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In the emerging gaming world, every day, several video games arrive; however, only a few of them managed to succeed. Pokemon Go is one of the most successful video games of all time. Its developer, Nintendo, has played a vital role in making it successful throughout these years. Besides, recently Pokemon Go has received a new roster in which the infamous Giovanni has been returned to the game. Thus, in this article, we are going to talk about how gamers can beat Giovanni with ease.

How to Beat Giovanni

Before heading further to the process, let us first brief our gamers about Giovanni. He is the boss of the infamous Crime syndicate of Pokemon, known as Team Go Rocket. The criminal organization activities include stealing. Thus, Giovanni is a significant threat to all the natives of Pokemon Go world, and as a protagonist, Ash, along with his team, are planning to knock him down. Precisely, Pokemon Go allows gamers to access Giovanni’s hideout and battle with him. However, Giovanni has numerous potent Pokemons, which he can use to fight with the players. Fortunately, in the Pokemon Go world, he usually relies on only three Pokemons, such as Sandslash, Persian, and Mewtwo. Below we have individually mentioned the best counter Pokemons to take down all three of them.

Best Counter Pokemons to take down Giovanni’s Persian

  • Poliwrath: Players should use its Power-Up Punch and Mud Shot attacks against Persian.
  • Blaziken: Gamers should use its Blaze Kick and Counter attacks.
  • Machamp: Players should use their Cross Crop and Counter attacks.
  • Lucario: Gamers should use its Power-Up Punch and Counter attacks.

Once gamers have managed to deal with the Persian, then Giovanni will summon up his Sandslash.

Best Counter Pokemons to take down Giovanni’s Sandslash

  • Swampert: Players should use their Hydro Cannon and Water Gun attacks against Sandslash.
  • Empoleon: Gamers should use its Hydro Cannon and Water Gun attacks against Sandslash.
  • Darmanitan: Players should use their Avalanche and Ice Fang attacks against Sandslash.
  • Kyogre: Gamers should use its Hydro Pump and Waterfall attacks against Sandslash.

Once gamers have managed to take down Sandslash, Giovanni will call his most potent Pokemon, Mewtwo.

Best Counter Pokemons to take down Giovanni’s Mewtwo

  • Tyranitar: Players should use its Crunch and Bite attacks against Mewtwo.
  • Hydreigon: Gamers should use its Dark Pulse and Bite attacks against Mewtwo.
  • Gengar: Players should use its Shadow Ball and Shadow Claw attacks against Mewtwo.
  • Chandelure: Gamers should use its Shadow Ball and Hex attacks against Mewtwo.

The article contains information on Giovanni’s Pokemons in Pokemon Go. Gamers can obtain the gaming experience of Pokemon Go on iOS and Android devices.

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The new survival video game of Obsidian Entertainment, Grounded, demands gamers to protect themselves from getting attacked by insects, spiders, and bugs. The game is quite fun to play, which is why within a few days of its release, Grounded has obtained huge acclaim from all over the world. In this article, we will brief the gamers to find clean drinkable water in Grounded. Below we have provided a proper workaround through which players can attain clean drinkable water with ease in Grounded.

How to Find Clean Drinkable Water

Fortunately, the size of the centrefold characters in Grounded is like ants, thus finding clean water drops would help. However, the most obvious place to find water drops is the garden, and over there, numerous insects and bugs are waiting for the gamers. Thus, we advise gamers to gather various weapons in their arsenal before starting the water hunt. Afterward, players need to find the grass blade on which water is present, and when they find one, they need to hit it so that the water drop falls to the ground. Therefore, players need to interact with it, and within a few seconds, they will receive a notification that says thirst is fulfilled.

Moreover, there is one more place to fulfil the thirst of gamers, and it is the lake. Players can also visit the lake situated near the big tree; however, over there, the chance of spawning the enemies is much higher than usual. More importantly, gamers need to know that the soda cans and juice boxes placed in the backyard are quite risky places to look for the Water as various insects such as ants are hidden inside them.

In addition to this, there is one more advice that we like to give to the gamer. It is to collect Water in a storing place for further use to avoid visiting the grassy areas. Gamers need to craft some water collecting and restoring items using Woven Fiber and Grub Hides.


It is quite hard to find essential items and utilities in Grounded. Besides, Water is not a utility or item; it is a necessity of every human being, and the same principle is followed in Grounded. Thus, in this article, we have provided information on the finding of clean drinkable Water in Grounded.

Gamers can play Grounded on Xbox One and PC.

