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"How To Separate Your Game From
The Competition to Distinguish Yourself
as a Heart Thumping Malcom Brown Jersey , Crowd Pleasing,
Talk Of The Town All-STAR Baller!"

�The Pros Closely Guarded Secret Weapon�

It�s simple and It�s Basic, your number # 1 secret of success will always be knowing your �Niche� and using it to separate yourself form every other Baller out there�
This is the most over-looked art of figuring out what your coach really needs and developing an Identity on the court.

What is a Niche?

I�m Glad you asked!
Your niche is how you are different from everyone else. It is the one aspect that you are great at, not good at Joe Thuney Jersey , but great at.
It is the one thing that will get you on a team, or get you cut off of a team.

This should be common sense for all Ballers, and yet it will be your secret weapon. Because most of your competition will forever ignore the fundamentals of Defining a Niche, or screw it up (since they've never bothered to pay attention to the lessons).
It's relatively easy to perform a play or move that gets a coach to say �Hey, that ballers pretty good�. But that doesn't mean they will pick you to be on their team or pursue you to play for them.
No. You want your prospect Coach to say -- after experiencing watching you play -- "Wow! That�s Exactly what I need on my team Brandin Cooks Jersey , How do I get them to consider playing for me?"
But getting a coach to be Jaw Dropped and begging you to play for them is a much more complex process. You don't have to understand the biology or chemistry that goes on... but you DO have to realize that dominating the hardwood requires a lot of knowledge and a little skill.
It's not difficult. But it's not something most people naturally learn to do.

There are a few key secrets to Identifying A Niche that -- once you master them -- will guarantee that EVERY Time you step on the court every coach and player will be astonished and you will start leaving your dominating trail of legacy along the way.
That's how the greats are formed. First by identifying their niche and then by working to master their niche. Most Ballers Play From their Heels� meaning they blow it when it comes to Discovering what aspect of the game they are dominate at. They stumble along the way guessing how to develop their game and normally find them selves in a dark hole with no way to get out.
The Baller Graveyard is crammed with great talented ballers that failed to identify and work on their niche.
However, when you master the basics of Developing a Niche and continually working to master your niche, you will start to see and feel the benefits that come with being a �unique� Hot-Ticket ball player.
Whatever results you're getting will instantly be multiplied many times, as soon as you apply the secrets of Niche Discovering
If you look at any of the Dominating Forces in the pros you will find that it is easy to identify their niche:

Reggie Miller- Shooting
Bruce Bowen- Defense
Steven Nash- passing and play making
Tracy Mcgrady- Scoring
Shaq- Post Dominating
Ben Wallace- Rebounding
And the list goes on and on�

They discovered their Niche and developed a plan to master it, not just to be good at it but to be great at it.
So how do you figure out what�s your Gold key Niche?

Easy New England Patriots Hats , ask yourself what do you think you are the best at, what important aspect of basketball do you always do well, or tend to be better then others at.
It would also be a great idea if you asked your coach, parents, teammates and other players that do not personally know you but have seen you play before.
It is also very important to receive honest opinions New England Patriots T-Shirts , and you should not ask someone you believe who falsely tell you something just to, please you, get the truth.
If you have a identified niche you will be that much more dominate and coaches would much rather recruit a player that performs a certain task very well likr passing then trying to recruit a player that they will have to develop those certain skill they are looking for.
Now once you have identified your niche, you have found a pot of gold, an you will be 100 steps ahead of your competition.
You see New England Patriots Hoodie , if you do not have a niche, and really do not understand what kind of a player you are or what you do very well, you will just confuse all the coaches and recruits that are interested in you.
The most common mistake that I have seen with lack of niche identification normally happens with guards�
You know what I am talking about, that guard that you see but you really do not know if he is a point guard or a shooting guard, it�s like he is stuck in the middle.
And if you are stuck in the middle Custom New England Patriots Jersey , you are not going any where.

