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SpecialityvalveIs the bestLubricated Plug Valve Manufacturer In Indiawith strong customer support and R&D. Lubricated Plug valves use a lubricant to make their operation easy over a wide range of operating pressure. The lubricant is mainly made up of oil which is injected between the plug face and the valve body seat to reduce friction in the valve. The lubricant which is injected to the valve must not get washed away by the medium that flows through the valve as the medium will get contaminated by the lubricant. It should also be able to withstand the pressure and temperature of the medium that flows through the valve. The lubricant also protects the metal surfaces between the plug and the valve body from corrosion. 


Advantages of Lubricated Plug Valve:

          Makes valve corrosion resistant

          Can be worked under high temperature and pressure

          Operating cost of the valve is very less

          Ease of operation


Industries that use Lubricated Plug Valve:

          High-pressure & Extreme temperature flow systems

          Chemical servicing

          Corrosive substances processing

          Oil piping systems



          Body materials:  Carbon steel, cast steel (WCB, WCC, WC9, WC6, LCC, LCB) Cast iron, ductile iron, SS304, SS316, CF8.

          Class: 150-2500. PN16 – PN450.

          Size:  ½” to 24”.

          Ends: Socket weld, buttweld, flanged, threaded.

          Operations: Lever operated,

                     Gear operated,

                     Pneumatic Actuated,

                     Electric Actuated.


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Specialityvalveis  the best Industrial  Valves Manufactures in INDIAand have been providing high-quality valves in the competitive prices in INDIA. Industrial valves are of various types, with an alternate working standard and have different capacity. Here, we've talked about the most normal type of industrial valves.


·         Butterfly valves- Butterfly valves-It's yet another valve that uses the rotational motion; ball and plug valves work in the same way. It only uses a thin-disk in the flow path instead of a ball-shaped unit or a cylindrical plug. They are quick to use, extremely lightweight and easily adaptable.

·         Gate valves-This is the type of valve used in a tap. Opening and closing the valve involves raising  and  lowering  metal  gates  respectively.  A  wedge  is  inserted  into  a  seat.  With  gate valves, the passageway can either be fully closed or fully open; there is no in between. They are also called sluice valves.

·         Globe valves-It is similar to a gate valve in that it uses linear motion to throttle flow. It differs in its use of a disk instead of a wedge. It can also be adjusted to lower or increase flow; the advantage  of  a  globe  valve  is  that  it  does  not  leak  as  much  as  other  valves.  They  are  also among the most popular type of valves used across various applications.

·         Ball valves-It is a hollowed out ball-shaped disk that is fitted inside a pipe. The valve starts and stops flow by the quarter turn rotational motion of this disk. When the valve is open the hollowed  end  is  aligned  in  the  direction  of  the  flow  and  closed  it  sits  perpendicular  to  the direction of the flow.

·         Plug valves-Also called cock valve, it uses a cylindrical or tapered plug with a bored passage to block, start or throttle flow. Turning the handle or wheel, arranges the hollow opening of the plug with the inlet and outlet ports opening the passage. It is blocked, when the solid part aligns itself with ports.

·         Pinch valves-The construction features a pinching mechanism and a sleeve of molded rubber or synthetic material. The flow path in the open position is unobstructed. The flow is cut off by pinching the flexible membrane, by lowering a bar or gate.

·         Diaphragm valves-They work similar to pinch valves; a flexible diaphragm is inserted such that  it  fastens  itself  to  the  seat  blocking  the  flow.  Its  advantage  over  pinch  valves  is  that  it creates  an  extremely  tight  seal  and  hence  is  used  in  applications  that  have  a  high  purity requirement.

·         Relief  and  Safety  valves-As  fluids  pass  through  the  system,  there  is  a  possibility  of  an unprecedented increase in pressure, which if unchecked could prove hazardous. This applies especially if you  are  dealing  with  hazardous  fluids.  Relief and safety vales  release  pressure periodically, whenever it goes beyond the set point, to prevent damage.

·         Check valves-Check valves allow for unidirectional flow of fluids; they do not allow it to flow back. The non-slam nozzle check valves check pressure surge and prevent water hammer.

To ensure the valves fitted in your piping systems give you the best service, you should buy them from a  reliable  industrial  valve  manufacturer i.e from Specialityvalve.  It is  the  only company  to  get  high  quality industrial valves that are built to last.



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