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Acne and pimples treatment Bedok Boy, did I learn a valuable lesson (or two). I thought finding the best facial cleanser would be easy, but I couldn't of been more wrong! I must of tried at least 20 different facial cleansers before I found one that gave me the results I was looking for. But i guess there was an upside to trying so many products- I have become what you could call "expert" in facial care. I'd like to share with you some valuable tips that will help you find the best facial cleanser (and hopefully in way less tries as it took me).

#1. Stay away from big name brand products. Ever notice how big skin care companies hire famous celebrities and beautiful supermodels to promote their products? These people are what SELL the product, not the quality of the product. The truth is these companies would rather pay these people millions of dollars to be their spokesperson rather than invest that money into the development of their products. If they did this, they sure would have much higher quality products than they do now.

#2. The best facial cleansers are made with all natural and organic ingredients. These are the type of ingredients that work in synergy with and are readily available to the skin. The fact is the best facial cleanser will not contain any synthetic ingredients, chemicals, toxins, or other substances that can potentially harm your skin. These are the kind of ingredients companies with cheap, low quality products resort to so they can use smaller price tags to appeal to more customers.

#3. Don't look for the best facial cleanser at your local drug store or department store. This is where all the cheap, low quality products end up! Do you think that these stores would make any money if their shelves were jam-packed with expensive products? People go to these stores to get good deals, not high end products. If you want to find yourself the best facial cleanser, then do what you're doing now- research online! This way, you can look over each product's website and find out what kind of ingredients they use, why they use them, and what kind of skincare philosophy they believe in.

#4 Stay away from facial cleansers that contain mineral oils. There are literally hundreds of facial cleansers on the market containing mineral oils, for the simple fact that they're cheap! Sounds like a good ingredient, right? Well the truth is they clog up your pores and prevent your skin from breathing. This prevents your skin from naturally eliminating harmful toxins, and can also lead to acne flareups, chapping, and dryness.

#5 Avoid facial cleansers that contain a fragrance. All fragrances are made up of chemicals and toxins. Does it really make sense to apply these kind of things to your skin topically? You're better off using a spray or two of perfume, cologne, or bodyspray and if you can, spray it on your clothes.

Now you have about 2 years worth of experience testing facial cleansers under your belt. Your goal? Start utilizing these tips when looking for the best facial cleanser, and your chances of finding that best facial cleanser will be pretty good.

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