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On days when you urgently need to mail a file and don’t have stable or no Wi-Fi connection, tethering can meet your internet requirements. Tethering refers to the process of using mobile data or mobile’s internet connection to your PC. The connection between the devices is established via USB, Bluetooth, or Wi-Fi, but it is better to use USB as it drains the least battery from your smartphone and it gives much better speed than Bluetooth. This procedure offers faster speed than a public network. Following are the ways an Android and iOS users can use tethering:

For Android Users

There are three ways to connect to your desktop, i.e., Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and USB. Before beginning, make sure you turn on your mobile data and check if you have strong cellular signals as it will impact the connectivity speed. 

USB connectivity

Use the USB cable to connect both the devices and configure your Android device using the following steps:

  1. Go to Settings on your computer and select Network & Preferences.
  2. Select Hotspot & Tethering, and switch on the toggle for USB tethering. If this section appears in grey, make sure you have connected the USB cable with devices properly.
  3. Click OK when a warning appears on the screen, informing you that continuing will interrupt any existing data transfers between your phone and PC.

You’ll receive a notification confirming the activation. Please note that your phone might drain your computer’s battery during the procedure. 

Bluetooth Tethering

Bluetooth provides enough bandwidth to route data from and to your phone and PC. Before proceeding, connect the devices via Bluetooth and follow these steps:

  1. Open your phone’s Settings and go to Network & Internet.
  2. Then select Hotspot & Tethering, and turn on Bluetooth Tethering.

After pairing the devices, use the following steps to share mobile data:

  1. On your PC, give a right-click on the Bluetooth and select Join a Personal Area Network.
  2. Give a right-click on your phone’s icon on the new page.
  3. Select Connect Using and click on Access Point.

You’ll receive a Bluetooth Tethering notification.

Wi-Fi Hotspot 

When you use your mobile internet and Wi-Fi connection, your phone will create a private network to connect your devices with a secure password. To establish a connection between the devices, switch on the toggle for Portable Hotspot on your mobile, and tweak security as per your preferences. And on your PC, use these steps:

  1. Open Settings and select Network & Internet.
  2. Click on Wi-Fi and select Show Available Networks.
  3. Select your phone’s network and tap on Connect.
  4. Insert the password that you have set on your phone.

For iPhone Users

iOS also supports Bluetooth, USB, and Wi-Fi connections for transferring mobile data. Here are the steps for all three methods:


1. On your phone, switch on Personal Hotspot from the Settings.

2. On PC, find your phone and connect to it by entering the password you have saved on your phone.

3. You’ll see a blue band at the top of your screen, once both of your devices establish the connection. Tap on that toggle to use the internet.


1. Start by enabling the Personal Hotspot and switching on the Bluetooth from the Settings app of your phone.

2. On your laptop, switch on Bluetooth and pair the devices.

3. Once the devices are paired, go to Network Settings, and your desktop will automatically connect to your iPhone (if it is the only active connection).


Again, start by enabling Personal Hotspot from the Settings and continue to follow these steps:

1. Using the Lightning cable, connect both the devices.

2. On your PC, go to Network Settings, and your PC will connect to your iPhone automatically if that’s the only active connection at the moment.

It is easy to use the internet connection from your mobile. These procedures will drain the battery from either of the devices, but it mostly depends on the brand of the phone and PC you use. Overall, USB connectivity is the best option to choose from, and it is proven to drain the least or no battery at all.

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Whether you have purchased a new laptop or have reinstalled Windows, there are some essential applications you should install into Windows 10. These applications will make sure that your system runs smoothly and you have proper security for your device.

In this article, we will discuss top essential programs you need to install on your system:


In today’s digital era, malware and viruses can easily hack your system. Windows 10 comes with an in-built Window Defender tool which can give you a basic level of protection. But to protect yourself from powerful ransomware, spyware, and viruses, you need to install an efficient anti-virus software into your system.

Password Manager

In today’s digital age, online security is the utmost priority for any system. Setting an appropriate password is a tedious task, sometimes it’s too weak, and we often forget the long and strong passwords. You can keep your passwords handy with a password manager. It keeps your passwords in an encrypted format and helps you in generating appropriate passwords. You can also access your saved passwords on different devices.

