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Amazing app. If you have pictures you want to keep hidden to others but not you, this app is you want. Being a father, LEO Privacy works wonderfully, by being able to keep my private adult life away from my children! I like this app because of its functions and great security for hide photos and videos
I love sexy girls’ photos and videos, but my wife doesn’t, so I want to have a private vault for me to hide photos and videos. And one day, I found LEO Privacy, this app is very useful for me to hide images and videos. Love it!
Functional Free Password protection. LEO Privacy works, LEO Privacy is free, and it keeps my pictures under encrypted password protection. It keeps everything secure and you can put as many pictures as you want inside just as easily as you can take pictures out.
Really Useful very nice app. I absolutely love LEO Privacy. I have tried many app and I found this one. Really easy to use to hide photos and your videos. I will absolutely recommend this for everyone.....;)
Happy Life with LEO Privacy then I always worried when someone borrowed my phone because of all my secure photos and videos. Now I don't even have to worry when my 3 year old cousin borrow my phone.At the same time I can also lock apps. Now I feel that I cannot live without this APP.
Love LEO Privacy! It locks my apps and takes a pic of anyone who tries to get in my tablet! Good applock. Directly hide any photos, no need to move memory card to phone memory. Love it. Highly recommended.
LEO Privacy is a very good app. It runs and acts properly. UI is great. You can hide photos and videos and images with the help of this app so that nobody can see your secret photos and videos.
LEO Privacy is the best 'applock' application for people who are useing andriod phone.It is running very fast than other applock application.Fast working and good background.You can also change the theme and accelerate your phone with boost feature
LEO Privacy is very good, it let you to lock your app,hide videos and images and more than that it also got great themes which makes my device to look very cool and different. Recommand all to use this applock!
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