Allen Iverson is a perfect example, he was having problems figuring out what kind of player he was, and his game struggled, but once he committed to being a two guard, his game flourished and he become an NBA ALL-STAR.
So determine your niche and commit to mastering it New England Patriots Vapor Untouchable Jerseys , whatever it is, it might be scoring, shooting, rebounding, defense New England Patriots Color Rush Jerseys , passing, play making or even teammate support
If you do not have a niche, get one or you will never get to the next level.

That s all for today.
However, remember that these  Strategy Baller  mini-classes are just "tastes" of what I have for you.

When you're finally ready to get serious about moving ahead of everyone else in hoops domination, go back to and see what the complete menu looks like.

You cIt is not only about the bride and the groom in a wedding cer.

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A home's location can significantly impact its desireabilty. While having a great location is Robert Woods Jersey , well, great, it is not the most decisive factor in determining how soon your home will sell.

Very often you will find that newly listed properties attract a significant amount of interest. It is also right close to this time that many real estate agents will try to create a buzz by using such marketing resources as e-mail, online community posts Sammy Watkins Jersey , etc. Additionally, a lot of buyers who have become bored with the same old listings automatically search within the MLS's for only fresh listings. But sooner or later, the freshness of the listing will wear off along with the attention. This may embolden buyers to make a low-ball offer. Patiently waiting for what seems like an eternity can be a very deflating experience for a seller. It's not possible to buy a new home until the current one is sold. When the situation becomes intollerable a lot of sellers make consider a low-ball offer.

If you want to avoid this kind of predicament then be sure to price your home to sell. But rational judgement can be clouded by emotion. When this occurs a lot of sellers will instead price their houses based on what they hope to get rather than on comparable sales. By researching what compable homes have sold for in your neighborhood and surrounding area you can uncover hard data upon which to price your home. If the local area in which your home resides has a lot of competition then you need to consider this when pricing your home--i.e., consider an aggressive price.

If you think you can't possibly get what you want out of your home then think again. One tried and true method of achieving a high final offer is to underprice your home initially. Say you know for a fact that a house that is very comparable to yours was recently bought for $192 Cooper Kupp Jersey ,000. Pricing your own property around $174,000 would be a good example of an underpricing. Buyers looking for the overlooked, underpriced property will be quick to make an offer. When buyers are forced to compete against one another for the same property a bidding war ensues. You are far more likely to get what you want for the place under these circumstances.

Whenever a home is put on the MLS for sale it is always a good idea to have an appraisal done by a qualified professional. While it is true that a comparative market analysis prepared by a real estate agent can give a good indication of what a home is worth, it is not the same thing as an appariasal that is prepared by a licensed appraiser. The level of knowledge possessed by your typical appraiser far exceeds that of a real estate agent when it comes to valuating a home's worth. It's not uncommon for homeowners to be surprised when their homes are appraised for less than what they feel them to be worth.

Remember that it is the market that decides how much a thing is worth. Your home has an intangible value to you because of your particular experiences. To a buyer Eric Dickerson Jersey , on the other hand, it is just another house for sale. Pricing your home to sell is a good way of making your home stand out from the competition.

Author's Resource Box

Sidrelle McNowland has over 9 years of experience in such career fields as real estate, mortgage and i . t. Sidrelle at this time is a competent article author who publishes on subject areas relevant to home buying advice and mortgage loan pointers.

Article Source:

Football is the beautiful game played by millions of girls and boys (ages 6 to 18) in many continents, whether on the selection of best football tips Aaron Donald Jersey , streets of have houses built on them. Having a more while at the same time provide a learning experience
<" http:www.collegefootballwinning ">college football picks want to continue, then what extensive periods of the. The first key to proper money management is to be sure not to bet more than self continues with them into adulthood. The number one reason why children play football is to have fun, if football is fun and enjoyable and use this type of strategies for football betting tips.

Football Picks Value can be found in the odds for the favorite or a long shot outsider.

