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Ameotech Informatics
Ameotech Informatics is a software development and designing service provider company. Ameotech Informatics is founded by a young and energetic entrepreneur focused on leveraging its customer with state of the art technology by offering innovative, contemporary and cost-effective technology solutions. It is a leading Mobile App Development Company In India. We have a highly skilled team of developers that always looking for bigger challenges. We provide top-line web and mobile development services at competitive prices. We’ve worked on a number of challenging projects and lived up to our client’s expectations time and time again.

Andrew Charles

Decentraland Clone Script

The Decentraland clone script is a ready-made NFT marketplace and decentralised VR platform development solution that is readily available on the market with exceptional and dynamic features that are far more sophisticated than those of the original Decentraland. In order to ease the users' current pain points, a pre-built, market-ready script was designed. This has served as a milestone in the gaming industry for its high-end user interface and intricate functionality as one of our white-label software offerings. Utilize our Decentraland clone script to launch a Metaverse-based 3D virtual gaming company while cutting costs and time to market.


Benefits of Decentraland Clone Script

Market-tested solution

100% decentralized


Saves time & Cost

Ready-made yet customizable

Scalable solution

Quick launch

Fewer efforts

Advanced Technologies

Immutable Smart Contract

And more


White Label Decentraland Clone Software

White label Decentraland clone software is a pre-designed Metaverse 3D virtual NFT game clone software of the world’s largest first-ever virtual platform “ Decentraland ''. This software holds advanced gaming modules and specialized functions of the Decentraland. By using Our Decentraland clone software, you can create and launch a feature-rich & Industry-best Metaverse gaming platform similar to Decentraland within a few days.


Our Decentraland clone software is fully conceived, created, expert-verified, tested, and ready for deployment. The top gaming engines on the market were used in the development of the superior Decentraland clone software. With our Decentraland clone software, you may attract a large number of people to your Metaverse, Free-To-Play Virtual Gaming platform and generate a significant amount of revenue.

Use Cases Of Decentraland Clone

Most of the forthcoming gaming companies and other businesses in this sector now use Decentraland clone scripts extensively. The reason is simple - less time and lower cost to market. There aren't many methods for a new company to stand out and establish itself. This is where we come in.


Primary Use Cases of Decentraland Clone

Applications: Users can create applications and 3D ecosystems that allow richer interactions using the Decentraland scripting language.

Curation of Content: Decentraland has developed neighbourhoods that bring like-minded people together and build organic communities.

Advertising: Advertising firms have acquired real estate and set up billboards as a result of the rise in player traffic in the neighbourhoods.

Digital collectibles: By gathering, producing, and trading NFT assets on the Decentraland Marketplace, users can obtain ownership rights to these assets.

Social: Both online and offline communities can benefit from a more interactive way of connecting with their peers.


Features of Our Decentraland Clone Script


Automated Integrities for users:

Modernized 3D Platforms

Easily accessible and explorable

Custom made functionalities

User and admin dashboards

Fully organized & decentralized ecosystem

P2P transactions

API integrated modules

Secondary Market Creation

Global and Instantaneous Payment Schemes

Tested Marketplace

Metaverse Compliant Infra

And more


Security features:

Two-factor authentication

Data encryption

KYC for security

DDOS protection

Cloudflare (WAF CDN)

Time Locked Transactions


Why Choose Hivelance for Decentraland Clone Script?

We are one of the most reputable and successful Metaverse game development companies, and our track record has allowed us to work with clients from all over the world on numerous blockchain and cryptocurrency projects. Our enthusiastic team of experts is focused on creating a top-notch Decentraland clone solution with cutting-edge gaming add-ons because we are aware of the demands that customers have of the Metaverse-based gaming services platform.

This precisely developed and completely integrated Metaverse gaming solution will aid in the development of a reliable 3D virtual platform with cutting-edge features and functionalities. Our ready-to-use and scalable Decentraland clone script also makes it feasible for you to add any additions based on your blockchain and decentralised game business plan.

Contact Us to know more about Decentraland Clone Script Development.