File Converter

Each file has a different format, and your device saves a vast number of data in various formats. Every format needs a particular type of program to open it. To open those different types of formats, you need a file converter.

Download Manager

New web browsers come with an in-built download manager which enables you to access your downloads quickly. But if you are a heavy downloader, then you need an efficient download manager to manage your downloads. Download manager ensures that your download is complete even if there was any interruption in between. Some advanced download managers help you in managing your file better by creating, deleting, starting, or pausing your downloads from other devices. Sometimes, we download wrong files from the internet, but the download manager lets your preview the file as soon as it starts downloading. If it’s the wrong file, then you can cancel it immediately.

Media Player

A media player helps you in managing your multimedia collection. With media player, you can play music, rip CD tracks into MP3, burn CDs, access Internet radio, online stream music, and download music content from the internet.

Photo and Video Editor

Photo and video editor can be used to make alterations in your photo or video. Basic editing can be done in Microsoft Paint, but if you want to do some advanced editing, then you can download professional photo and video editing software.

Office Suite

The Office Suite is an essential application to download if you are a professional. Office suite helps you with everyday productivity tasks such as making presentations, managing spreadsheets, managing databases, email management, calendar management, and much more.


We often use public WI-FI networks without thinking about the potential danger it holds when it comes to your privacy. VPN is a Virtual Private Network that creates a secure connection between you and another network. It makes your device hack-proof from another network. Some browsers have an in-built VPN like Opera Browser. But if you are using any other browser, make sure you have a VPN application in your system.

To-Do List

A To-Do list helps you in staying organized and productive. Organizing your tasks can make your day more manageable, and you can easily differentiate your work priority-wise. It gives you a sense of progress and keeps you mentally focussed.

File Compressor

File compressor enables you to store and back-up your data faster. Large files can become corrupt if they are shared without compressing their size.

Your Phone

Your Phone application by Microsoft is an excellent alternative to your phone. It can send photos, notifications, text messages, and you can receive calls on your PC. It improves your productivity and removes distractions caused by picking up the phone and answering calls in between your work.

Messaging Application

Microsoft’s messaging application is an instant messaging app that can sync the conversations on PC and your mobile. This application can be handy if you are not in reach of your phone. You can easily send text messages and share photos through this Messaging app. You can also send messages from Android devices to the Windows desktop.


Microsoft offers a lot of in-built applications for Windows 10, but some third-party apps can enhance your Windows 10 experience. The application mentioned above takes care of the essential requirement of Windows 10 and improves the overall functionality.

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Verizon has updated its 5G plans and has included Disney, ESPN Plus, and Hulu for free. However, this has been made available for elites who are using or who will use Verizon’s top two plans, which are Play More or Get More plans. Previously, Disney Plus was offered for one year as a trial version. Now, the customers on lower tiers will be able to watch Disney Plus on a trial for a period of six months only.

Verizon has planned further alterations in its offers as it gears up to enhance its partnership with Disney and launch its 5G network, which will be available all over the nation. The details of who will be able to use its 5G network have not been released yet, but it is expected to be released shortly.

On Monday, Verizon did reveal that new alteration in its offers will include a “Disney bundle” deal for those who are on its Play More or Get More unlimited plans. Only in this plan, it has also added Disney, ESPN Plus and Hulu for no extra charges.

Previously, Disney was offered for a year to those using Verizon’s unlimited plans, but now Verizon has decided to include ESPN Plus and Hulu as well. The cost is set to be $13 for one month by Disney for all three services. There are no changes to pricing for any of its other plans that include an Unlimited family plan at $35.

Verizon will not automatically update the plans for those who are on Play More or Get More. The user needs to voluntarily call the customer care and update his plan if he wishes to get ESPN Plus, Hulu, and Disney for free.

Those who are using other Unlimited plans will get an offer for Disney Plus as a trial, but those who are already using Disney Plus as a promotional offer will not be able to use that offer.

Users who are on the Get More plan (Not Play More Plan) will get Apple Music for six months. Users on Play More plan need to update their plans to Get More in order to use Free Apple music. 

Furthermore, Verizon has also decided to include a new feature for those who are using multiple lines. The feature is called “Mix and Match.” In this feature, users can easily switch one line to Play More or Get More plan to make use of “Disney Bundle” if they are interested in Disney, Hulu, or ESPN+ while keeping others lines as it is.