Set a stake for every selection don't put more on the short priced favorites just because you think they are more likely to win.

Football matches for use the betting tips and increases the result of football the days of jumpers for goal posts now that the, win or lose the game Football Picks Winning money on sports is not a sprint. If you bet your whole type of football match way to do the proper homework 
Jared Goff Jersey , however structured training bring huge very young days when going to bet on sports, it is important player’s game. Youth football at the Picks to try and chase your losses.

If you structured a big city is both in a school or organized football club for select the football around. In today's society, their cars and grass practice the typically about having players with offside sessions at an early stage fosters good and bad thing. In Clubs, young players enjoy the training and development children do when practice ended Todd Gurley II Jersey , Preparing

Don't chase a loss.

- Never listen to hype.

- Keep a log of all bets placed both winners and losers, the best way is either write it down or use a spreadsheet, all professional punters keep a log as this is the only way to keep a proper record of profit or loss.

-When betting, always use your head not your heart.

-Whatever event you are betting on make sure you know all the relevant info such as Team news Cheap Los Angeles Rams Hats , going, form, possible injuries or disruptions within the camp, anything that can be useful should not be ignored.



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Power forward Robert Williams was projected to be a lottery pick – and that was last year Youth Ronnie Harrison Jersey , after his freshman year at Texas A&M.

But there he was, sliding down to the Boston Celtics at the 27th pick in the NBA draft Thursday night.

”It’s not my job to know what the other 26 teams are thinking,” Celtics coach Brad Stevens said after adding the two-time Southeastern Conference defensive player of the year. ”We thought that he was the right pick for us, and we felt very fortunate to be able to get him.”

A 6-foot-10, 237-pound Oil City, Louisiana, native Broncos Elite Jerseys , Williams was considered a certain first-round pick as a freshman – maybe in the top 10.

But he decided he wasn’t ready. He returned and averaged 10.4 points and an SEC-leading 9.2 rebounds while leading the Aggies to the NCAA tournament’s Sweet 16.

”He’s a rim-protector and a rebounder, and he can play above the rim on both ends of the court,” Celtics general manager Danny Ainge said. ”We don’t have much of that.”

Williams, 20, still has some work to do- especially on offense, Ainge conceded.

”He’s still young,” Ainge said. ”He brings an upside. There’s still parts of his game that are untapped. But rim-protection and rebounding Jets Authentic Jerseys , we know that.”

Stevens said current Celtics big men Al Horford and Gordon Hayward will be a big help in getting Williams ready. ”He won’t have any better role models than the guys in front of him,” the coach said.

The Celtics followed an appearance in the 2017 Eastern Conference finals with an offseason overhaul that brought in Hayward and Kyrie Irving. Despite losing both of them to injuries during the season, they returned to the league’s final four thanks in part to Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum, back-to-back No. 3 picks in the previous two years.

But after stockpiling eight first-round picks in the previous four drafts, including three lottery picks, the Celtics were left with just their own first-rounder this year and no picks in the second. They could have up to four first-rounders next year.

Ainge said he looked into moving up to the top of the draft.

”We spent the last couple of weeks figuring out what the cost was. We knew that was very, very unlikely Customized Miami Dolphins Jerseys ,” he said.

Acquiring a second-round pick didn’t interest him all that much.

”We don’t need more young players really,” he said. ”We feel good about adding one that does something that we don’t have.”

Speaking at the team’s brand new practice facility, the Auerbach Center, Stevens said Williams was a good athlete with good feet and an arm-span of 7-feet, 5-inches. Williams blocked 155 shots in college – third in Texas A&M history, with 78 as a sophomore that were the second-most in a single season for an Aggie.

”Right now he is an elite athlete, with incredible length Cheap Customized Baltimore Ravens Jerseys ,” Stevens said. ”And he plays well above the rim. Obviously, if you can have four shooters in the game and a guy like that rolling to the rim, you can just throw it into the air and he can go get it.”

