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Eva helps you increase your Amazon revenues and reduce operational costs. Maximizing profits of Amazon Sellers, Brands, and Agencies by connecting all

eCommerce data points and delivering powerful, actionable insights.

Get Quality Amazon services from Professional Amazon Seller AI Platfrom. Eva is created for Amazon sellers by Amazon sellers, Hai Mag and Barry Guze. Amazon

marketplace is crowded with several thousand sellers in each category, and it is hard to find success.


Brands / Private Label Pricing

Repricer for Resellers

Sales and Profit Analytics



Amazon Store Management

Amazon PPC Management

Warehouse as a Service

Returns Management

Hai Mag

Co-Founder / CEO

Hai is an eCommerce Entrepreneur, Growth Leader, and Investor with experience in North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. He is passionate about building businesses

from 0 to $1B ARR. He loves resilience, passion, hard work, and compassion. Before Eva, during his 20+ years of experience, Hai worked in various executive roles in

Silicon Valley-based startup companies and as Oracle Vice President Responsible for $1B Business.

Barry Guze

Co-Founder / CXO

Barry is co-founder and CXO at Eva and has deep experience in technology, eCommerce, and Amazon retail. Barry is passionate about building Digital Commerce products

that combine his knowledge with Game Theory and Artificial Intelligence and drive growth and profitability for users. Before starting Eva, he worked with

individuals, businesses, organizations, and agencies to develop and implement effective strategies for internet-based sales, with a specialization in the Amazon

sales platform, eBay, and Walmart.


Join hundreds of successful sellers who trust Eva across 18 Amazon marketplaces.

Find out Professional business plans writer in UK for All necessary content written for your business plan. Comprehensive market research, Projected cash flow forecasts and profit and loss accounts. Additional business advice and guidance if needed. Contact me today to plan for  your business success.

I provide a bespoke and professional business plan writing service for both new and established companies across the UK.

My specialist service includes:

All necessary content written for your business plan

Comprehensive market research

Projected cash flow forecasts and profit and loss accounts

Additional business advice and guidance if needed

Business Plans

Plan for your business success…

I have one goal – to help you get the finance you need. My business plan consultancy service does just that.

Business Success

The Business Plan Writer gets results…

Last year alone, clients achieved 95% success securing funds from as little as £3,000 to over £3.5 million in investment.

Tier 1 Business Plans

Professional Tier 1 visa business plans...

Since 6 April 2015, all Tier 1 visa applications require a business plan. Here's how I can help...

Find Out More → by visting my website Thank You.

In 2020 alone, my professionally written business plans have already helped clients secure funds from as little as £30,000 to over £3.5 million in investment. 

To date I have helped clients raise over £175 million in finance. Here is feedback from just some of the many clients I have worked with to date.

Accelerator Management SoftwareIncubators Startup Hubs. Create a group account for Business Incubators, Accelerators, Small Business Hubs or investors to 

be able to sponsor a group of companies to utilise the software, to ensure that they are employing best practices in governance and accountability. 

Please visit our website & Start with a 14-day FREE trial - no credit card needed. Thank You.

Promote Best Practice

Give the start-ups under your care the best change of success with the best in industry tools for regular business management and reporting.

Real Time Reporting

Say goodbye to month-end reports and long meetings, easily pull put reports for any on your businesses in real-time.

What Skhokho can do for Small Business Incubators and Enterprise Supplier Development (ESD) Programs?

Create a dashboard and reporting system for a group of Businesses in one place. Skhokho can combine the power of cloud based software, with intergrations  and reporting capability to provide a 360degee view of your business clusters.

Empower and Promote

Mentor and Guide

Monitor your Investment

Progress Reporting

Visit our website and get answer of these Most frequently Asked Questions:

How can I get started with a Sponsorship account?

How many businesses can you add to your sponsorship account?

What features does the Sponsorship App have?

What is the process of sponsoring businesses?

How does the Sponsorship billing work?

Can I change my mind and withdraw my sponsorship?

A complete company business management software.

Packaged with everything your company needs to manage Objective Key Results, HR files, Team Tasks, Customer Information,

Client Invoices, Project Milestones and Tasks and Sales CRM. Please visit our website & Start with a 14-day FREE trial - no credit card needed. Thank You.

#1 Odor Removal and Disinfection Service with Ozone in Orange County, CA. Discover Discover odor removal, At PrOzone Clean, we specialize in fast and affordable Odor Removal/Elimination and Sanitizing/Disinfection for your Home (House, Apartment), Car, RV, Boat, in Orange County*Carlsbad*Oceanside*Vista. CA., At PrOzone Clean, we specialize in fast and  affordable odor removal/Elimination and Sanitizing/Disinfection for your Home (House, Apartment), Car, RV, Boat, in Orange County*Carlsbad*Oceanside*Vista. CA.

We have the most powerful Ozone Generators.

