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The show You premiered on Netflix in 2018 and became suddenly popular in the year 2020. The show and its plotline ensure that the viewers are thoroughly engaged and hooked to see what the unstable and mentally unhinged Joe Goldberg will do next. The season one made us realize that the man has no limits to his actions, and when Beck died, the audience assumed that was the last of it. Nobody expected him to fall for another woman again but season two came as a shock. The show introduced us from the eyes of Joe, and he knew he should not fall for her, but he could not help it. She was perfect but later, he realized she was a little too perfect to be true. Here are some of Love’s traits that were both sweet and horrible.

She Was Smart

There is no denying the fact that the girl was brilliant. She always knew what exactly was it that she wanted from Joe and her relationship with him. She fooled Joe into thinking that he is the one calling the shots in every scenario. She may be disturbed and bundled up with a lot of baggage, but she still ensured a calm façade. Love was good at her job, had a tight-knit circle of friends, and all this made her look like every other girl.

She Was Manipulative

She may be smart, but she was highly manipulative as well. Love did not let her flaws show in front of Joe until it was too late. She ensured to get what she wanted from her relationships without making it evident that she was steering them this whole time.

She Was Talented

Since the introduction of her character on the show, her talents were made visible. She loved to cook and made it a point to leave little treats for Joe. It was one of her ways to pull Joe closer to herself. If she had not had a traumatic past and a warped mind, she might have made it big in her professional life because she did not lack the potential for that at all.

She Was Emotional

In any other context, being emotional would be a good thing. The ability to feel the situation’s gravity and to convey what you think about it is a beautiful thing. But here, it goes to a little extreme. Love’s emotions were beyond reasonable, and she used it as an excuse to justify murdering people. She honestly believed that every murder she committed had several logical reasons for it.

She Was Responsible

Nobody expects deranged people like Love or Joe to be responsible for someone else, but Love proved otherwise. You can dislike her as much as you would, but you cannot deny her love and protective nature towards her twin brother Forty. She did everything in her power to keep him sober and out of trouble. She also understood her duty towards her business ‘Anavrin’ and no matter what relationship issues she had with Joe, she ensured that her business did not suffer at all.

She Was Callous

Love is entirely unaffected when she murders someone or toys with someone’s emotions. She feels that it is completely justified on her part and if it helps her get what she wants, so be it. She killed Candace because she was jealous of her and felt threatened that her presence might affect her plans for Joe. In the last scenes, she disclosed that she was pregnant and felt happy not because of the arriving baby but because she was sure that Joe was stuck with her now.

She Had Perception

Love had impeccable judgment when it came to people. The minute she met Joe and assessed that he was interested in her, she knew that he was the perfect person and that she could make him dance to her tunes. She did the same with her sibling. She knew that Forty was dependent on her entirely for emotional support, so she always used it to maintain an upper hand in their relationship.

She Was Cruel

Of course, Joe was cruel too, but the show established that point at the beginning itself. We had become accustomed to seeing that Joe will take a drastic step when he feels cornered, but it was also a fact that he tried to avoid that situation as much as possible. But Love did not flinch before making this decision. She killed her because she did not like Forty dating her. Her emotionless justifications to the act made Joe realize what terrifying person he had fallen for.

She Was Original

Love is one of the very few characters we have encountered who do not sound pretentious, and neither wants her parents’ money. She was not very fond of Los Angeles, and that is what resonated with Joe a lot. Her parents were strapped with cash, but she was never interested in that lifestyle. She always shunned away from their money and preferred a peaceful life surrounded by her friends and busy with her store. She did not even follow the trends of social media presence and valued her personal space.

She Was Selfish

Does this point need any explanation? No matter what Love did and for whom, it was to benefit her and nobody else.

To be honest, it may not be a popular opinion, but Love and Joe were truly meant for each other. Both of them were willing to kill for each other and have no visible remorse afterward. The two were equally obsessed and possessive about each other, which, in a very morbid way, makes them an ideal couple. The show stars Penn Badgley, Elizabeth Lail, Victoria Pedretti, Amber Childers, and James Scully in lead roles.

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Child’s Play director Lars Klevberg said that plans for a second installment are still on the cards. The horror flick is an official remake of a 1988 film of the same name and is a reboot of the Child’s Play movie franchise. According to reports, the remake featuring the scary doll Chucky was made on a relatively small budget. The film was subject to mixed reviews at the box office considering its budget but ultimately turned out to be a commercial success for the studio behind the movie.

