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WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections Talking Chop User’s GuideTalking Chop PodcastAround the NL EastBaseball Analysis PrimerFreddie Freeman discusses Craig Kimbrel Colin Moran Jersey , Acu a arrives at camp, lineup talkNew,83commentsNews and notes from the second day of spring camp.ESTShareTweetShareShareFreddie Freeman discusses Craig Kimbrel, Acu  camp, lineup talkDale Zanine-USA TODAY SportsAtlanta Braves’ pitchers and catchers got back to work on Saturday with their first full-scale workout. Several position players have arrived early to camp including All-Star first baseman Freddie Freeman who talked with the media earlier on Saturday. Freeman was asked about former teammate Craig Kimbrel and the picture of him standing in the airport in Orlando which has circulated through social media over the last couple of days. Freeman said he had spoken with Kimbrel but told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Gabe Burns that he has heard nothing in regards to where Kimbrel might be headed. Burns also reports that the Braves are not engaged in talks with Kimbrel although he points out that it could still happen. For now though, Kimbrel isn’t in Orlando specifically to meet with Atlanta. Ronald Acu帽a Jr has also arrived to camp early and was seen taking some swings in one of the batting cages. Acu帽a also met with the media and reiterated his preference for hitting at the top of the order although he did add that he would do whatever was asked of him. Brian Snitker had previously stated that he was toying with the idea of dropping Acu帽a to the clean up spot behind Freddie Freeman and returning Ender Inciarte to the top of the batting order ahead of Josh Donaldson. The Athletic’s David O’Brien caught up with Snitker on Saturday and Snitker indicated that nothing is set in stone as far as the lineup goes and that he has several ideas. The Braves went into the offseason hoping to find a player capable of filling that fourth spot in the batting order. They acquired Donaldson but Alex Anthopoulos previously stated that he liked Donaldson in the No. 2 spot in the order where he hit most of the time in Toronto. Nick Markakis occupied the fourth slot for the Braves in 2018 and could be an option at some point as well. Touki Toussaint says he spent most of the offseason working on his fastball command. Toussaint has struggled in that area at times and improvement in that area would make his devastating curveball that much better. Brian Snitker told reporters on Friday that Mike Soroka had completed six pain-free bullpen sessions and would not be limited at the start of camp. Soroka spoke with Fox Sports’ Cory McCartney and further elaborated on the status of his shoulder. Grab your glass, cheers for good times, because we’re here to Drink To Herget!"I had a feeling that if Herget was put on the voting list that he might jump some guys that were already on it.It also puts Herget right around where most “experts” slot him.Some have him up near ten and others have him out of the Top 20.Mostly, that has to do with him being a reliever and not having the most wowing stuff.But, Herget has a really good shot to make the team in the bullpen.Part of it has to do with his previous success in the minors with very little to prove, the other being that the bullpen is quite top heavy and there should be some good battles in Spring Training that he could win.Stuart Fairchild, OF, 22Highest 2018 Level: A+ (Daytona)Eye-Poppingest Fact: .377 OBP in DaytonMost Worrisome Fact: Hit tool waned against more advanced pitchingAlias(es): Stuart Little, Sweet Summer Fairchild, StuballsBB-Ref PageStu was drafted by the Reds in the second round of the 2017 draft, 38th overall. Out of Wake Forest David Freese Jersey , a strong junior season wiped away a so-so sophomore year. The Reds saw potential, and drafted him early in the 2nd, though a little under slot, at 1.8 million dollars.Fairchild did plenty in Billings in 2017 to earn a spot on the Dayton Dragons to begin 2018. He continued to hit there, racking up a .277/.377/.460 line. He stole 17 bases in the Midwest League, while walking 31 times and striking out 65 times in 276 plate appearances.Daytona was not as friendly to the second rounder, where he only slashed .250/.306/.350 in 242 PA at the higher level, striking out another 63 times as opposed to only 17 walks. The FSL is an adjustment, to be sure, but I’m sure the Reds would like to see some more plate discipline as the second round junior draftee rose up the ranks.Still, Fairchild does a lot of things well. While the tools don’t necessarily jump off the page, he still has plenty of speed, and it shows both on the basepaths and in the field. If he sticks in