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What are custom hair extension boxes?

Hair extension is actually artificial hair. Today the modern world those girls who have short hair but they like long hair than they used artificial hair to fulfill their desire. Same as for long, curly, and short hair. Hair extension increases the beauty of women because hair is part of the face. Hair extensions are of shiny and thick hair. Custom hair extension packaging is used as a protection of these artificial hairs. Custom hair extension boxes present your hair extension boxes in a beautiful way. Actually, hair extension is used to beautify the girl's look.

Box style can use for custom hair extension

Custom hair extension boxes are of different styles. We offer you a variety of styles in custom hair extension boxes. Hair extension boxes are of different types such as micro link hair extension, micro bead hair extensions, loops hair extensions, weave hair extension, tape hair extension, and pre-bonded or fusion hair extension. Custom hair extension boxes also called custom wig extension boxes.

Range of material for custom hair extension packaging

Custom hair extension boxes can be used as high-quality material. We will not be compromised with quality. We used cardboard material, corrugated material, and Kraft paper. Cardboard material is easy to carry the weight of the product. Custom hair extension boxes are of different style such as five-panel hanger, hanger product holder, bowl sleeve boxes, and straight tuck end with customizable window. Customizable window end boxes have to die-cut boxes which help the customer in the selection of hair extension because hair extension is of different color and different hair styles of artificial hair.

The standard size of custom hair extension boxes

Custom hair extension boxes are available in different sizes. Actually, hair extension boxes depend upon the product that packed in it. Because hair extension is available in all sizes and designs. We print your logo and brand name on boxes. It leaves a positive impact on the customer's mind.

Possible color printing for hair extension packaging

The customer likes the attractive and eye-catching color printing. Custom hair extension boxes have an expert design team that design your hair extension boxes in a beautiful way with free of cost. Dull and plain packaging does not like the customer. And they don’t like to purchase such a product. Actually, customization is the secret of a successful business. A customer likes those products which are present in amazing packaging.

Why we are the best custom hair extension box manufacture?

Custom hair extension protects the hair extension from the environmental pollution that may damage your hair extension. We print all the necessary information on the boxes that leaves a good impression on the customer's mind. We use biodegradable material for packaging. We surely fulfill our customer demand. Customer satisfaction is our first priority. We offer you free shipping without any hidden charges. You can deliver your product on only one bill. we can deliver Custom Boxes within 5 to 6 days. 


Eyes are one of the most important part of body. Before talking about  custom eye shadow packaging lets dig into few deatails.Today world every young lady wants to be perfect. Those young lady which have not enough thick and shinny eye shadow then they use artificial eye shadow. These artificial eye shadow are much thick and shinny and gives naturally look. Eyes play important role in the beauty of face. That’s why women’s can do anything to look gorgeous. By the use of eye shadow eyes look beautiful, big, and attractive. eye shadow are actually cosmetic brand. Cosmetic brand need extra care and extra attractive or eye-catching packaging. Custom eye shadow boxes can protect the eye shadow from external harmful factor that may damaged the product packed inside.

One of the most experienced box printers

Custom eye shadow box have expert printing team. We can print your eye shadow boxes in excellent way. Eyes are incomplete without a thick, long and shinny eye shadow. We print billion of custom eye shadow boxes. We have expert and intelligent team which print your custom eye shadow boxes in such way what you want. Selection of perfect eye shadow is difficult task for a woman. In cosmetic industry women are attract by the beautiful or eye-catching packaging. The competition between cosmetic brands is too high in market today. Each company tries to show some new thing in market. Cosmetic industry young lady will attract by the glorious printing, marvelous design, alluring coating, and long lasting material. Your demand of eye shadow products increase in market due to only custom eye shadow packaging.

Why you should talk about eye shadow boxes

Custom eye shadow boxes give fully protection to your eye shadow that’s why custom eye shadow boxes are customer first choice. That packaging which is dull, never likes by the customer or the customer ignore them. We design your custom boxes in uniquely. We give you variety of unique ideas or you have billion options in the selection of eye shadow packaging. Beautiful packaging develops interest in the customer as buy the product and uses it. Mostly girls buy cosmetic brand only by attract the packaging. So that the product come one of the best product in the cosmetic industry. Thick, long and shiny black eye shadow can change your look from zero to hundred in only one second. That’s why protection of eye shadow is necessary thing.

What is so special about eye shadow boxes?

In custom eye shadow boxes your eye shadow is 100% secure. We gives you various design, size and layouts. Custom eye shadow boxes are strong enough to carry the weight of your product. We also gives you option in materials, colors, coating, printing, PVC window, embossing, degassing, and foiling. You can also print your logo, brand name, and company name. These logo and brand name can play role to raise your brand name in market and make your product best in cosmetic industry. 

Get your custom eye shadow boxes from Go To Boxes

We offer you high quality custom eye shadow boxes. We will not be compromise with the quality. Custom boxes offer you special discount in large order. You can deliver your order in only one bill.

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