According to reports, the director gave an update on the possibility of the second installment in a question and answer session on Instagram. Klevburg stated that all the ideas are there to carry the story of the wisecracking doll forward, and he was hoping to get the actors back for the film.

Child’s Play 2 Might Not Make it to the Silver Screen

According to reports, there is a possibility that Child’s 2 might never make it to a theatrical release because the original Child’s Play creator Don Mancini is planning to make a television show to continue the story of Chucky. In addition to this, Jennifer Tilly might come back as the Bride of Chucky. The TV series’ story will see Chucky at a yard sale in an American town. The murderous doll’s arrival will bring about a series of murders and how the town’s secrets are exposed. Characters from Chucky’s past will also arrive and threaten to reveal the actual truth behind the murders. The story will also dive into the serial killer Charles Lee Ray aka Chucky, whose spirit inhabits a “Good Guy” Doll and tries to transfer his soul to a human body.

Brad Dourif Will Return to Voice the Character of Chucky

The television show will see Brad Dourif returning to voice the character of the killer doll. Dourif first voiced Chucky’s character in the 1988 film Child’s Play, followed by Child’s Play 2 and 3. The actor voiced the doll in subsequent sequels such as Bride of Chucky, Seed of Chucky, Curse of Chucky, and Cult of Chucky. However, he was replaced by Mark Hamill in the 2019 remake. Most probably, MGM will wait and analyze the performance of Chucky on television before they give the go-ahead for the sequel.

There is no official premiere date for the horror television series. According to reports, the 8-part series will release some time in the latter half of 2020. Also, there is no clarity on the start date of the production stage. Brad Dourif is known for his work in The Exorcist 3, HBO series Deadwood, and the 1975 academy-award winning One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

Child’s Play: The Story of a Murderous Doll

The 2019 horror flick Child’s Play is the remake of a 1988 version of the same name and is a reboot of the Child’s Play franchise. It has been written by Tyler Burton Smith and directed by Lars Klevberg. The story revolves around a family who is terrorized by a murderous self-aware doll named Chucky. Mark Hamill has voiced the doll. The reboot is based on Child’s Play by Don Mancini.

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Pokemon Go has been extremely successful since it’s very first launch. It had easily become the most downloaded application within the first month of its release. Today, even though Pokemon Go is not as popular as it was when it first released in 2016, it’s still faring quite well. It has generated revenue of up to 2 billion dollars and has seen more than 800 million downloads. If you’re one of the people who still like to indulge in this augmented reality game, here’s what you should know about its “Ultra Unlock Week” going live.

Pokemon Go’s Dragon Week is a great opportunity for all it’s players to capture Gible and Deino. These two dragons which are usually a rare find are likely to be spotted more easily this week. The event concludes on August 7th, but that’s not when the excitement ends. The Pokemon Company has decided to host three back to back events for its players as a celebration for the Pokemon Go Fest 2020. When Ultra Unlock weekends on August 7th, it will be followed by “Enigma Week” which will begin on the very same day. The Enigma Week will shine a spotlight on the more enigmatic Pokemon such as Unown, Deoxys, and Elgyem.

What Does the Third Week Bring?

Once the Enigma Week is over on August 14th, Unova Week will take over till the entire set of events finally concludes on August 21st. The third week will focus exclusively on the Pokemon that were discovered for the first time in the region of Unova. You can expect to get a glimpse of the mythical Genesect. Other Pokemon expected to be a part of the last week are Emolga, Cottonee, Bouffalant, and Sewaddle.

How Do You Benefit From Pokemon Go?

Apart from being extremely exciting and rewarding, this game is also good for you. For starters, unlike other video games that promote the couch potato, Pokemon Go takes you outdoors and gets you a good dose of vitamin D. It promotes movement and physical activity as the Pokemon are scattered across different real-life locations. The game has various ways of rewarding you for covering distance. The Pokemon also vary depending on the geography of the location. So you are likely to find a different kind of Pokemon in a nearby park or waterbody from the kind that you would find in your usual urban setting. This encourages the player to explore and interact with nature. It also helps introverts get out of their comfort zones by forcing them into a social setting.

What more reason does one need to indulge in a game? Given the benefits of this game, it’s immersive three-week event is simply icing on the cake. There is a reason this game has remained so popular since it’s launch nearly four years ago.

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Nintendo and Lego have collaborated to bring the Lego Super Mario to life. It’s almost like a physical version of the Super Mario Maker game on the Nintendo Switch. The game delivers an interactive Mario who can light up and say hello!

