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MPPSC 2021 Recruitment: Civil services give the opportunity to the candidates to be engaged in the legitimate functioning of the administration for all social activities. Madhya Pradesh Public Service (MPPSC) conducts State Service Examination to recruit for the post of Deputy Collector, Deputy Superintendent of Police, Commercial Tax Officer Etc.  The Commission invites applications every year to fill various vacancies in the state bureaucracy.

Here I am sharing some Preparation tips for MPPSC Prelims, Mains, and Interview for Madhya Pradesh Public Services exam. This writeup is written in inspiration of a MPPSC selected candidate Abhinav Soni MPPSC topper of Sharma Academy in Indore. How he starts his journey and clear the MPPSC exam is here. Let see what routine and strategy he follow towards his success.

During his IT sector job he decide to appear in MPPSC exam got a feeling to serve the public of his nation for this Abhinav discuss with his parents and quite the job because he was not getting sufficient time to study. Study for 8 hours in a day then increase the time day by day make it 12 to 14 hours to clear it in first attempt. And got succeed to achieve the dream you have to work hard unconditionally because it is your life your goal to make it.

My views for Civil services MPPSC:

The civil service is one of the prestigious and challenging careers in our country. Approximately between 1–2 lakh students appear for MPPSC Prelims.

Regarding the total number of selections, it depends on the total vacancies, for example in 2013, there were 755 vacancies, 591 in 2014, 435 in 2015 and 255 in 2016 in 2018 Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission (MPPSC) has released a recruitment notification for 202 posts of Deputy Collector (Naib Tehsildar), Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) and More.

So, you can see the vacancies are decreasing every year and competition increasing, the candidates are giving very tuff competition to each other in this scenario only the focused and systematic study plan can help you to compete.

How should you start as a beginner for MPPSC Exam?

As a beginner starting from point zero one can buy previous years question paper module and attempt some questions daily, moreover the questions from NCERT too will help.

Start writing answers and when you study, don’t wait for the whole or even enough syllabus to be finished.

For example, if you are reading history and you completed The Mauryan empire soon after checking previous years papers and try to answer related question as many as you wish. Don’t wait to complete the full subject or syllabus it will not be good approach you can skip such question for later which don’t cover your prepared topics.

Qualities required for cracking the civil services:

·         Good Intelligence quotient (IQ)

·         Good reading skills

·         Good scoring potential through good memorizing skills and ability to reproduce original ideas and concept

·         Hard work and perseverance

·         Good writing skills

·         Focus and determination

·         Good analytical skills

·         Proper planning and time management

·         Good Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

·         High self-esteem and confidence

MPPSC Civil Services is a comprehensive exam it needs at least 2 years of preparation and 10-12 hours daily study. A few people may be lucky who can make it with just one year of study and single attempt. The MPPSC is not just looking for hard working people but also smart working people. The students who plan their schedule properly using time management techniques, will have better chances to succeed.

MPPSC Prelims Study Plan:

The first step to enter in MPPSC is prelims exam so you have to be very careful, serious and focused while preparing for the mppsc pre-exam. It consists of two papers.

Paper 1 for General Studies it is of 200 marks having 100 questions each having 2 marks with no negative marking. This is the scoring paper of prelims exam for mains this is the only paper on its basis you will get selection in mains.

You can divide it in 3 parts First Special: approx 20 question comes out 0f 100, you are giving exam for MP state psc then your knowledge about your state should be very much strong. Second part is Current Affairs: at least 10 questions come from current affairs, the national issues which are currently running in our country you have to knowledge about that, for this read 2 newspapers at least. give at least 2 hours to newspaper reading for current affairs news. By this your mains exam preparation will be done.

Third part is Acts (SC/ST, HR, CR): These are 3 acts added by MPPSC board in syllabus you should have deep knowledge about SC/ST Act, Human Rights Protection Act, Civil Rights Protection Act. Easily 10 question will be covered by this acts section.

So, the 40 marks will be covered by these 3 topics MP, Current and Acts. You can crack prelims easily by preparing these three topics so strongly. Remaining 60% will be covered by other subjects like science, history, geography etc.

Paper 2 for General Aptitude it is of 200 marks having 100 questions each having 2 marks with no negative marking. It is qualifying paper you need to score 40% marks in it to qualify and it can be easily done.

MPPSC Mains Study Plan:

Generally, after Prelims exam result announcement aspirants got 60 days to prepare for the Mains exam. These two months are going to be the most important days of your MPPSC mains preparation. To crack this, you need a robust mains study plan along with the relevant study material.