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Have you seen the movie yet? If you haven’t, then please watch it, it is terrific.

Netflix is holding no card to its chest and is gearing up to escalate its challenge to Hollywood. A marquee franchise akin to the reach of Marvel’s Avengers is what they want right now to outclass the likes HBO, Hulu, a newly arrived Disney+ and Peacock. Netflix not only has plans to be the best streaming service on the market but has made it amply clear that they are hunting for a franchise that will rival any franchise that major studios from Hollywood possess. The arrival of competent movies that have proliferated in the last few months gives Netflix plenty to hope for.

The rumors surrounding Ryan Reynolds 6 Underground may have cooled down yet it will be a matter of surprise if the sequel doesn’t arrive very soon. Charlize Theron of Monster fame has also publicly stated that she and the rest of the entire cast are open to a possible sequel of Old Guard.

So the main news is that a film named Project Power which has been getting excellent reviews since the time it arrived on Netflix has already started a buzz for a possible TV series spin-off apart from a sequel which is anticipated because the film ended after leaving a door open for more stories. It has been reported that Netflix believes that the concept of the film has some potential to make itself a highly successful franchise. The franchise which might fit in Netflix’s highly ambitious plans for the future.

Project Power was budgeted on $85 million and has been a blockbuster on Netflix since Friday and is currently the most popular title on the streaming site. It is widely believed that the filmmakers intentionally left a door open for further adventures because they already have an idea for the sequel, and they held themselves back from going too deep into the story. It has been confirmed from many sources that the buzz surrounding Netflix plans to create an entire universe out of the “Project Power is “pretty much real.”

According to the sources, Netflix wants to dive deeper into that “drug” that gives people superpower for five minutes in the film and how that drug will change the world that was shown in the movie. The best way to do it will be to make a more extended version of the story. A TV series branched off from the film will give storytellers a chance to expand the story about that extraordinary drug with more exquisite details.

Project Power is being opinionated at the apex among all Netflix original movies. It also has been regarded as a franchise material. If the future projects could include a mythological part in the adventure, it will guarantee a definite viewership and perhaps soaring popularity as well. The question is, will it happen? Of course, as we know, it is still at the development stage, and many other things need to go to “Netflix” before it can finally emerge on the streaming site. Regardless of that, fans duly expect at the very least a fully-fledged sequel that can match the prowess of the film that arrived on Friday.

One more thing to add here is that Netflix has made plans to bring in fresh faces for the spin-off series and perhaps offer a cameo to the stars of the film if and when needed.

Another reminder is that the talk of a spin-off series is still at a premature stage, and that means that it is not a certainty that the spin-off will manifest itself on the streaming site. There is a lot of work that needs to happen before we finally heave a sigh of relief that a spin-off is indeed happening.

However, given the success of the first film and the potential it possesses, it is safe to say that it will be foolish from the Netflix side not to give Project Power a long serious look that it deserves.

The film is available on Netflix and has achieved number 1 position in the list of most popular titles.

The plot of the story involves a drug called “Power” that gives people extraordinary superpowers for five minutes and deals with a soldier and cop in their endeavor to find the source of the drug.

The movie has a brilliant ensemble cast of verified actors that include Jamie Foxx (Django Unchained), Joseph Gordon Levitt (Snowden), Dominique Fishback, Rodrigo Santoro, Colson Baker, Allen Maldonado, Amy Landecker and Courtney B Vance.

Joseph Gordon Levitt has experience in superhero films before, having already worked in the finale of Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy called The Dark Knight Rises. The 500 Days of Summer actor is also known for playing a pivotal role of Arthur in one more film of Christopher Nolan; Inception.

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Chromebooks are the perfect and cheap alternatives to expensive Windows and Mac computers. Millions of people use these Chromebook computers for various purposes, and they always provide the best experience to all its users. They also provide you with enough storage space and enable you to install several apps and extensions. You can download any apps from the Chrome Web Store or Google Play Store. And with the modern Chromebook models, you can even install Android apps, Chrome apps, and Linux applications as well. But, no matter how much space any devices provide us, we always end up complaining about not enough storage space on our devices. And if you stream movies and shows on the offline mode on your Chromebook, then the lack of memory can become a matter of concern. So, it’s better to uninstall some apps and extensions on your Chromebook to free up some space.

