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whatever it is. Round 1 is loaded with top-notch  NBA Live 18 Coins defensive talent Develop the right attitude about money You have to change the way you think about money. Remember money is not a master. Money is a tool. When you allow money to become master, you instantly become its slave. Nothing right happens when you have a wrong
relationship with money. If you’re only interested in going pro for the money, you won’t last on or off the field. You’ll get distracted by the things and people money draws. The NFL is a job. You have to love and respect the game to play it at a high level. It also comes with many uncertainties. You can go undrafted, drafted low, you can be cut, you can be injured and sidelined, or worse. Remember, NFL
 contracts are written in sand on a windy day. It can all blow away. Now is the time to start digging into who you are as a man and what kind of man you want to become. If you want the money to be famous or buy stuff, you won’t last. If you want to go pro to take care of your family forever, you and your money won’t last. No matter how much you love your uncle, he should not be your financial adviser.
 Find a reputable company with lots of capital that isn’t depending  Buy NBA Live 18 Coins on you as its sole client. Make sure he or she has a great history and integrity. Do your homework. Your accountant and your financial adviser should not be the same person. Diversify your needs. Find a financial advisor who will look out for your best interests above all and give you solid counsel on how to manage and save your money. NFL From redshirt to red carpet: Eli Apple’s mom on her son’s journey to NFL
HalotiNwith the team, the team announced. Defensive  NBA Live 18 Coins lineman Abry Jones has also signed a one-year tender to stay with the Jaguars, the team announced. The Jaguars signed defensive lineman MalikJackson to a six-year deal worth $90 million with $42 million guaranteed, the team announced. He will earn $45 million in
the first three years of the deal, with $31.5 million guaranteed. Chris Ivory signed a deal with the Jaguars worth more than $6 million annually, according to multiple reports. Punter BradNortmanwill sign a four-year deal with the Jaguars, according toRichEisenof Network. The Jaguars have signed safety TashaunGipson, according
 to Rapoport. The team announced MarcedesLewis will remain with the team until he retires.In 10 seasons, Lewis has caught 331 passes for 4,015 yards and 27 touchdowns for Jacksonville. The Jaguars announced that they have released running back Toby Gerhart. Kansas City Chiefs The Kansas City Chiefs and linebackerTambaHalihave reached an agreement on a three-year deal,accordingtoSchefter. He has played for Kansas City since 2006 and will most likely retire with the team after this new contract.
The Chiefs are finalizinga five-year deal with offensive tackle  Buy NBA Live 18 Coins Mitchell Schwartz, according to Schefter. Rapoport reports the deal is for five years. The Chiefs inked a two-year deal worth $12 million with defensive endJaye Howard. The Chiefs have re-signed linebacker Derrick Johnson. The terms of the deal have not yet been released. Los Angeles Rams The Rams signed defensive end William Hayes to a three-year deal with a maximum value of $21 million,

pre-draft fervor, but obviously an important  FIFA 18 Coins one nonetheless. And fortunately for the guard-needy teams out there, the 2017 class boasts at least a handful of prospects capable of stepping in early. At the top of that list is Feeney, an intelligent pass protector whose run-blocking footwork will have zone teams drooling. Johnson is more of a mauler. Dawkins is another on the list of prospects who could stick at tackle,

where he played in college. His perceived ability to be inside or outside will help his stock. Sleeper: Jordan Morgan. Playing tackle, he often dominated the lower-level competition he faced by using his athleticism and through-the-whistle edge. He’s nimble enough to be very intriguing as a pulling guard.2015 season: A look back at the 10 best games The Lombardi Trophy is safely in the hands of the Denver Broncos,

which means the 2015-16 season is officially behind us. But before we start making bold predictions and proclamations about 2016, let's stop and look back at some of this past season's most exciting moments. From Aaron Rodgers's Hail Mary to Bill Belichick's coin toss decision to Aaron Rodgers's other Hail Mary,

these were the ten best games of the season, listed in order  Buy FIFA 18 Coins of the most recent. Broncos fans: Order your SI Super Bowl 50 Commemorative Package now! AFC Championship Game: Broncos 20, Patriots 18 We were all fools for thinking the17th(and final?) meeting between Peyton Manning and Tom Brady would somehow fail to live up to the billing. The abides a lot of bad football, but its crown jewel quarterback

