▪          Tap and hold the Volume down tab until you see the icon of Recovery Mode on iPod Touch (7th Gen), iPhone 7 and iPhone Plus.

▪          In case you are using iPhone 6s or older, iPod having a tap and touch feature, iPods with Home Button, then tap and hold the Home tab until you view the icon of Recovery Mode.

Note: In case of Recovery Mode doesn’t allow your device to trigger for downgrading your iPhone from public or beta edition, then you may try running your device into DFU mode.

Downgrading to Earlier Edition of iOS on iPhone or iPad

⮚      Launch Finder (Mac) or iTunes (Windows), if it fails to do so automatically iTunes will detect the device in Recovery Mode and then ask you your next step.

⮚      Hit the Restore tab appears via Finder prompt window.

⮚      Then, click the option “Restore and Update” in order to verify.

⮚      After that, press the Next tab from the Software Updater tool or iOS 13.

⮚      Now, tap the Agree button to accept the user agreement details and then start downloading iOS 13 on your device.

⮚      In case your device reboots to the iOS 14 version just prior to the downloading process, then repeat the procedures written above and put the system back to the Recovery Mode.

Restoring Archived iOS Backup to iPhone or iPad

⮚      Choose the tab “Restore from this backup” from iTunes. If you are using macOS Catalina, then the option can be accessed from Finder.

⮚      After that, select the archived backup option that you have made just prior installing the beta software update.

⮚      Wait for some time for the restoration procedure to get over.In case you also wish to roll back your iPhone from iOS 14 to 13, then you can easily do so as and when you want. 

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Gardening is a favorite pastime for all the people who love growing fruits and vegetables. If you are also one of the people who love gardening, then you are in the right place. Gardening takes lots of hard work, and effort, but if you don’t have proper knowledge, then you will not be able to cultivate anything, and all of your hard work and efforts will be futile. Fortunately, we have some fantastic gardening applications that can give you proper guidance and help you make gardening quite easier. So, let’s have a look at some of the best gardening apps available now.


Agrobase is an excellent gardening app loaded with a bunch of information related to gardening including info on plants, crops, bugs, and many other stuffs. This app can also help you detect nasty weeds as well as pests quickly. Agrobase is quite a decent app and entirely available for free to use. I would recommend you to use Agrobase to find various information related to gardening quickly.


FlowerChecker+ is quite a decent plant identification app that you can use to identify various species of lichens, flowers, and other kinds of plants. The app is nice and works pretty well, but it is not available for free to use. The app costs $0.99 with in-app purchases, and you will also have to pay for each identification.


Gardenize is a newly launched gardening app that offers you a gardening journal kind interface. This app allows you to record your gardening area as well as plants, and even allows you to update them. You can also save photos and notes about the various activities, as well as monitor your progress. The app has a quite decent user interface, and it is available for free to use, it even offers a premium version that will cost you $14.99.

My Garden

My Garden is quite a clean gardening app that can help you set up your garden in various ways. When you open the My Garden app, it will ask you some questions that you have to answer, after that the app will provide you with a bunch of information such as the weather conditions, various ideas for successful planting, the best seasons for growing various plants, and many more. The app also offers tips and tricks to manage your garden. It is an excellent gardening app that you can use entirely for free.


PlanetNet is quite a decent plant identification app that even features Material Design. The app allows you to upload the images of plants you want to know about; once you upload a snap of a plant, the app will provide you with all the necessary information about it. The app features a straightforward UI, and it is available entirely for free to use.


TickTick is a to-do list app that can help you in various ways to manage your garden. You can use this app to set tasks and reminders so that you will not forget some necessary things such as water the plants or weed the garden. You can even create lists of essential stuff that you will be needed to buy. The app has a pretty clean and straightforward user interface, and it is entirely available for free to be used. The app even offers a premium version with some extra features that will cost you $27.99 for a month’s subscription. The premium version of the app is quite expensive, and I recommend you to use only its free version.

Google Maps

Google Maps is not a gardening app, but still, it can help you in various ways to manage your garden. You can use this navigating app to find various seed stores and many other similar places. Well, if you already know the best seed store in your city or locality, then this app will be useless for you. But for those who don’t have any idea about the best shop in the city, it will be very useful.