I- MPPSC General Studies Paper I

GS 1 mainly contains Geography and History. These portions are static, lengthy and factual in nature. Therefore, most students, especially first timers tend to spend almost half of their preparation time on this paper. While the weightage of this paper is around 21% (300/1400). So, the careful utilization of time is the key.

So, instead of reading it thoroughly, read all the topics mentioned in syllabus once this month and then revise it in next month. For Indian History, you can refer to any book which is comfortable for you. For World History, and other important topics of Geography you can refer to these links. It should not take more than two weeks to complete Paper 1.

II- MPPSC General Studies Paper II

GS 2 mainly covers polity and social issues. Polity has mostly static content for which your prelims preparation will help you. Revise those notes; alternatively, you can prepare polity through M. Laxmi Kant, one of the best source to read polity. Five days are enough to cover Polity along with Security issues.

Next part is the Social Issues which requires knowledge of current affairs. Static portion like acts, organization etc you can cover from here in very little time. Read the schemes of Central and State government concerning Education, Health, Welfare sector etc. along with other topics mentioned in the syllabus. Prepare your own notes and try to cover this portion in 5-6 days. Notes will help you in revision.

III- MPPSC General Studies Paper III

The first half of MPPSC GS paper 3 covers Indian Economy, whereas other half has these important topics: Science & Technology, Reasoning, and DI, Environment, Energy etc.

For Indian economy, you may refer to Sharma Academy's video lectures or Indian Economy by S.N.Lal. These sources will give you an insight on almost every topic mentioned in the syllabus. Along with this, read the summary of ‘Indian Economic Survey’ and ‘Indian & State Budget 2018’. Also, go through the schemes for rural, urban, and agriculture sector. Try to complete it in 5-6 days.

For Environment section, you can refer NCERT Books, you can also read these topics from the internet. As environment portion is limited so complete it in two days.

For Science & Technology, the best strategy is to read out the topic from Science NCERT class 7-10. And for emerging technologies refer any notes or read it from various internet feeds. It will take two days to complete this part.

For Reasoning, practice the type of questions asked in previous year papers. Refer the source you used for CSAT preparation during prelims preparation.

IV- MPPSC General Studies Paper IV

GS paper 4 is all about ethics and case studies. Student needs to have a clear perspective and positive mindset to attempt this paper. Some of the topics you can read from any book like Ethics by Lexicon Publication or by Arihant. Try to mug up as many thinkers as you can because in past lot of many questions were asked from this topic.

Around 75 marks out of 200 are from case studies and the easiest way to score in them is to practice as many case studies as you can. Cover the entire ethics paper in 4-5 days.

V- MPPSC Paper V: General Hindi

This paper checks your proficiency in Hindi language. Study Hindi Grammar from any standard book and practice letter, report writing etc to secure good marks and take an edge from other students. Do not devote any day for this paper, instead, try to give one our daily to finish one topic from syllabus each day.

VI- MPPSC Paper VI: Essay

This paper has the least weightage, but it doesn’t mean it is less important. For essay preparation, read newspaper daily to have good content with you and practice one or two essays every Sunday to get proficiency in writing the essay.

The above preparation will take around 35-40 days to cover the whole syllabus once. Then in the remaining days try to revise whatever you read at least two times. One more thing, like study, practice is also very much important for mains examination. Therefore, you must daily do some answer writing practice, or you can join a test series. Test Series is good idea to evaluate yourself try to solve the questions in particular time limit and use a timer to analyse your efficiency to write. Specially in word limit question's answer.

MPPSC Interview Preparation Plan:

Interview is the third stage of MPPSC examination in these interviewers evaluate the candidate's potential for civil services and examine their personality it is to assess the personal suitability of the candidate for public services. There is not any book or syllabus for interview here you can get high marks with less hard work. Start Interview preparation for MPPSC after the mains exam don't wait for the result. Generally, question arise from your surrounding which you mention in your profile (biodata) the interview team will go through your biodata then will ask the questions about your native place, your education, if you were in job, they ask about your work experience.

Short words for MPPSC

·         This exam needs hard work and full concentration of the aspirant.

·         Use test series for practice it is essential to test your analysis power, you can try more than one test series will be beneficial for accuracy speed and analysis of self.

·         Enhance your accuracy in question solving.

·         Increase your speed of question answering.

·         Do writing practice as more as you can.

·         Develop writing skills write at least 40-45 pages in 3 hours.