centerfield, he can make his fringe-average power work. If he improves on his swing and miss tendencies and also taps into his power a bit more, he should be able to stick anywhere.Regardless, he’ll probably get another go with the Tortugas to begin the season.Mariel Bautista , OF, 21Highest 2018 Level: Rookie (Billings)Eye-Poppingest Fact: K% (12.4%) with a .211 ISO is yee-fuckin’-hawMost Worrisome Fact: He’s not yet played full season baseball at this point, and is now 21 years old.Alias(es): Maury, Drax the DestroyerBB-Ref PageMariel was signed as a 17 year old out of the Dominican Republic way back in 2014, and, you know, he’s been slow to really put himself on the Reds prospect map. He’s done so now.Mariel’s jumping in here because it’s worth it, based on what little we’ve seen. He was listed 21st on MLBPipeline’s list as late as whenever they updated that thing (probably mid-season?). He got 233 PA as a 20 year old at Billings this season and hit 8 HR with a .330/.386/.541 slash line. That’s right in line with a +.300 average for his “pro” career, but he finally tapped into his power in a meaningful way, bopping 24 extra base hits as well.The athleticism put him on the Reds radar to begin with. At 6’3” and a frame to build on, with what’s reported as speed for days, he seems like the Reds next five-toolsy player to dream on. Except, in this case, he doesn’t necessarily have to fix a strike out problem.Keury Mella, 25, RHPHighest 2018 Level: MLB (Reds)Eye-Poppingest Fact: 3.00 ERA across 108 AA and AAA innings Manuel Margot Jersey , 8.4 K/9, 3.1 BB/9Most Worrisome Fact: He’s gotten destroyed at the MLB level, slow development, and can he start?Alias(es): Hella Mella, Mellow Yellow, Hot KeuryBB-Ref PageIt feels like this guy has been around forever, and he kind of has. The Reds traded for Keury Mella in 2015, when he was 21 years old, as the headliner in the trade for Mike Leake. Adam Duvall was more of the throw in after thought until he started bashing the ball. Mella was the Giants #1 prospect so he was obviously the big snag. Ever since, he’s been toiling around in the Reds minors where he shows flashes of brilliance and at other times frustration.To be honest, I was unsure about adding Mella to this list even at this point. However, the experts have him slotted around this spot so I’m going to err towards their expertise. Mella is a power pitcher with a hard mid to high 90’s fastball, an above average slider, and an average change up. While that all sounds real nice, he often has problems locating those pitches and can lose his control completely. This tends to lead to higher walks, and in his case getting smacked around a bit too much. Even then , his superior stuff hasn’t always translated to great strikeout numbers.Mella has helped out the Reds the past two years by coming up when the rotation and/or the bullpen was short and proving so much needed relief for the parent club. However, most of those outings were disastrous for his final line and put some speculation into some as to whether he’s really got the stuff. Still, scouts are pretty high on his arm even if there is more belief in him being a reliever. With the recent moves the Reds have made, and the short time they have to control him, it’s very likely the pen is his new home. Based on his 2018 minor league season and that stuff, there is still reason to believe he could reach that potential of mid rotation starter.Hendrik Clementina, 21, CHighest 2018 Level: A (Dayton)Eye-Poppingest Fact: 18 HR, 33 BB in 376 at bats..229 ISOMost Worrisome Fact: Speculation about whether or not he’ll be able to hit advanced pitching and his skills behind the plate.26.3% K% last year.Alias(es): Oh My Darlin’ Clementina, The Mighty Hendrik, Sweet Juicy ClementinaBB-Ref PageHendrik Clementina has been with the Reds for a relatively short time (a little more than a year).He was brought to town in the trade where the Reds shipped off Tony Cingrani to the Dodgers.Quietly, Clementina had one of the better years out of anyone at Dayton.He hits for some obvious power and isn’t adverse to getting on base.His year totaled up for a .268/.327/.497 slash line.He hit a total of 41 extra base hits while being Dayton’s full time catcher for the most part.The knock on Clementina will probably always be whether or not he’ll be able to advance his hit tool against more superior pitching talent.He’s had his ups and downs in his career but really had a strong 2018.Scouts also worry about his ability to stick behind the plate.His arm is pretty decent and his pass ball numbers and caught stealing numbers were pretty normal.Everything here makes Hendrik look like quiteproject going forward but there’s some obvious upside to be had.Hopefully, he continues to pound the hell out of the ball in Daytona.