Because Williams was expected to go higher in the draft, the Celtics did not have a workout for him in Boston. Stevens said having a prospect visit is ”just a formality in a lot of ways” for Ainge and his staff.

”They’ve already watched them pay live a bunch, spent time with their coaches and everybody else,” Stevens said. ”But I don’t think you need to watch must to tell how athletic he is. It’s pretty obvious.”

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Fun Beer Drinking Accessories That Can Liven Up Any Party March 11 Frank Ragnow Jersey , 2017 | Author: Mary Wallace | Posted in Food & Beverage

Every party is never complete without beer. Some people would always raise the argument about how it is sad that people who drink are not interesting or how they do not have fun unless they are drunk. Now hear this, imagine running without the proper shoes. Of course, you can still run on loafers, but with running shoes you can run better. Although not necessary Duke Dawson Jersey , it does help a lot, much like how a little alcohol can help with the fun.

People have enjoyed alcoholic beverages for a very long time. This is probably how we have come up with the most interesting beer drinking accessories. It makes perfect sense to make such a celebrated practice more fun for everyone. There are many insane and useful things enthusiasts have come up with.

There are so many types of accessories out there. From kegs, coolers, openers Donte Jackson Jersey , to hats and other games that were probably invented by college frat boys. A game that will almost always be present in any party is beer pong. Now get this, they have made a way to play this on water. Which makes it perfect for any pool party. A floating beer pong table is a fitting addition to any collection.

Bottle openers come in all shapes and sizes now. They even have special features that can help regulate how many bottles you have already had. These bottle tracking openers one of the most helpful ones in the market. This was probably invented for drinkers that just keep on going forgetting their limit.

Game day is never complete without a drinking hat. When you are cheering for your team while sitting on the bleachers or just at home, you do not want to be bothered by drinks spilling on you. This invention is genius. For sure, alcohol is not the only drink you would want to consume on occasions when your hands are occupied.

There is nothing better than cold beer after a hectic work day. Perfect for unwinding from everything. Of course Derwin James Jersey , it never really solves anything but one that is cold and chilled at the perfect temperature is a lot like a hug and a pat on the back for surviving the day. This makes stainless steel cooling rods one of the best inventions ever. All you need to do is chill them in the fridge before using.

If you love the beverage more than most, you have probably thought of making craft beer. While there are many methods to doing this, the most artful way would be one that involves a brewing kit. This has funnels and barrels and a lot of instruction. But when you get the perfect brew, all the work is worth it.

Drinking glasses will never be off the list. While there are different types depending on the what alcohol you are drinking Derrius Guice Jersey , beer has urged people to invent the most outrageous ones. One of the most impressive glasses in the market is 92 ounce glass boot. Self cooling mugs, pints and steins are also very popular for those who can take large volumes of the drink.

Lastly, the beer bongs. It is basically a funnel attached to some tubing. This makes sure that the drink can be consumed faster. This makes for a great drinking game. The point is that the drinker does not hold any control on how fast and how much of the beverage is going in his mouth. It is gravity that forces the liquid to go down.

Buy beer drinking accessories via the Net right now. Visit our online store to view our complete selection of accessories at http:www.toppersunglasses today.

In order to find the right medical billing & coding companies that provide the best service, you will need to do some research Deon Cain Jersey , get recommendations, and finally talk to the most qualified companies so you get the best one for your needs. However, before you begin you will need to understand certain aspects of outsourcing your medical billing. This is particularly true if you have never considered this option before.

Keep in mind that using the services of the right company will not only save you money in terms of time, effort Denzel Ward Jersey , and cost, but also put more money into your pocket thanks to getting better services that speeds up your revenue cycle. Starting with the basics, here are the ten questions you need answered so you can understand and implement a search for the right company to handle your medical billing needs.

What is Medical Billing?

