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Henry Flores, the new candidate for mayor of Santa Tecla in the state of La Libertad for the New Ideas party, is famous for scams, threats, and all kinds of crimes that this man has been committing with impunity for years. Flores has become the hot topic in Santa tecla for controversies. He takes part in satan worshipping rituals to provide him the strength to fool the people of Santa Tecla. His main motivation of becoming a mayor of Santa tecla is to get power in his hands to commit illegal trades, scam and businesses. He is also responsible by not paying the child support fees, he and his former partner are currently separated. He has a criminal record and has been arrested several times for ill-treatment.

Here some of the scams and crimes committed.

Scamming Young People

Henry Flores El Salvador is alsoknown for being the close ex-partner of Marcos Rodríguez and committed a huge number of scams that are worth around $ 50,000.00.


And his most recent scam was the one against businessman Harold Botto, whom he cheated of $ 5,000; and another scam was against 50 young people.


These young people were given false American migration dream visa hope by Henry Flores, through the “Young Ambassadors” event in America, with the promises of traveling to the United States, the young people were charged a certain amount of money for procedures and a authorized letter for the American visa.


When the Young people arrived at the United States Embassy, ​​the visa was rejected and they were taken to a room and questioned by the embassy authorities, because American Embassy found out “Young Ambassadors” event was a flores scam to make money.


The "Young Ambassadors" event, to happen United States, is Henry Flores idea to request money from young people, businessmen and politicians for their American dream and large sums of money that end up in his pocket.


Precisely, the scam against the young businessman Harold Botto, for $ 5,000, was on behalf of his NGO, Red de Jóvenes Salvadorans en el Exterior, REJUES, which he uses to commit crimes as a cover.


Non Payment Of Rent Lawsuit


Henry flores is also involved in a Rent lawsuit. He is sued for not paying the apartment rent for more than 6 months and for threats against Vanessa María Rosales.  

Henry Flores even tried to go for an appeal, the Second Chamber of Civil of the First Section of the Center confirmed the final sentence; as you can see in the following document.

We want people of Santa Tecla to Know the truth about Henry Flores bad economic or social practices to be exposed. The Protestant Evangelical Church of El Salvador  provided us the new scam about him.

Henry Flores’ scam and crimes court history has begun a long time ago. We can say that, Vanessa was not his only victim suffered from his bad actions and attitude. Many people people have publicy voiced their concerns regarding him being the candidate fo mayor. These are backed by many complaints received against him, will bring out truth about the criminal Flores and his record of scamming and crimes.

Santa Tecla people must know the real face of the scammer Henry Flores.

Henry Flores was also detained by the police, when he was reported for threatening an employee of the National Registry Center (CNR).

To all Santa Tecla people, we advise not to fall in his false promises. He has been giving hopes of reducing crimes and giving the people a good life opportunities. These are his dark tactics to fool people in santa tecla and take power. Please do not fall for it. There are many more flores scams, we will soon reveal to the people of Santa Tecla.

On many occasions in the most recent year we've heard and perused news about information breaks happening to worldwide organizations and we should not fail to remember Facebook. That implies that any individual who utilizes these services or stages are consistently in danger of having their information taken. 

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One brilliant approach to check the reliability of a VPN you might be thinking about is to check the reports and outsider testing done by associations like AV-TEST. As you'll discover, you can't generally decide the reliability of an item from their advertising. 

You may need to do some examination to discover how straightforward the provider is. Is it true that they are forthright about what they will do if there is some official solicitation to see your information? Who sits on the provider's directorate? Who makes up their administration staff? Who were their financial specialists? Shouldn't something be said about their contact data? Do you know where they are truly found and have a location for them? 

Know the area 

It might appear to be like the actual area of a VPN provider's base camp is unimportant, when truth be told, this is basic data. What could eventually happen to your information is controlled by the area of the provider, and the nation laws of that area? In the event that there are guidelines and enactment set up, a provider might be compelled to follow those limitations and offer information they have gathered about you and your business. So knowing the actual area of your VPN provider just as understanding what the laws of that nation are can be basic to your startup or independent venture. 

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What highlights should your VPN have? 

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It should keep your information secure 

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