However, this is not the first time that Lego and robotics have been combined. The Nintendo Labo and the Lego Boost are other examples of similar ventures.

Lego Boost

The Lego Boost is far from your usual lego play kits. It is basically a robotics set with enabled Bluetooth pairing. You can connect it to your phone or your tablet, and before you know it, you’ll find yourself falling down a lego rabbit hole. It is built for the users aged between 7-12 years. This might make it sound easy, but it is, in fact, quite challenging.

What’s interesting about this kit is that it has the technical pieces along with the regular bricks. This lets you customize and enhance the robots that you build. Pretty cool right? It also features an integrated motorized hub that can be connected to your devices via Bluetooth. You can then use the motors to turn heads, move, or even lift arms. If that’s not enough, it also has color and proximity sensors.

Nintendo Labo

Nintendo has a reputation for creating unique concepts for gaming and yet, Labo is surprisingly weird, even for them. It is essentially Switch connected cardboard. Who thinks of mixing robotics with cardboard? Think of it as an extremely fun version of a school science project. Sure, it’s not for everyone, but the very concept of it is exciting enough.

How Is Lego Super Mario Different?

So how is the Lego Super Mario different? Well for starters, it’s much simpler. It is designed for kids of the age seven and over. But it is still clever and wonderfully designed. The Lego sets largely follow the Mario theme, but that’s not all. It also contains elements of a larger game, making it more than a simple building kit. Lego Super Mario arrived on the 1st August and required you to download the Mario application on your phone or tablet so that it can display the interactive instructions.

What Can Lego Mario Do?

This little Lego Mario has expressive eyes that light up! He even has a glowing display on his chest that gives you power up information and the score. There is an integrated motion sensor which can also initiate audio responses. There is a scanner present under the Lego Mario which is capable of detecting enemy codes on bricks and triggering apt responses. The course challenges are timed. They begin when you tap on a pipe and end when you tap on a flag. The faster you finish a challenge, the more coins you earn. Other mini-games can be initiated through the coded bricks. Different outfits for Mario can be purchased separately and give him extra abilities. Check out the catsuit, it will earn you extra coins when Mario is made to climb walls. 

Mario also has Kinetic abilities, so watch out, or you end up losing points. However, through most of it, the game is casual, and you’re free to do as you please. There is a set of 10 expansion sets that can be bought separately to amp up the game. Other mini characters are also available for purchase as part of little mystery packs.

Here’s What You Can Do After Constructing the Sets

Once you’ve constructed the set’s, you can mix them up and create your challenges. The only aspects that need to remain constant are the tapping of the pipe to begin and finish on the flag. In between, you’re free to mix and match the pieces to create your challenges. You could even sync the challenge constructions with your friends and host timed online matches over a video call. Whoever manages to collect the maximum number of coins in time wins. The Lego Super Mario application keeps track of your score for you. You can even use the app to share your score with others. To make things more interesting, the application will also introduce challenges weekly.

So far, the game does feel more like a toy than a Mario video game. But the application can prevent the toy from going out of use once the initial excitement is over by offering continuous updates. If Lego can keep coming up with new design ideas to further build on the existing game, Lego Super Mario will continue to hold the interest of the kids. This game is quite open-ended, and though this has its perks, it does not do too well when it comes to maintaining long-term interest. Adding a few more constraints could really amp up the fun. Considering that this summer we don’t have much else to do apart from finding new ways of enjoying our time in quarantine, the new Lego Mario could prove to be quite addictive.

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American society’s epitome is a career in the movies. That is why many non-acting professionals turn to Hollywood once they’ve created a fanbase elsewhere. Look at Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s career or stand-up comics like Kevin Hart and Russel Brand who move to Hollywood to earn the big bucks and the spotlight. Following this successful trend, Tyler Ninja Blevins has showcased an interest to take his talents to tinsel town as he takes a break off streaming.

Not exactly a ‘break’

For streaming fans that are already sighing, no, Ninja is not going to leave gaming ever as he told The Hollywood Reporter. But he is looking to make an entry into the world of acting whether that is on-screen or as a voice. Interestingly, he had a scene in Jumanji: The Next Level alongside The Rock and Kevin Hart, but it didn’t make the final cut. Anyhow, he is going to be seen doing a cameo in a movie called “Free Guy.” He said he’s looking for “anything and everything Hollywood.”

