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Candle boxes are handy to secure the delicacy and beauty of candles. Candle boxes also increase the lifetime of products packed inside these boxes. PackagingNinjas, give an innovative look to your candles and provide a considerable number of candle boxes at wholesale. Stylish candle packaging adores the look of your candles and gets the attention of the broad audience. Buy a wide range of candle boxes from our site within your budget.


Custom Candle Boxes And Packaging

We are manufacturing innovative custom candle boxes and packaging, which gives a creative and beautiful look to your candles. Custom candle boxes are sturdy, and candles remain safe in these boxes. Custom candle boxes protect candles from moisture, heat, and breakage. These boxes fix the candles inside it and prevent them from crushing. We make sure the capacity of candle boxes beforehand over them to clients.


Candles are very delicate and need a good packaging for safety. Our custom candle packaging is the best choice for the shipping of candles. Custom candle packaging is designed so accurately that it can maintain the delicacy of candles. It also plays a core part to enhance the visibility of your brand. Custom candle packaging with windows give an alluring look to your products and improve your store's look.

Benefits of Custom Candle Display Box

There are many benefits of custom candle display boxes. Display candle boxes enhance the visual and useful for the marketing of your products. Display candle boxes are an effective solution for the presentation of candles. Our custom display candle boxes are an excellent choice for your store where you present candles. These custom display candle boxes enhance the visibility of your products. When the product profile improves similarly, it results in an increase in the number of consumers for your candles. These boxes give a creative look to candles and grab the attention of consumers. These boxes are gorgeous, that even candle boxes can be used as gift boxes.

Our boxes are made up of the most beautiful material, which increases the look of your store when you display candles in these boxes. Moreover, these boxes make display attractive. Candle boxes with windows have a high demand because they are very beneficial in increasing customers' attention.

Stock Used For Custom Candle Boxes Wholesale

We don't compromise on the quality of packaging we provide to ou consumers. Therefore we use the best quality of stock used for custom candle boxes wholesale. We use eco-friendly material to manufacture candle boxes wholesale.  The quality of packaging reflects the quality of your products. We have specialized workers who maintain and check the quality of candle boxes wholesale. Suppose they notice any low-quality candle boxes wholesale it is rejected by our team, and it is not delivered to the consumers. We use eco-friendly material and prevent surroundings from pollution, so our candle boxes wholesale not only protect your delicate and beautiful candles but also ensure the protection of the environment. The stock we use for making candle boxes wholesale is biodegradable, and they don't pollute the environment.  So always prefer to buy candle boxes wholesale that are not only good for your product but also having a good impact on the surroundings. Due to the use of the finest material and quality packaging, these boxes leave a long-lasting impression on the consumer's mind, and they like to revisit your store.candle-box-021

Why Choose PackagingNinjas as a Custom Candle Packaging Supplier?

When people come to know about our company, this question rises in their minds that why to choose PackagingNinjas as a custom candle packaging supplier. There are different reasons due to which you should choose our company for candle packaging. We know that you are conscious about your brand name; therefore, we provide custom candle packaging that promotes your name. You can get a variety of candle packaging just on one click. Secondly, one of the positive points is that we are not demanding any extra charges as a delivery fee. Candle packaging is the best for delivering your candles, so we advise you to buy your candle packaging from our company. Visit go to boxes and grab your favorite candle packaging.


What are custom Hair Extension boxes?

Hair Extension is actually a cosmetic product used to protect hairs from humidity and wind. It is made up of several natural or artificial compounds. It’s not only used by women’s buts in today's modern world men are also using Hair Extension. Because today by the increasing of time every person wants to look more and more gorgeous. Cosmetic products need extra care so that custom Hair Extension boxesare your best choice. Hair Extension is present in different forms such as gel form, powder, and liquid. The size and shape of custom Hair Extension boxes depend upon the product or Hair Extensionthat is packed in it. Custom Hair Extension boxesprovide your product full protection. Today in the market there are thousands of brands that are trying their best to promote their Hair Extension brand. The only big difference between these brands is the packaging. Perfect packaging is the key to your successful business. Customers ignore Dull and muddy packaging products. 

Design your own custom Hair Extension boxes

Custom Hair Extension boxes design your Hair Extension boxes in a different size, shapes, and crafts. We choose the best color scheme for printing or we print your custom boxes with decent color. Your Custom Hair Extension boxes look more energetic and vigorous from your product. Most customers do not take an interest in the history of the product, they just read some important highlights that are mentioned on the custom Hair Extension boxesand make a decision to buy the product. Custom Hair Extension boxesnot only give protection to your product but also help a lot in the promotion of your brand, by the attractive or high-quality packaging. Today in the market thousands of brands are working to compete with each other but custom Hair Extension boxesare with you to complete with this target. Our expert and intelligent designer know the market position. We design your custom boxesin an amazing way and best quality. 