Are you one of the new users of Chromebooks? Do you want to delete some apps and extensions on your Chromebook but don’t know how to do so? If that is the situation that you are dealing with, then no need to worry now. Here, you will get the ways to do that. In our following article, we are going to provide you with the methods for deleting apps on your Chromebooks. So, please read the full article to get the ways to do so.

The Methods to Delete Apps on a Chromebook

Using Chromebook is much more comfortable and convenient, like using Windows or Mac computers. They are the fastest and reliable computers that run on Google Chrome’s OS operating system. But, the process of deleting apps on Chromebooks is a bit different. And to make you understand the whole procedure in a more detailed way, we have mentioned the procedure step by step. By following the measures included in the process, anyone can quickly uninstall any apps on their Chromebook. Deleting the unused apps on your Chromebook will also improve the performance of your computer and will boost your computing experience as well. If you are a new user of Chromebook and want to know the procedure, then here’s what you need to do. Take a look at the below-mentioned steps.

The Steps of Deleting Unused Apps on Chromebooks via Launcher

Mentioned below are the steps that you need to follow to delete the apps on Chromebook directly from the launcher.

  • To get started, click on the Launcher icon to open it on your Chromebook. You can find that icon in the bottom left corner of your screen.
  • Now, a search bar will open up on your screen along with five different icons placed below it. Above the search bar, you can see an upward arrow icon. Click on that icon to open the launcher on the full screen.
  • And now, scroll through your screen and go to the app that you are going to uninstall. And then right-click on the app icon.
  • When you right-click on the app icon, you will receive a few options from which you have to select the option of “Uninstall” or “Remove from Chrome” to delete the app.
  • After clicking on the Uninstall option, you will be asked if you are sure to delete the app. Click on “Uninstall” to finish the procedure.

The Steps to Delete the Apps Using the Google Play Store

This is another way for deleting the unused apps on your Chromebook. You can uninstall the apps from the Google Play Store as well. Here’s what you need to do that:

  • To use this method to delete apps on your Chromebook, click on the “Launcher” icon placed at the lower-left corner of your screen.
  • Click on the upward arrow icon that you can see above the search bar. It will open the launcher on the full screen.
  • Scroll down through your computer screen and select the icon of Google Play Store to open it.
  • On the Play Store screen, now, you need to click on the three horizontal lines that you can see on the left side of your screen.
  • A menu will appear on your screen. And you have to select the option of “My Apps and Games”.
  • On the My Apps and Games screen, go to the “Installed” tab. And now, click on the app icon that you are going to uninstall.
  • Select the option of “Uninstall.”
  • Confirm the uninstallation process by clicking on the option of “Ok”. And now, you have successfully deleted the apps.  

And if you want to uninstall any extensions, then, here’s the way to do that.

The Steps to Uninstall the Extensions on Your Chromebook

  • To delete any extensions from your Chromebook, launch Google Chrome on your computer.
  • Now, click on the three-dotted icon given in the upper right corner of your screen.
  • Next, select the option of “Customise and Control Google Chrome”.
  • And now, go to “More Tools” and click on the option of “Extensions.”
  • After this, a new tab will open on your screen, displaying the list of the apps and extensions that you have installed on your Chromebook.
  • Select the option of the “Remove” to complete the process.

So, this is how you can uninstall any apps and extensions from your Chromebook. Try these steps and free up some space on your Chromebook to boost its performance. And let us know if you face any issues while going through the processes.

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Mac is one of the most excellent products of Apple that is used by millions of people all around the world. Anyone can use these computers for various purposes as they always provide you with the best experience. And it doesn’t matter which computer system you use; you should still know some essential keyboard shortcuts that can ease your work. Well, of course, we all know some of the usual keyboard shortcuts like Command-C and Command- V that are used to copy and paste your content. But, if you are a Mac user, then you need to know some of the fantastic keyboard shortcuts that you can use to increase your work productivity. These keyboard shortcuts will not only ease your work, but it will also save a lot of your time and energy.