I hope you liked the information provided in this article. I would recommend you to use a few of the apps mentioned in the article. Thank you!

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Every year Electronic Arts under the label EA Sports releases a FIFA game; hence continuing its series of football simulation video games. By 2011, the FIFA franchise was localized into 18 languages and was available to be accessed in 51 countries. The FIFA franchise got listed in Guinness World Records as the best-selling sports video game in the world. FIFA series has sold over 282.4 million copies by 2019, which makes it one of the best-selling video game series ever developed.

Electronic Arts have always been giving a free demo on the release of its FIFA franchise games over the years. But this time Electronic Arts will not be rolling out a free demo for its upcoming game FIFA 21 in its FIFA franchise. Many game series’ have already stopped offering demos while FIFA was among the very few franchises that kept the tradition alive to date but not anymore. It will be the first time in the history Electronic Arts will launch the FIFA game without a free trial ahead of its launch. However, the subscribers of EA Play can still experience the FIFA 21 title, through Early Access mode.

Electronic Arts’ decision to put an end to the tradition of offering a demo for the FIFA franchise is because the team needs to focus on delivering the complete best to date game experience across two console generations. Electronic Arts had already stated this clearly through its post regarding the announcement which the company made on its official EA Sports FIFA Twitter account.

This tweet was uploaded on Sep 22, 2020, on their official Twitter page. This news might become a cause of concern for the players all around the world, and in case FIFA 21 fails to meet quality standards, it will be a cause of concern for Electronic Arts. However, the public likely will not be able to know about it until the game’s release in October. The FIFA 21 will be available for the PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PS4 on October 9th. The Xbox Series X and PS5 versions of FIFA 21 are, however, scheduled to arrive a bit later in the year and they will offer current-gen buyers a free next-gen upgrade.

 The Standard Edition, as well as the Champions Edition and Ultimate Edition will come with a 3 day early access. This means that the gamers can start playing it from October 6. The upcoming football simulation game is available for preorder on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Windows PC.

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Most of the games out there require a high-speed internet connection, and a person can’t play these games who do not have an internet connection. Fortunately, we have some fantastic offline games that you can play without any internet connection. Here is the list of some best offline games.

Alto’s Odyssey

Alto’s Odyssey is a side-scrolling infinite runner game that needs no internet connection to play. In the game, your goal is to run as far as possible and collect coins by avoiding various obstacles. It provides you with a variety of features, including various unlockable stuff, a good looking and straightforward user interface, simple mechanics, and many more things. It is quite a very popular offline game available for free to play.

Bloons TD 6

Bloons TD 6 is quite a unique game where you have to set up the towers alongside a road and kill various bad guys. The game provides you with a variety of features, including various heroes, five different levels of upgrades, 19 towers, various game modes and obstacles, and many more things. The game doesn’t require any internet connection, but to access this game, you have to pay $4.99.


Crashlands is an excellent offline game in which you are stuck on a planet with no way off, and your goal is to get out of the planet by defeating the main villain. You will have to build a base for you and craft various items to defeat the main bad guy. The game provides you with a variety of fantastic features such as a straightforward combat system, a self-managing inventory, various stuff to craft, support for cloud saving, controller support, and many more other things. The game is available for $4.99 with no in-app purchases, and you can play it without any internet connection.


Eternium is an action RPG that doesn’t require an internet connection to play. Your goal is to run around, explore various places, and kill the bad guys. The game boasts a decent storyline, dungeons, hundreds of loot to collect, and much other stuff. This is an amazing RPG, and it can be played without any internet connection. The game works pretty well and available for free to play.

Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th is quite a popular horror puzzle game that you can play offline. In the game, you play as Jason Vorhees, and your goal is to slaughter all the people you find in your way by avoiding various obstacles and cops. The game is quite decent and available for free to play. But it is not recommended for kids.

Grid Autosport

Grid Autosport is a recently launched game that can be played offline. The game is pretty awesome and offers a variety of features, including full controller support, various unlockable content, excellent graphics, amazing gameplay, and lots of races to play through. It is undoubtedly an outstanding racing game that you can play for $9.99.