Arizona and the Major Leagues"WhiteFanposts Fanshots Sections Diamondbacks Farm TeamsGameday ThreadsDiamondbacks NewsDiamondbacks Game ReportsFang FoodSay Hello to Merrill KellyNew Blake Parker Jersey ,24commentsThe Diamondbacks newest addition discusses his path back to Arizona and the Major LeaguesByJack SommersDec4, 2018,9:17pm ESTShareTweetShareShareSay Hello to Merrill KellyMerrill Kelly pitching for SK WyvensCourtesy Yonhap News AgencyWhen Arizona Native Merrill Kelly looked at his career path and prospectsfollowing a pretty good year in AAA back in 2014, he didn’t feel like he was in the Tampa Bay Ray’splans as a starter.Spending much of his time in Tampa as a swing man in and out of the rotation, that wasn’t really where his heart was.Said Kelly, “For my profession and for my job I want to start, I’ve always loved starting, and the SK Wyvens over there gave me a chance to do that”. Sr. VP, and Asst. GM Jared Porteralso made the team’s intentions clear. Regarding his role, Porter said “Merrill is going to be on our major league team next year, we feel like he can come into Spring Training and hopefully leave camp as a member of our rotation” Make no mistake, Kelly is here in Arizona to be a starter.It is reasonable to assume that he will need to have a good spring training and prove he belongs in the rotation.I don’t think anything is going to be handed to him on as silver platter. But the team and player’s intentions here seem clear and in sync.He signed to be a starter in Arizona.So what does that mean for the team and for Kelly.Well , we can’t project him using stats quite frankly. The pitcher he was 5 years ago in the Ray’s organization is not the pitcher he is today. And we really don’t have a good basis to project stats from the KBOinto the major leagues, although I’m sure some will try. What we do know is that pitching in the KBO is a tough task, and for Kelly perhaps even more so.However he was clearly up to the task based on the success he had over there. “Its helped me become a better pitcher, because over there sometimesyou kinda have to figure out what you’re doing wrong, or the learning curve on your own because of the language barrier or because off their mentality.Going over there has forced me to be my own pitching coach and I think thats why I was able to progress into who I am today”So who is he today ?Well when he was in the Tampa organization he was mostly a 2 seam fastball guy, throwing about 88-90.Since moving to Korea and working on his game there, he has added velocity, and has been known to top out at 97, although he probably averages in the lower 90’s on his fastball.Per Porter, he has a 5 pitch starter’s repertoire, with the FB, Curve ball Michael Saunders Jersey , and Change up as the primary pitches, but he also throws a slider and cutter. He spoke very articulately and is clearly an intelligent and adaptable player.I am looking forward to seeing how well he works with the Arizona coaching staff, especially Dan Haren.It seems like a cerebral pitcher capable of being his own pitching coach , and with such a wide range of weapons to deploy,would be the perfect guy for Haren to help max out his talent. Porter also spoke to Kelly’s athleticism and being a strong competitor.I got that sense as well hearing him describe what pitching in the KBO is like:“It’s an interesting ballgame, it’s a completely different animal from what we see in the states. The balls are a little smaller, the parks for the most part are a little smaller. .....The fans over there are crazy, they’re baeball crazy. They cheer from pitch one to pitch 250 of the game.It doesn’t matter if their home team is up by 10 or losing by 10, they’re in it from the start until the last out in the 9th.It can be intimidating when you first get over there but the longer I was over there I learned to love it and the atmosphere was actually really cool.” So it doesn’t appear that Kelly will be intimidated by playing with a 3rd deck on the stadium. Whether or not he can get outs in the major leagues remains to be seen.But I came away from the conference call feeling he is a confident, accomplished and well prepared pitcher. For their part, the Diamondbacks appear to have done their homework here.Having followed Kelly throughout his collegiate and professional career, Porter mentioned that he traveled to Korea numerous times to see him play.Kelly made it clear that once the Diamondbacks came forward quickly as the most aggressive team looking to sign him Ryan Goins Jersey , and made him a solid offer, he worked quickly with his agent and the team to finalize. Coming home to play in Arizona is a dream come true for him and his family, and he was walking on cloud 9 today while touring the ballpark.We will have the opportunity to root for a true home town boy, and with a little luck and more of his trademark hard work he will have success and endear himself to the fan base. Special Note:Hat tip to the terrific trio of beat writerswho cover the Diamondbacks full time, Nick Piecoro of the Arizona Republic, Steve Gilbert of and Zach Buchanan of the Athletic. While on the conference call my phone remained on mute, and I deferred to the pro’s to ask the questions and get Kelly and Porter to respond and open up.All three of these guys do areally goodjob and we are lucky to have them. CHICAGO (AP) — The San Diego Padres placed left fielder Wil Myers on the 10-day disabled list with a left foot bone bruise before Saturday’s game with the Chicago Cubs. The move is retroactive to Friday.Outfielder Franmil Reyes was recalled from Triple-A El Paso to replace Myers on the roster. Reyes has played in 38 games for the Padres this season, batting .221 with six home runs and eight RBIs in 104 at-bats.Myers was injured Thursday night when he fouled a ball off the foot. He will wear a walking boot for a few days. “Hopefully, it heals quickly,” manager Andy Green said. “You never know with these type of things.”Myers is hitting .278 with nine home runs and 30 RBIs in 44 games. This is his third stint on the DL this season, and he’s missed a total of 58 games through Saturday.