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The new survival video game of Obsidian Entertainment, Grounded, has created a lot of buzz in the gaming market. The game consists of a fantastic storyline, mesmerizing graphics, and simple gameplay. Due to these mind-blowing factors, the game has managed to become an immense success. Players have to craft a lot of items in Grounded to sustain their survival. Thus, it helps them unleash their creativity.

Besides, there are various necessities that gamers have to fulfil for their survival, including a base. Although the whole house belongs to players, after getting shrunk, they need to find a shelter. In this article, we will discuss the ways to build a Grounded base. Below, we have provided a proper workaround through which players can learn the best ways to make a base.

Tips to Build a Base

Before heading further to the following process, let us first brief the gamers about various things they must keep in mind before crafting a base. The first thing is to build a base near the Mysterious Machine because it keeps the spiders and other insects away. Also, there are various resources near it. Gamers also need to know that the Base should be resilient enough to avoid infiltration from the enemies. Below we have provided steps to build a safe and rigid base in Grounded.

Building a Base in Grounded

  • Gamers need to go to the Craft Menu and then press the Base Building option to know about the crafting recipes.
  • Then, players have to find and collect all the requisite recipes. Thereafter, they need to locate an analyzer to open the Workbench.
  • Once players have collected and crafted all the required items, they need to choose a design from the Craft Menu.
  • After this, players have to start building the Base.
  • Players must build a water and food storing place in their Base.
  • Gamers have to craft a Shovel with 1 Acorn Shell, 1 Woven Fiber, and 2 Sprigs. The Shovel will help the players to build more floors whenever needed.

The game comes with several crafting mechanisms that gamers can put into use. Players are responsible for building a base from the ground up. They also need to figure out the raw materials and tools required to build the base. Gamers can obtain the gaming experience of Grounded on Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows.

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In today’s tech-savvy world, it’s very important to protect your data from online hacking and data theft. Our every day to day activity relies on technology. This creates a threat to our data, and it’s become very crucial to secure it. Windows operating system doesn’t allow you to password protect your folders without any help from third-party tools.

In this article, we will discuss best file locker tools you can use to protect your files on Windows 10:


WinZip is one of the best encryption tools to protect your zip files. You can also optimize your files and folders with WinZip’s integrated repair tools. Along with file management, you also have a plethora of options for compressing images into folders and zip PDF files. WinZip offers a 30-day free trial, and you can unlock its premium version if you want to use its advanced features.

Folder Lock

Folder Lock enables you to password protect your file, folders, and drives. You can also encrypt and backup your important data. You can backup and protect your portable drives, and it allows you to clean your history.

Once your file is secured, it cannot be deleted and accessed. It also safeguards you from various spyware and viruses. Even if you move your data from one pc to another, it will stay password-protected without installing software. You can also back up your files into secure cloud storage. It also protects your USB, CDs, and emails as well.

You can also create virtual folders to store your personal information like bank account details and addresses. Some of the additional features of Folder Lock are:

  • Stealth Mode
  • Hacker attempt
  • Shred files
  • Auto Shutdown PC
  • 256-bit Blowfish Encryption

IObit Protected Folder

IObit offers password protection of your important files and folders. You can also protect your data from spyware and viruses. Even if your system is subjected to viruses, your files will stay protected. The tool is very easy to use and allows you to access options like denying writing, denying read, and denying hide.

IObit continually tries to improve user experience by enhancing their product’s features. You can also hide your files and block access to those private files by modifying your protection settings.

Gilisoft Privacy Protector

Gilisoft Privacy Protector allows you to shred your unwanted files, browsing history, and any third-party program’s traces. It protects you from hackers and Trojans. Even if you are sharing your system with anybody else, still your files are protected. You can hide and password-protect your videos, images, and files.


WinRAR allows you to compress your files and protect them at the same time. It also offers file management features that help you in managing your files and documents more efficiently. It also helps you in clearing up your disk space and protects your data with its encryption. It supports all compression file formats and splits your archive files from your separate files.


SecretFolder allows you to hide your important files and folders. You can also lock and password protects your files. It protects your data from hackers, viruses, and malware as well. Their user interface is pretty simple and easy to use. Some of the other features include removing, unlocking, adding descriptions, and setting preferences. SecretFolder also protects you from ransomware.


HiddenDIR is a portable software that helps you in hiding your private files. HiddenDIR has a very easy-to-use interface and protects your important files and data.


