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Set clear exercise goals, and start with a few basic exercises. It is recommended to start with a full body strength training program, performed 2 or 3 days times per week, or a basic training split (such as upper/lower). Goals should be specific and measurable. Write some long term goals down and develop short term goals that will help you meet them. Day by day, week by week, you can meet these goals. The progress will get addictive! It will help to make notes of how your exercise and nutrition go each day or each week. This can help you chart your progress and easily measure it.

Getting proper nutrition and rest are the other main components of any successful fitnesss program.


It is possible to prepare healthy meals very cheaply, using staple foods such as beans and rice. There are plenty of "budget recipes" online that are simple to prepare, such as salads, bowls, and quick healthy snacks. Check the price per ounce for each ingredient if possible and figure out what is in your budget. Of course, feel free to modify recipes based on personal taste and/or any food allergies you may have. Gradually replace processed foods with a variety of affordable whole foods.

Recovery Time

It is important to take at least one day off from training each week. A physical activity that is not too taxing, such as walking or stretching, is still fine on days off. Schedule a deload week after every 4-6 weeks, or more frequently if needed, to recover and rebuild. You can use one or more deload protocols or just take an "active rest" week. In either case, focus on mobility work and therapeutic modalities.

Deload protocols include but are not necessarily limited to: less volume (sets / reps), less frequency (training days per week), less intensity (regressions of any kind), less variety (less exercises)

Active rest: ideas include but are not limited to pickup games of your favorite athletic sport, taking a Yoga class, getting in some light walking, and yard work or household chores. If you're in good physical condition and accustomed to a high workload, you can build up to training 6 days per week while still engaging in an athletic sport. Of course, in this case, it is even more important to pay attention to your body. Get plenty of sleep and quality nutrition.

General Workout Tips

Always make sure to warm up properly.

Wear sneakers and comfortable clothing. Some forms of exercise will require certain apparel. Bring a workout towel with you if needed, and stay hydrated, especially when exercising outside in hot weather.

Safety precautions - these include, but are not limited to, sunscreen or insect repellent spray, having emergency contact info with you at all times, checking safety of training area, practicing situational awareness, adapt training habits and adapting your workout to the weather.

During workouts - 1) Active rest between sets and between exercises. Walk around your training area and/or perform light stretching, to keep your circulation up and your muscles loose. 2) Breathe deeply during exercise and take stretch breaks when needed. 3) Don't push through pain or signs of overtraining.

Designate an area in your home for exercise. It can be as simple as floor space! Also check for local parks and recreation departments, if you want to train outside. Search online for local fitness groups or classes. Also, rec departments often have a variety of activities to choose from. Some churches offer free exercises classes.

Options for finding cheap or free exercise equipment include: browse Craigslist, check free stuff groups on Facebook, or sign up at Freecycle and ask around.

A few ideas for when you hit a plateau: lighten the intensity and focus on form, perform plateau busting workouts, change exercises or other variables in a workout

Warmup tips

Warming up properly prevents injury, energizes you for the workout, and improves the elasticity of the muscles. Start with an exercise that will get your heart rate up and get the blood flowing, to warm up for stretching and training. Ideas include brisk walking, cardio, skipping rope, small space exercises, and light calisthenics. Next, perform joint rotations, such as shoulder circling. This helps lubricate your joints with synovial fluid and increase blood flow to the muscles.

Begin stretching after joint rotations. Only stretch to the mild to moderate discomfort. Pain is a sign that something is wrong or that you are over stretching. Gradually increase your range of motion and balance. Try to stretch as many muscles and joints as you can before a workout, or whenever it feels good. However, if time is short, at least stretch the parts of the body you will be working. After stretching, perform warmup sets, then your work sets. Also, stretch lightly after each workout.

It is recommended to use cushions for comfort and to ease into certain stretches. Folded up towels and pillows work very well. You could also use yoga straps, blocks, and/or bolsters if you have any already, but these are not strictly necessary.

Ideas for cardio include brisk walking, jogging, high intensity interval training, and small space exercises performed at a fast pace. A few ideas for small space exercises: animal moves (such as bear crawls and bunny hops), "mountain climbers", skipping rope, running in place, jumping jacks, burpees, and agility drills that can be performed in a small space. You can use small space exercises to focus more on agility, mobility, cardio, or a combination.