Odor Removal and Sanitizing Service

with Ozone Treatment: 

Cigarette, Cigar, Pipe Smoke

Marijuana Smoke

Fire Damage

Skunk Odor/Smell

Pet Odors and Urine Smells

Cooking Odors

Mold/Mildew Odor

Dead Animal Smell

Most Germs and Viruses


Interior Auto Detailing:


Complete Clean and Detail Interior and Shampoo of Carpets, Mats and Upholstery

Leather Cleaning and Conditioning

Fabric and Carpet Protection

Clean Windows

Ozone Is Food Safe, FDA & USDA Approved And Certified Organic

Let Prozone Clean Help You!


 CALL US NOW  (949) 245-1929


Explore Houston motorcycle accident lawyer- It is ironic that the very reason for riding a motorcycle can be so exhilarating is also the reason motorcycle accidents can be so disastrous. For it is your freedom from a car’s “cage” that makes you so vulnerable in an accident. If you or a loved one are injured in a motorcycle crash in Houston or anywhere in Texas, then you need an experienced lawyer. 

Motorcycle Injuries

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported surprising motorcycle accident statistics in 2016. They stated that motorcyclist fatalities occurred nearly 28 times more frequently than passenger vehicle fatalities in accidents involving both cars and motorcycles. In fatal collisions between cars and motorcycles, the motorcycle rider or passenger dies in 98 percent of the time. While the driver or passenger in the automobile loses his or her life in only 2 percent of the time. 

The most common factors in motorcycle accidents include:

*Failing to wear protective gear

*Harassment and road rage

*Road defects (potholes, broken asphalt)

*Vehicle defects

*Inexperienced riders or drivers


*Alcohol & drugs

*Distractions (texting, talking on a cell phone, eating)

*Weaving in and out of traffic

The OctoFrost IQF Freezer is well-known for creating complex and unique aerodynamics due to a number of its key features. The unique bedplate configuration, the overall freezer design and shape, and the high-performance fans with frequency converters – all contribute to a high-quality IQF shrimp result. Due to the OctoFrost high-performance fans fitted with frequency converters, the airflow can be adjusted for each freezing zone to achieve best energy efficiency and optimal airflow for different product types. Without needing more than 75% – 85% fan speed, for some light product the speed does not exceed 30%, considerable energy savings are achieved. The OctoFrost™ custom-made axial vane fans have been carefully designed to work together with the OctoFrost™ Freezer body and bedplate. Also, by investing in a smaller compressor, the OctoFrost IQF Freezer has less heat to cool down and thus the fans consume even less energy.

OctoFrost™ IQF tunnel Freezer is designed as an easily accessible monoblock unit with rounded corners and sloping surfaces for easy and efficient cleaning. Easily exchangeable and cleaned outside the freezer, the bedplates decrease downtime without compromising food safety. In combination with an effective Clean-In-Place (CIP) system, it helps processors maintain high food safety standards. The free-standing monoblock housing allows thorough cleaning under the freezer as well.


Natural Appearance

Optimal airflow and the unique exchangeable bedplates of the OctoFrost IQF Freezer ensure gentle handling and good separation of the products, in all stages of the freezing process, even with extremely sensitive products. The end result is a premium product with a natural appearance.

Energy Efficiency

Using the OctoFrost Individual Quick Freezing technology, the total energy savings are substantial, due to the frequency converters installed on each fan. This means that the food processor can adjust the speed of the fans based on the type of the product frozen. Furthermore, this setup requires less refrigeration in order to cool down the heat produced by the fans. The total energy savings can reach up to 20 – 30%.

High Yield 

Complex and optimal aerodynamics that can be achieved in the OctoFrost IQF tunnel reduce the dehydration of the IQF products and prevent snow formation in the freezer. Lower product dehydration translates into higher profitability for the food processor. Furthermore, the products will maintain their natural volume, shape, and color to be sold at a premium price.

Food Safety

The OctoFrost IQF tunnel Freezer is designed as an easily accessible monoblock unit, with rounded corners and sloping surfaces. The bedplates can be exchanged with ease for efficient cleaning, minimizing the risk of cross-contamination between different product batches. OctoFrost provides food safety in combination with an efficient Clean-in-Place (CIP) system.

Discover physical therapy Richardson if you are looking for physical therapy services in Richardson? OneRehab multispecialty clinic is the best. We design  physical therapy exercises to help you recover from various physical injuries and medical procedures. Additionally, we offer practical information to educate  you about your condition. The info ensures you go safely through physical and occupational therapy exercises.

Our customized physical therapy program in Richardson helps patients return to their original physical fitness. It also encourages physical activities resulting  in lifestyle changes, thus helping prevent further injuries and increase general wellbeing.