Customize your custom Hair Extension in a unique manner

Women are much conscious about their hairs. So that they use different products such as Hair Extension that gives a shiny appearance in hair. When they enter in market lady likes that product which has an amazing outlook. Custom Hair Extension boxescan be customizing your custom boxes in dashing or decent style. 

 Get free shipping on custom Hair Extension boxes

Packaging Ninja offers you special discounts that you cannot get from anywhere else. The big advantage of buying custom boxes from us is that we will cover all the charges such as manufacturing, designing, styling, printing, finishing, logo printing, and anyone else in only one bill. You cannot be paid a single penny extra. offer you a special discount at a wholesale rate without compromising on quality. If you are worried about the shipment charges then you need to not worry, custom boxes offer you free shipping without any hidden charges. We deliver the product at your doorstep all over the Us and Canada.

Soap was first made by Babylonians out of fats of dead animals which they used to boil.  Egyptians made soap by mixing oil with salt and various other herbs. Using soap was uncommon before the 1700s before which soap was used by rich people or before performing religious rituals. The most important development in soap was made when people started importing exotic ingredients from Africa and Asia. By mixing such ingredients soap became more appealing for regular use because of its fragrance. 

The true popularity of soap arose in the early 1900s due to mass marketing by popular soap manufacturing companies and they started making huge profits. They focused on the hygiene factors of soap. Gradually more companies started manufacturing this product and soap became one of the necessities of our lives. People even started manufacturing soaps at home. The main ingredient in soap is the sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide apart from other ingredients such as coconut oil, palm oil, aloe Vera, tea tree oil, essential oils etc. 

Packaging designs ie. Custom Soap Boxes are as important as the ingredients in the soap. Without an attractive packaging design you would not be able to sell your soap. There are thousands of soap manufacturing companies in the market and all are looking for ways to lure customers and sell their products, therefore, even if you make the soap but if you do not create a unique packaging for your soap then you would not be able to generate sales. In short, you need to be creative in your soap packaging designs. 

You can bring creativity in soap packaging design by choosing the type of boxes you can use for your soap and by decorating such boxes.

  1. Types of boxes

Packaging is the last stage of the soap manufacturing process. One way of bringing creativity in soap packaging designs is by choosing the type of packaging which suits your soap and your brand. It is the responsibility of the soap manufacturer to have their own soap packaging designs but these days there are a lot of companies to whom you can outsource the responsibility of choosing creative designs in soap boxes. Following are different types of boxes that you can choose from. 

  1. Simple boxes

These are simple rectangular boxes made from either cardboard or kraft material which you can use. Usually these boxes are made in accordance with the size of soap. Usually small businesses use these kinds of boxes. These kinds of boxes are economical and eco friendly. Usually soap is first wrapped in a thin paper and then places inside such boxes. 

  1. Sleeve boxes

These are also called matchboxes because of their resemblance. Such boxes include a sleeve or drawer inside the box. The soap is placed in the drawer first and the sleeve is slid inside the box. The whole box is simple and beautiful.

  1. Box with transparent window

This is the type of soap box which is simple, hassle free and pretty. Such boxes are rectangular in shape and have a small window on the top which allows customers to see the product inside. These types of boxes are popular because the transparent window allows customers to actually see what they are getting especially when soap itself looks pretty. Such types of boxes are used for beauty soaps. By looking at the actual product, customers would be more confident in buying the product as compared to the products without window packaging. The windows can be crafted in any unique design which further adds to the beauty of the box. 

  1. Half soap boxes

This is one of the cheapest boxes available. It is more of a design than packaging. It gives more emphasis to the soap and its presentation. Such boxes are half cut and do not cover the soaps completely. The rest of the soap is kept naked. It saves material and thus, the environment as well. Such designs can be found in tropical areas near beaches etc and are normally used for fruit and herb soaps or organic soaps. 

  1. Pillow shaped boxes

These are the types of boxes which are like pillow shaped and have an opening from the right and left side which allows the products to slide it. This type of packaging is widely used nowadays by large soap manufacturing companies and cosmetics companies. This type of packaging looks beautiful and elegant.

  1. Decoration 
Apart from the boxes, you can also do customizations are follows:
  1. You can use ribbon, string or twine to wrap the soap box
  2. You can make use of patterned scrapbook papers to wrap thesoap boxes which look like presents for your customers. A custom cigar band then can display the information like brand name, soap name, soap ingredients etc.
  3. For round shaped soaps, a patterned paper or a fabric is wrapped around the soaps with a round sticker label which presents the information about your company and soap.
  4. You can use cotton muslin printed bags. Such bags can be made in accordance with the size of soap. The information about the soap can be printed on the bags. Such bags are reusable. 

The packaging is the name of the enclosing product for the purpose of its distribution and storing. These are the basic requirements for packaging services. There are only a few designs that fulfill a large range of requirements. Custom Sleeve boxes and pillow-shaped box are simple designs but have such qualities, those distinct them from others. That is the reason why such types of packaging are trending in the market, and brands use them largely. This type of packaging is not only in fashion but winning the race from other designs. Below are some basic features which make them more useful.