Kingdom Rush Vengeance

Kingdom Rush Vengeance is quite a decent tower defense offline game where you have to set up towers and heroes along a road and defeat various bad guys. The game provides you with a variety of features, including 30 upgrades, various bad guys, 16 stages, a bunch of towers, and more than 50 achievements. The game is available for $4.99 with in-app purchases.


NBA Jam is an excellent arcade sports game where players have to score points, the team that scores the most wins the game. NBA Jam provides you with plenty of amazing features such as two-on-two basketball, arcade-style basketball mechanics, local and online multiplayer modes, controller support, and much other stuff. The game has quite a straightforward user interface and is available for $4.99 to play.

These are a few best offline games for Android that I recommend you to play. I hope you will enjoy playing these games. Thank you!

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It doesn’t matter which video game genre you prefer, and if you are playing Animal Crossing, it would be successful in entertaining you. There are several activities that players can perform in this game, and precisely, it is the most significant attribute that has led it to accomplish various milestones of success. Besides, these days, gamers are busy and over-eager to achieve an activity they require to get a framed picture of their favorite villager. Thus, in this article, we will help them accomplish this mission, aka activity. If you are intended to get a framed picture of your favorite villager in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, then further read this article. Ways to Easily Get a Framed Picture of Your Favourite Villager in Animal Crossing: New Horizons We all know that Animal Crossing: New Horizons is known for its extensive customization; thus, it grants every gamer to snap their favorite villagers. However, before today, it may be a mystery for most gamers because framing the photograph has never been a feature in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. It appears in the game through the newly arrived update. Moving on to the following process, first gamers require to rush to Tim Nook’s Cranny, and over there, they need to buy an item known as Nook’s Portrait. Once they successfully buy the requisite item, they need to visit their favorite villager and start developing friendships. However, if they already shared a great friendship bond with them, they need to snap their friend, aka favorite villager. Later on, they can opt for a customization option, and over there, they will see the possibility of framed photographs. Players need to select the option to frame the picture of their favorite villager in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Moreover, it is quite expected that most of the gamers of Animal Crossing: New Horizons haven’t maxed the friendship level with the ideal villager. After the origin of this activity, they must maximize it if they want to become eligible for this activity. Specifically, players are needed to increase their friendship level, and it can only be accomplished through Islander. Now, the best way to enhance the friendship level from Islander is to give gifts to the villagers. Gamers need to become generous for quite some time until the following challenge completes. Thus, they need to provide as many gifts to the villagers as they can, and in return, they will get a notification of maxed out friendship level. Conclusion Animal Crossing: New Horizons is gradually becoming more fun, which is why players are getting crazy about it. The new framing picture of your favorite villager activity in Animal Crossing: New Horizons has become quite popular these days. In this article, we have briefed the gamers to easily complete the challenge of getting a framed picture of your favorite villager in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Gamers can play Animal Crossing: New Horizons on Nintendo Switch. Source :-

Friends remains to be the most favorite and most-watched series of all time. The show’s enduring popularity is the result of the fact that the show is no less than a masterpiece.  And if you are someone who has watched it a hundred times and can ace all the Friends quizzes, here is something that you can consider watching, which will give you a similar vibe.

How I Met Your Mother

IMDb Rating – 8.3 /10

Rotten Tomatoes Rating – 83%

How I Met Your Mother comes as a usual comparison to Friends because of the plotline being about a group of friends who are based in New York City. Out of those friends, two are in an on and off relationship, the other two are married, and the last one is a womanizer.

New Girl

IMDb Rating – 7.7/10

Rotten Tomatoes Rating – 95%

Although the show is not set in New York City but Los Angeles, it does have a group of friends who hang out together in an apartment. They discuss their affairs and their work lives with an on and off relation between two leading characters.

Freaks and Geeks

IMDb Rating – 8.8 /10

Rotten Tomatoes Rating – 100%

There are a number of teen characters in this show. They are divided into a group of guys and the other of girls. The show is set in the 1980s with lots of drama and comedy.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

IMDb Rating – 8.8 /10

Rotten Tomatoes Rating – 96%

If you are looking for a show that has a similar line of a group of friends who are into a lot of mischiefs and hang on to each other, then It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia will be your go-to show.