Lifestyle tips

Eat a variety of whole foods

Avoid empty calories

Take time to read the labels on products

Take a B12 or Super B-Complex supplement daily

Try to walk and/or stretch every day

Big changes don't have to be made all at once; small changes day by day add up Shake things up now and then to boost motivation

Keep long term goals in mind - consistency is key

Allow time each week to relax and be mindful

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AS9100 Rev D asks organizations to determine the context of their organization in the planning stage of the PDCA cycle. Based on this context then the scope of the system is defined, and further risks identified that may affect both the customer and stakeholders.

AS9100 Rev D when first introduced in 2016 had companies struggling to interpret and apply this Clause 4.1 – Understanding the Context of the Organization. Further auditors too had a difficult time assessing conformity for the standard does not require the context to be documented. How then do you audit an undocumented process/system?

Industry gurus have recommended a variety of methods to demonstrate conformity to this clause e.g. use of SWOT and PESTLE Analysis. However, if all an organization seeks is to demonstrate conformity to the clause rather than apply it for its true intent, as a part of the standard being a preventive tool, then the system is doomed for failure.

AS9100 Rev D context of the organization (COTO) is nothing new. In fact, it is business 101. Let us use a current example to highlight what COTO is. With the 737 Max production being put on hold a number of Boeing suppliers are feeling the pressure of maintaining a cash flow to stay in business. Small businesses that have not diversified perhaps more so. Irrespective of the quality of the product the supply chain risks are going to impact the business.

Added to the impact of the 737 Max production being put on hold is the scare of the coronavirus and impact it will have on the aviation industry. Many fear a slowdown. During this period of slow business companies have to let go of experienced personnel. In an industry where there is a shortage of experienced personnel it will be hard to get these people back.

Industries that trade with China have also been impacted by the trade wars between US and China and the general signs of an economic slowdown in China. AS9100 Rev D is meant to be used as a preventive tool in that the leadership is looking ahead at the potential risks to business and then take appropriate actions to plan for these risks.

QMII’s instructors during the AS9100 Rev D Lead Auditor Training bring about an understanding of the clauses of AS9100 Rev D using such current examples. The course materials are also set up to enable auditors to audit undocumented systems and to assess the risks to the audit objective in doing so. Students completing the course walk away ready to interpret the requirements as it applies to their organization and to implement them for sustained continual improvement. For more info For more info AS9100 Rev D


WhatsApp has always given priority to the requirements of their customer. It has given all its features very nicely, suiting perfectly for its customers. WhatsApp has now introduced a new feature for its messaging platform for chatting regarding the business. It has given three types of status for the business account: unconfirmed, confirmed and verified.

The WhatsApp will give the status of 'CONFIRM' for the phone number which matches the phone number of the business. A grey check mark badge will be denoted for this particular profile. The number which does not match the phone number of the business will be given the status of "DISAPPROVED". Finally, a "VERIFIED" status will be given to the phone number, which has been matched with the business number. The "VERIFIED" number will be given a badge with a green check mark.

It seems that WhatsApp definitely has some of its internal mechanism to check the authenticity of the business. So, to get that "VERIFIED" status, you do not have to send any special request to WhatsApp or need not have to send any document unless requested to you. WhatsApp will have its proper checking mechanism for the Business account.

As the target audience for your WhatsApp Business account will be different than the WhatsApp personal number, you should have two different numbers for each of the account. If you do not have another number for the business account, then you can just use your personal number for the business account. In this case, the personal profile will be transferred to the business profile.

The marketing departments of any company are always on the hunt for marketing and are always trying different things for the marketing purposes. The WhatsApp is now being widely used by the businesses for the marketing purpose and communicate the message at a faster rate. The YoWhatsapp V9.10 - Baixar YoWhatsApp atualizado 2020is one of the very easy ways of marketing for the businesses. So, here the marketers need to consider the new feature of WhatsApp regarding the business accounts. The marketers need to consider this feature as the WhatsApp Marketing software, which will simplify their marketing technique.

The marketers should note that they should open a business account on WhatsApp and get it verified properly. WhatsApp is a very convenient way to reach out to a large number of audiences, so it acts just like a bulk WhatsApp sender software. The marketer should definitely leverage this wonderful feature of WhatsApp.

Sometimes the fearful all-nighter simply can’t be avoided. perhaps you have got a brand-new job operating night shifts, it’s finals week, or you’re having a social occasion party. notwithstanding your reasons, staying up all night is hard. It is important to not have extra supplementation in a Liquid Help Energy when partying. Do not consume herbs or things other than caffeine because one doesn’t know how this will interact with partying like dancing and drinking alcohol.