He is yet to sign with a streaming service

Since his departure from Microsoft’s Mixer upon it’s shut down some time ago, Ninja has been quietly streaming on YouTube. With no streaming deal in place as of now, he is enjoying the riches collected from his last run with Mixer.  He reportedly earned $30 million for his move from Twitch which was criticized by a lot of streamers. That salary is more than what most NBA players make or even NFL players. So, Ninja can easily manage to ride through the time while he awaits another opportunity. And while he’s looking for work in the glamour business, he’s told his fans that he won’t ever leave gaming. That is his first love and will continue to remain so. But looking for greener pastures is a human tendency. And fans aspire for him to make the most of what he’s been given.

Will it be a successful move?

Career moves like these are not uncommon in pop culture. Once you enter the realm of being a celebrity, a lot of these doors open up. But these shifts in career can also cause chaos in a person’s life. And although Ninja has an amazing crowd-pulling personality, it might not translate into acting and related fields. But he is sure to get a shot based on the accolades and celebrity status he has acquired over the years. Thus, we hope he finds a befitting job in Hollywood and has the same success that he received in the gaming world.

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Almost every player who has played enough Call of Duty: Warzone knows that helicopters in the game are extremely powerful. In terms of defense, helicopters are always remarkable, and their stunning speed enables the players to evade from a critical situation. It’s hard to mark a headshot on the player who is riding in a helicopter. However, helicopters are also considered as an offensive weapon that can mow down the players with its fast-spinning blades.

On Twitter, a player posted a video where he found himself on the opposite side of the helicopter. The helicopter was moving towards the player, and he was shooting with a sniper on the helicopter. The helicopter connected in and was about to knock down the player. When this type of situation happens, players usually don’t have any option to avoid damage, but in the video, something unusual happened. Whatever happened in the video was really shocking and surprising.

When the enemy’s helicopter flies away, the grounded player moves with it. He somehow managed to fix the flying helicopter and rest for a couple of seconds. He had some Warzone self revives for back up while riding on the right side of the helicopter.

Firstly, he managed to revive himself, and then he quickly marked the head of the pilot for a headshot. The pilot wasn’t aware of the situation. Later on, he takes control of the helicopter by winning. The video of the player is stunning; the way he hijacks the helicopter was an outstanding move. That might be the most epic helicopter hijackings in Call of Duty: Warzone, and the credit goes to his luck.

Now the only thing that comes to light after the incident is that players are suspecting it is some kind of glitch. It was unintentional from the player, yet he managed to revive himself and kill the pilot while stuck on the helicopter. There is no doubt that Call of Duty: Warzone has a number of glitches. Since the release of the game, players have seen several types of glitches, including “infinite pistol ammo.”

Call of Duty: Warzone is on its way to release their next Season, and players have lots of expectations from that. Self-reviving in a flying helicopter is not a part of the game. Any player who has seen the video on Twitter has considered it to be a glitch. No player can perform this type of activity intentionally.

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OnePlus has blown the international smartphone community with possibly its most fascinating smartphone yet. The OnePlus Nord is a less than $500 monster machine that comes with a very appropriate tagline; ‘Almost everything you could ask for.’ But the announcement excluded two major mobile phone markets, the USA and Canada.

Brilliantly designed, bitterly better than rest

The Chinese smartphone company has been making headlines ever since they announced the revolutionary smartphone. The makers have gone all out with this model, and on paper, it seems like nothing we’ve ever seen before. It boasts a handsome, 90 Hz AMOLED display and would be the first, would-be-5G phone. That means whenever the world is ready for 5G, Nord users will be at the forefront of that line. All of that at less than $500.

But one thing we didn’t see coming is that the US and Canada would not be receiving the new phone from OnePlus. As of yet, a beta promotional scheme has been announced for these North American countries, without any plans of launching it commercially. Under the beta version event, 50 people will receive the new amazing OnePlus Nord. These 50 people won’t own the phone but expected to send in feedback for the device. This is compulsory for everyone who receives a phone. Now at the end of the event, the company will inform you if you can keep the device after that.

Seems like a motivational trick

Although OnePlus did not disclose the details about who will get to keep the phones or on what basis, it seems like this is a ruse to get people to fill in the feedback judiciously. If people think they might not get to keep the phone, they will be motivated to send extensive feedback. This will increase the quality of input that OnePlus receives, and keep the reviewers on their toes since this isn’t a giveaway but a trial-testing of the market. The reviewers are expected to give detailed feedback about the use, comparing it to other devices, and testing the cameras. With many new features like 70 percent charging in 30 minutes and group selfie auto-detector, reviewers will have a fun time trying out Nord.