Modern Family

IMDb Rating – 8.4 /10

Rotten Tomatoes Rating – 85%

Modern Family is one of the most loved sitcoms, and its fan following can still beat many of the new series. The show has a great ensemble of star cast with Ty Burrell, Sofia Vergara, Julie Bowen, Eric Stonestreet, and Jesse Tyler Fergusson.

Will and Grace

IMDb Rating – 7.2 /10

Rotten Tomatoes Rating – 67%

Will and Grace is a classic in many ways. This ground-breaking show features Will, who is a corporate lawyer, and Grace, a neurotic interior decorator. The popular show ran for eight seasons.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

IMDb Rating – 7.6/10

Rotten Tomatoes Rating – 96%

In this show, you will find a group of people who are struggling to make money, dealing with their relationships, and trying to figure out a future for themselves in NYC.

We know that nothing can substitute your love for Friends, but we also want you to explore this genre and watch series that will entertain you on a similar line. These comedy series are light-hearted, hilarious, and heartwarming.

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One of the fantastic directors Christopher Nolan, confirms that his days of directing DC comic books are likely to be over. Nolan directed Batman Begins and revived the franchise, also revolutionizing the genre in the year 2005. He helped to introduce Bruce Wayne AKA Batman, in reality. He is the one who ushers in the modern-day superhero movies.

Christopher Edward Nolan is a British-American director known for making distinctive movies in Hollywood mainstream. He is known for his masterpiece and second film, Memento, in 2000. The movie was nominated for Academy Awards for Best Original Screenplay. Nolan made his debut film in 1998 titled Following. After his second film, he made his independent studio and created films like Insomnia in 2002. The studio gained further commercial and critical success with The Dark Knight Trilogy from 2005 to 2012. Nolan shows his amazing art of direction in movies, including The Prestige in 2006 and Inception in 2010. Both the film received eight Oscar nominations for Best Picture and Best Original Screenplay. He made science fiction Interstellar in 2014 and Dunkirk in 2017. Critics highly appreciated the latter, and he earned the Academy Award for Best Director and Best Picture. Tenet is his eleventh film on the list, which was released this year.

Nolan’s films are rooted in metaphysical and epistemological themes and explore the construction of time, human morality, and the malleable nature of personal identity and memory. His work is inspired by mathematical concepts and images, practical special effects, unconventional narrative structure, large format film photography, and materialistic perspective. He has co-written many movies with brother Jonathan and co-produced the films with wife Emma Thomas.

Christopher has received many honorable awards. His name is also featured in the list of 100 most influential people in Time in 2015 and 2019. He was also appointed as the Commander of the Order of the British Empire for his film.

The sequel of Batman Begins’ The Dark Knight is known as one of the greatest comic book films of all time. The plot of the movie is more of a crime drama than a superhero movie. The Dark Knight was an influential movie that redefined the genre and films outside of it. And after the release of the franchise, it will be not wholly wrong to say that every superhero movie will be compared to The Dark Knight trilogy. Christopher can also be said to be the Godfather of the DC Extended Universe. He brings the revolution into the superhero concept. DC and Warner Bros. Picture double down on Nolan and David Goyer’s story Man of Steel, directed by Zack Snyder (handpicked by Nolan).

During an interview with Geeks of Color, John David Washington and Nolan discussed the Tenet’s latest mind-bender movie. At the end of the interview, Washington was asked about his popular character as Green Lantern and if he is open to join the DC Universe. In response, Washington referred to Nolan and said, ask him. Nolan, who directed Green Lantern, laughed and said, “I think my DC days are over.”

Nolan started creating films at the age of seven. He used to borrow his father’s Super 8 camera and shoot short films using his action figures. His films included a stop motion animation titled Star Wars. He cast his brother Jonathan and built a set using egg boxes, flour, clay, and toilet rolls. One of his uncles worked at NASA as the building guide for Apollo rockets. He sent him the launch footage. Nolan refilmed the sequence and cut the footage in. He started making movies with Roko Belic and Adrien. The two had co-direct the surreal 8 mm Tarantella in 1989. The Batman Trilogy is a set of three films directed by Nolan. The series include Batman Begins in 2005, The Dark Knight in 2008, and The Dark Knight Rises in 2012. The film stars Christian Bale, Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, Gary Oldman, and Cillian Murphy. The trilogy was considered to be one of the best of all time. Heath Andrew Ledger received an Academy Award (Oscar) for Best Supporting Actor for the character of The Joker in The Dark Knight. Although it was unfortunate that Ledger died even before the film was released. All three movies were successful at the box office. The Batman Begins earned a gross of $ 372 million; The Dark Knight earned $1,023 million, The Dark Knight Rises earned $1,081 million worldwide.