No matter what operating system you use, everybody needs the protection and privacy of their files. You have to install third-party tools to protect your data in the Windows operating system. The tools mentioned above help you safeguard your files and data from ransomware, viruses, hackers, and malware.

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Netflix always has something to offer in drama or thriller, but the Comedy genre is often understated, and you have to invest a lot of time in finding the best one for you. If you want to chill while watching a light heart comedy movie, then you are in the right place because in this article we will be mentioning some of the best comedy movies on Netflix.


Director: Jon Favreau

Producer: Jon Berg, Todd Komarnicki and Shauna Robertson

Year of Release: 2003

Elf is an American Christmas comedy that revolves around a character named Buddy who has been parented by Elves. In this movie, you will encounter his journey of meeting his birth father and how he finds happiness.

The movie was a great success, and Will Ferrell’s performance as Buddy received applause from critics. The movie was awarded Best Comedy film and Top Box Office Films in 2004.

Groundhog Day

Directed by: Harold Ramis

Produced by: Trevor Albert and Harold Ramis

Year of Release: 1993

Groundhog Day is a fantasy comedy movie starring Bill Murray as Phil Connors, who is covering an event in Pennsylvania. Connors gets trapped in a time loop of one constant day (February 2) and lives that day repeatedly.

The movie was a huge hit and became the greatest blockbuster of 1993. The movie was awarded as a Best Original Screenplay from BAFTA and received multiple nominations.

Baby Mama

Directed by: Michael McCullers

Produced by: Lorne Michaels

Released in: 2008

This movie revolves around two characters named Tina and Amy. The former is a workaholic woman trying to become a mother, but she cannot become pregnant because of a medical issue. In this process, she meets Angie, a surrogate mother, who manipulates Tina. The drama goes on with both of them becoming best friends.

The movie received mixed reviews from the critics, and this movie has always been considered a lightweight comedy.


Directed by: Jim Abrahams, David Zucker, and Jerry Zucker

Produced by: Jon Davison

Released in: 1980

This movie is a mockery of Paramount’s 1957 film “Zero Hour” by Paramount. The movie is considered a classic in the comedy genre with its unusual comedy and uncertain humor.

The movie was a great hit at the box-office and received the award for “Best Adapted Comedy” by Writers Guild of America and got multiple nominations.

The Death of Stalin

Directed by: Armando Lannucci

Produced by: Yann Zenou, Laurent Zeitoun, Nicolas Duval Adassovsky and Kevin Loader

Released in: 2017

The Death of Stalin is a dark comedy revolving around the power battle after the demise of Joseph Stalin, a Soviet Leader. This movie represents surreal comedy and terrifying horror at the same time. This movie depicts the fragility of human life.

Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story

Directed by: Jake Kasdan

Produced by: Judd Apatow, Jake Kasdan, and Clayton Townsend

Released in: 2007

Walk Hard is the funny imitation of a fictitious musician character played by John Reilly. The movie depicts the lives of famous musicians and portrays the style of 70s rock music. It is considered one of the most iconic films of all time.

The movie was not a hit on the box-office but later gained the title of a Cult Classic.

Lady Bird

Directed by: Greta Gerwig

Produced by: Scott Rudin, Eli Bush, Evelyn O’Neill

Released in: 2017

The story revolves around a senior year student who struggles with boys, money, and friendships and parents, specifically her mother. The movie depicts the deep emotional bond between a mother and a daughter with some intensely funny moments.

Lady Bird received various nominations and won an award for “Best Motion Picture.”


Directed by: Amy Heckerling

Produced by: Scott Rudin, Robert Lawrence

Released in: 1995

Clueless has a tag of one of the best teen movies ever made because Amy, the director, studied the real-life students of Beverly Hills to come up with the most realistic representation of teens. The movie plot revolves around a rich and beautiful girl who decides to give a makeover to her new friend, Tai Fraiser.

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

Directed by: Phil Lord and Christopher Miller

Produced by: Pam Marsden

Released in: 2009

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs is an animated Sci-Fi comedy film based on a book with the same title. The movie plot revolves around a scientist whose invention converts water into food. But due to malfunctioning, the machine is creating food beyond control, and he has to stop the machine to save everyone. Thanks to the cinematography of the movie, the movies received applause from critics.

The list contains ten movies, but every film is worth binge-watching at least once. So, grab your snacks, pick your favorite movie and be prepared to have some laughs.

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In today’s world of digitization, we don’t need a traditional scanner. Your smartphone is the multi-tasking tool that will do the work for you. All you need is a camera and a supportive OCR application on your mobile phone, and you are good to go. You can convert any photo in a digital file with the help of OCR, which can be easily customized and shared.

