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Why You Must Use Digital Marketing Analytics for Your Business?

Are you doing digital marketing for your business? If the answer is YES, then this is surely the most important question you will be answering that “If you are taking digital marketing analytics seriously?”

In the last 3 years the use of digital marketing has increased rapidly in the global market. Thousands of people have learnt the skills through digital marketing courses and trying to delve into this niche properly. But still there are very few people who can use and understand the power of digital marketing analytics. 

Not only Doing but Measuring 

Measuring the effectiveness of digital marketing is one of the greatest challenges facing organizations today. Learning has become easy with the help of digital marketing training institutes but if your selection goes wrong about the course module then you do miss out a lot of things. 

  • According to HubSpot's 2018 State of Inbound report, 42% of marketers cited "proving the ROI of our marketing activities" as one of the biggest challenges they face within their company. 

  • Brands also say they plan to increase spending on marketing analytics by between 75 and 100 per cent, says a study by VentureBeat.

This sounds great, because it means at least at the end of the day businesses are realizing the importance of digital marketing analytics. 

But where is the trouble with Marketers? 

The trouble is, most of the marketers do not understand digital analytics to the right extent. 

To a marketer when they hear about 'digital analytics,' they tend to think of the metrics you'd typically associate with. They think about basic web analytics tools use let’s say Google Analytics and only checking the traffic, bounce rate, unique visitors, sessions etc.

But what exactly Digital Analytics is? 

Web analytics is only part of digital analytics. And digital analytics is way vaster than many professionals think. 

Web analytics can provide you with a wealth of insight and data into the performance of your website, and that’s all. But as a marketer you need richer data to understand the impact of their marketing campaigns. You need to understand the impact on conversion rates and a buyer's persona, buyer’s journey etc. and all that would create assumptions, analysis, to the business. 

Good Digital Marketing training institute have some dedicated modules for digital analytics. They make you well versed with digital marketing analytics and train you how to use analytics for business. Such can include various tools of Analytics, Inbound Marketing and its analytics etc.  

If you are interested to learn what is digital marketing, how to do digital marketing analytics and become an exclusive marketer, learn it now from the best digital marketing institute. Doing digital marketing course with placement, also let you land up with a great job after completing the digital marketing courses

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How to Make Money with Your Blog in 2020

Over the time has become very popular for blogging. Especially because it gives people the opportunity to earn a lump some money. But fun fact is many people are making more than a thousand dollars a month only using No doubt, majority of that bunch knows digital marketing and has done theonline digital marketing courses. So to do better than them, let’s see how you can do well in is a blogging website 

If you are already looking to earn money through, then you surely know about In that platform you can write blogs of your choices. You can publish your blogs and earn bucks. 

How do I monetize my Blogger account? 

Before you think of monetizing, we believe you are already done with selecting your blogging niche and have enough contents in your account. 

Follow these steps to monetize your Blogger account - 

  1. You can monetize with CPC or CPM Ads. One of the most common ways bloggers make money is through placing ads on their site. People will come and click on those ads and you earn through it. But for that you need to learn about CPC, PPC and CPM, that you can do from digital marketing courses online. 

  2. You can Sell Private Ads in your account where you place ads of other people who want to do it on a B2B manner. 

  3. Do affiliate marketing. If you have heard something called Amazon Associate then it will help you to go ahead. Include Affiliate Links in your content, earn on every single sell. If you don’t know about it then better to do digital marketing courses online.

  4. Sell Digital Products, same way of third party selling. 

  5. Use your blog content as a Content Marketing tool to do better earning. Because the more you share the more traffic you get and the more sells you make.  

  6. Sell Memberships and earn. 

Setting up the ads account in Blogger – 

If you are new to the digital ads world and then follow this – 

  • Sign in to your account. 

  • At the top, click the Down arrow.

  • Click the blog you want to run ads on.

  • In the left menu, click Earnings. Sign up for AdSense. ...

  • Choose the Google email associated with your Blogger account.

  • Fill out AdSense form. Create account.

  • Enter AdSense payment details.

  • Verify your phone number. Click Submit.

Your earning opportunities can grow to 10X level if you know digital marketing. You can also secure a fulltime job if you do a good Online Digital Marketing Training. 

Know more about Online Digital Marketing Courses.

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Search Engine Marketing (SEM) For Business: Learn and Do it rightly:

Are you an entrepreneur? Or Marketer? 

Be it a Businessman or a Marketer, the work of both of you is one, i.e. growing business. But what would be your genuine statement, if asked that how much you were able to grow your business in last year? Or even in the last decade if it’s that old? 