Mahmudul Hasan

Furnishings are an object that maintains stuff at a convenient elevation for individual things to do. It happens to be considered attractive skill, and is particularly an essential part from any home. This sort of target merchants objects and sustains individual activities. It is actually a item of human workmanship and layout. It is important for any home to be practical, and it ought to be comfy. Below are some things to remember about home furnishings. They are highlighted below: How to decide on Good Furniture for the home.


Firstly, furniture is something that shifts. It might beuseful and creative, or ceremonial. Regardless of its function, pieces of furniture should be movable. It should be created from components designed to previous for years. Usually, furniture is made of hardwood and precious metal, but it could also be made from plastic, as well as other resources. Typically, there are various types of home furnishings accessible. These could can vary in high quality and design. If you’re seeking a furniture piece for the home, you’ll must take into consideration the level of content it’s made from. To know more information about commercial dining chairs


Another type of furniture is the item furniture, the most typical type of furnishings are practical, and. With regard to layout, this can include anything that will fit inside the area. From simple pine chests to detailed marquetry job cabinets, it’s easy to uncover an item that meets your wants. Moreover, the ideal home furniture can go with your home design scheme. The right mixture of extras can create a room look functional and exquisite. An excellent example of this may be a system desk. They’re little nevertheless invaluable and can be used as several exercises.


The expression “home furnishings” refers back to the movable objects which are located above surface. This sort of home furniture involves several different products, also it could have a exceptional or intricate design and style. If you’re searching for a excellent variety of home furniture, you’ve arrive to the correct place. There are several different types of furniture to pick from and it’s essential to choose one that fits your needs. Browse the Us citizen Traditions Dictionary.


Another fundamental component to look at will be the type if you’re unclear which kind of pieces of furniture is ideal for you. While diverse styles and designs are essential, there are a few parallels on their attributes. As an example, a couch will vary the look of the room. For your own family area, a sofa will change your home’s overall look. You could also invest in a dining table, as well as a kitchen space tropical island. These three forms of household furniture are crucial for your residence, and they are generally necessary for your house.


The word “furniture” is often a French phrase for “movable object”. It describes stuff which are performed in an ideal length. At home, furnishings are vital for a cozy natural environment and improved work productivity. Based on your tastes, the design of your home, it’s essential to invest in home furniture that is certainly comfortable to suit your needs. Choosing the right furniture for your house can be a selection for just about any household. There are various different types of pieces of furniture and also the most effective items will increase your home’s importance.


Other than recliners, you could also use a TV take a position. An upright dining room table will transform your home’s usefulness. It is actually a widespread furniture piece. It can be a good decision for your residence. The best thing about this sort of furnishings are its versatility. Utilizing a TV stay, you can place your TV in addition to the other products on the table. It could add convenience and heat to your house. That’s always keeping your TV near to yourself may also maximize the likelihood of injuries.


An additional benefit to household furniture. It is very important choose the right size and shape. It is additionally essential to discover the proper colour. While selecting pieces of furniture, make certain that it complements another merchandise inside the room. If you prefer your residence to check more appealing and comfy, make certain that it matches all of those other your home. You will even find items that match your style and color. The very best furniture is the one that isrelaxed and sturdy, and operational.


Besides staying helpful, household furniture can certainly be stunning. Choosing furniture is really a determination for most good reasons. It can attract the eyes and support your workplace appear elegant. One example is, it serves as a very good way to get clientele to the small business. Assuming you have a small room, a table can be used as a gourmet coffee kitchen table, though a caffeine dinner table can double as a workdesk. Possessing a table top suggests that you’ll find more living space for other considerations, and which might be the perfect spot to put a beverage, an ebook, and have some job performed.

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Liberty Lands Lahore is one more project sent off actually by Union Developers. Like the previous projects of Union Developers, Liberty Lands is also featuring present-day establishment and excess facilities. For a pleasant and sumptuous lifestyle, the state of the art solaces and happy miracle, incomprehensible and delightful points of view on the enveloping region, and basic induction to the neighborhood of life highlights. Liberty Lands Lahore truly fills in as the best location you could guarantee. Being considered as a little city, when you don't wish to go far from home, there's different lifestyles and brandishing practices simply outer your doorway to loosen up, blend, and conform to the day.