 Mike Elias called upon a familiar face to help rebuild the club , hiring former NASA engineer Sig Mejdal from the Houston Astros to be assistant general manager for analytics.Mejdal will report to Elias and will oversee all aspects of the club’s growing analytics effort and serve as an adviser to Elias, the Orioles said Wednesday. Mejdal had been a special assistant for process improvement to Houston GM Jeff Luhnow since October 2015.Elias was introduced Monday as Baltimore’s general manager. The 35-year-old has been charged with turning around a team that finished 47-115, the worst record in the majors.Mejdal has been working in the majors for 14 seasons. He joined the Astros for the 2012 season — as did Elias — and organized the team’s analytics department from its inception.Before coming to the Astros, Mejdal and Elias both worked in the St. Louis Cardinals front office.Elias called Mejdal “one of the most experienced and accomplished analysts working in baseball today.”Mejdal has a pair of engineering degrees from UC Davis and advanced degrees in operations research and cognitive psychology/human factors from San Jose State. In addition to NASA, he worked for Lockheed Martin. ANAHEIM, Calif. (AP) — The Angels are playing out the string, although it’s tough to tell by watching Mike Trout and Shohei Ohtani.The team’s two biggest stars both shined Friday night in an 8-5 victory over the Oakland Athletics.Trout hit a two-run homer and has reached base safely in nine of his last 10 games while batting .313 with six homers, 11 RBIs and eight walks in that span.Ohtani went 3 for 3 — his fourth three-hit game this season — and is batting .289.“For my money, he’s hands-down Rookie of the Year,” Angels manager Mike Scioscia said.Taylor Ward added a two-run shot for the Angels (79-81). If they can sweep the weekend series Gregor Blanco Jersey , they would finish with a .500 record in what is widely expected to be Scioscia’s final season after 19 years at the helm.“Any time a team being in the playoffs comes in, it’s always fun to beat a team like that,” Ward said.The Yankees routed the Red Sox 11-6 earlier Friday to clinch home-field advantage in the AL wild-card game, leaving the A’s to travel cross-country to play Wednesday night in New York for the right to face Boston in the best-of-five Division Series.“We’ve played well on the road this year and we’re a power-hitting team and that’s a home run ballpark,” A’s manager Bob Melvin said.Mike Fiers (12-8) entered in the second inning for Oakland and was hit hard.Lou Trivino started and threw 11 pitches in the first inning before turning it over to Fiers. He gave up six runs and seven hits in 3 1/3 innings, struck out three and walked two.“I think we have a really good shot and I’m really excited,” Trivino said of the A’s visit to the Bronx.Taylor Cole (4-2) allowed one hit in 2 1/3 innings, struck out five and walked one. Hansel Robles worked the ninth to earn his second save.“Cole is going to be an important piece of a major league bullpen going forward,” Scioscia said. “He’s helped us out a lot.”The Angels took a 3-0 lead in the second.Ohtani singled leading off, went to second when Justin Upton got hit by a pitch and stole third before scoring on Francisco Arcia’s RBI groundout. With two outs , Ward homered to the lower left-field seats, scoring Upton, who stole second.“These games mean the world to us younger guys,” Ward said. “Just trying to leave a footprint.”Trout hit his 39th homer to right field on the first pitch in the third, extending the Angels’ lead to 5-0. That gave Trout the sixth 100-run season of his career and made him the seventh player in major league history with that many 100-run campaigns before age 27.The Angels added a run on Ohtani’s sacrifice fly to the warning track in left in the fifth.Los Angeles made it 7-0 in the seventh on Ohtani’s two-strike infield single to the pitcher near the third-base line, scoring Kole Calhoun, who doubled leading off.The A’s didn’t get a hit until Jed Lowrie singled leading off the sixth against Cole, who promptly retired the next three batters on swinging strikeouts.Oakland broke out for five runs — two on errors — in the eighth to trail 8-5.Matt Chapman singled and pinch-hitter Mark Canha scored on right fielder Jabari Blash’s throwing error. Chapman scored on Lowrie’s RBI groundout.Ramon Laureano was safe at first on an error by Ward at third base, scoring Matt Olson. Marcus Semien’s RBI double brought in Oakland’s other two runs.Angels starter Jaime Barria tossed 4 2/3 hitless innings, walked a career-high six and struck out four. The right-hander became the first Angels rookie to make 26-plus starts in a season since Scott Schoeneweis made 27 in 2000.SAY HEY Duane Kuiper Jersey , SHOOhtani stole third base in the second inning, giving him the third 20-homer, 10-steal rookie season in Angels history, joining Devon White in 1987 and Trout in 2012.SITTING ON 99Chapman has scored 99 runs and one more would make him the first A’s player with 100 in a season since Nick Swisher had 106 in 2006.UP NEXTRHP Trevor Cahill (6-4, 3.91 ERA) starts for the A’s on Saturday. His six wins and 20 starts coming in are his most since 2013 with Arizona, but he’s tossed five innings or fewer in his last five starts. LHP Tyler Skaggs (8-9, 3.91) makes his 24th start for the Angels. He is 2-5 with a 4.98 ERA in nine career starts against Oakland.