May be not much! Or even if you did it massively, then still we have something to supplement your business growth. 

We see a lot of start-ups struggling to become an established business. Few become able to do that, and sadly few fails to achieve that goal. We won’t say SEM is the only way to do it, but it is one of the best ways to grow your business online. 

Search engine marketing, or SEM, is one of the most effective ways to grow your business in this competitive marketplace. But how to do it is the only question you might have? 

With millions of businesses out there, where all are trying to be in the limelight, today has become the right time to advertise online. And digital marketing courses in Bangalore,helps you to do so. 

SEM is a part of online marketing, digital marketing. And fun fact is that, the time you get to a digital marketing training institute in Bangalore, you not only learn SEM, you learn everything about Digital Marketing.

Still wondering, what is SEM? 

SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing. It’s a specific way of online marketing, advertising and display advertising, where you shout out your business in Search Engines. 

These are paid stuffs. So to run ads on search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo etc. you need to pay exclusively on their price. 

The most popular SEM is Google Ads. But Bing or Yahoo may also be worth your time and money.

Learning SEM

Learning SEM and Google Ads is not so difficult, but surely needs an instructor to learn well. 

How is SEM Used for Business? 

SEM leverages on the power of search engines.

It’s also called:

  • Paid search ads

  • Paid Advertising (which just assumes you know it’s on searches)

To learn Search Engine Marketing, you need to learn terms that are used often when discussing SEM. 

Through them, you’ll better understand how SEM works. And that knowledge you can gain from digital marketing training in Bangalore. 

  • Impressions — how many times your ad was visible on a screen

  • CPC (cost-per-click) — how much you pay when someone clicks your ad

  • CPM (Cost per million impressions) — This is another way to pay for a search ad. 

  • CTR (click through rate) — the number of clicks you got to your website from people that saw the ad. 

If you are looking forward to value add as an entrepreneur then digital marketing training institute in Bangalore can help you out. 

For people who are looking for employable opportunities in SEM they should opt for digital marketing courses in Bangalore with placement.

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Top 5 SEO Hacks to Rank High in 2020 and grow your website business

Are you looking for growing your business online? Are you one of those people who have enough money to burn? Maybe no, because we hardly get it!

Therefore once your website is done, for generating leads and awareness, you can’t jump into SEM or search engine marketing.

Search Engine Marketing is a way on which you invest in ads like Google Ads, Social Media Ads, etc. and get whatever you target that.

Then how can you grow your business with a low budget?

The only answer is SEO.

SEO can give your business 5x growth if done properly. But no doubt in SEO also you have competition from your rivals in the market. SEO is the most efficient way at a lesser cost. That’s why every month many people are takingdigital marketing courses in Bangaloreand trying to learn this skill.

Now, let’s check out some top SEO hacks of 2020 for your business:

Today it’s all digital edge. You can see that with these constantly-evolving challenges and changes in the search engine algorithms and digital marketing, arming yourself with effective SEO hacks can be going to be difficult. To do so you really need to have an understanding of the subjects of SEO and digital marketing then you can grow in leaps and bounds. A digital marketing training institute in Bangalore can be a great choice to learn so.

Let’s see the SEO hacks –

Prepare for the next big thing — Voice Search

It’s reported that by 2020, 50% of all searches worldwide will be coming from the voice search performed using virtual assistants such as Google, Siri, Alexa, and Cortana.

So, you better start optimizing for voice search by focusing on creating pieces of content that answer questions about your niche; products and services. There are tools to check out what people are looking in voice search. Although many are paid tools, but it’s worth paying.

Monitor Conversation in Social Media & Forums

This is to undiscovered valuable keywords from there. Forums and other social hubs can be your goldmine of keywords. So before you, a competitor starts noticing that, you should bombard your website.

Utilize Rich Snippets

Make use of rich snippets!

Many happened to ignore this thing. This SEO hack will make your listings look unique and informative. The snippet quickly shows product information, reviews, and image. Fixing rich snippets are not so easy, to know in detail get into a digital marketing training institute in Bangalore.

The Skyscraper Technique

This SEO hack helps you create great content by leveraging what’s already published online for your industry, but you make it better.

Find blog posts or any content that relates to your business or any topic that you’d like to write about.

See how you can improve it — like -

  • Provide more up-to-date findings

  • Build a better design

If you want to know how to do it then Digital Marketing Courses in Bangalore with Placementcan help you out with this.