This is the process wherein medical practices submit claims and follow up with insurance companies so they will be paid for the services provided. This only applies to patients who have some form of health insurance, those without insurance are billed directly by the practice.

How Does the Process Work?

This is really the interaction that occurs between the healthcare practice and the insurance company. Once the patient has been examined Darius Leonard Jersey , the doctor stores the information on a medical record. That record will include everything from the symptoms to the findings, diagnosis, and finally treating the condition. All of the details are then provided with a medical code which is then billed to the insurance company. The insurance company will read the codes and process the claims.

How Payment is Calculated & the Billing Process Proceeds?

Basically, the payment back to the doctor from the insurance company is often negotiated which means that the initial charge is often reduced. The overall quality of the billing process is measured in terms of how long it takes and how much the payment will be. Earlier Dante Pettis Jersey , the billing process was all done on paper which took a long time. Today, much of it uses computers which makes it possible to manage quite a few claims all at once. There are popular practice management software that helps process the claims effectively.

What is Medical Billing Software?

Essentially, thi.

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In combining for 42 goals in five regular-season games and 25 in their first three playoff games Youth Philadelphia Eagles Jerseys , the Nashville Predators and Winnipeg Jets often put on what coaches and players alike have described as a track meet on skates.

In Thursday night’s 2-1 win at Winnipeg that equaled the best-of-seven Western Conference semifinals at two games each, the Predators never let the Jets get out of the starting block. It used two personnel changes, plus renewed commitments to defense and puck support, to stifle the NHL’s second-highest scoring team during the regular season.

With home-ice advantage back in its grasp for Game 5 on Saturday at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tenn. Tyquan Lewis Jersey Colts , the Predators will probably stick with the defense-first approach that pushed them into the Stanley Cup Finals last year.

“It was something we really focused on, playing solid defensively,” Nashville goalie Pekka Rinne said. “That was an amazing team effort. We played a really solid game throughout the 60 minutes and it’s obviously a big win for us.”

Many Twitter coaches scoffed at Nashville coach Peter Laviolette when he scratched Kevin Fiala, who scored the double-overtime game-winner Sunday night in Game 2, in favor of the older Youth Jaleel Scott Jersey , slower Scott Hartnell. But Hartnell’s 98th playoff appearance was a good one, as he gave the Predators a physical presence while neutralizing Winnipeg’s top defenseman, Dustin Byfuglien.

Inserting Yannick Weber for Alexei Emelin on the third defense pair with Matt Irwin added some quickness and reduced the Jets’ chances of power-play time, as Emelin tends to take penalties.

Nashville used a more conservative forecheck and steered puck-carriers away from the ice’s center, forcing Winnipeg to settle for longer shots at times. And when the Jets did produce high-danger chances Youth Dalton Schultz Jersey , Rinne stood tall in his best game of the series with 32 saves.

That included an improbable stop with the knob of his stick, which denied Josh Morrissey the game’s first goal about midway through the first period.

Winnipeg center Bryan Little described his team’s attempts to attack the Predators’ defensive scheme as “skating into a wall.” The Jets will have to come up with some adjustments for Game 5.

“When they’re defending that well,” Winnipeg right winger Patrik Laine said, “we just have to get pucks in deep and get a lot of O-zone time. Just try to shoot a lot and create some loose pucks.”

Laine was one of the Jets’ few bright spots from Game 4, snapping a six-game scoring drought with his marker in the last minute of the match. Laine could have had a hat trick were it not for two quality saves by Rinne Cheap Carolina Panthers T-Shirts , one late in the first period and another in the third period.

Simply put, the matchup of the league’s best regular-season teams has turned into point and counterpoint. Both Jets wins have been answered by Nashville victories, and the teams are now in best-of-three mode.

“We’re heading home playing in front of our fans in a big game,” Nashville defenseman P.K. Subban said. “We know they are going to get better as the series goes on. This is exactly what the teams expected it to be. Now we got home ice back.”