Yovani Gallardo's starts this season Blake Snell Jersey , but Gallardo pitches well in Texas.Cleveland's Mike Clevinger has been dominant on the road, and in afternoon games.Last night’s Giants-Athletics Under 7.5 bet turned into quite the adventure. It looked like the game would wrap up 3-2 in the ninth after a swinging strike three, but the ball got away from catcher Josh Phegley, and after controversial RBI double Rob Refsnyder Jersey , things were suddenly very uncomfortable. Luckily Oakland dodged the bad beat by winning it with a knock in the bottom of the 11th. Now on to Sunday…Zylbert’s 2018 MLB Over/Under Betting Record: 64-41-3, +18.8 unitsYesterday’s Result: Giants-Athletics Under 7.5 (WIN)*Each bet graded as if it were to win 1 unit>> Follow Matt Zylbert in The Action Network App to get free alerts on all his MLB bets during the season.Cleveland Indians at Texas RangersOver/Under: 11.5First Pitch: 3:05 p.m. ETProbable Pitchers: Mike Clevinger (7-5, 3.47 ERA) vs. Yovani Gallardo (3-1, 8.60 ERA)Since joining the Rangers and entering their starting rotation in mid-June , Yovani Gallardo has been a boon for ‘over’ bettors, churning out a perfect 5-0 record in his starts this season. Furthermore, each of his assignments has seen the final outcome tally at least 12 runs, as the former Milwaukee Brewer has produced only one quality start within that span.Get The EdgeLIMITED TIME OFFER - 60% OFFUnlock this article + all the EDGE benefitsTRY EDGE TODAYNow accepting&Already an EDGE member?聽Sign In Dodgers news...The Dodgers ended Monday night with their first walk off of the season.JOC JAMS!Joc Pederson smashes a walk-off HR to give the Dodgers the win!—..."Dodgers news...The Dodgers ended Monday night with their first walk off of the season.And with some relieving news about Cody Bellinger , who had been hit by a pitch in the game against the Reds.Yesterday was Jackie Robinson Day! The Dodgers Insider posted 42 facts about No. 42.Vin Scully visited Dodger Stadium and did what he does best - tell us a Jackie Robinson story. Chills every time he speaks.Around the league...Bryce Harper celebrated Jackie Robinson Day by sporting sick UCLA cleats.Reigning National League MVP hits three homers for a total of seven RBIs on Monday.Yasiel Puig hit a home run off of his former teammate, Clayton Kershaw.And we will leave this information here. Do with it what you please.Bleacher Report’s Scott Miller with his take on Yasiel Puig with the Cincinnati Reds.Yu Darvish throws a 99 mph fastball and hits everyone while he’s at it.The MLB Week 3 power rankings saw the Dodgers go from No. 1 to No. 3.