In retrospect, the superhero territory can be seen as Nolan’s legacy. The trajectory of his career started after the release of Memento. He indulged his root and his aspiration at every turn. In between the production of Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, he created the masterpiece The Prestige. And between the movies The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises, he made Interstellar. His original project has some sense of originality and uniqueness, which helped him gain the audience’s trust and build his huge fanbase. Now in the industry, a “Christopher Nolan movie” is a brand itself.

Nolan’s enthralling and loud epics have proven ground-breaking success of the Dark Knight Trilogy. His latest movie Tenet has created much hype and impressed its audiences to the next level. The innovative ideas to use IMAX cameras and mind-blowing shots of backward with very little use of CGI. Tenet’s initial reviews are, “it is exactly what you expect from Nolan’s movie.” Christopher’s “DC days are over” does not threaten less eventful for the big-screens.

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A CSS library makes it easier to know the clickable parts of a webpage, and it also plays a massive role in UX designs. Nowadays, CSS libraries have extended their potential as they offer hovering effects for a unique website. The advancements have enabled the developers to add animations every time a hover event gets triggered. If you’re looking forward to exploring the potential of hover effects, then the following CSS libraries will prove to be beneficial for you:

Image Hover

It offers you a collection of 16 image hover effects along with a bunch of captions. You have to get the HTML and CSS codes for each effect you want to use by hovering over the images. Once you find your match, click on Show Code.


iHover is powered by Pure CSS3, and it uses zero dependencies so that developers can use it on any project. It is built with Scss CSS which you can easily modify with variables. It includes modular codes, so you don’t need to have an entire file. You will find over 30 hover effects on it that are well documented and work seamlessly with Bootstrap 3 as well.


This CSS library allows you to implement scalable image hover effects quickly. The library offers more than 40 hover effects in a minimized size of about 19KB only. It is an open-source project that is available to everyone under the MIT Licence. Users can distribute, modify, or use as it is in their commercial and personal projects. One needs to retain the original readme and license files.

Hover Effect Ideas

They offer two sets of hover effects that will work tremendously on modern browsers only. Keeping the latest trends in mind, the creators of the hover effects have used 3D transforms and a variety of pseudo-element transitions. Unsplash – a site that brings you ten free hi-resolution photos every ten days offers beautiful photography on the effects and the icons used in some of the hover styles are from the Feather Icon Set.

CSS Image Hover Effects

It has a small collection of about 15 hover effects in its library. Before the figure tag, you can add CSS class to the effects. The collections include very simple effects such as zoom in, zoom out, rotate, opacity, grayscale, slide, shine, etc., which can be used by anyone.


These hover effects are powered by CSS3, which can be applied to links, buttons, logos, SVG, featured images, and more. You can easily apply these to your elements and modify or use them for inspiration. It is available in CSS, Sass, and LESS. Their library full of 108 effects includes 2D transitions, background transitions, Shadow, Glow transitions, Speech Bubbles, and more.

These CSS libraries will let you grow and improve the development of web pages. It will also ensure good web designing habits. Most of these effects are available on GitHub.

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Gmail is the most frequently used and the most popular email service across the globe. Gmail offers you a lot of features, and it receives constant updates to create a better user experience for you. Google has come up with a lot of advanced features like canned responses, email snooze, email mute, and advanced search bar. Apart from Gmail’s in-built features, many third-party developers also provide various Chrome Extensions that can enhance your user-experience with Gmail.

In this article, we will mention some great features and tricks to make the most out of your Gmail:

Shortcut Cheat Sheet

You can perform various functions on Gmail by using a specific combination of keys. The Gmail Keyboard Cheat Sheet gives you a list of keyboard shortcuts you can use to perform multiple functions. To access this cheat sheet, press “Shift+?.”