Benefits of Physical Therapy in Richardson

Your doctor may have recommended physical therapy if you have orthopedic conditions, injuries, or are recovering from surgery. This form of treatment is ideal for improved mobility, thus increasing functionality. As certified
 and experienced physical therapists in Richardson, we provide training exercises that improve your general health and offer numerous benefits.

 Physical therapy in Preventative Treatment  

Our multispecialty rehab in Richardson is well-equipped to help in improving cardiovascular health. The physical health program helps decrease the resting heart rate, 
blood pressure, and other conditions, thus reducing cardiovascular risk factors.

Get more info like:
Prevention of Injuries and Chronic Conditions
Using Physical Therapy for Recovery and Rehabilitation
Physical Therapy to Prevent Surgery
Physical Therapy to Manage other Health Conditions
Improving heart functions

Richardson physical therapy helps patients facing various health conditions. People experience pain, injuries, or deformities at all stages of life. In cases where  you have limited daily activities, physical therapy exercises help in increasing frequency and function. Please click here to get more information. Thank You.
Our skilled Richardson physical therapists assess your joint mobility, flexibility, strength, and muscle tone to identify weakness and imbalances leading to  tissue breakdown. This helps us create training exercises designed to prevent any impairments.

It is a usual thing for a product to gain feedback from the one who had availed it. The user is the only one who could give a reliable testimony on how the product worked. This testimony is called a product review.

A lot of video games are available in the market industry. These matches have various prices. The price of each game relies on the quality, brand, and popularity of the product. The more popular the playoff is, the more it has high price value.

For new products, who have not yet gained popularity because they were just released in the market, they are usually sold with low price values. It is difficult for people to buy products from not well brands, thus there are people who would go for those old brands who have already gained good reputations in the market industry. However, there are still people who are willing to take a risk, and try for new products to discover more high quality products.

When it comes to video playoffs, the concept of pricing products is still the same that is why manufacturers of new video matches used to offer trial versions just to introduce their products to people. Offering trial versions is also an effective form of marketing because those who became interested during the free trials would certainly avail their products.

The customers will tend to share their feedback regarding the products they availed. In order to share their testimonies to a huge number of people, they will make product reviews and post them on the internet. They usually post their reviews to websites that are promoting the products. There are some people who would really make sites to put their reviews.

Product reviews could really help in product promotions. Creating products reviews is a form of advertising the product. Good reviews could uplift the product reputation, which could drive more customers. A product will become more popular when it is constantly receiving positive products reviews. This is the reason why, video games are not stagnant products, they are the products that are regularly updated as technologies are constantly changing. Video games continue to improve in order to meet the expectations of customers. All the improvements of these playoffs can be seen in product reviews, as well as the benefits of these improvements. Indeed, products reviews could help potential buyers to decide what would be the right products to buy.

Click to the Anchor text and visit the website to guide you figure out how to solve the cube escape seasons​​​ puzzle by rusty lake ! The Videos give that site to show you how to complete chapter 1 and 2 .In addiction , you can find the achievements and secrets ending !

Create an impressive CV Get a quality job

FreeC provides a simple, effective & free CV creation tool.

Why use freeC's Online CV feature?

All free

Easy to customize & work with CV without charge.

Enter information 1 time

After entering the information, you just need to choose a CV template (or use the default template).

Diversity of CV templates

There are more than 10  mẫu cv online (online CV templates) suitable for many subjects and industries.

Easy to download and share

Easy to download or you can share the link to your CV.

Create a CV quickly with just 3 steps

To tạo cv online  (create cv online) on freeC, you can follow these steps:

Method 1:

Step 1: Sign in

Step 2: At the CV Management page → Select Edit CV Online

Step 3: Update the information on the CV in the left part

Step 4: Change your favorite CV Template by selecting Change CV Template

Method 2: Once you are logged in and select Apply for a specific job.

Step 1: Select Create CV to apply

Step 2: Update the information you want to display on your CV

Step 3: Check your complete CV before clicking Apply button .

Explore Turath Design we sellhandcrafted heritage products from the ancient land of Egypt .

Egyptian artesian masterfully weave the finest strands of cotton to produce our range of authentic products, which we proudly bring to you. Please visit our website to discover our our range and let history decorate your home.

Turath Design is dedicated to the preservation of the age -old art of weaving and embroidery .

Each of our pieces goes through a diligent process that encompasses spin , weave, dye, and embroidery , cut to pieces then hand stitched by the finest artesian whose craft has been passed down from generation to generation .

Turath Design is a family owned business with Egyptian roots .. It a cultural bridge which connects people across the globe to masterful craft of local artisans in Egypt , helping to spread and sustain centuries of traditional techniques and preservation of a truly fine heritage. Turath Design also works constantly with unprivileged communities to support causes such as women's empowerment, children education, art and crafts training centres and the social welfare of its artisans.

Click here and shop by category:

Cushion covers

Table runners

Table covers

Wall appliqué

Authentic handmade products. Discover our range and let history decorate your home.

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