Are you a Mac user? Do you also want to know about these keyboard shortcuts? If yes, then you have arrived on the right page. Here, this article will provide you with the list of the shortcut keys for Mac that you can use to accomplish your work without any difficulty. So, please keep reading the article to get to the list.

The Keyboard Shortcuts to Use for Your Mac Computers

Below mentioned are the keyboard shortcuts that you can use on any model of Mac’s computer to ease your work. These shortcuts will make your work life a lot simpler than you can even think. So, now let’s head towards our list. Here it is:


Esc is one of the most important and convenient keyboard shortcuts that any Mac user can use. You should never underestimate the power of this shortcut key that can get you out of any issues. Esc key can be very beneficial in some situations like when you are trying to take a screenshot of any portion of your screen, and you realize that you have selected the wrong part. In that case, simply press the Esc key to undo the action. This is the primary function of this key to cancel any previous commands.

Command- W

According to our list, this is the second most powerful keyboard shortcut that any Mac users should use. You can use this key combination to close all the currently active app windows. 


Command-Y is another useful shortcut key combination for Mac users. For instance, if you want to use QuickLook to preview the items that you are searching for, simply select the item in the Finder and press Command-Y. It is the easiest way to have a preview of the items that you are looking for.

Command-Comma (,)

Command-Comma is another excellent but least known keyboard shortcut for the Mac users. It can be useful in the situation as if you are working on some app, and you want to go through the settings; then, you can use this key combination to get to the settings quickly.


You can use Command-M if you want to minimize the front app window to Dock. Or to minimize all the window tabs associated with the front app window, press the keys Command- Option- M.

Command and Option

It is another useful key combination that you can use if you are unable to see your desktop screen because of all the opened applications. Just press these keys and click anywhere on your screen.


Here comes another shortcut key combination through which you can do a search or visit any website through the Safari browser. When you press the Command-L keys, it will immediately select the address bar where you can start typing your query. And use the up and down arrow keys to select your preferred choice.


This keyboard shortcut can be used for showing or hiding the Dock within the apps.

Command-Shift-3 to Screenshot Your Screen

Taking screenshots on computers is not as obvious as doing it on smartphones or other devices. But, if you want to take a screenshot of your entire Mac screen, press Command-Shift-3. And to capture a portion, you can use Command-Shift-4.


It is the last shortcut key combination on our list that you must know. If you are using a Windows computer, then to close any running tabs, you have to click on the “X” button given in the top left corner of your screen. But in the case of Mac, clicking on the “X” button still leaves the app running. So, to quit any app window running on your Mac, you can use this shortcut key.

So, these were some valuable shortcut key combinations that any Mac users should use. Most of the users do not know these combinations, and that is why we have come up with this article. Hope, you find this article helpful. And to read more articles like these, please stay connected to us and visit our website.

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The Smart Search Bar is a combination of the old and new search bars acting as one universal platform to search. It is accessible on the top of your Safari browsing page that enables you to search for data like browsing history, bookmarks, etc, in one window.

Are you new to the Smart Search Bar feature? Below is a complete guide on using Smart Search that’ll help in making your job easy.

How to Use a Smart Search Bar for Searching the Web?

The steps to use the Smart Search Bar for searching the web on your iPhone and iPad are:

  1. Open ‘Safari’ on your iOS device.
  2. Tap on the search section on the top of the browser.
  3. Enter a keyword or anything you want to search.
  4. Hit the ‘Go’ button present on your keypad.

How to Use a Smart Search Bar for Searching Bookmarks and Web History?

The steps to use the Smart Search Bar for searching bookmarks and web history on your iPhone and iPad are:

  1. Open ‘Safari’ on your iOS device.
  2. Tap on the search section on the top of the browser.
  3. Enter a keyword or anything you want to search.
  4. A ‘Bookmarks and History’ section will appear under the search space. Locate the website or the bookmark name to open the same.

How to Use a Smart Search Bar for Searching Text on a Web Page?

The steps to use the Smart Search Bar for searching text on a web page on your iPhone and iPad are:

  1. Open ‘Safari’ on your iOS device.
  2. Tap on the search section on the top of the browser and open any web page.
  3. Click on the ‘Smart Search Bar.’
  4. Enter a keyword that you want to find on the web page.
  5. Click on the term that appears under the search bar.
  6. You can use the Navigation buttons if the keyword is repeated on the web page.
  7. Once you’re finished, click on the ‘Done’ option.