If you need to stay awake all night, the subsequent tips will assist you to have it away safely.

1. Practice

The easiest thanks to staying awake all night is to reset your internal clock. this could take up to 1 week, however, it’s doable. you will expertise serious temporary state initially, however, your body will catch on. Look int the best energy drink for the mind and body without any side effects to alcohol when partying. The Help energy drink is superb because it is plant extracted caffeine, no sugar, high amounts of B-vitamins which get depleted while partying and is a overall great tasting energy drink without any after taste.

2. Caffeinate

Caffeine could be a useful pick-me-up and may increase your alertness. It helps fight one amongst the natural substances your body releases to form you drowsy.

3. however avoid energy drinks

Energy drinks contain variable amounts of alkaloid, generally the equivalent of 1 to 5 cups of low.

4. Take a nap

Taking a series of little naps throughout the night might assist you to keep alert. though it’s not up to a full night’s sleep, short naps may be restorative.

5. rise and move

Daily exercise helps you maintain a healthy sleep schedule, however, specialists advocate avoiding exercise late at nighttime if you would like to sleep well at nighttime.

6. notice some bright lights

Darkness cues your body to unharness endocrine, an endocrine that creates you're feeling sleepy-eyed.

7. Use your devices

Your electronic devices, as well as laptops, tablets, TVs, and phones, emit one thing known as “blue lightweight.”

8. Take a shower

Taking a chilly or lukewarm shower will facilitate wake you up after you begin to induce tired.

*Catch up successive day

Staying up all night isn’t smart for you and will solely be done as a final resort. once staying up all night, you’ll feel terribly drowsy. try and frame the sleep successive day. Energy Drink


Celebrating Christmas with your family or friends? You can go with Hire a santa claus for your party. You will want to ensure that this year's Christmas is success. The Secret of rent a Santa gift occasion would be complete without the attendance of Santa Claus character. Although it is not written in the pivotal culture, attaining the gift from Santa Claus himself is a basic rule to make every person Christmas best. So if you are thrill as your peers, it does not hurt to look hire a Santa Claus for party in Fort Lauderdale.

The best thing about that is that the expertise of artists will dress up as Santa and they will do their role truly well. If you hold this party with children, then you are golden. It can help to thrill the holiday parties and bring the huge family together in gift giving.

Whether you crash the party at the home, office, school, or church, the Santa Claus character will actually improve your groups Christmas spirit. Here are some tips keep everything on track.

So do set up your game and party in advance. Book a Santa for hire for your party weeks or months before the event. Give the parents time to find some best gifts. The first week after thanksgiving will be a remarkable time to nudge every guest of your party about the upcoming Christmas event.

If you are up to Social Media, get more people thrill! Show the Santa Claus character on your facebook page to view their responses. You know, the point of conducting the party is to have fun with every person. Invite them to your family get together or for a community get together for the holidays. Remind them the type of opening a shock gift from the one and only. Give your family or friends a pep talk to register, but make their participation optional. Not every person is up to this holiday ritual. Anyway, the idea is to offer gifts which ignite fun and memorable moments.

The technique of gift-giving is to provide someone a gift via Santa Claus character hands. Ensure you have the terms of gift such as the right gift, price limit, theme, manner, etc. find a way to deliver your message to your group. Do not hesitate, though. Every person in your group should be thrill to enjoy the Christmas party. The date is around the corner, so hire a Santa Claus for your party now.

china Tour

A vacation in China can be a fantastic experience. Whether you're interested in history and culture, or you are nature lovers, China has something for everyone. The reason being is its rich history, spectacular scenery, colorful folklore, and diverse culture.

If you are planning travel to China, it is wise to consult a professional tour operator, which could assist you in making your travel, plans. There is a vast variety of China tour itineraries for you to choose depending on your requirement, interest and budget. You can choose the length of your tour, and how long you wish to stay at each site. The flights from one city to another, accommodation, transportation, and transfers to the airport/hotel, most meals and sightseeing in a package tour are also included. The common tour packages for a leisure vacation in China could include:

Tour Package of China Cities

- Classic China tours: these tour packages combine all the must-sees of China like the majestic Great Wall in Beijing, the amazing historical wonder - Terracotta Warriors in Xian, the stunning beautiful Li River in Guilin , the modern wonders of dynamic in Shanghai and Hong Kong, and as well as the breathtaking natural wonders of the Yangtze River.