In this article, we will be mentioning some of the best scanning applications for you.


Camscanner can easily convert any photo into a high-resolution digital document in minutes. You can scan any document by taking a picture of it, and Camscanner will turn it into a digital file. Camscanner is ideal for students and teachers because of their free features. If you want to unlock some advanced features, then you can buy their premium version.

You can also improve the quality of the text, enhance sharpness, and convert the document into a more neat and clean look. If you are a multi-device user, then you can integrate all files on different devices with each other. Camscanner also allows you to share the converted files without any hassle.

With its OCR technology, you can convert any image into a text file with 16 supportive languages. You can also crop any unwanted background in your image by their auto-edge cropping feature.

ScanPro App

The ScanPro app is the most compatible application for IOS users. ScanPro works well with email and cloud storage. You don’t have to worry about storing your scanned files because all your data will be saved on your smartphone. You can access any document through cloud storage.

You have to hold your smartphone in front of the document you want to scan, and it will scan it automatically. It will auto-enhance the colors and crop the document to remove any unwanted elements. You can also send the scanned document as a fax. ScanPro can scan multiple-page documents as well. You can enhance the scanned document by using various filters like grayscale, black & white, etc.

With its OCR technology, you can also extract the text of your documents.


PrimeScanner is a free scanning app equipped with OCR. You can quickly scan any documents and convert them into high-quality formats. PrimeScanner makes scanning simple and easy because of its state of the art algorithm. PrimeScanner not only scans documents but also allows you to import files from your phone.

It automatically finds the edges of the documents and crops the unwanted background. You can unwrap the document and enhance it by using various filters. Its OCR technology auto-detect the text on the document. You can also add a signature or seal to your scanned document. You can convert your scanned document into high quality without any watermarks.

Smart Lens

Smart Lens helps you in converting any images into text with optimum accuracy. SmartLens allows you to take images of text rather than transcribing it. You can scan and translate any document and detect any phone number, URLs, email, etc. You can also translate any foreign language into your native language.

You can easily make a phone call; send an SMS by auto-detecting the phone number on the documents. You can also access the mentioned URLs, emails, and Facebook profiles. You just need to take a picture of the desired document and make changes. The only downside of this application is that you cannot scan handwritten text.

Scan & Translate+ Text grabber

Scan & Translate app allows you to translate your texts in 90 different languages. It will enable you to edit, translate, and share the converted documents. It recognizes the text in more than 70 languages and translates it into more than 90 languages. It allows you to listen to the text and translate it into more than 44 languages. You can share the converted text on Facebook, Twitter, Email, and SMS.

Text Fairy

Text Fairy allows you to convert any images into text. It also enables you to correct the viewpoint of your image. You can also edit the text and turn it into PDF.  Text Fairy also recognizes text in more than 50 languages. This tool is entirely free, with no ads.


TextGrabber reads QR codes, texts, and translates it into more than 100 languages. You can capture any document with your camera, and it recognizes the text without the internet. TextGrabber has a real-time recognition mode that identifies information in more than 60 languages.

The extracted information becomes clickable like a link, phone numbers, dates, and addresses. It scans QR codes as well. You can also adjust font sizes, and it has a VoiceOver system feature as well.

Their free version is loaded with ads and provides three recognitions and translations.

Google Keep

Google Keep allows you to capture any document and let you share it with your friends. You can capture whatever is on your mind by adding notes and photos. You can also record a voice transcript and save it for later. You can also add colors and labels to your notes and allow you to save it for later. It synchronizes your data all across your devices. It also allows you to set a reminder based on location. You can also take photos of your important stuff and let it save for future reference.

Microsoft Office Lens

Microsoft office lens has an in-built text recognition and document scanner. It helps you in translating your images into PDF format. You can take snapshots of your essential documents as well. It also recognizes the handwritten text, but you have to crop your text before converting it.

You can also search and extract the information you want and also modify it afterward.  Microsoft Office Lens allows you to detect contact information from business cards and save it in your smartphone or address book.


These tools will help you in saving your time and efforts and scans your documents in minutes. Some tools are free, and some are paid. You can access these tools as per your requirement and suitability.

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Disney Plus is an over-the-top (OTT) video streaming platform which was launched on November 12th, 2019. The launch got a lot of media attention and Disney plus ended up getting ten million subscribers in the first few days of operation. The company had initially hoped to achieve 60 to 90 million subscribers by 2024. But as of August 4th 2020, it has more than 60.5 million paying subscribers. Nobody would have projected 8 months back that Disney Plus will reach so many subscribers in such a short time.