FORT MYERS Josh Donaldson Jersey , Fla. (AP) — the team on Friday morning about the death of longtime Boston Globe baseball writer Nick Cafardo.Cora said he told the players to enjoy themselves on the field and to celebrate Cafardo’s life.Cafardo collapsed outside the Red Sox clubhouse on Thursday and died of what his newspaper said was an apparent embolism. He was 62 and had covered the team for most of the past 30 years.The Red Sox placed a dozen roses at Cafardo’s seat in the press box on Friday morning. The Baltimore Orioles‘ beat writers and media-relations staff sent five dozen donuts, along with their condolences.Cora used his mid-morning session with reporters to speak for more than seven minutes about Cafardo and chose not to discuss any other topics.He told reporters: “That’s why I don’t get caught up in the whole game. It’s just a game. When you leave, that’s real. Life is real.” KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) — Curtis Granderson held up both hands, showing 10 fingers, one for each grand slam.Granderson ran his career grand slam total into the double digits, Marco Estrada pitched effectively into the seventh inning and the Toronto Blue Jays beat the Kansas City Royals 6-5 on Wednesday night.Jorge Lopez (0-2), who was making his Royals debut after being acquired July 27 from Milwaukee as part of the Mike Moustakas trade, threw a 2-0 fastball that Granderson drove over the Royals’ right-field bullpen gate with two outs in the fourth inning.Granderson’s 10th career grand slam was his second this year, both against the Royals. The first was April 18 in Toronto. He has 19 home runs and 50 RBIs in 106 games against Kansas City.“You never envision that they’re going to happen, because everything has to line itself up for it ,” Granderson said. “Actually, finding out today that it was 10 of them. Sure enough, it was the 10th one, but any time you can do that and score that many runs with one swing is cool.”Royals pitchers have yielded a major league-leading 10 grand slams.A report surfaced Tuesday that Granderson had cleared waivers, making it possible for the Blue Jays to trade the veteran, who still has pop in his bat at age 37.“It’s interesting,” Granderson said. “What that means? Not too much, except that there are possibilities, at the same time all outside my control.”Kevin Pillar singled home Teoscar Hernandez with the first run of the fourth and contributed an RBI single in the second for the Blue Jays, who have won three of four.Lopez was removed after 4 2/3 innings, allowing six runs on eight hits J.A. Happ Jersey , two walks and a hit batter.“I’m a little disappointed with the outing, but it was just one pitch took away the outing,” Lopez said. “When you miss like that with the good hitters, it’s always trouble.”Estrada (6-9) gave up four runs on six hits, two of them homers by Salvador Perez, over 6 2/3 innings to pick up his first career victory at Kauffman Stadium.“I located pitches,” Estrada said. “Even the pitch to Salvy, the second home run, I threw it exactly where I wanted. Just one of those where you make the pitch and kind of look back and, how did he hit that? But he’s a good hitter.”Perez connected in the first with Whit Merrifield aboard and led off the fourth with his 21st home run. Perez has hit at least 20 homers in four consecutive seasons, joining .John Mayberry Kendrys Morales Jersey , Steve Balboni, Bo Jackson and Mike Sweeney among the Royals to accomplish that feat.“It means a lot to me,” Perez said. “Twenty homers is a lot of help for the team.”Brett Phillips tripled in the seventh and scored on Alcides Escobar’s two-out single for the other run off Estrada.Ken Giles allowed a pinch-hit homer to Ryan O’Hearn but still earned his 15th save in as many chances and his third with the Blue Jays.The Royals lost for the 11th time in 13 games and are 1-5 against the Jays this season.Rain delayed the start of the game by 15 minutes.HE’S THAT FASTAdalberto Mondesi stole three bases, including one when he was picked off first base, on Tuesday. Royals manager Ned Yost compared Mondesi’s acceleration to former Kansas City speedsters Jarrod Dyson and Terrance Gore. “It’s up there,” Yost said. “It’s very easy, quick, hard speed. It’s just, boom, he’s gone. It’s like the Road Runner. You expect a little pillow of dust following him. He’s that fast.”ROSTER MOVESBlue Jays: LHP Tim Mayza was recalled from Triple-A Buffalo. LHP Thomas Pannone was optioned to the Bisons.Royals: RHP Blaine Boyer, who yielded a two-run eighth inning homer on Tuesday in a 6-5 loss to Toronto Jesse Barfield Jersey , was released. Boyer had a 12.05 ERA in 21 relief appearances. … The Royals sent Gore to the Cubs for cash considerations. In parts of four seasons with Kansas City, Gore was primarily used as a pinch runner, stealing 21 of 25 bases and scoring 24 runs, but went 0-for-11 in 49 games.TRAINER’S ROOMBlue Jays: RHP Aaron Sanchez (bruised right index finger) made a rehab start for Class-A Dunedin in the Class A Florida State League, going 3 2/3 innings and allowing one run on two hits, while walking four and striking out three. He threw 35 strikes in 74 pitches.Royals: OF Brian Goodwin (left groin strain) will begin a rehab assignment Thursday with Triple-A Omaha.UP NEXTBlue Jays: RHP Sam Gaviglio (2-5, 4.86 ERA), who was with the Royals last September and traded to Toronto in spring training, will start the series finale.Royals: RHP Glenn Sparkman (0-1, 5.06) will make his first career start after eight relief appearances.