How to Set a Default Search Browser in Safari?

In case you want to set up a default web browser to your Safari page, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Go to the ‘Settings’ app on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Open the ‘Safari’ tab.
  3. Click on the ‘Search Engine’ option.
  4. A list of search engine options will appear. Select any of them.

This is it! Using a Smart Search Bar is no rocket-science. Instead, it is one of the essential features everyone must know. You can search for any information using the Smart Search Bar. Also, if you want to find any webpage that you’ve accessed earlier, you can go through the search history. Else, you can bookmark the same.

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There have been many shows this summer which have done extremely well and are worth watching. There are also shows which have not fared well with the audience. People looking for a quality series to watch might end up making the wrong choice. So, we have compiled a list of anime that is undoubtedly the best of this season. 

 The God of High School 

The God of High School is set up in a mythical world where humans, demons, and gods live in different realms. The Human realm for humans, the Sage Realm for the demons, mythical creatures and monsters and The Heavenly Realm for the Gods. But this division of the world was only created after Gods defeated the demons who wanted to rule over humans. The Gods even granted humans their power (“Borrowed Power”) which they can use to protect themself as the realm of humans was the weakest of the three realms with Heavenly Realm being the strongest. 

Jin-Mo-Ri, the protagonist is a 17-year-old martial artist who participates in a tournament organized by a suspicious corporation. The tournament is looking for representatives for the national level who will go on to represent South Korea in the World Tournament. But the competition is not as straightforward as it appears on the surface because participants are not fighting using only ordinary martial arts but also “Borrowed Power”. 

The God of High School captures fighting scenes beautifully using motion capture which makes the fights more realistic. The show does not have a very complicated plot. But if you want to see some action The God of High School is the show to watch. 

The Misfit of Demon King Academy 

The Misfit of a Demon King Academy is the story of the Demon King who sacrificed his life to ensure peace and harmony but is reincarnated after 2000 years later to find half-blood demons being oppressed by the royals. Since they are his descendants, Anos Voldigoad can’t accept the treatment that is meted out to them. So, he vows to become the demon king again, but he is faced with the task of graduating from the Demon King Academy first if he wants to do that. Moreover, the royals will completely detest a half-blood becoming the Demon King as this will destabilize the power balance, which they naturally don’t want. So, Anos has to face not only his peers but the full-blooded royals as well who would leave no stones unturned to ensure that he fails. 

The Misfit of Demon King Academy is an action-packed show with almost comical differences in the powers of Anos and his peers which makes for a light-hearted show to binge-watch with friends.  

 Japan Sinks: 2020 

 Japan Sinks: 2020 is based on a novel by Sakyo Komatsu which was written in 1973. It follows the Muto family during a series of earthquakes. The Muto family tries to get their lives back to normalcy by trying to find their way to safety but are constantly pushed on the backfoot as dark and violent events unfold one after the other.  

The show is very unpredictable and dark which makes it even more interesting. Moreover, the music sets the viewers up for a great roller-coaster of emotions. It hits differently because of the present world scenario and is undoubtedly a must-watch. 

The Sword Art Online: Alicization – War of Underworld 2nd Season 

The Sword Art Online is set up in the near future where a virtual reality multiplayer online role-playing game by the same name is released. The players who play the game are stuck in it and made to fulfil certain tasks before they are allowed to leave the game. The 90-episode long show has evolved a lot ever since its release. The show has only gotten more violent over time as well as action-packed. The protagonist from the earlier season, Kirito has played a smaller role in the War of Underworld as other characters have been given more detailed characterizations.  

 Obviously, the highly successful show is a very long series to watch since it spans almost a hundred episodes. But, for all the action anime fans, there is no better show than the Sword Art Online. Make sure you give this one a shot, you won’t regret it. 

  Fire Force 

Two hundred and fifty years before 198, The Great Disaster occurred which consumed the world in flames rendering most nations inhabitable. The only place of refuge is the Tokyo Empire, which despite losing some of its landmasses was still much safer. But there have been incidents of spontaneous human combustion for which special fire brigades called the Fire Force are tasked to investigate and stop. The Fire Force was formed with people with the power of pyrokinesis. 