In the initial stage, aspirants preparing for state state civil service exam are generally confused How to Prepare for MPPSC Exam. Many of them are unsure on how to begin and what to study. They have numerous queries in their mind regarding exam eligibility, exam dates etc. Many are not sure if coaching is a must or not. But wrong guidance can cost any aspirant a lot of time and waste of money. Many mppsc coachinginstitutes are unsure how to properly guide students as per the latest requirements of the Madhya Pradesh Service Commission (MPPSC), leaving the student with poor coaching and low-quality study materials. Our advice to students is to first go through the websites of coaching centers for clarity. So instead of asking people around – how to study for MPPSC exam, please refer to this article made only for you.

How to prepare for this tough MPPSC exam?

One of the primary factors that make the State civil service exam tough is the exam pattern. It consists of three stages, Prelims, Mains, and Interview. Students must cross each stage to move onto to the next. The level of difficulty increases with each stage. The last stage can also be a tough nut to crack because the MPPSC tests not only the aspirant’s knowledge and ability to write, but also their mental strength and ability to deal with situations. It requires a special kind of preparation to overcome the MPPSC interviewstage. Another important feature that adds ‘toughness’ of the exam is the syllabus, as it covers a diverse range of subjects, unlike many other exams. A good MPPSC coaching in indorewill help you to focus on your preparation and selection.

When we look at the success rate in the MPPSC exam, one can understand why it is considered one of the toughest exams for students. Every year, lakhs of people take the MPPSC prelims exam. Out of this, only about 25% emerge victorious and move onto the ‘mains’. After the main exam around 15% make it to the interview stage. In the interview stage, the success rate is about 50%. So, the pass percentage in the MPPSC exam is less than 1%. MPPSC exam can be called tough, if the student follows a strategy and prepare with direction, they can easily crack the exam. Here is the list of tips which can help the students to scale the exam.

We hope you will indeed take your MPPSC Preparationvery seriously. The first step towards that is obviously the medium of exam many students confused in choosing medium of exam. Do choose it wisely. Please focus on – how to prepare for MPPSC, rather than Why the MPPSC exam is so tough!

How to prepare for MPPSC exam after 12th?

Starting early is great advantage as you can build your general awareness and really excel in the GS paper and interview as you will tune yourself to analysis and awareness. Also when the time comes you will not waste it on finding out about the exam and loosing precious time. A to-do list

  • Find out everything about the exam
  • Choose your Bachelor’s degree in such a manner that you may benefit for the MPPSC exam. If you need a fall back option by doing a BTech. Don’t worry. You can still start preparing and getting to know the social subject you wish to take for your MPPSC exam.
  • Follow the news regularly
  • Give your opinion and discuss the news daily
  • Start giving IQ Test and getting to know about logical reasoning.
  • Take up mppsc online test series for regular practice

The MPPSC exam is one of the most challenging and one of the most difficult examinations conducted by the state government. The right preparation strategy is the best one to achieve your goal or objective. The increasing level of competition has infiltrated the aspirations into a serious race in which not only hard work is enough, but smart study and perseverance have required most to gain an edge over a large number of competitors. Before starting the preparation, you should properly analyze the contemporary trends of the updated syllabus and exam papers. MPPSC Previous Year Papersplay an important role in understanding the relevant trends of the exam so that you do not get distracted by the pattern and opt for smart study instead of just working hard.

 In this article "Prepare with MPPSC Previous Year Paper" you will be able to understand the expected weightage and question pattern of each subject.

Prelims Examination Pattern. 

MPPSC Prelims which is objective in nature consists of two parts- 
1. General Aptitude Test Paper I (2 hours) – 200 marks 
2. General Studies Paper II (2 hours) – 200 marks 


Subject-wise weightage for trend analysis of past 5 years 


Current Affairs 












Science & Tech 






This pattern changes from year to year as it is a general trend analysis, it will help you to focus on the main topics, while the preparation is more than the others.