The biggest superstars , young prospects and surprises from the 2018 MajorTuesday for the 2018 MLB All-Star Game.Thirty-two players will represent the American and National Leagues in the 89th edition of the All-Star Game, but there have been plenty of alterations made to the squads since the rosters were unveiled July 8.The players who opted out of the All-Star Game did so due to injuries and the lack of rest for certain pitchers in between starts.Among the replacements named in the last week were Tampa Bay's Blake Snell, who was regarded as one of the biggest All-Star Game snubs, Cleveland catcher Yan Gomes and Milwaukee pitcher Jeremy Jeffress.The All-Star Game, which begins at 8 p.m. ET on Fox, is in its second year of a new format in which the winning league doesn't achieve home-field advantage in the World Series.The rosters have an intriguing combination of players, and in some cases, it gives teammates a chance to take the field in the Midsummer Classic at the same time. Astros, Indians Lead MLB With Most All-StarsTwo of the three division leaders in the American League possess the most All-Stars on the edited rosters.The Houston Astros and Cleveland Indians are represented by six players, while the Boston Red Sox, who have the best record in baseball, have five.The Astros are represented in the starting lineup by second baseman Jose Altuve, while third baseman Alex Bregman and outfielder George Springer were named as reserves.Pitchers Justin Verlander and Gerrit Cole were originally named to the AL roster, while Charlie Morton was added as an injury replacement for Aroldis Chapman.Putting six players on the All-Star Game roster is one of the many impressive achievements earned by the Astros, who have the best record of a defending champion at the All-Star break since the 2006 Chicago White Sox, per ESPN StatsInfo:ESPN Stats amp; Info ESPNStatsInfoThe Astros have the best record at the All-Star Break by the defending world champs since the 2006 Chicago White Sox (57-31, .648).h/t EliasSports BYUkF47UlLCleveland holds the largest advantage in any of the AL division races, as it leads the Minnesota Twins by 7.5 games Curt Schilling Jersey , and its number of All-Stars moved up to six, as Yan Gomes was announced as a replacement for Tampa Bay's Wilson Ramos.Gomes found out about his All-Star nod while walking to the plate in the ninth inning of Saturday's game against the New York Yankees.Gomes joins starting third baseman Jose Ramirez, shortstop Francisco Lindor, outfielder Michael Brantley and pitchers Trevor Bauer and Corey Kluber as Indians representatives, giving the franchise the most All-Stars it's had since 1999, per Zack Meisel of The Athletic.Zack Meisel ZackMeiselYan Gomes has been named to the American League All-Star team, giving the Indians six All-Stars, their most in a season since 1999.Both teams are more than deserving of earning the most All-Stars, and if it wasn't for Morton and Gomes being added as replacements, the Astros and Indians would be tied with the Red Sox for most representatives on the AL roster.Brewers Possess Most All-Stars In Franchise HistoryThe Milwaukee Brewers reaped the rewards of their remarkable first half by sending a franchise-record five players to the All-Star Game.Originally the Brewers were set to send three players to Nationals Park, but since the roster announcement, first baseman Jesus Aguilar won the NL Final Vote and Jeffress was added as a pitching replacement.Milwaukee Brewers BrewersJeremy Jeffress has been named to the All-Star game! The #Brewers now have a franchise-record 5 All-Stars in 2018. #ThisIsMyCrew qwelzibFfqAguilar and Jeffress join outfielders Christian Yelich and Lorenzo Cain and pitcher Josh Hader, which gives the Brewers the most players from a single team on the NL roster.Milwaukee being in possession of the most NL All-Stars is a bit surprising since it enters the All-Star break in second place in the NL Central behind the Chicago Cubs, but up until the last seven days, the Brewers were arguably the best team in the NL.The Cubs and the Los Angeles Dodgers, who lead the NL West, have three players each on the senior circuit squad, while NL East leader Philadelphia is represented by one player , pitcher Aaron Nola.Even though the Brewers struggled through a six-game losing streak before the break, they deserve the recognition for one of the most unexpected starts in recent memory.As Fox Sports Wisconsin's Sophia Minnaert noted, there's plenty of reason to have hope in the Brewers going into the second half of the season:Sophia Minnaert SophiaMinnaertDespite the losing stretch, Brewers are 12 games above .500 with a franchise record 55 wins before the break amp;amp; are sending 5 players to the All-Star Game. If you were told that on Opening Day, would you believe it? Believe. 