Easy Link Building

Always it’s not about On-Page, it as a huge weightage to work in the Off-Page SEO.

Building links demands time, but you might collaborate with others in your niche to strengthen your link building opportunities.

Besides collaborating with influencers, you can also build your links through chambers of commerce, Yelp and similar directories, local press, and local business websites. To know more about a potential link building strategy, get the bestdigital marketing courses in Bangalore.

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Top 5 Best Blogging & Content Creation Hacks of 2020

With time blogging has become so competitive. Previously you didn’t need to learn digital marketing to start with a great blogging career. But today many blog enthusiasts are starting withonline digital marketing coursesby which they can do wonders in their blogs.

Starting a blog is not difficult. It’s actually easy today, with much variety of CMS tools that we get readily available online. But to do it in a great way demands knowledge, potential and you also have to be smart enough.

So in this read, we will help you to understand the best 5 blog hacks of 2020 that actually work.

It doesn’t matter which niche your blog falls under. If you know how to emulate these hacks then you are good to go.

Use this helpful content framework –

This framework on content creation can help you out to plan the overall direction of what you’re writing.

That is –

  • WHAT, WHO?

  • WHY, HOW?

The first is to understand the problem of your audience and the next one is to provide value.

Write the Easiest thing first to build more confidence –

You don’t have to write your blog in order. You definitely need to have a roadmap but it depends on you how you want to deliver.

While content creation and also after content creation you should be able to step back and evaluate what needs tweaking and fixing to get it right. Need to know how to design a roadmap of content? You may check these digital marketing courses online that will help you learn content writing.

Do you have a monetized blog, and then be firm in pricing –

Don’t make decisions with emotions. Everyone can’t subscribe to a blog that is much chargeable. That too at the edge when everything is for free, so if your content is great only then only motorize it for a subscription. Or else keep firm pricing.

Italic writing style can be counterproductive –

Italics are hard to read on mobile devices. As you put the titles in italics of many other things, even if you do, try to change it for the mobile version. To know how to tweak different things in the blog website an online digital marketing training will be helpful with you.

Not the exact “Update” in the headline –

Maybe you are thinking that it is may not be the right track. But it is!

All you need to do in your content is to create engagement. For that, if you give the most interesting information straight away then it’s not going to work. Google likes fresh content. Keep it fresh, informative yet triggering.

To know more about blogging, and learn blogging checkonline digital marketing courses

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Top 5 Social Media Marketing Hacks of 2020

Likewise the thousand other marketers you may be also thinking of targeting Facebook and Instagram. But do you plan any unique idea that would make you stand out of the crowd of those thousands of people?

Maybe not!

Social Media Marketing is a pretty much tricky game. It demands tactics. And in Social Media Marketing, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. So, whether you’re launching a brand-new social media marketing campaign or optimizing an on-going initiative, we can help you out learning the best ofdigital marketing courses.

Be it Facebook marketing ideas, Instagram ads, or Linked Ads sometimes you get the ROI real quick, sometimes it takes time.

Today we will discuss some Social Media Marketing tips that would help you perform better in social media.

Top 5 Social Media Marketing Hacks of 2020

Which Platform to Prioritize for your Business?

Find out the right platform for your business. Do the social media audit. Want to know how to do it?

Check the best digital marketing training institute to learn social media.

Know your Competitors:

Who are your competitors in business? And more to it, who are performing well in social media? If you have answers to this, then your 30% job done. You have to check what exactly they are doing in social media. Therefore you have to do competitor audits on social media.

Learn to use tools properly: Like Hootsuite:

Get a full social-media rundown with Hootsuite.

Typically, it’s to check your accounts every day, right away.

You want to see if you have any new brand mentions, direct messages, or questions to answer.

If you have a lot of platforms to run through, this can be time-consuming. So you have to save that time right?

Luckily, tools like Hootsuite allow you to manage every social media account from one place. You need to learn how to use this tool properly. Digital marketing training institute can help you with this.

Layer Your Targeting Options:

In the past, advertisers had to content themselves with incredibly broad targeting options with their advertising.

But how is the scenario today?

Today, people are doing more niche business. Businesses are dedicated to a very specific niche. So in this case targeting becomes tougher. So layer your targeting. Find the right platform where you the audience you want.

Get a clear idea about Remarketing on Social Media

Remarketing is a way more serious thing in social media that you have ever imagined it.

Think of the last time you were browsing your News Feed on Facebook.

You saw an ad, clicked through immediately, and bought or signed up for whatever the site was offering. Wait, did this happen? No right?