Reliable structure

One of the initial things that come into our mind when we build something is its structure. Basic structure not only keeps design simple but also make it cost-effective. Their structure keeps the product safe from any sort of damage in an accident. Custom Sleeve box is a square shape box as simple as it can be, and it protects products from pressing and sudden falling from height damage. However, the pillow-shaped box has a particular design that not only saves its product but also provides an unforgettable appearance to the product. That why products such as soaps are packed with this packaging, it increases the shelf life of the product. The reliable structure gave these designs an extra boost and made them a favorite of the brands.  

Easy opening

When a customer opens its product packaging, it also makes the brand image in the mind of the customers. Consider you are opening your product packaging, and it’s difficult and enclosed within never-ending layers, what you will think about the brand. Sleeve slider box is designed in such a way you easily open the box as a drawer, just sliding it with a ribbon strip. Its layers remove easily, and you can get your product more swiftly. Likewise, the pillow-shaped box has a plain design, single cover structure. And you can open it by flipping its one side. This easy opening made it user friendly and customized.

Comfortable handling

These types of designs are handle in a super-easy way. The square-shaped box is easily grabbed, move, and place. It saves a handler from a lot of trouble. However, Pillow shaped box is designed to be small and grab easily. Sometimes its design has curve so, it can’t be slipped from hand. It means both of the design facilitates easy handling of the products. 

Convenient storage

Storage is an issue in bulk; the only strong structure of packaging is reliable in the case. The square design is crucial in this regard; it saves the product from any damage and sustains in heavy pressure. Sometimes the sleeve slider box has multiple small product boxes in it because of its design. It might not be possible in other types of design. Contrary to this, the pillow-shaped boxes are fit in small space in prominent numbers. These qualities provide convenience to the handler in proper storage.

Attractive shape

The sleeve slider box is a plain but amazing design. Its simplistic opening and handling made it attractive because they feel they are not opening a package box but a drawer of their desk or cabinet. In comparison with the sleeve boxes, the pillow-shaped box looks cute; that why it use in gift wrapping widely.

Packaging that gives an eye-catch appearance is always enthusiast people. That is the reason brands prefer packaging, which attracts customers. If you want to give a special gift to your beloved, make sure to pack your gift in unique packaging. However, there are different types of packaging that are available in the market. Pillow shaped packaging is in fashion. This packaging i.e custom pillow boxes now becomes the top choice of brands for several reasons. These custom pillow boxes are getting popular, and people use them for upgrading the overall appearance of the gifts on various occasions. You might be packing your wedding or birthday favors in pillow-shaped boxes to amuse your guest. This type of packaging made your small favors exceptional and distinctive insight of viewers.

Pillow box making

For joyous occasions such as a wedding, birthday, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day, you should pack your gift with these multi-designed pillow boxes and make them customized. And in this way, your beloved sense its value. If you print your boxes with some impressive design, it will make the packaging remarkable. You can print pictures or engrave designs that made it outstanding in look and also keep the design according to the particular occasion.

Customized coloring plan

When you decide to make your boxes more progressive in appearance, you should plan the coloring scheme carefully because it is imperative for creating customized packaging. To make packaging awesome, it is also crucial to utilize a diversity of color shades. As you use the alluring printing scheme for your product packaging as more your sale go up. However, regarding your color, choosing to keep it in mind that it will be compatible with the audience those you want to target. Alone with the tone, shading also has an imperative role in making the craft splendid. Choose those printing services which use a special shading framework. Such color combinations and shading frameworks are able to make your product packaging more appealing, and it would make customers pleased.

Include festive days into your boxes 

 If a gift looks alluring, it will make the recipient more enthusiastic about the gift. Regardless of the gift, the first thing that someone sees is its wrapping. It must be remembered that makes a difference, what is inside. But the appearance of the pillow box is moreover substantial. The time of year when the gift is given, these packaging solutions are useful for one who gives a gift. Use this style to engrave some meaningful presentation to your gifts. You can use pillow boxes to make presentations of your gifts more appealing and brilliant on occasions or festivals like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day.

Versatile pillow boxes

This packaging is available in diversity, and you can use various kinds of boxes according to your comfort. You should use such packaging that suits your product. There are some kinds of pillow boxes that are easily available for the gift packaging purpose. 

  • Kraft pillow boxes

  • Corrugate pillow boxes

  • Cardboard pillow boxes

  • Window front pillow boxes

Accessibility of pillow boxes

One of the amazing features of this packaging is its easy availability. The material of this packaging is easily available in the market, and it is cheap and readily. If you want to buy these pillow packaging, you can purchase readymade pillow packaging, and those come with beautiful design and colors which available on occasion like the packaging. Pillow boxes can solve your product packaging problem because it comes with various size and range of shapes.


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