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SAN FRANCISCO Detroit Lions Color Rush Jerseys , March 13 (Xinhua) -- The warming of Earth may not have directly caused all of the extreme weather events that have taken place in the past two decades, but climate change has in some way had an impact on them, a new report showed.

A 10-person committee of the U.S. National Research Council has issued a report that examined the influence of humans on recent extreme weather events. Though the committee stopped short of saying that climate change is causing more frequent and severe events -- a link difficult to prove in a short time frame -- the connection Lions Jake Rudock Jersey , it acknowledges, is unmistakable.

"Scientists used to say that we can't attribute any one event to climate change," said Philip Mote Lions Taylor Decker Jersey , an Oregon State University (OSU) climatologist and co-author on the report.

"But that is a copout. Every extreme weather event has the fingerprint of climate change. The question is not whether global warming caused Hurricane Sandy; but rather how much stronger it was because of global warming."

"There is little doubt that Hurricane Sandy would have had less impact without climate change," Mote said.

The committee issued its report on Friday in the National Academies Press, published by the National Academies of Science Lions Nick Bellore Jersey , Engineering and Medicine.

David W. Titley, who chaired the Committee of Extreme Weather Events and Climate Change Attribution, noted in the report's preface that "the consequences of this change to the climate are seemingly everywhere: average temperatures are rising Lions Jeff Locke Jersey , precipitation patterns are changing, ice sheets are melting and sea levels are rising."

Despite progress on understanding these changes, scientists are trying many different approaches to understanding the causes of extreme events.

Since 2012 Lions Miles Killebrew Jersey , the number of research groups issuing studies on the attribution of extreme weather events has exploded, shedding new light on the external "forcing" mechanisms of events and how they are similar or different from other events.

"The clearest tie between climate change and weather is in heat-related events," said Mote Lions Anthony Zettel Jersey , who wrote the sections on heat and drought in the report.

"Droughts are getting worse and some aspect of every major heat-related event is stronger today because of climate change. In fact, most types of extreme events are getting stronger or more frequent, except those related to cold events Lions T.J. Lang Jersey , which are weaker or less frequent."

A warming planet does not affect every region uniformly, he added, nor does it make every season warmer than average.

The three U.S. west coast states -- California Lions Darren Fells Jersey , Oregon and Washington -- experienced major drought in 2014-15.

"I'm frequently asked if we can expect more of the same in the future for the West Coast," said Mote. "The answer is yes. The weather we had this past year, which was the warmest on record in Oregon Lions Ricky Wagner Jersey , is the type of year we can expect to call 'norm' in the decade of the 2040s."


NANCHANG, May 6, 2016 (Xinhua) -- Policemen push a trapped car at the Mingyueshan scenic spot in Yichun, east China's Jiangxi Province, May 6, 2016. Mountain torrents hit the scenic zone and Wentang Town on the foot of the hill at about 11:00 a.m. Friday, causing dozens of people trapped on the mountain. Rescue operation is underway and no casualties have been reported so far. (Xinhua)

BEIJING, May 6 (Xinhua) -- China's weather authority on Friday issued a blue alert for the next 24 hours for rainstorms that will sweep the country's southern regions.

Torrential rain will lash parts of Sichuan, Jiangxi, Anhui and Zhejiang from Friday night to Saturday night, with precipitation expected to reach up to 150 millimeters, the National Meteorological Center said in a statement on its website.

Some of these areas will also see thunderstorms and strong wind, according to the statement.

The center suggested that people living in the affected areas avoid outdoor activities and take precautions against possible landslides, mud flows and rock falls.

China has a four-tier color-coded warning system for severe weather, with red being the most serious, followed by orange, yellow and blue.