No one does that that’s why remarketing is important. Your customers hardly make decisions straight away. They take time. So if you don’t want to invest in remarketing, you are losing a huge market.

Learn all the best social media marketing skills with digital marketing courses.

Also,digital marketing courses with placementcan help you get your dream job in digital marketing.

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Why Should I Learn Google Ads to Grow My Business?

All business owners are learning Google AdWords today, and the fun fact is the majority of them are spending on the ads too. Many things it is pretty simple to learn and generate more leads and revenue while running Google ads. But deep down, it’s not that simple. And that is the reason there is so much demand for properdigital marketing courses in Bangaloreand people want to learn.

What are the objectives of doing Google ads for a business?

  • You can sell more products online.

  • You can bring more traffic to your website.

  • You can generate leads.

  • You can create awareness.

  • You can do branding.

But, unfortunately, it’s not so generic to sit and do AdWords, there are many specific things to take care of.

For a businessman, revenue is the most important thing. Google ads surely withstand the fact of giving leads, if run properly. It’s also not a game of less money. If you want to invest properly in Google ads, then you need to have good money and learn a lot. The digital marketing training in Bangalorecan surely make you capable to acquire the knowledge of Adwords and play safe and smart.

The benefits of Google Adwords as an advertising platform:

With the help of Adwords, the results that come in are almost instantaneous and transparent. While the prospect of investing money on Adwords might seem like a daunting task but it worth the ROI!

Although few entrepreneurs may disagree if we say it is worth every penny that you spend on Google Ads! Well, believe us; if you are still complaining about Adwords when the world is behind it, then you don’t know how to do it properly.

Digital marketing training institute in Bangalore helps you learn Adwords, after learning you can get double the investment.

Top 5 benefits of Adwords that you need to know today as a businessman:

  • Adwords works faster than SEO. Because in SEO you have to wait to improve the DA, PA, and grow the traffic, here it’s just a simple game of going top of the PR.

  • Increase brand awareness in the fastest manner.

  • Reach more customers through their Gmail Inbox with the help of Adwords.

  • Reconnect with visitors to your website and do remarket to get the most of the relevant audience.

  • Measure your performance consistently, without measuring its not possible to success in Google ads.

Google ads have a good job market too, so if you want to learn it as an executive then you can visitdigital marketing courses in Bangalore with Placement. Once the course is done you get a job.

Want to know more about Google Ads?

Learn from the masters, visitDigital Academy 360.

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Why is Content Marketing Important? Learn the Importance of Content Marketing for Your Business

“Content is Kind”! How many of you have heard this phrase?

Almost everyone may be. But fun fact is, content is also nothing of use, if not marketed properly, and if not done in the right platform. Therefore content marketing stands so important right after you create the content or even before you do it.

In the past, Content marketing was used to just be a way to set yourself apart from your competitors. Today the whole perspective has changed. It has become a necessity for any modern brand and people are investing hefty amounts on it. So in this competitive world, if you are a businessman or a skilled entrepreneur you should learn content marketing, and you can do that withOnline Digital Marketing Courses.

Content Marketing –

Content marketing is at the heart of the most successful digital marketing campaigns. Every brand has a story, and behind every great brand, valuable and relevant content that really plays a major role.

But maybe, still the objectives of content marketing are not so clear for you so far!

Why is content marketing important?

  • Improve brand reputation by building trust through content marketing.

  • Content marketing is becoming the best way to attract and convert customers.

  • Creating custom content and doing content marketing is a great way to get to know your leads and customers while building goodwill.

  • The more the relevant content, the better your voice to its audience.

  • Around 72% of the company’s surveyed, content marketing has increased their marketing leads, both in quantity and quality.

  • Video content can help provide a great ROI and significantly increase conversions.

  • You can easily learn Content marketing with Online Digital Marketing Training and get good jobs in the market.

  • SEO plays an important part in improving the visibility of your business online. If you create optimized content you can quickly improve SEO.

  • Learn how to write SEO content with the help of Digital marketing courses Online because it helps you to do good in page ranking.

  • The key to maximizing content ROI is creating a content marketing strategy. It potentially takes your target market into consideration. Learn how to design a strategy from the masters in online digital marketing training.

  • Content gives your brand the privilege to showcase the subject matter expertise. It builds more trust.

  • It helps to build relationships with customers if you publish great content.

  • In fact, 20% of the time that internet users spend online is spent just reading content. Therefore, customers want to read great content.