The NFL's concerns about depicting violent  FIFA Mobile Coins contact doesn't just pertain to the athletes. In its pursuit of authenticity, EA continues to enhance the peripheral aspects of the gamefor example, making the characters on the sidelines and in the crowd
 more lifelike and unique. Yet for every few steps forward, some backtracking needs to be done. "For a few years, we had the ability for coaches to be taken out," says a producer. "If you ran out of bounds and hit the coach, he would fall over. Same for the guys holding the first-down sticks. Eventually we changed it so they would step out of the waybut that wasn't a mandate from the league." Thedid draw a line this year
 at the inadvertent bowling-over of some lower-profile members of the sideline population: photographers. "For Madden 25, we created animations of sports photographers being taken out by players who go hurtling out-of-bounds," says a different producer. "But we weren't able to include them in the final product. That wasn't
 an area of the game that the league wanted to  Buy FIFA Mobile Coins highlight."By Brian Rauf, Chat Sports Week 8 of theseason kicked off on Thursday night with the Tennessee Titans moving to 4-4 on the season with a 36-22 win over the Jacksonville Jaguars. Despite speculation, Jaguars owner
force an incompletion. Steelers 27, Saints 14  NBA Live Mobile Coins Pittsburgh: Preseason stardom comes with no guarantee of translating over to the regular season. Still, second-year receiver Eli Rogers looks every bit like a player Ben Roethlisberger could come to rely on once the games matter. Rogers made two more catches for 17
 yards Friday, continuing a strong preseason. Ten of those yards came on a third-and-10 conversion, with Rogers making a terrific hands catch despite having New Orleans CB De’Vante Harris draped all over him. Plays like that will go a long way toward earning Roethlisberger’s trust. New Orleans: An emphasis for Willie Snead this
 season, off a surprising 69-catch rookie year, is being more productive from over the middle of the field. His play against Pittsburgh was off the charts there, a hint that Snead may be in for even better things in 2016. Snead made a tough catch near midfield with a linebacker trailing him in coverage, then later one-upped
 himself with an acrobatic touchdown grab that came as three Steelers  Buy NBA Live Mobile Coins converged on him. Buccaneers 30, Browns 13 Cleveland: The Cleveland defense was torched while the first-teamers were out there, so it’s a little undeserved to spotlight a player off that unit. And yet, rookie safety
 You can visit to our website
 He still felt like a basketball player attempting to nba coins master a second sport. BURKE:draft Big Board, ranking the top 100 prospects in 2016 To catch up, Doctson hit the weight room in earnest. It was no quick fix, and as his scout-team year wore on he questioned his decision. He was at TCU, where tuition would be
 covered with or without football. This isn't for everybody, he would think after his worst practices. After his best, he'd remind himself: Four more years. You can do four more years. You love this. So he stayed. But Doctson wasn't content to lift weights and hope that would eventually even the playing field. Instead, he figured the best way to improve would be to get inside the heads of the players charged with stopping him. Doctson turned to TCU's defensive backsin particular Jason Verrett, whom
 the Chargers picked in the first round of the 2014draft, and Kevin White, who signed with the Falcons as an undrafted free agent last springto pick their brains. Verrett says Doctson wanted to know every element of what makes a receiver elusive in the eyes of a cornerback. Speed, vision, cuts and separationhe resolved to work
 on all of them. He also overhauled his nutrition, cutting out the soda and  Buy nba coins fast food that had always been staples of his diet. By the end of his first year at TCU, Doctson felt more comfortable. He'd become a leader on the scout team, a receiver who could go toe to toe with starting corners. Still, after missing a season in accordance with NCAA transfer rules, he wondered if he'd ever be an impact player for the Horned Frogs. After the 2012 campaign, at TCU's annual
production on a weekly basis, but even the threat of  MUT Coins a deep ball bumps Denver beyond where it was with Peyton Manning at the helm last season. Tampa Bay can be a big-play offense, too ... and it almost has to be right now given the state of its run gameDoug Martin remains sidelined and the Bucs have not rushed for
100 yards any week this season. Mike Evans vs. Aqib Talib/Chris Harris might be the best showdown of Week 4. Watchability index 7. Tampa Bay is capable of springing the upset. It’s equally capable of a total implosion, as was the case at Arizona in Week 2. Drew Brees has played the Chargers twice
 but never in San Diego since he signed with the Saints 10 years ago. He should be extra motivated, and he draws a Chargers’s defense that is allowing 322 passing yards per game, third worst in the . But how much can Brees do on his own? Philip Rivers has used his offense’s short-passing attack to post a 69% completion rate without an interception this season. The Saints’s battered, porous defense also has to deal with a resurgent Melvin Gordon, who will try to rebound from a tough Week 3 in Indianapolis.
