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web Hosting in the Philippines has never been easier. There are many web hosting services currently available all over the web to cater to the needs of thousands of clients that are in need of hosting services. The accessibility of these services has never been better. More and more people are rushing to find the best web hosting service that can offer the best deals. People look for fast web hosting speeds, affordable monthly fees, the best uptime, and best load time packages.

However, before getting started and signing up for that web hosting service, take a step back and look at what the essence of web hosting is. Directly diving into something you’re not entirely familiar with can be risky. Web hosting, just like any investment, is in need of extra attention and care. This is where you’ll be investing your hard earned money monthly or annually for the upkeep of your site and domain. That being said, web hosting has a similarly rich history with the internet, as they both evolved together throughout the years.

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Will you be able to access your website through your mobile?

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Do they provide extra services such as domain name registration, email hosting, and website builders?

Humans, naturally, would not let themselves get left behind, which explains why most businesses and technologically-inclined people have their own websites. These websites help businesses grow and solidify their brand image.

The effectiveness of the website can be measured through its traffic. 

Websites get their site traffic through the audience that visits and stays in their page. For traffic to increase these websites must maintain and upgrade the quality of content. That’s why people are adamant about maintaining and upgrading their websites, commonly this is done by asking their visitors to answer surveys that ask about different factors that affect audience interest.

Most website surveys are provided by third parties that dedicate their services solely to creating, managing and summarizing the surveys of websites. But, what these survey-providing third party sites – and even the site that needs a survey – deem as their main problem is the lack of initiative by the audience to answer the surveys they provide.

Now, should website owners be concerned about the low to non-existent response rate their site survey has? Yes, they should be. Because, without sufficient results from the surveys, they can’t edit their website in accordance with the latest trends and likes of their audience.

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