- Silk Road tours: For centuries the Silk Road was a trade route linking Asian and Europe. The silk merchants of Xian set off with their camel caravans on the long trek to distant Constantinople while some adventurous pioneers such as Marco Polo went to the east to see China 2000 years ago. With the inclusion of exotic places like Urumqi, Kashgar, Turpan and Dun Huang, these tour packages are particularly designed for hikers and the adventure lovers.

China Festivals

- Ethnic Yunnan tours: These tour itineraries are wonderful combinations of scenery and ethnic culture. You can witness spectacular landscapes and exotic ethnic minority tribes like the legendary Kingdom of Shangri La with Tibetan culture, one of the world's cultural heritages-Lijiang Old Town with minority culture and scenic Dali with the beautiful stories of Bai people.

- Moderate cycling excursions: Cycling in China is a very good opportunity for you to have a real understanding of the local people life. These packages involve cycling Hutong in Beijing and cycling atop the Ancient City Wall in Xian, the Suhe Old Town outside Lijiang, the renowned Sunday Bazaar in Kashgar and the picturesque country road in Yangshuo.

China Trips


Chinese New Year Tour, to Enjoy Authentic Chinese Culture

The Spring festival (Chinese New Year) is the most important celebration of the Chinese people. It is a festival with dense cultural atmosphere. It is the best time to experience the Chinese customs deeply.

Special Activities During the Spring Festival

CCTV Spring Festival Gala Evening

CCTV presented the Spring Festival Gala Evening as a live show for the first time in 1983,which created a great sensation immediately. It has been held for 27 years and has already become a miniature of the mass art and the mainstream culture.Chinese New Year's Eve is the most important night in the Chinese calendar, when family members come together to bid farewell to the old, and welcome in the New Year. 

All the performances in the program are carefully selected from all walks of life, reflecting the essence of Chinese art and culture. As the most watched television activity, it is the most powerful medium for spreading and inheriting culture and tradition.

The Sound of Firecrackers

As for the most popular Spring Festival activities, firecrackers are indispensable. Generally speaking, Chinese people will stay up until midnight, set off firecrackers to celebrate the arrival of the New Year and say goodbye to the old one. As an indispensable part of Chinese folk culture, it has a history of more than 2,000 years. However, big cities such as Beijing and Shanghai have banned individuals from setting off firecrackers because of safety and environmental concerns.

New Year's Eve Dinner

The New Year's eve dinner is a very important meal for all Chinese people. Everyone does their best to get home to their families, no matter where they are. Generally speaking, all dishes are homemade. The New Year's eve dinner is usually the best meal of the year. It would be the happiest time for family members get together to prepare and eat the dinner.

Dinner was better than ever, including chicken, fish, pork, shrimp, vegetables and so on. In northern China, dumplings are an essential food, while in southern China, it is Niangao. Since dumplings are shaped like ancient Chinese coin, eating them is a symbol of acquiring wealth. coins are usually wrapped in a dumpling. Those who eat the money are said to have good luck in the coming year. And the pronunciation of Niangao is a homophone for a word that means "a more prosperous year".

The Temple Fair During Chinese New Year

The temple fair is a social event in China. It originated in ancient times and was used to offer sacrifices to gods. Later, it gradually evolved into a market for people to exchange products and a place for cultural performances. Temple fairs play a unique role in the lives of Chinese people. Temple fairs are also a kind of traditional folk activities widely spread among the Chinese people. Folk custom is a life culture created, enjoyed and inherited by the masses in a country. Temple fair is an organic part of this life culture. Its generation, existence and evolution are closely related to people's lives.Temple fairs is a traditional custom in Beijing during the Spring Festival and Lantern Festival.

Spring Festival Couplets

During the Spring Festival period every year, almost all families handpick a pair of Spring Festival couplets to paste on their doors, adding some joyous atmosphere to the festival. The couplets are generally written on red paper and the sentences contain auspicious meanings. A couplet is composed of two lines of poetry that come next to each other, especially two lines that rhyme with each other and are of the same length. In addition, the lines should be posted vertically, with the first one on the right and the second one on the left.

Reviews on Atlanta Spine Surgeon James L. Chappuis MD FACS

Watch the patient experience with orthopedic spine surgeon Dr. James L. Chappuis MD FACS and for any of your spine or injury needs visit the Atlanta Spine Center: 

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This video was created by Focused Lens Media for The Texas Association of Realtors add campaign to educate Texas voters.

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