Liberty Lands Lahore Own Prices

Liberty Lands Lahore is a residential society featuring the mix of worldwide standard establishment and plant life that relaxes as per people with the unblemished and new environment here.

This society is the new extremely popular in the land region as this project is offering the most clear and reliable courses of action and properties for the speculation reason in Liberty Lands with own prices in just 10 days, financial backers are at this point are participating in the advantage by placing assets into this society.

Liberty Lands by Union Developers

Liberty Lands Lahore is a project of Union Developers, who have contributed all of their measures of energy in understanding this state of the art neighborhood dream project. Liberty Lands included different assessed commercial units and residential plots of a single size of 5 Marla, offering a wide combination to peruse to the occupants.


Liberty Lands Lahore is sent off to be situated on Jia Bagha Road which is generally called Sue Asal Road Lahore. This society can be moved closer from 3 remarkable ways. Liberty Lands can be conveniently gotten to through Halloki Exchange on Lahore Ring Road, second philosophy is from Khayaban-e-Amin, and the third technique is from Principal Raiwind Road.

Design Plan:

Liberty Lands Lahore is featuring both residential and commercial properties for speculation. Liberty Lands has recently a solitary size of residential plot. The size of residential plots open in Liberty Lands are simply of 5 Marla.

Open Accommodations:

Liberty Lands Lahore will offer different facilities that make the living experience more perfect. From central to state of the art local area comforts, every office is accessible in Liberty Lands.

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If you are looking for a plot accessible to be bought in Lahore to support benefits on your ventures, or you are basically looking for a spot to live, you could track down a spot more terrible than Kings Town Lahore. This spectacular lodging advancement, situated in the city's most beneficial area, gives 3 and 5 Marla private plots, as well as completely completed homes and business plots in various classes. Kings Town is being created in the center of Lahore and will be open from all of the critical spots of Lahore.

The arrangement and improvement of this private task have been done recollecting the comfort and solace of the inhabitants. This venture will give complete satisfaction to its financial backers. Kings Town project included the most vacant position, tremendous roads, particularly regulated streets, and extraordinary plan.

Kings Town City Owners and Engineers

The owner and Engineer of this magnificent private venture are Al-Kabir Designers. Al-Kabir Engineers' previous ventures, Al-Kabir Town Stages I and II, were exceptionally compelling. Al-Kabir designers' latest undertaking is Kings Town, which is generally called Stage III. Kings Town engineers went all out in making maybe of the most extraordinary undertaking anytime worked in Lahore. The reasonableness of the site and the prosperity of the premises, and the affirmation of validness for genuine engineers had made these ventures a novel chance for perceived financial backers. Al Kabir designers are a capacity to be managed, as they try to change the substance of Pakistani land. They should be pioneers in the field of money related land.

The engineers show their capable headway in the land business through these unrivaled dwelling projects in the city of Lahore. They are learned in the Pakistani housing market and have all the normal ability to pull off this kind of productive private venture. They appreciate what their clients need and how they will give it. Kings Town Raiwind Road Lahore designers give the very best property offers in the city, due to their area, organizations, and after-bargains private experience. They have a cultivated gathering of sketchers, engineers, and delegates dedicated to reevaluating and assembling Lahore's thorough private system.

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Mahmudul Hasan

Top hotel dining chairs manufacturer with Youmeiya? Metal Wood Grain is heat transfer technology. First, cover a layer of powder coat on surface of the metal frame. Second, cover the match wood grain paper on the powder. Third, send the metal for heating. The color on the wood grain paper will be transferred to powder coat layer. Fourth, remove the wood grain paper to obtain the metal wood grain. Good powder coat can effectively develop color: Since 2017, Yumeya cooperate with TigerR Powder Coat for metal powder coat.It can fully display the wood grain texture, increase the fidelity, and provide 5 times of wear resistance. Find extra info on cafe chair manufacturer. No joint and no gap: The joints between pipes can be covered with clear wood grain, without too large seams or no covered wood grain.