The protagonist, Shinra Kusakabe has the ability to ignite his feet as per his wishes which earned him the nickname “Devil’s Footprints”. He joins the Special Fire Force in order to end the infernal attacks that have become very common. But he finds out that a mysterious doomsday cult is responsible for his brother’s abduction and his mother’s death. Moreover, this cult is also behind the infernal attacks. So Shinra has both professional and personal motivations to go after them.  

Now, in season 2, Shinra is getting even stronger and more powerful. The show with all the action and mysteries makes for an intriguing watch. Shinra is now on a quest to discover the reality of spontaneous human combustion. It doesn’t get any better than this. The show is one of a kind and will keep you on the edge of your seat. 

This concludes our list of the best anime you can watch this season.

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In this pandemic, there is no better option than playing a game on your iPhone, but for a person, it is not possible to find a game that is worth playing from the vast list of games on Apple store. But you don’t have to worry! Because we have brought some of the best games for you that will never let you feel bored.

So if you love playing games on mobile and own an iPhone, then this article belongs to you. Let’s get started then.

F1 Manager

Formula One race is one of the most popular sports, and everyone wants to get an opportunity to drive an F1 racing car which is nearly not possible. If you are also a lover of Formula One racing cars, then F1 Manager can give you the joy of driving these powerful machines.

F1 Manager allows you to create and manage your own team; you can choose real-life F1 drivers. This game runs excellently, and you will definitely enjoy it.

In this game, there are some items which can be sold, so if your family has a child, then you should lock down your account to protect your progress in the game from the kid. It’s really a fantastic game that you should have on your iPhone.


Minecraft is one of the best games in the survival genre; it gives you a box-based world where you need to defend yourself from some creepers and build your house, make a farm, etc. It’s really an excellent game where you go to other dimensions too for an adventurous journey which thrills you. If you love survival games, then this is for you.

Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom

This is a fantastic game, and I am sure that you must have played it before, but if you haven’t, then you should be playing it. It’s an endless running game like the Temple Run, and the best thing about Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom is its mind-blowing graphics. The characters and the gameplay of this game are so fantastic that you will never feel bored with it.

Crying Suns

Crying Suns is an excellent game full of action and adventure. Your goal is to explore the fallen empire and discover the reasons behind the fall of it. This game provides you with six chapters of drama and more than 300 possible story events. With every mission you accomplish, you reveal a new mystery.

So if you want to be a commander of a fleet of spaceships and discover the mysterious reasons behind the fall of the empires, then you should go for it. You can purchase it just for $9, and I assure you that this game will not disappoint you.


Via is a puzzle game that provides you with lots of paths full of obstacles which you have to cross and reach the destination. But keep in mind that before you make any move, you should think carefully because the hurdles will jump in your way and create difficulty when you make a move. It’s a fascinating and addicting game. It offers you the first thirty paths for free, and to get access to other paths you have to make a purchase that will cost you $1.

War Tortoise 2

War Tortoise 2 is a fantastic game with super cool graphics; In this game, you have to shoot the bad guys who try to gain money, it’s really an excellent and adventurous game. You just move to the next area, find bad guys and start shooting them. The controls of the game are pretty smooth and straightforward, you just have to aim the targets, and your pilot will shoot them automatically. It allows you to upgrade your weapons, armor, and enhance the abilities of your army too.

If Found

If you like stories, then If Found is the best choice for you. In this game, you will see the story of Kasio written in her diary. It’s the story of her return to the west of Ireland. The story leads to a black hole which is going to eradicate the whole world, will Kasio be able to save the world? You will get to know once you play the game. The story is so connecting and emotional, and you are going to love it.

Sniper Vs. Thieves: Zombies!

You will find lots of zombies hungry for not your brain, but for your money, yes, you heard it right. You have to protect your cash from the zombies by taking them out with gunshots. The cash you collect, you can use it to upgrade your weapons. The controls are straightforward, and you will enjoy playing it.

Angry Birds 2

It is one of the most popular games and quite comfortable in playing. It’s the fight between angry birds and pigs; you have to protect the eggs from egg-nabbing pigs by shooting the angry birds on the targets. It’s an entertaining game, and you will enjoy it.