  • Content marketing helps you stand out from the crowd and set yourself apart from competitors.

At the top of the funnel, your prospective customers are just starting to become aware of their problems. They don’t know that there are solutions available. Content is the only way to reach and help these people.

It's way vast then we can think, so don’t waste your time, learn content marketing today. Enroll inonline digital marketing courses.

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Why should you learn Website Designing to achieve your goals?

Having a website has become essential for any business and every business today. Not having a powerful, professional-looking website for a business is like they have not evolved enough. In such a demanding market if you don’t learn this skill then you are leaving behind a lot of opportunities now and for the future as well. One of the best ways to learn website creation is to doonline digital marketing courses. It’s easy and quick.

As an individual, you can build your own brand and promote yourself with a website or blog. It doesn’t really take a lot of investment to do so. But instead gives you a lot in return.

As a business owner, having a modern website is critical if you want to keep up with your competition, and stand out from the crowd. If you just go and check your competitors you will see how stunning websites they have created. And from there they are earning lakhs of revenue as they are getting conversions for the business.

It takes two skills to do so, one is a website designing another is content writing. You can easily get trained with online digital marketing training on this if you grab online digital marketing courses.

Of course, there are plenty of professional web designers who you can hire to help you with your web design needs. But if you want to learn then you have to invest a little time and money.

If you ever wanted to get into digital marketing, that would also work with web design learning!

As if you get into any digital marketing courses online then they train you for the entire program with web designing.

Top 10 reasons to learn website designing today:

  • Websites will always be in need. There is always web dev. jobs available.

  • It’s a great incoming source to become a full-time web designer/web developer.

  • You don’t necessarily have to code to become a web designer.

  • You can work in top MNC or tech companies.

  • You can work from anywhere or work from home.

  • You can start freelancing with web designing and explore different platforms, work with different country clients.

  • Design your web website for your own brand. Reach out to the people you want to. Build your own audience and grow your brand.

  • Learn e-comm. with web designing and start your own business.

  • Become a blogger if you are great with content, it just needs a basic website for a blogger majority of the times.

  • Explore your creative side, become a creative web developer.

It doesn’t take much time to learn web designing if you are in the right hands. You will learn CMS and you can build a website. Learn from the bestonline digital marketing coursesnow.

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Earn with Affiliate Marketing | Know the 5 Benefits of Affiliate Marketing

Do you want to earn immense income from your home? 

Then welcome to the world of affiliate marketing! Here you can earn $10 to $1000000 and whatever you want, completely depending on your efforts! 

If you are a person who knows a little bit about ecommerce, then you must have heard the term “affiliate marketing.” But maybe you aren’t quite sure what it actually is or how the process works. Well, affiliate marketing is a part of digital marketing. If you take up digital marketing courses in Bangalore, then you can become a good affiliate marketer. 

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing model that rewards affiliate partners for driving a desired action. 

These actions can include site visits, completion of a lead form and/or converted sales. With the help of affiliate marketing, you can sell anything and everything, but mostly e-tail or e-commerce products, as it works through links. 

It’s no doubt a beneficial form of marketing, with low-risk but good earning. 

People who are interested in affiliate marketing, they take up its course from Digital Academy 360, the best digital marketing training institute in Bangalore

So let’s see why it’s beneficial for you. 

Top 5 Benefits of Affiliate Marketing:

The more you work the more you earn – 

Affiliate marketing is performance based work. As an affiliate you are only paid a commission once the desired action has taken place. It can be a conversion, a traffic generation or whatever. Otherwise you won’t make money.  

It makes affiliates motivated to drive the conversion for the platform they are working for. This mitigates any efforts that drive traffic with little to no value to the company while also ensuring that you get what you work for.

No limit of audience – 

Affiliates can be found in every market and product category that exists today. There is no limit of audience reach and you can reach anyone you may know or if you know any platform. Therefore the limit of earning is also huge. 

Affiliates can boost your reputation – 

Working as an affiliate marketer and becoming successful can lead you towards becoming an influencer. So further you can do it potentially in social media and other channels. 

There are many full time jobs for affiliate marketers – 

Even if you don’t want to do it independently, you can get into a full time job. Digital marketing courses with placementwill help you to get the job. 

Learn more with affiliate marketing – 

While learning affiliate marketing with digital marketing courses, you can learn more about other digital marketing subjects. It will help you to become a digital marketer. 

Want to know more about Affiliate marketing & digital marketing?

Learn digital marketing courses in Bangaloreat Digital Academy 360..

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