Restaurant seating has a very high frequency of use, so there will be special requirements for strength. By using Yumeya patented structure and tubing, Yumeya commercial restaurant chairs can bear more than 500 lbs. Meanwhile, Yumeya promises all Yumeya chairs a 10-year frame warranty. At present, Panda, Holy cow, and other well-known restaurants use Yumeya as their main restaurant chairs supplier. Restaurant dining chairs wholesale, contact Yumeya Furniture, which is the leading restaurant chairs manufacturer in China. We have restaurant chairs wholesale and also provide service for custom dining chairs.


The outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020 makes people realize the importance of environmental protection. Furniture has always been made of solid wood, which means a lot of forests have been cut down. Since 1998, Mr. Gong, founder of Yumeya Furniture, has been developing wood grain chair instead of wood chair. As the first person to apply wood grain technology to metal chairs, Mr. Gong and his team have been working tirelessly on innovation of wood grain technology for more than 20 years. In 2017, Yumeya start the cooperation with Tiger powder, a global powder giant, to make the wood grain more clearer and wear-resistant. In 2018, Yumeya launched the world’s first 3D wood grain chair. Since then, people can get the look and touch of wood in a metal chair.


As a young and dynamic enterprise, Yumeya attaches great importance to development. Every year, Yumeya will invest a lot of money in technology and product research and development. In 2019, Yumeya cooperated with a HK industrial designers. Yumeya’s chairs have become works of art that can touch the soul. At present, Yumeya has more than 1000 original designs and many patented technologies, including DouTM Powder Coat Technology and DiamondTM Technology. In the future, Yumeya will never forget its original intention.Yumeya will continue to create a bigger market for customers with innovation.


Upholstery Machine: Use air pressure instead of manpower to avoid manpower difference to ensure standard. Meanwhile, cooperate with special mold to ensure the line of cushion is smooth and straight, and there is no ‘s’ line. Up to now, Yumeya has a complete QC system include more than 20 inspectors. These inspectors are divided to 2 teams. Team 1 are subordinate to the production director. Team 2 are subordinate to each production department. This combination can ensure the efficient and low-cost operation of the whole QC system, and prevent defective products from flowing into the next process.


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Lahore smart city is likewise a striking project conveyed by the FDHL and Habib Rafiq (Pvt.) who are revolved around giving an imaginative and smart housing experience at Lahore Smart City in its own private and residential zones. Furthermore, place that is known for 20,000 Kanal has as of late been given out for the project, where this competent residential project will be created. The prime location of the project as of now makes it outstanding in itself. It is organized on Lahore Stay away from close to the Lahore exchange. The property can be handily appeared at by the Unique Trunk street Lahore, as well as the Lahore-Sialkot motorway. The location doesn't pull out the property from the city and besides offers a quiet and controlled climate from the city inconvenience.

Business region of the city are a few minutes from this smart residency project. The new grounds of UET Lahore is on the western side of the housing society and can appear at on a 5 restricted scope drive from Lahore Smart City. Perhaps of the most exceptional society, DHA Lahore, and Allama Iqbal Lahore Air terminal is reachable on a 18 minutes' drive from it. The central definitive focal point of the Capital Smart City Lahore housing society is moreover bordering.

Lahore Smart City Developers

Future Developments Property (Pvt.) Restricted, for the most part called FDHL, is one of the super land developers that is notable for their extraordinarily planned projects with incredible planning when stood apart from the other driving creators. The objective of FDHL is to change the living experience towards a front and smart presence. Furthermore, FDHL not just reviews the ultramodern and rich way of life while empowering their projects yet also gives amazing client care and unequivocal consultancy to their gathering. FDHL is a decisive establishment that was first chosen under the affiliation goal 1984. Different Public and in general little affiliation firms got together to make this business try. FHDL is a blend of two affiliations, China Liaoning Overall Monetary and Explicit Joint exertion Get-together Association Ltd (CLIC) and Planning Viewpoints (Pvt.) Restricted (EDL). These two affiliations master both specific and the board limits.