The company had already reached a milestone of 50 million subscribers in April. The pandemic then accelerated the growth of subscribers for all the OTT platforms. Netflix has added 10 million subscribers in recent months which takes their tally to a total of 193 million global subscribers. The same is true for Disney’s other streaming services like ESPN Plus which now has 8.5 million subscribers while HULU has a total of 35.5 million subscribers globally. All streaming services have gained from the pandemic as people have looked for various outlets for depression and insecurity that have plagued the world for over 6 months now.

The CEO of Walt Disney Bob Chapek has come out triumphantly remarking that the direct to consumer services for the company now exceeds 100 million paid subscribers. This for him has reaffirmed his faith in direct to consumer strategy which he sees as the future. Disney has seen a 2 percent increase in its profits for direct to consumer business which has taken its revenue to $4 billion. Although all is not well for the company, since its streaming business is only one of the few things that are going well for them. Its other businesses are not doing well and are either paused or slowed due to the pandemic. The company has registered a 42 percent fall in its revenue last year.

The earlier two quarters of 2020 have been really good for the OTT streaming sites. Most have added millions of new paying subscribers which has made online streaming services as one of the most profitable businesses in this pandemic. The growth of the online streaming business is likely to continue as we enter a new era of online entertainment. Netflix is still the king. But with Disney growing so much in just 8 months it is very well set to rival Netflix. Whether Disney will ever be able to dethrone Netflix or not, the next two-three years might give us the answer. It is going to be an interesting battle which will be great for the customers as more competition will mean better content for the viewers.

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Adobe has been heavily criticized for all the missing desktop features in the Photoshop app for iPad. Photoshop for desktop has been a godsend for the editors, photographers and graphic designers. It has a history that goes back decades in the past, so the software at present is a result of decades of years of work in progress. The desktop version has tons of substantial, effective and efficient tools which helps the editors use their imagination freely.

To expect that Adobe will ever bring all the desktop features to the iPad is a bit naive. But still, there were tons of tools that were very useful but unavailable on the iPad app. In the recent updates, Adobe has added two new features, namely the Refine Edge Brush and Rotate Canvas. Both of these features are core desktop features and very useful. But what do these features do and what is so special about them?

The refine edge brush is a very efficient tool for the selection of fur and hair edges with a higher degree of accuracy. The feature becomes even more crucial for the editors as there is no other way of doing what it does. The feature is very unique and irreplaceable. To make sure that the tool gives the same outcome as the desktop, there has been a simplification of the interface, to make its use with touch controls is effective, and it gives the desired result. It is excellent news for the photographers as they make use of this feature a lot.

The second big addition in the iPad version of Photoshop has been the Rotate Canvas feature. This is just as crucial for the painter as the refined edge brush has been for photographers. Moreover, it lets the user rotate the canvas by selecting and twisting with two fingers. Canvas rotation helps the painter to paint and sketch at different angles as they wish, making their work easier.

The new updates have sparked new hope in photographers, editors, painters and graphic designers that Adobe will slowly add more desktop features to the iPad version. Adobe has not officially made any statement regarding their future outlook for Photoshop for iPad, so it is not certain how frequently they will be adding desktop features. But it seems likely that they will add some features for iPad from time to time.

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Koji Kashin is a methodical Kara assassin. Although a former Inner of Kara, he operates on his own terms and is determined to weaponize Boruto. In recent episodes, a big mystery is revealed in the anime. He is shown to be the clone of Jiraiya who was killed by Pain.

Jiraiya was a Sannin. Sannin is a group of three ninjas who were tutored under Hiruzen and were considered to be the greatest three ninjas of all time. Although always in disagreement with each other, they accomplished great things together and fought in the Second Shinobi world war. Even after the end of the war they never got with each other well. Their skills and prowess made them a deadly trio. Jiraiya was an integral part of the group. Even though he was considered for the Hokage on more than one occasion. He never showed any interest in the responsibilities that a Hokage had to take care of.

The dilapidated and ruinous state of the Rain Village comes off as a shock, as Sasuke and Sai reach there following the trails of Kara. It’s obvious that the alliance has neglected Kirigakure and didn’t care much about restoring or rebuilding it. The ruinous village has now become the base for shady activities. If the alliance had cared to develop the once beautiful village there was a good possibility that the questionable activities going on there might not have happened in the first place. Kirigakure was a big failure of the new ninja alliance.