The new smartphone is causing ripple effects in the industry, since no phone before this one has had so much value in such an affordable price range. If you wish to sign up for the beta version test, the window is open till the 4th of August. So, head to the official OnePlus site to know more.

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It’s been a while since the arrival of Borderlands 3 still, it continues to acquire acclamation from the gamers. The game was quite rare and kind of new for players when it first showed up. Even though there were numerous first-person shooter genre video games available in the market at that time, it still managed to intrigue gamers. The game contains numerous weapons, grenades, shields, class mods, and artifacts. Even though these armaments are in large numbers, it is still hard for gamers to find them. Below we have provided a specific list of the best ten legendary farming locations in Borderlands 3.

Top Ten Legendary Farming Locations in Borderlands 3

  • Tom & Xam

The gamers who have played Borderlands 3 must be familiar with Tom & Xam. However, the players who have recently joined the game need to know about them. Therefore, these are among the infamous bosses of Borderlands 3 who came into existence during the second DLC invasion. Gamers who managed to beat them in the arena will be rewarded with a massive amount of armaments and other essential items. However, the real gimmick comes into play when players start killing only one of them and then escape the arena along with half reward.

  • Scraptrap Nest

It is another infamous arena of Borderlands 3, where gamers are thrust into a fight with multiple character symbiosis. The primary reason players must look up to this farming location is that during the fight, whenever gamers hit the boss, they will drop a legendary item or weapon.

  • Eista The Invincible

Eista is another dreaded boss of Borderlands 3’s world, and he is often considered the simplest one to fight. He first came into existence during the controversial Guns, Love, and Tentacle’s DLC. Similar to Scraptrap, there are numerous possibilities of massive drops during his battle.

  • Agonizer 9000

Precisely, Agonizer 9000 is one of the most straightforward bosses to fight in Borderlands 3. There are numerous vulnerabilities of Agonizer 9000 which gamers can look up.

  • Freddie

One of the most infamous bosses in Borderlands 3’s world is Freddie, the Traitor. The reason behind this popularity is the numerous legendaries that he drops during the fight. However, hundreds of minions keep on guarding him all the time.

  • Slaughter Shaft

Slaughter Shaft is yet one of the best farming locations discovered in Borderlands 3. This is the arena in which Boney runs the famous Circle of Slaughter tournament. These tournaments are sponsored by Mr. Torgue.

  • Maliwan Takedown

Gamers can easily access the Maliwan Takedown due to less security surveillance. There are merely two or three minions guarding the boss; players can easily manage them. Later on, the boss will show up, and then gamers need to slay him too.

  • Captain Traunt

Gamers across the globe are quite fond of Captain Traunt. The most obvious reason for that is his sheer power over other bosses. Captain Traunt is a complex character, who is sort of  souped up version of the enemies the players must have already encountered.

  • Gigamind

It takes a lot of kindness to be generous, and Gigamind is one of the Borderlands 3’s bosses who is full of it. Gigamind belongs to Meridian Metroplex, which is situated at the least distance from the farming location.

  • Graveward

Graveward is one of the initial bosses of the Borderlands 3. Gamers can easily fight with him, and during the fight, he will drop various legendaries. However, these legendaries are quite less in number.


Legendaries are one of the essential items in every game. Thus, in Borderlands 3, they also play a key role. Gamers can obtain the gaming experience of Borderlands 3 on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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Undoubtedly, Fortnite is one of the best battle royale video games. Weekly challenges, frequent events and new updates are the most significant perks that this game has been offering ever since it is released. Moreover, the game offers one of the best battle royal gameplay experiences. Although the battle royale gameplay experience depends upon its development, there are also specific skills that gamers must possess. One of the most essential abilities is to land on the best spot, below we have provided a proper list of all the best landing spots in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3.

Best Landing Spots in Fortnite

Since the inclusion of the new Season in Fortnite, most of its aspects are changed, including maps. The new map is known as a flooded map, and it contains various new locations. Thus, there is quite a lot available for gamers to explore. Some of the landing spots are either replaced or changed.

Best Landing Spots for High-Placing Games

Gamers who want to start the game with high-placing locations must need a place where several Chests are hidden alongside easy surveillance on the enemy.

Island West of Pleasant Park

The location is situated on the Northeast side of Sweaty Sands while from Pleasant Park, it is located on the west side. The island is undiscovered; thus, it hasn’t been named by anyone. Players need to navigate the island and visit solo there because the island contains limited resources such as only 8 Chests and two Whirlpools. There are several houses built on the island that also include enough Loot for one player.