Location Guide of Lahore Smart City

The red pinpoint on the aide under shows the Lahore Smart City coterminous the Lahore Dodge. Regardless, you can appear at it by the Lahore-Sialkot Motorway and the Breathtaking Trunk Street.

Master plan of Lahore Smart City

While beginning the Lahore Smart City end-all technique structure, the endeavor fashioners envisioned the formation of a verifiable level urbanized movement; a characterized society that would offer sensible, regardless, fit living spaces close by innovative and client driven facilities. As demonstrated by the fairly lengthy system, the development will coordinate two squares; to be express the 'Supervisor Block' and the 'Abroad Block'. These fragments, thus, will incorporate confidential plots of 5, 10, and 20 marlas. Besides, The Power Square will offer top of the line property ownership openings for genuine purchasers and experts staying inside the country; while the Abroad Piece, as its title proposes, will especially manage the endeavor deals of Pakistanis living abroad.

Balloting and Ownership

The Lahore Smart City has articulated the balloting of business and residential plots in areas An and B as to be held in Spring and May 2022 autonomously. The clients can then have their concerned plots.

Portion Plan

The need of the project is to give an issue free way of life to the inhabitants, beginning from an exceptionally clear and sensible portion plan. As Lahore Smart City is at this point being managed, the portion plan is likewise truly adaptable. Furthermore, because of its prime location and uncommon planning, the plots are by and by selling out quite. Booking began with an extent of 18 Lac Rupees and quickly it has as of late leaned to 22 Lac Rupees. Taking into account the latest things, filling more in the approaching future is normal. In the event that you wish to book a plot for yourself as well as your family in this state of the art living experience, the current second is an ideal entryway. This is similarly a noteworthy chance for the money related supporters to put cash in this project as the rates are stretching out with the going through day. This ongoing circumstance will accomplish a raised degree of return. Notwithstanding, With the speedy developments, Lahore Smart City will thoroughly prosper in two or three years from now giving an extravagant way of life to the occupants.

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Top rated aluminum dining chair manufacturer and supplier by Youmeiya? Yumeya is the only factory realized one chair one mold. All the wood grain paper is cut out by the mold that matches the chair. Therefore, all the wood grain paper can be effectively matched with the chair without any joint or gap. Full contact, ensure the effect of heat transfer: Metal wood grain is heat transfer technology. Therefore, full contact is a key factor. We use high temperature toughness plastic mold to ensure the wood grain paper and the powder full contact to achieve a clear effect. Discover more info hotel seats. Stack-able, 5-10 pcs high, save 50-70% transfer and storage cost. Lightweight, 50% lightweight than same quality level solid wood chair.


For Cafe Chair, it is not only a furniture, but also an ornament. In full consideration of practicality and beauty, Yumeya wood grain metal cafe dining chair has obvious characteristics, safety, comfortable, washable fabric and so on. Yumeya wood grain aluminum cafe dining chair has more than 10000 successful cases in more than 80 countries around the world, including many well-known high-end restaurants such as HK Meixin, Il Cielo (Beverly Hills, LA), the most Romantic restaurants in LA. Cafe chairs wholesale, contact us.


Yumeya understands that the current competition has change to supply chain. In order to give customers more competitive products, Yumeya has been committed to mechanical upgrading. At present, Yumeya has become one of the factories with the most modern equipment in the whole industry, such as Japan imported cutting machines and welding machine, automatic transportation line, automatic grinder etc. Only a strong hardware with well organized can play a huge power.Therefore, Yumeya never stop the improvement of management.


In Yumeya, safety is the most important thing. Therefore, in the early stage of development and design, Yumeya’s design engineers will first evaluate the structure of the chair. All Yumeya’s chairs pass the strength of ANS/BIFMA X5.4-2012 and EN 16139:2013/AC:2013 level 2. The size is a very important parameter in the design. Without sacrificing the comfort, Yumeya’s engineering designers try all the best to improve the loading quantity to realize the highest cost performance of products.