DownloadState Service Exam - MPPSCPreliminary Exam2019


Pre Exam

Paper -1 || Paper-2


DownloadState Service Exam - MPPSCPreliminary Exam2018


Pre Exam

Paper -1 || Paper-2


Mains Exam

Paper -1 || Paper-2 || Paper-3 || Paper-4 || Paper-5 || Paper-6


DownloadState Service Exam – MPPSC Preliminary Exam2017


Pre Exam

Paper -1 || Paper-2


Mains Exam

Paper -1 || Paper-2 || Paper-3 || Paper-4 || Paper-5 || Paper-6


DownloadState Service Exam - MPPSCPreliminary Exam2016


Pre Exam

Paper -1 || Paper-2


Mains Exam

Paper -1 || Paper-2 || Paper-3 || Paper-4 || Paper-5 || Paper-6


DownloadState Service Exam – MPPSC Preliminary Exam2015


Pre Exam

Paper -1 || Paper-2


Mains Exam

Paper -1 || Paper-2 || Paper-3 || Paper-4 || Paper-5 || Paper-6


Mains Examination Pattern

Candidates who pass the preliminary examination are again allowed to appear in the main examination. The number of candidates selected to appear for the main examination is fifteen times more than the number of vacancies available. Unlike the preliminary examination, the main paper is also descriptive and analytical. A candidate should have a clear understanding of concepts and know the recent trends as well as the skill of linking answers with current affairs. Previous year question papers enable you to understand the pattern of question asked how and what to write within the word limit. Practice writing answers for at least one answer daily improves your writing skills and time management. Solving the entire paper within the stipulated time frame helps in avoiding the problem in the final exam. You can join any mppsc coaching in indoreto preactice answer writing for your mains

The civil services is one of the most lengthy, comprehensive and competitive exams in India with a very low success rate. It is year long process consisting of three stages, Preliminary, the mains examination and the interview. Therefore, it requires a comprehensive set of qualities which are pre-requisites for cracking the exam.

The Candidates have a few qualities in self for cracking the exam like Good Intelligence quotient (IQ), Good scoring potential, Good reading skills, Good writing skills, Good analytical skills, Focus and determination, Good Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

A Good IQ is the ability to understand concepts and techniques, a good EQ is the ability to understand people and their emotions. Both these qualities are needed to make a good civil servant.

To be a civil servant average IQ is enough, provided we compensate for this hard work, smart and reading and writing skills.

One needs to have good scoring potential to succeed in the civil services examination. Usually, the marks obtained in board exams are quite an indicator of a person’s IQ.

Follow some basic queries about mppsc exam by MPPSC Coaching in Indore:


What is MPPSC Exam?

MPPSC stands for Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission, MPPSC State Service Exam is conducted for recruitment to various posts in government departments and offices of the state of Madhya Pradesh. This exam is conducted in two stages first is preliminary exam and second is main exam. Following the IAS exam pattern aspirants who clear the prelim exam are allowed to appear for the main exam. However, the best candidates who clear the main exam and the following procedure are admitted to various posts in respective government department.


How to clear MPPSC Exam?

Generally, it is said that mppsc pre exam is very simple really it is simple if you follow the pattern of the exam with right strategy, but the cutoff is always very high for mppsc pre exam result. That means for general category students 85 questions must be correct out of 100 to be in a safe zone. You have to make a stratify for MPPSC preparation study for at least 4 to 5 hours if you are newcomer, first pre pare for the polity and Bare acts (sc-st prevention act, civil rights act etc).Then General knowledge of Madhya Pradesh like (dams, rivers, national parks, sanctuaries, folk songs, historical places, tribes, political scenario, sports, Culture, sports awards, fairs in mp, Vojana of mp govt.), read about indian economy and current affairs related to madhya pradesh, india. Pratiyogita darpan, news papers, last year exam papers study all don't let any thing PSC exam.


How many attempts are allowed for MPPSC Exam?

Candidates of General Category can give MPPSC any number of times till the age of 40 years old (for general). For SC/ST there is further relaxation of age.


How To Clear MPPSC Exam and Become a PSC Officer?

Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission MPPSC State Service Exam is conducted for recruitment to various posts in government departments and offices of the state of Madhya Pradesh. This exam is conducted in two stages namely the preliminary exam and the main exam. Following the IAS exam pattern aspirants who clear the prelim exam are allowed to appear for the main exam. The number of candidates admitted to appear for the main exam is fifteen times more than the number of available vacancies. However the best candidates who clear the main exam and the following procedure are admitted to various posts in respective government department.

To got the selection in MPPSC & become the PSC officer candidate need to clear the mains exam and third phase that is interview.

The State Government of Madhya Pradesh conduct’s the Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission (MPPSC) Exam. Popularly known as MPPCS Exam. The MPPCS Exam consists of two papers. First is the General Studies and the Second is the General Aptitude Test. The MPPCS Prelims Examination is a screening examination, and it is conducted to reduce the number of the candidates which can appear in the MPPCS Main Exam.


What is the educational qualification needed to appear in MPPSC exam?

Candidates should possess Graduation or equivalent from a recognized University.

Candidates possessing professional and technical qualifications, which are recognized by the State Government as equivalent to professional or technical degree, would also be eligible for admission to the examination.


Eligibility criteria for MPPSC exam


A Candidate must be a citizen of India.

Students must be degree holders or graduates (degree recognized by University Grants Commission) to appear for this Examination.

Indian students holding a foreign degree need to ensure that their degree is accredited or recognized by UGC.


Age limit for MPPSC

Candidates age limit should be between 21 28 years for Dy. Superintendent of Police, Assistant Superintendent Jail & Transportation Sub-Inspector and 21 40 years for other posts.


