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Let's face it, not everything sells the way we thought it would.

Why have closeout, overstock, surplus, and discontinued merchandise taking up valuable warehouse space? Wouldn't you rather free up excess inventory and replace it with fresh new goods? Isn't it better to get rid of the old and bring in the new? We think so and we built our business on this philosophy. Call us today to learn how the liquidation process works.

Merchandise USA is a professional firm to work with, and we are proud that our vendors come back and sell their closeouts to us again and again. In fact, much of our overstock buying is done with the same vendors we have worked with for many years, and we buy from companies around the globe. In addition, when we re-sell your slow moving merchandise, it goes into a secondary market consisting of off-price and discount retailers. One of our most important goals is to keep your product away from your everyday channels of distribution. We know it is hard to sell something at a loss; but it is worse to see your own product re-enter the market at a fraction of what your best customers paid.

Please contact us with any of the following, or click here to submit your closeout inventory:

  • Closeouts
  • Liquidations
  • Overstocks
  • Buy Backs
  • Shelf Pulls
  • Surplus
Closeouts, Liquidation Sales, Surplus, Overstock

If you need to find a qualified overstock buyer, you can convert your surplus or slow moving inventory into cash now and help improve your business. Selling your wholesale items and closeout merchandise significantly helps your company's cash flow and bottom line. By selling overstock to Merchandise USA you can get back a portion of your cost of production for obsolete and unsold merchandise. This will make room for new products that are in demand. You will also have more time to concentrate on selling more profitable goods; in addition you will form a partnership with one of the top 10 wholesale liquidators in the industry. Although we are buyers of overstock of all categories, we are especially interested in closeout housewares and wholesale licensed closeouts. If you have wholesale liquidation pallets and wholesale products for resale, please call us today.

Spending money to warehouse outdated and obsolete closeout merchandise is not practical. Expenses for maintaining the distribution warehouse space further erode your company's bottom line. So if you need to liquidate inventory, consider selling your closeouts to Merchandise USA and have fresh capital to invest in new merchandise. At Merchandise USA we understand your concerns, we understand that inventory reduction is necessary, and we understand how important it is to have a partner who is invested in helping you dispose of unwanted inventory, bankrupt inventory, overstock clearance and liquidated stock. We are excess inventory and closeout buyers and we specialize in overstock rugs, closeout bedding, overstock furniture and other wholesale items.

We have extensive expertise in buying wholesale overstock. You can expect nothing but transparent and honest transactions from Merchandise USA. Our company employs the fastest way to turn your excess stock into cash. We are financially and logistically capable of buying large volume closeout craft supplies, closeout toys, luggage closeouts, housewares closeouts and much more. We are dedicated to helping you understand what your product is worth in our market so we can buy your closeout and excess inventory, and become a key closeout partner with your company. If you have been wondering where to sell excess inventory you have found the right place. Call us for more information on how the liquidation process works.

We are always interested in purchasing wholesale craft products, kids toys wholesale, wholesale toys online, liquidation merchandise pallets, wholesale sports equipment, surplus housewares inventory, discontinued home décor, cheap sporting goods, household items online, wholesale pet products, surplus floral merchandise, camping closeouts, and all other discontinued merchandise.

Contact us today to review your overstock inventory. You can contact us by phone, email or the contact form on our website. If you have closeout merchandise for sale or want to sell overstock, call us at (888) 757-0060. All samples submitted become the property of Merchandise USA.

Merchandise USA is a wholesale liquidator specializing in closeouts and overstocks.

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Out of all theIQ testing platforms that you can find on the internet, what makes MyIQTesting the one to pick? Well, aside from the fact that MyIQTesting has one of the most user-friendly interfaces you can find, MyIQTesting has a lot of extra features that many IQ testing platforms don’t offer. Here are a few that you can take note of:

Practice Tests

First of all, the site already offers practice tests so that you can get a feel of what you’re up against. There are 4 practice tests for all the packages offered. These practice tests simulate the real tests and will let you know what the real testing will be like. It’s offered so that you won’t be overwhelmed or surprised when you start answering the real thing.

100 Questions and Answers

There are a total of 100 questions that you will face—all of them with answers given at the end of the examination. In traditional IQ tests, you won’t be given an answer sheet—only results. So if you made mistakes, you won’t even know why you made the mistake. This platform will tell you which of the items you answered wrong and what the right answers are.

Detailed Explanation to Answers

If you get the 2nd and 3rd packages which are the Advanced and Premium packages, you will receive the more detailed explanations to the answers. While the basic packages only tell you the answers to items you answered incorrectly, the Advanced and Premium packages take it up a notch and explain why. This is very useful for the word problems and the math problems just so you’ll know how to solve them in the future.

Explanation of Results

While you receive the results, you’ll also see a bell graph that tells you where your IQ is skewed more toward. There is also an explanation as to which aspect of IQ you are more inclined to and which aspect you’re not very strong at. This can help you determine your choice of career in the future.

Extra Tips

Another thing that a lot of users love about the platform is that it gives a lot extra tips on how to solve problems faster. One of the most common weaknesses of test takers is time pressure. If you can’t solve even one problem quickly, the rest are affected. That’s why these extra tips are designed to help you tackle problems in a more systematic and quick manner in the event that you want to take the IQ test again.

50 Bonus Questions

The platform also offers 50 bonus questions if you avail of either the Advanced package or the Premium package. These are just add-ins that challenge your mind and may also contribute to the overall score that you’ll get at the end of the examination.

Quick Results

Another great thing about this platform is that it delivers very quick results. For most traditional IQ tests, you have to wait probably a week or two before you can get the results. This is because test papers still have to be checked through a scanning machine. If the institution would process hundreds or even thousands of papers, it would definitely take time. Since MyIQTesting’s examination is done online, the website can already process the items real time. That’s why it’s possible for you to get your results in just minutes. The max would be a day, but that’s still faster than the traditional way.


Lastly, you would get a certificate at the end of the exam. With a certificate, you’ll have extra credentials.. Also, the certificate will give you some bragging rights if you do score high.

With MyIQTesting, you won’t have to queue up to apply for an IQ exam, wait a week for the results, not know why you made a mistake in a certain problem, or have to go to an examination center. All you have to do is select the package that you want, pay the fee, take the test online, and wait for your results. The best part is that you can do all of that in your own home. Just make sure that you have a fast computer and fast internet connection when you take the test. As long as you have those two things, your IQ testing experience will be completely flawless. You’ll also get a nice certificate that you can frame up or use for credentials if ever you need to apply for a university or for a field in the academe that requires such a test before application.

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