Disney Sorcerer’s Arena

In Disney Sorcerer’s Arena, you have to collect the cards to unlock various Disney characters and use them to fight against the enemy and unlock more characters. You will get here robots as well as humans as your enemies; you have to kill all of them using various strategies. It is one of the best options for all Disney lovers, and you should try it once.

Homicide Squad: New York Cases

This game provides you with the crime scenes that you have to examine carefully to solve the case to find justice in New York City. You have to collect the evidence from murder scenes, but for this, you have very limited energy, and to get more energy, you have to pay. It makes you feel like a detective, it’s an excellent game, and you should give it a try.

These are some of the best games that you can play on your iOS device to pass your time. You can also try some other games such as Baseball Boy!, Retro Highway, Undead Horde, Fortnite, P.3, Gods of Boom, Asphalt 9: Legends, Stardew Valley, Clash Royale, Call of Duty: Mobile, Hotel Empire Tycoon, Brutal Hockey, The Elder Scrolls: Blades, Stickman Hook, etc. These are some other best games that can be included in the list too.

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If you are a movie maker and love your work, then you are surely going to like this article. In this article, we will mention some of the best iPad movie maker apps that will help you to make the best movies from your iPad.

Studio System Mobile

Studio System Mobile is a fantastic movie maker app that offers you access to TV, the source of a film, and digital information. Apart from these, it also provides you with an extensive database of industry executives, agencies, production houses, film financiers, studios and TV, film, and digital projects, which can help you in various ways to proceed with your passion for movie making.

Studio System Mobile gives you detailed financial tracking of movies and verified contact numbers and email addresses of industry professionals and organizations.

Vintage Film Camera: Retro Art

This app allows you to shoot retro-style videos and many other features like a share button to share your creations, unique analog, realistic mechanical sounds, etc. You can use this app to turn the scenes into more than hundred years old movies. It is an excellent app, but there are some limitations with it; it allows you to make videos not more than 20 seconds in the default black and white settings, and for other clips, you can only make videos of a maximum of 6 seconds. But you can purchase the prime version of this app to extend the time limits to 5 minutes for all types of videos.

Movie Music | Music For Videos

This is a music app for movies that offers you a variety of music that you can use in your videos to express exact emotion for the scene. It contains more than 140 free music tracks, it is an excellent app, and you should use it.

Slow Fast Motion Video Maker

Slow Fast Motion Video Maker is a video editor that allows you to slow down or speed up multiple sections of your video for free. It will enable you to edit your videos without watermark, and there are no limitations for video length. You can save your videos at full resolution, and it also supports unrestricted video length and corrected audio pitch.

Untitled – Screenwriting Notes

It is an excellent app for screenwriting and note-making; you can use this app to develop your stories, draft mind-blowing scenes, build compelling characters, and transform the notes into screenplays. It has a straightforward interface with lots of fantastic features; it saves your records automatically so that you will never lose your ideas.

Add Music To Video Editor

Add Music To Video Editor is an excellent video editing app that allows you to add background music and your voice recordings to your videos. You can also trim and control the volume of your videos.

FiLMic Pro

This is a camera app that allows you to shoot full HD videos from the camera of your iPad. So you will not be forced to buy an expensive camera anymore, use this app on your iPad and enjoy making films.

Videoshop – Video Editor

This app provides you with lots of excellent editing tools along with some fantastic visual effects and filters that you can use to make your videos as classic as you want. It offers you some ideal filters, quick editing tools, multilingual as well as animated tiles.

Magisto – Magical Video Editor

This app can help you to stitch all the videos that you have recorded on your iPad and create a fantastic movie for you. So when you don’t know what to do with your videos on your iPad, install this app and the rest it will do for you. It is a fantastic app that creates beautiful movies easily in minutes, and you should try it once.

Animoto Video Maker

This app allows you to customize and edit your videos, and not only that, but you can also use photos to create fantastic clips. It offers you a music library and an intuitive interface that makes it a very user-friendly app. You should give this app a try.


iMovie allows you to create full HD videos that you can directly publish on YouTube or Facebook. Try this app and give yourself a new experience.

These are some of the best movie maker apps for iPad that you can use to make fantastic movies. Try them and become a professional movie maker.

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