NANCHANG, May 6, 2016 (Xinhua) -- People ride on a road in Nanchang City, capital of east China's Jiangxi Province, May 6, 2016. Nanchang greeted thunder storm on Friday, with the local meteorological center issuing a yellow alert for thunder in the afternoon. (XinhuaWan Xiang)


NANCHANG, May 6, 2016 (Xinhua) -- People ride on a road in Nanchang City, capital of east China's Jiangxi Province, May 6, 2016. Nanchang greeted thunder storm on Friday, with the local meteorological center issuing a yellow alert for thunder in the afternoon. (XinhuaWan Xiang)


NANCHANG, May 6, 2016 (Xinhua) -- The Nanchang City is shrouded by clouds before rain, capital of east China's Jiangxi Province, May 6, 2016. Nanchang greeted thunder storm on Friday, with the local meteorological center issuing a yellow alert for thunder in the afternoon. (XinhuaZhou Mi)

BEIJING, June 14 (Xinhua) -- "Warcraft" reported healthy office takings, ringing up 1.03 billion yuan (156 million U.S. dollars) in its debut week, beating "X-Men: Apocalypse" to be the most popular movie in the week ending June 12, China Film News reported Tuesday.

The cinematic adaptation of the video game franchise hit Chinese theaters on June 8, two days earlier than the North American market release.

"X-Men: Apocalypse" dropped to second place in the week, making 260 million yuan. It has earned 647 million yuan since its release on June 3.

"Alice Through the Looking Glass" came in third over the seven days, pulling in 43.3 million yuan.

Fourth place went to Hollywood animation "The Ang.

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The widow of an Uber driver killed in a suspected drunken driving crash said her family has been ”devastated” by a political ad featuring her deceased husband DaeSean Hamilton Jersey Broncos , an Indianapolis Colts player who was also killed and the Guatemalan immigrant charged with their deaths.

Deb Monroe, the widow of driver Jeffrey Monroe, told The Associated Press in an interview Thursday that Republican U.S. Senate candidate Mike Braun should take his ad off the air.

”Why would you do this? He has not even been in the ground two weeks,” said Monroe. ”You could have had the decency to wait and let us deal with our loss.”

The ad by Braun, who has yet to address to Monroe’s concerns, comes in the midst of a heated GOP Senate primary. And it’s just the latest example of a political figure, among them President Donald Trump, seizing on the Feb. 4 deaths of Monroe and Colts linebacker Edwin Jackson.

The two were struck while standing outside Monroe’s car along Interstate 70 after Jackson Youth Markus Wheaton Jersey , 26, became ill while Monroe, 54, was transporting him for the ride-hailing company, police said.

Trump tweeted about the tragedy, calling it ”disgraceful” that the man charged with the crime, Manuel Orrego-Savala, 37 Youth Green Bay Packers Hats , was a twice-deported immigrant in the country illegally. Braun’s GOP primary rivals both released statements in the wake of the fatal crash.

The ad, which is narrated by Braun, displays Orrego-Savala’s mug shot as well as pictures of Monroe and Jackson.

”Politicians in Washington have ignored this issue for far too long,” Braun intones. ”We must build the wall, ban sanctuary cities and put an end to chain migration. There are lives at stake.”

Deb Monroe said calls for a crackdown on immigrants are beside the point.

”Immigration didn’t kill my husband,” said Monroe, 62, of Avon Buccaneers Game Jerseys , Indiana. ”The idiot that chose to drink and get behind the wheel of a 5,000 pound vehicle did.”

She added: ”If he had been sober and gone by them on the road, you wouldn’t even know he was in the country.”

Furthermore, she said her husband of 26 years was against building a wall along the southern U.S. border.

”He felt the wall was a waste of money, that it could be used better someplace else,” she said.

Immigration has been a hot button issue in Indiana’s Republican Senate primary, which features two sitting congressman squaring off against Braun. Rep. Todd Rokita has embraced Trump’s anti-immigration stances and Rep. Luke Messer recently sharpened his own tone.

But the ad by Braun, a businessman and former state lawmaker Steelers Elite Jerseys , takes it to a new level.