 On the road, across the country, against a very good offense, the  Buy MUT Coins Saints are up against it. Call this pick a gut feeling. Watchability index 8, or 2. It depends on how you felt about Week 3’s action. Did the Chargers’s wild finish with Indianapolis or the Saints’s Monday night shootout vs. Atlanta do it for you? If so, more of the same is on tap. The Rookie Mom Finding laughter amid a week of loss and lessons learned
one of the first drills they did was the  Madden Coins vertical leap. But in this version they leaped from a force plateessentially a high-tech bathroom scale installed in the gym floorthat measures the ground reaction force of an athlete until his feet leave the force plate. Standing on the flat gray rectangle at Menlo Park last month, Barber stretched his bulging arms above his head; his biceps, tattooed in Samoan art and
 the initials WSU, popped through a black sleeveless Cougs hoodie as he stared at the countdown clock in front of him. At zero he dropped into a crouch, swung his arms downward and exploded back up. Before he had even touched down, a screen flashed his jump height 52 centimeters. Knowing his weight and the force he applied to the ground, Sparta could accurately predict how high his center of
 mass will move before gravity pulls him back down. The combine's most disastrous 40-yard dash ever? A year ago, Chris Jones took it in stride Barber jumped five more times, and Sparta averaged the best three to create a simple movement signature represented by three columns on a bar chart load, explode and drive. (Load is the average rate of force change through the plate as the athlete crouches
 and prepares to jump; explode is the rate of force  Buy Madden Coins change as he begins to move upward; and drive is the total upward impulseforce multiplied by timehe obtains before his feet leave the plate.) Instead of raw measurements, the columns are scaled so the players can be compared against others in Sparta’s database. According to Sparta, the desired combination of scores will vary depending on a player's football position,
making him directly responsible for his team’s  NFL Coins deficiency. As a certain President-Elect would say, ‘Not very MVP like!’ (Too soon?) Side note Anquan Boldin has been a HUGE boost for Stafford and the Lions, somewhat reminiscient of the safety blanket thatBoldin became for Joe Flacco in the playoffs. Derek Carr Carr’s
 candidacy all but vanished Thursday night when he put up a stinker against Kansas City in the biggest game of his career to date. He completed 17 of 41 passes, good enough for a passer rating of 49.1, and the Raiders promptly dropped from the No. 2 to the No. 5 seed. The Chiefs are as daunting as it gets
 for opposing quarterbacks, but still, Carr has had trouble stringing together many back-to-back MVP-worthy performances, and his stats have been too pedestrian to warrant a trophy. Tom Brady Brady is currently ranked No. 27 in passing yards, obviously the ramification of a four-game suspension. but he’s averaging over
300 passing yards per game and has been more flawless than not. But  Buy NFL Coins there is something a little salacious about handing the MVP to someone who was suspended for four games. And I’ll go there; the Patriots were 3–1 without him. Brissett? Brady? Does it really matter who’s under
They’re fifth in the league with 18 sacks  Madden Coins and have allowed the seventh-fewest rushing yards per game. Thatmakes them a particular brand of challenging for the Colts and their offensive line that can’t keep Andrew Luck upright. The Colts have seen their quarterback sacked a league-high 23 times. The Titans are likely to force the Colts intomore than their fair share of obvious passing situations,
and it’s the home team that will have the advantage when that occurs. This is an excellent DFS defensematchup at an affordable price. DraftKings lineup: QB: Andy Dalton RB1: DeMarcomurray RB2: Devonta Freeman WR1:mike Evans WR2:michael Crabtree WR3: Jamison Crowder TE: Hunter Henry FLEX: Spencer Ware DST: Tennessee Titans FanDuel lineup: QB: Andy Dalton RB1: Spencer Ware RB2: Jacquizz Rodgers WR1: A.J. Green WR2: Allen Robinson WR3:michael Crabtree TE: Hunter Henry K: Steven
Hauschka DST: Tennessee Titans Andrew Perloff The backup running backs are invading and it causes a DFS dilemma because you know everyone is playing Jacquizz Rodgers and/ormike Gillislee in a few of their lineups. You’re not going to win with them alone, so if you go that route you better hit on your high-priced guys.
Quarterback Kirk Cousins (DraftKings: $5,900, FanDuel: $7,300) at  Buy Madden Coins Detroit If Rams quarterback Case Keenum can light up the Lions, Cousins should have his way. He hasn’t thrown for huge yards this season, but thismore of a bet against Detroit’s pass defense. Alternate In addition to Cousins lineups, I’ll also have plenty of exposure tomatt Ryan ($7,200 DraftKings, $8,700 FanDuel).
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