Knowing exactly the negligence of the world towards the Rain Village, Kara has been using it as a base for carrying out numerous deadly scientific experiments. Not just deadly poisonous gases but genetic mutations and DNA tampering as well. The Kara leader Jigen later even confesses to the fact that the place was supposed to be disbanded, which never happened. The place was quite similar to the one where the scientist Amado, genetically engineered Kawaki. So, there is a good possibility that since Jiraiya was brutally killed in Kirigakure. Amado might have been able to look for his body in order to create the clone, Koji Kashin.

The fact that Jigen was surprised to know Jiraiya was made to kill him just goes on to show that he was clueless about a lot of things. He himself didn’t know what his scientist, Amado, was up to. So, it won’t be wrong to presume that Amado might have done his dirty work before Jigen arrived there. Although Amado is very mysterious and very little is known about him, being a scientist who had experience in cloning. It’s not hard to imagine him working out some way or the other to find Jiraiya’s body.

All of this is merely conjecture and the facts are yet to come to light. Amado’s scientific exploits and the nature of his genetic manipulations, as well as DNA tempering, pose many questions. How far he ventured in cloning is also not known. Did he go to the Rain village just to get his hands on Jiraiya to clone him? If yes, how did he find his body? and what was the purpose of his visit to Kirigakure?

As Sasuke recently formed an alliance with Jiraiya by going in the past, who was the godfather to Naruto. Along with the revelation that Kashin Koji being the clone of Jiraiya, who is hell-bent on weaponizing Boruto. The plot is all set for an emotional roller coaster.

Boruto is now very well put together for numerous revelations and fans must be very excited to get answers to all their questions. It will be very interesting to see how things turn out.

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Marvel is gearing up for phase 4 in its cinematic universe after concluding phase 3 with Avengers: Endgame. We saw Iron Man sacrifice his life to save the world and Captain America time travel to the past to return the infinity stones and live a life with Peggy. The super soldier returned as an aged man at the end of Endgame and passed on the Captain America mantle to his friend Sam aka The Falcon.

The Avengers Will Need a New Leader

Since Iron Man is no longer alive and Captain America has retired, the Avengers will need a new leader in the upcoming MCU films. Marvel will dive into different stories and introduce a set of new characters. With existing and new superheroes to be a part of the Avengers, The Falcon is the perfect candidate to take up the role of a leader. However, it is unclear if Marvel will address Sam as The Falcon or change his name to Captain America in the movies as he now possesses the shield of Captain America.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has not shown what lies in store for Sam after taking the shield from Steve Rogers. One of the reasons why Sam is the right choice is because he is an ex-soldier with a lot of experience in combat and tactical planning. This is one of the qualities similar to Captain America.

The Falcon Possesses the Tactical and Combat Knowledge

Even though The Falcon has never injected the serum that gave Steve Rogers super-human strength, the ex-soldier’s combat-ready suit with shields gives him an aerial advantage in battle. The character was first introduced in Captain America: The Winter Soldier and has since then fought alongside Captain America to protect the earth from all threats until the super-soldier did not retire.

Other members of the team cannot take up the leader’s role. We saw Thor leave with the Guardians at the end of Avengers: Endgame to find Gamora in deep space. Captain Marvel hardly stays on Earth, therefore making it difficult for her to protect the planet at all times. Black Panther was one option, but he holds responsibility towards ruling Wakanda. Doctor Strange is the sorcerer supreme and has the responsibility of protecting the sanctums from magical threats. Other than the list mentioned above, we do not have any other name suitable for such a significant role.

Even though The Falcon is not the strongest pick, the evolution of his story arc will be an exciting thing to see in the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe films.

The Falcon: First African-American Superhero in Mainstream Comic Books

The Falcon was first introduced in Captain America #117 in September 1969. He is also the first African- American superhero in mainstream comic books. He uses advanced mechanical wings to fly. Anthony Mackie’s character has appeared in MCU films such as Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Captain America: Civil War, Avengers: Infinity War, Avengers: Endgame. The actor will reprise his role in the upcoming Disney+ series titles The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

The Falcon has also appeared as one of the zombie heroes in the Marvel Zombies universe. Marvel Zombies is a five-issue limited series. The series showcases different versions of the MCU superheroes as both protagonists and antagonists.

There is a long way to go before we see a brand-new Avengers film with a new set of heroes and leaders on the silver screen. So, let’s sit tight and wait to see if Sam steps up to become the leader of the Avengers and protect the Earth with the mightiest heroes by his side.

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