Unsend the Sent Messages

It often happens to most of us that we sent an email to a wrong person or simply forgot to add attachments. The unsend feature of Gmail enables you to undo that mistake. To enable this feature, go to “Settings” and then go to “General Tab” and enable the feature “Enable Undo Send” and save the changes. You can also set the time limit for yourself like 5, 10, 20, or 30 seconds to unsend the email.

Spelling Errors

Errors in your spellings do not create a favorable impression. To avoid spelling errors, Gmail automatically highlights these errors and enables you to make the required changes. To enable this feature, go to “Menu” in the bottom right corner of your Gmail and then click on “Check Spelling”.

Multiple Gmail Accounts

Full stops in Gmail address doesn’t count, that means a single email can go to multiple accounts without considering any full stop in the email address. You can create multiple accounts by doing some minor changes in full stops in your email address.

Schedule your Email

The “Schedule Send” feature of Gmail enables you to set a date and time to send any email. To schedule an email, hit the small down arrow button next to the send button and it will open the “Schedule Send” option, and you can set the details accordingly.

Add or Remove Inbox Tabs

Gmail’s Tabs is a great way to segment your inbox and manage your emails priority-wise. Tabs automatically eliminate the emails you don’t need and add them to a different tab. To customize your Gmail Tabs, go to “Settings” and then hit the “Inbox” and then click on “Categories”. After that, you can drag and drop specific messages to classify the incoming mails better.

Desktop Notification

The “Desktop Notification” feature sends you a desktop notification when you receive an email. To enable this feature, go to “Settings” and then go to “General” and then tap on “Desktop Notifications”. After enabling this feature, Gmail will send a pop-up notification whenever you receive an email.

Easy Newsletter Signups

You can add words and phrases to your Gmail address by using a + sign after it. The feature enables you to sign-up for multiple newsletters and makes it easier for you to search through your newsletters.

Easy Unsubscribe

We often forget about the number of newsletters we have subscribed to, which makes our inbox clogged up with useless newsletters. Gmail offers a simple solution to such problems. Whenever you receive an email, Gmail offers you an “Unsubscribe” button at the top of the email. This feature can help you in managing your newsletters better.


In today’s digital world, it’s almost impossible to keep your inbox clean and tidy. But the hacks, as mentioned above, can help you to manage your inbox better and make the most out of the email provider.

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Your iPhone does not alone bring you all the benefits and fun that you want. You need additional applications that do the job for you. Although the iPhone comes with preinstalled applications like Maps, News, Music, Notes, and others, you still need some third-party applications. Here is a list of must-have apps on your iPhone and the good they bring with them.


Netflix has become the new king of the millennial world, with people typically spending most of their time watching series or films online. With the Netflix application on your phone, you get the option of downloading a show which you can later watch without an internet connection. A lot of traveling time and waiting time can be spent on watching something without getting bored.


Facebook remains to be the most used social media application. It makes it easier for users to connect and share and stay updated. People frequently upload photos and videos, and their updates about their whereabouts. It has become a part of the daily habit, and for you to be a part of the bandwagon, you must have the Facebook application.


Flipboard gives you the flexibility of setting up your own streams called the ‘magazines.’ It allows you to organize valuable content that you come across online. You also have the option of subscribing to public magazines that are owned by other users. The app is easy to use and makes things simpler for you by segregating the information.


Gmail is the application that is a must-have even though your iPhone has the Mail app. Gmail is easier to use and comes with customizable options. You can log in to multiple accounts on one device, and the new updated version has a separate option for Google Meets.


Twitter is an application that you must use to stay updated with the latest news and arguments online. It gives you a space to put forth your views and while also getting to know other people’s opinions. Twitter can be very helpful when you have any customer problems to be addressed.


Instagram is used by people in large numbers and is one of the most favorite apps of most. It allows you to post pictures, stories, share videos and send messages. Moreover, it is also used for brand promotion.


People use Pinterest to find new innovative ideas and inspiration about literally everything. You can surf through the ideas of fashion, books, movies, quotes, travel, lifestyle, home decor, and every other idea that strikes your mind. You can save ideas and also contribute your own inputs and creativity.


Quora is a very helpful and useful application in terms of asking questions and getting to know about different things. Quora has answers to questions that Wikipedia and Google also don’t.

If you have recently purchased an iPhone, then you should definitely install the apps mentioned above.

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