Mountain Cabin

Gamers need to visit the South region of Catty Corner near a Snow Mountain Cabin. The area is full of Chests and other useful resources; thus, players can visit here solo or either with their squad. The Place is quite near to Choppa and gamers can also obtain it for further missions. The Catty Corner is situated on the hills; thus, players can easily detect any suspicious activity or trespassing without any problem. This location is full of Loot that includes Shields, health. Gamers need to land at the Mountain Cabin to take the acquisition of this Place.


Gamers need to start navigating towards the North section of The Authority, and after this, they have to visit the South region of Pleasant Park. Once they successfully reach there, then they have to start locating an old hut that is submerged partially into the water. Gamers can quickly determine this Place by first visiting the Deadpool Yacht, and the Cabin is orientated a couple of meters away on its left side. Once players have successfully found the hut, then they need to access it and start looking for Seafood restaurants sticks.

Best Landing Locations for Loot

There are numerous Loot vaults available in the world of Fortnite. Gamers need to know that with the best landing location, they can have early access to these loots. Below we have specifically illustrated each of them, here:

Rickety Rig

Although gamers will not find enough Loot Vaults near Rickety Rig, still it is considered as one of the best landing spots in Fortnite. The primary reason is that there are various islands, boats and Choppa near it. The Place is unknown for multiple gamers, and thus the player who will land there can gather enough Loot, essential items and vehicles from there. The location is also quite near Fortilla.


This Place is widely popular amongst gamers for its henchmen and loot vaults. The best landing spot is Easternmost structure and players can easily detect it with various solar panels orientated over it. Gamers will find various Chests that will be quite favorable for Ocean boss battle.

The Authority

Gamers need to land on the nearest island to The Authority Vault. Afterwards, they need to take control over Choppa. After that, players need to land the Choppa on the building located on the southern section of The Authority. Gamers need to beat the henchmen that are guarding the roof of the buildings, and each of them contains a tremendous amount of Loot, so knocking them off is necessary.


The article contains information about the best landing spots in Fortnite Season 3. In this article, we have talked about the best landing spots to obtain early access to Loot vaults. Fortnite can be played on iOS, Android, Switch, Xbox One, and PS4 devices.

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iTunes is one of the most efficient apps  for Apple users. It’s a useful tool for various purposes, especially iOS devices. It works as a media library, media player, mobile device management utility tool, and internet radio broadcaster app.

Sometimes iTunes users face several issues and end up with the error codes. Some iTunes issues are very frustrating. Errors -50 and -54 restrict the data from syncing and transferring. To fix this issue, read on ena dapply the solutions mentioned below:

Restarting iTunes

  • First of all, you have to ensure that the iOS device is properly attached to your PC.
  • Now, close the iTunes app.
  • Then, connect the system to iTunes once more and then try to sync all your files.
  • Finally, reboot the device.

Fixing iTunes Issues by Changing the Permissions Settings

  • Navigate to the Applications section.
  • Then, go to the utility tab and launch the Script Editor.
  • After that, you have to execute the undermentioned paths:
    • End_tell
    • Tell_application_Finder
  • Set each item of the particular folder “Music iTunes” related to home to false.

Alternatively, you may also use the terminal to troubleshoot iTunes error -54. To do so, pursue these instructions:

  • Launch Terminal.
  • Use any of the available paths:

Chmod_666_your file name.

Sudo_chgrp_staff_your file name

Sudo_chown_your username

Note: You may also try to fix this issue by turning off “FileVault” if you are using the same.

Updating iTunes

  • Firstly, launch the App Store on your Mac device.
  • Then, go to the Updates section.
  • Now, download the available updates related to iTunes.

Authorizing the Device

  • First and foremost, launch iTunes and ensure that you have properly logged into your Apple ID.
  • Then, choose Accounts and then hit the Authorizations tab.
  • After that, select the option “Authorize This Computer.”
  • After some time, you will find that the particular iTunes error is resolved.

Consolidating iTunes Library

  • First of all, you have to launch the iTunes app.
  • Then, go to the tab “Files.”
  • Now, press the Library section and then hit the Organize Library option.
  • Next, choose the option “Consolidate Files.”
  • Tap on OK to proceed.

Checking Your Files

  • First of all, you have to ensure that your third-party antivirus isn’t restricting any process of iTunes.
  • Now, try to synch multiple files at one time.
  • Then, remove and re-download the content or delete and then import it again.

It is recommended not to try to sync PDF files. You may also use Apple offered guidelines for troubleshooting errors like -54 for your iTunes.

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