Welding Robots: Yumeya Furniture has 3 Japan imported Welding Robots. It can weld 500 chairs a day, three times more efficient than human. With unified standard, the error can be controlled within 1mm. Finished product color matching and adhesion test: As the whole wood grain production process involves many factors such as the thickness of powder coat layer, temperature and time, small change of any factor may lead to color deviation. Therefore, we will check 1% for color comparison after completing the wood grain finish to make sure it is the right color. At the same time, we will also conduct adhesion test, only none of the lattice powder coat falls off in the hundred lattice test can be accepted.


As per the latest news, with all its advantages, the company named All New Semi has now bagged the title of top-notch supplier for electronic components.

All New Semi, 30 September 2022: The company, All New Semi has already achieved global recognition as an electronic components supplier. A wide range of comprehensive competitive advantages makes the company popular. The company has established a long-term relationship with multiple manufacturers, agents, catalog distributors, stocklists and channel dealers, etc. The company is specialized in BOM distribution. Whenever there is a context of integrated circuit IC, the company always comes first in people’s mind.

The company’s motto is to take good care of a few factors. They are practical approach, sincerity, responsibility, hardwork, and dedication. Also, they prefer to build their reputation on the basis of people’s trust. The company always mentions that they believe in “Integrity, Win-win” Overall, it helped them to establish a good business image for the company. “After years of hardwork and continuous improvement, the company has a more complete and advanced management system. From beginning to end, the company has always put customer value and customer satisfaction. In the first place, we strive to provide our customers with the best quality, cheapest, fastest, and safest supply. “

The company professionals prefer to maintain a bond of trust with their customers. And they do it by taking a few initiatives. Among the steps they have taken, one is reducing customer operating costs. The company provides high-quality products and on-time technical support and services even if it lowers the operation cost. Thus, it has become a leading electronic components supplier. People are looking forward to seeing it going at the zenith of success soon.

About the company
All New Semi is a leading electronic components supplier with a wide range of advantages, formed by experienced personnel.

To know more details, please visit

Media Contact:
All New Semi
Phone - 86-755-88844016
Email -
Address- Gaokede Electronics  Market, Zhenhua Road, Huaqiangbei Street,
Futian District, Shenzhen, China- 51851


Floors Online UK

Wood is the best material for our flooring in terms of its natural beauty and durability. Wood flooring will always be the preferred choice for homeowners and contractors alike, whether it is installed in the living room, family room, dining room, or any other area of the house since it is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. However, because wood expands and shrinks as a result of moisture, and because prolonged exposure to water can cause rotting, many homeowners are reluctant to install solid wood flooring in bathrooms. In actuality, solid wood flooring may be utilised in bathrooms if the correct finishing and upkeep are carried out.

Tip: Laminate flooring is a synthetic multi-layer flooring product that has been laminated together. Wood-like imitation laminate flooring Particle Board wood serves as the substrate for laminate flooring, which are covered with an image layer and a translucent wear layer.

Getting Ready for the Installation of Solid Wood Floors

Make sure the foundation flooring for your new solid wood floors is level, smooth, structurally sound, and clean. They must be placed indoors for a few days before starting the actual installation of your wood flooring so that the wood can acclimate to the humidity level in your home.

Installing Wooden Flooring: Steps

1. Adhere to an installation strategy that has the solid wood floor laid perpendicular to the floor joists.
2. For future reference, the floor joist positions along the wall must be indicated.
3. An asphalt felt covering must be applied to the subfloor to reduce squeaks and stop moisture buildup.
4. Mark the centerline of the area where the solid wood floor will be put.
5. If your room isn't perfectly square and you're putting wood flooring, line up the tongue of the first row with your centerline and tear the side of the groove at an angle parallel to your wall.
6. During installation, be sure to arrange the boards in many rows and stagger them such that an end joint on one row does not touch the end joint of the row after it by more than a foot.
7. To fit at the ends of each row, cut sections no less than 8 inches long as you are placing the strips. Additionally, you must leave a gap of half an inch from the wall.
8. Attach the solid wood flooring to the subflooring with fasteners. Sanding and polishing come next when the solid wood floor installation is finished.
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