64 games left. #ThisIsMyCrewIn the case of the five Milwaukee All-Stars, they'll look to put the recent skid in the past, enjoy the festivities in Washington, D.C., and look to go back to winning ways once they return to their teammates.Follow Joe on Twitter, JTansey90 It's time for the nonsense to end.It's time for the days when a pitcher hurls a dangerous projectile at another person in excess of 90 mph with little or no provocation to end.Thankfully, it appears MLB agrees.On Thursday, the league announced a six-game suspension for Miami Marlins right-hander Jose Urena after he hit Atlanta Braves outfielder Ronald Acuna Jr. with a 97.5 mph fastball, seemingly intentionally.In case you missed it, here's the footage:MLB MLBBenches clear in Marlins-Braves after Jos茅 Ure帽a hits Ronald Acu帽a Jr. in 1st inning.Acu帽a Jr. (5 straight games with HR, 3 straight with leadoff HR) exits in 2nd inning. V2aSu97YEXDid that beanball arrive courtesy of a bat flip or some other "justifiable" reason? Nope.What was Acuna's crime, then? What affront had he committed?As best as anyone can tell, it was the "offense" of homering in five straight games, including three straight against the Marlins.Acuna was on a roll. More specifically Gregor Blanco Jersey , he was on a roll against the Fish. Somehow, that warranted a fastball to the elbow.Multiple MLB commentators, including ESPN's Buster Olney, thought it was on purpose:Buster Olney Buster_ESPNThe fact that Urena dropped his glove as the Braves bench emptied and seemed to beckon them forward tells you all you need to know about his intent.Acuna wasn't showboating or running his mouth or breaking any of the game's other antiquated unspoken rules. He was merely raking, which is what he's generally been doing since his big league debut April 25.Through 68 games, Acuna has 19 home runs and a .924 OPS. He's squarely in the conversation for National League Rookie of the Year honors.Other intriguing Senior Circuit rookies such as the Washington Nationals' Juan Soto will give Acuna a run for his money, but he's undeniably one of the most eye-opening up-and-comers on one of the most exciting young teams in either league.Now we return to his standoff with Urena. Is there a universe where his behavior is remotely justified?Former MLB player and current New York Mets commentator Keith Hernandez seems to think so."He's hit three home runs. You've got to hit him," Hernandez said, per'sDo-Hyoung Park and Daniel Kramer."I'm sorry. People aren't going to like that. You've got to hit him; knock him down, at least."A hitter is hitting, which is his job. In response, you hurl a sphere of cork, string and leather at his arm in the vicinity of triple digits, endangering not only his physical safety but also his long-term livelihood.That's horrendous on its face. It's cruel and antithetical to the spirit of the game.Braves legend and Hall of Famer Chipper Jones had a strong take in response to Hernandez's asinine comments:Chipper Jones RealCJ10So by this way of thinking, Jacob deGrom should get drilled cuz he鈥檚 the hottest pitcher on the planet? NO! I enjoy watching him pitch and I enjoy watching RAJ play the game. I鈥檓 old school just like this broadcaster, but these comments are waaay off base! N21hLVxBefHis slippery slope argument is precisely on point. A player, whether a pitcher or hitter, should not be targeted for performing at a high level. Period Fernando Rodney Jersey , paragraph.While we're on the subject, bat flips and other mild on-field antics shouldn't result in baseballs being intentionally thrown at players. It's dumb. It's juvenile. It makes the game less enjoyable鈥攏ot more.Fortunately, Acuna played Thursday and seems to be OK after going 1-for-4 against the Colorado Rockies. And MLB's harsh, swift punishment of Urena ought to set a precedent.Granted, we can all recall our favorite beanball (or near-beanball) scuffle. Maybe it's Nolan Ryan and Robin Ventura. Perhaps it's an even more one-sided tusslesuch as Pedro Martinez and Don Zimmer.There's sick fun when a guy gets plugged or buzzed by an inside pitch and the benches clear. But doesn't it feel like a baseball artifact, set to be relegated to history's dust bin?Here's where Acuna deserves a ton of credit: He didn't charge the mound.In a sense, who could have blamed him for wanting to rip into Urena? Acuna, after all, is a key contributor on a rising postseason hopeful.Urena's pitch endangered his season for the "crime" of being good, and it was bush league.Yet, Acuna restrained himself. Tip your cap. Give more points to the youngster, and to MLB for cutting through the noise and punishing Urena for his childish antics. That six-game suspension sends a message: This isn't cool.As an interesting side note: If Urena doesn't appeal his suspension and simply serves it, his next turn on the mound would be scheduled to come against the Braves. Stay tuned.Kevin C. Cox/Getty ImagesHere's a foundational question: Do we watch baseball because we're hoping a burgeoning superstar will get plunked in the elbow, or because we want to see the best hitters swing the bat against the best pitchers?It's time to do away with the unwritten rules.It's time for the nonsense to end. All statistics current as of Thursday and courtesy of Baseball Reference.

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