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The UAE, without a doubt, is one of the fastest growing economies in the Middle East. Investors around the world look for opportunities to enter the UAE market. The restaurant sector, in particular, has seen tremendous growth in last few years. According to Euro monitor International, an additional 19,000 outlets are expected to enter Dubai by 2019, providing one more reason to invest in food and beverage sector there. Dubai and Abu Dhabi have seen a diverse array of customers from every continent of the world. There is a strong backing from the government - it provides attractive incentives for starting a restaurant / Cafeteria license in Dubai.

How to Get a Cafeteria License in Dubai?

An important step, if you are planning to open a restaurant or a cafeteria in Dubai is to obtain food and trade licenses. Food license will be obtained from the Food and Safety Department, and Trade license will be obtained from the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing in Dubai. Getting a license is a critical process; skipping necessary steps has the potential to leave your business vulnerable to legal fines and closure. Now, let us discuss the steps required to get a Cafeteria license in Dubai.

Procedure to Obtain a Cafeteria License in Dubai

  • The first step is to obtain a trade license and a food license from the respective authorities
  • Select a local sponsor who will act as a sleeping partner in your business
  • Get approval on construction plans that has to be done keeping in mind the specifications mentioned by the Food and Safety Department
  • If you are renting a place for your cafeteria, select a suitable place and sign a tenancy contract with the landlord
  • Sign an agreement with your partner at the notary public court
  • Submit all the documents to the Department of Economic Development (DED)
  • Apply for a No-Objection Certificate (NOC) on food product establishment trade license from the Food Safety Department
  • After you get approval from the DED as well as Dubai Municipality, they will provide you with a license within a week
  • Only after getting the license can you register it with the Ministry of Labor and the Immigration Department to apply for visas for workers who are required to run your cafe

Documents Required Obtaining a Cafeteria License in Dubai

  • For blueprints of the restaurant:
  • the space for food processing and storage
  • the sanitary spaces such as restrooms
  • the windows and ventilation system
  • the location of the equipment used to process the food
  • the entry and exit passages
  • the location of the washing machines
  • For food license approval from the Food & Safety Department:
  • the first approval issued by the Department of Economic Development (DED)
  • the layout of the premises
  • approval from the Planning Department, if the restaurant is to be located outside a shopping center
  • For trade license approval from the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing:
  • a license application signed by the company managers or their legal representatives
  • a Memorandum of Association (MOA)
  • attested company name approval letter from the DED
  • passport copy of management partners

Food Safety Requirements to Open a Cafeteria in Dubai

To ensure food safety, the cafeteria must obtain licenses such as:

  • a food consignment release license
  • a pork permit for handling and serving pork products
  • a vehicle permit for transporting food products

The government also imposes a special regulation on import/export of food products. Also, the restaurant must be placed at a minimum of 50 meters waste disposal facilities as they could lead to contamination of food. At least 10 meters of the area around the restaurant should be kept clean at all times. The cafeteria license cost in Dubai is AED 140,000 to AED 200,000 approximately. HR Consultancy License in Dubai renewal can be done yearly from the DED.

Product registration in Dubai and Label Assessment in the FIRS, the food products and their information are linked with their respective bar codes. This electronic system aids approval of food product registration, its inspection and also importing. The food sampling system is an innovative system, where the food products are examined and their results are submitted to the Dubai Municipality Food and Environment Laboratory’s electronic system which is integrated with this system. Dubai World Central Name changed to the company setup in Dubai south is the development currently under construction in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Your monthly salary should be Dh 4,000, or Dh 3,000 plus accommodation, in order for you to be eligible to sponsor your wife and children. If you are sponsoring your parents, your salary should be Dh 20000. If they are outside the UAE, you should first apply for an entry residence visa, and once they arrive, you have 30 days to apply for the residence stamp. Documents required for PRO Services in Dubai include the typed application form, salary certificate, labor card, labor contract, attested marriage certificate, and attested birth certificate of children, bank statement of three months, attested tenancy contract and Emirates ID.

Hamriyah Free Zone is situated in the emirate of Sharjah. Sharjah is one of the seven emirates with ports on the Arabian Gulf's west coast and east coast with access to the Indian Ocean, and an International Airport. Sharjah offers broad transportation connecting to the Gulf states, Indian subcontinent and the developing markets in Asian and African countries. Investors form all over the world come for Company formation in Hamriyah free zone since it is declared as “designated zone” for VAT purposes. Hamriyah Free Zone is challenged to give competitive incentives and unique chances to set up business in a tax exempt condition with complete company ownership, exclusions from every business levies and repatriation of capital and benefits. The free zone deals with a region of around 22 million sq. m of prime industrial and commercial land and a 14 m profound water port which includes scope for growth.

Forex trading in Dubai in terms of its trading volume, the foreign exchange market (forex, FX, or currency market) is a global decentralized marketplace and by far the largest financial market in the world. The foreign exchange market does not decide the relative values of different currencies, but sets the current market rate of the value of one currency vis-a-vis another. Statistics reveal that an estimated $5.3 trillion worth of currencies change hands daily.
Umm Al Quwain as becomes quite competitive due to these set of advantages. In a nutshell, if you are looking for a cost-efficient and fast way to open your business in UAE, then Umm Al Quwain free zone is definitely worth taking a closer look at. In addition, if you are planning for business setup in UMM AL QUWAIN FREE ZONE, consult an authorized company formation specialist might come in handy, so that you can sail through the incorporation and registration procedures. The procedure for opening an offshore company in Dubai differs very much from the one necessary for incorporating an on-shore company. If you're not sure at this stage which one you need, please consider the following: A) An offshore company (offshore company formation in Dubai) does not have any special requirements or limitations regarding the owners/shareholders of the company while. b) An onshore company does not allow full foreign ownership (the company requires a local "sponsor")

Investors form all over the world are in line for Sharjah Free zone company formation since it is declared as “designated zone” for VAT purposes. Hamriyah Free Zone is challenged to give competitive incentives and unique chances to set up business in a tax exempt condition with complete company ownership, exclusions from every business levies and repatriation of capital and benefits. The free zone deals with a region of around 22 million sq. m of prime industrial and commercial land and a 14 m profound water port which includes scope for growth

Fujairah free zone business setup is about ACE – Accessibility, Connectivity and Economy. It’s strategically located just at a stone’s throw from International Airport and Sea Port, providing logistic advantages to businesses functioning within its premises. Feeder vessels connect the free zone to markets across the MENA region, Iran, India and other parts of Asia. Mainline services are readily available from Europe, the USA and the Far East at a week’s interval. The economic scenario is upbeat in Fujairah while the tariffs, operational overheads and startup times are minimal. Plus, the Fujairah free zone license cost and visa fee are low.

Trademark registration in Dubai, the registration of trademarks and other intellectual properties is made at the Trademark Section of the Ministry of Economy and Commerce. The application must be filled by an individual/company/organization with a registered address in the UAE. Trademark applications are filed in Arabic, together with 14 specimen drawings of each mark. The application may be registered by locally licensed legal consultants in Dubai, UAE. We have our offices in Dubai and we will provide complete assistance in filing your trademark registration application. A trademark which is registered in Dubai is also registered in all the 7 emirates.

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