Join the best MPPSC Coachingfor your preparation:

Sharma Academy conduct classes for students who are willing to select in Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission Exam. If you are dreaming to be a government officer then MPPSC is the best exam for you and Best MPPSC Coaching In Indore- Sharma Academy is the best place to make your dream come true. For 12th class students who wants to prepare for MPPSC with their studies we have MPPSC Classroom Course Integrated Program for 3 Years (MPPSC Foundation Course), and for the others we have MPPSC Classroom Course Integrated Program for 1 Year


MPPSC Classroom Course Integrated Program for 1 Year

This is the specially designed course for students who want to join Best MPPSC coaching in Indoreand need selection in first attempt. MPPSC exam the 1-year MPPSC course is designed for those students who are graduate and willing to attempt and clear MPPSC exam.


Course           MPPSC

Eligibility       Graduation

Duration       1 Year

Medium        Hindi / English

Free Tablet will be provided with preloaded study material and video lectures.


MPPSC Classroom Course Integrated Program for 3 Year

We have a foundation course for students who are already decided that they will go to civil services and want to start early preparation with their graduation degree. The good news for those students is Sharma Academy the Best Coaching for MPPSC in Indoreis presenting a 3-year integrated program for Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission Competitive Exam.


Course           MPPSC

Eligibility       12th Pass

Duration       3 Year

Medium        Hindi / English

Free Tablet will be provided with preloaded study material and video lectures.

The Best coaching institute that you can find for the preparation of MPPSC is Sharma academy. This coaching institute was established by Surendra Sharma in 2010. This coaching institute has the best faculty members and resources that ensure definite success. Sharma Academy is a very successful coaching institute that is making potential aspirants realize their dreams. The institute has made a lot of success stories by providing the best guidance and training to the candidates. The classroom guidance provided by this coaching institute is continuously improving the personality and knowledge of every single individual. The main aim of this coaching institute is to develop and nurture the competitive attitude among the aspirants of the MPPSC examination by providing online and offline test series to the candidates. With a lot of benefits, this coaching institute has been awarded as the leading E-learning academy of Madhya Pradesh. One can know about every detail of this coaching institute by reading our article. There are various courses offered by this coaching institute that includes UPSC, MPPSC Coaching in indore.

How to Choose Best MPPSC Coaching in Indore?

You will be able to discover the best MPPSC tutoring in Indore to prepare you for the "Mother of all examinations" in the current scenario. Teachers who work with the best
MPPSC coaching in Indorehave the most experience in the country and a complete comprehension of the syllabus. You can't reasonably consider all the topics they present, and everything covered by these qualified instructors is vital.

Also keep in mind that you will be competing with many students in your classroom. You may need to spend money on meals, lodging, and other extraneous expenses in addition to the money spent on study materials and coaching. Teachers offering the top MPPSC coaching in Indorewill show you how to maintain your focus in the face of distractions. Furthermore, the lecturers' pleasant demeanour ensures that no student departs without having all his or her questions answered, while choosing amongst hundreds of coaching options in Indore, it's critical to consider all these points and take them into consideration.

Faculty: Teachers play a critical role in determining the quality of education provided to pupils in coaching. The teacher's demeanour and instruction ensure that the students comprehend their points and that their problems are resolved. Before anything else, the faculty should be considered when picking a coaching programme. A good professor can genuinely solve any issues that a student may have.

Study Material: When it comes to your MPPSC Exam preparation, the mppsc notesand study material that coaching creates for their students is the second most significant factor to consider. An excellent study guide can assist you in preparing for the exam on your own. Self-study is critical in these tests, and high-quality materials can be extremely beneficial.

Past Year Results: You can also choose a coaching based on their previous performance. These terms can be used to describe the type of education or knowledge that these coaching sessions provide. It is not always possible to attend classes and determine whether they are beneficial to you in a matter of days. These historical results, on the other hand, can inform you how other students performed and what kind of results they received.

Fee Structure: The tutoring should also be cost-effective and easy on your wallet. It should not be a financial strain on you, and it should include all the amenities and meet all your requirements within your budget. There are many coaching centres in Indore that are both affordable and deliver high-quality education to their pupils. You should choose a coaching since it is not too expensive and that you will not have to sacrifice your preparation.

Locations: We all know that when studying for these kinds of exams, we need to have as much time as possible. If the coaching is far away from your home, you will have less time to prepare yourself. Alternatively, if the coaching is located near a busy road, the coaching's studies will suffer greatly as a result of the noise. As a result, when deciding on your personal best, this point should also be considered.

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