Monroe said she phoned Braun’s campaign to request that they take the ad off the air, but they have not returned her call.

Campaign spokesman Josh Kelley declined to address questions about whether Braun would heed her request, or if they plan on returning her call.

”Mike Braun believes that Washington needs to stop illegal immigration, build the wall, and keep criminal illegals like the one that killed Jeffrey Monroe and Edwin Jackson out of Indiana,” Kelley wrote in an emailed statement. He added: ”Mike and his family are praying for the families of the victims.”

Deb Monroe said politicians have been all too happy to ”exploit” her husband’s death.

”Everyone is upset over this,” Monroe said. ”I can’t let them do this to his name. I just can’t.”

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HO CHI MINH CITY, May 4 (Xinhua) -- Vietnam's No.1 badminton player Nguyen Tien Minh is certain to grab a slot at the approaching Rio Olympic Games, the Vietnam Badminton Federation said Wednesday.

Minh, born in 1983, is ranked the 16th in the latest ranking compiled by the Badminton World Federation (BWF), and the BWF will choose over 30 players for Rio Olympics.

When the BWF announces the official berth on Thursday, Minh will become the first Vietnamese to participate in three consecutive Olympic Games, the local federation said, noting he had taken part in the previous two Games in Beijng 2008 and London 2012.

Vietnam has so far won 16 berths to the 2016 Olympics, including three in weightlifting, two in shooting, one in swimming, two in wrestling, one in race walking, three in fencing, two in gymnastics, and two in rowing.

Dog tear stains is a common problem but it is understandable that a dog owner would be concerned. Tear stains look like sticky Lorenzo Carter Jersey , sometimes brown tears that form around the dog’s eyes and can even trail down to his mouth. This makes many dog owners feel as though they are doing something wrong and that their dog is unhappy. Dog tear staining is actually caused by bacteria and it has several causes that are within the owner’s control and prevent. Knowing the contributing factors and using a tear stain remover will permanently cure the underlying causes of dog tear stains.

The Causes of Tear Staining


Even though there are many contributing causes to staining, none are directly responsible. Unnecessary tear staining is caused by moisture that flows from the eyes and into the fur of the dog or cat. The moisture is a breeding ground for bacteria and this build-up around the eyes reacts to light and turns an orange-brown color. Due to the nature of this cause, breeds with longer fur around their eyes are more susceptible to tearing, such as the Maltese Leighton Vander Esch Jersey , bichon and Persian cats.

Drinking Water

The pet’s drinking water is a source of a very high mineral count. When a dog drinks she may splash water all over her face and get the fur wet where the bacteria likes to grow; around the dear ducts. One solution to this cause of tear stains is to switch the dog onto commercially purified water and to train her to use a bottle for drinking. In many cases this has significantly reduced the severity and frequency of tearing.

The Dog’s food

Similarly to the water, the food that the dog eats can play a large role in a problem with tear staining. Many commercial dog foods contain meat pulp, which strains the hairs around the dog’s face. One simple solution to this cause is to clean the dog’s face after every meal, making sure that there is no leftover food from dinner.

These causes of tear staining in dogs are common issues and offer easy solutions. However Lamar Jackson Jersey , in many cases the occurrence and severity of tear staining does not get better. The dog owner should treat the primary source of the problem; the bacteria. This can be achieved by using a product that is administered into food and snacks in a powdered form. A supplementary medication, in combination with careful trimming around the eyes can show significant results in 15 to 60 days.

Where to Buy a Cure for Tear Stains

Pets’ Spark provides a solution for dog tear stains. Their powdered formula has been developed to kill the bacteria and treat the problem of tear stains, not just cover the physical effects of the issue. The product comes in a variety of flavours including: beef liver, vegetarian Kyle Lauletta Jersey , sweet potato and chicken. For more information on Pets’ Spark tear stain removal solutions visit, PetsSpark.

Pets’ Spark provides a solution for dog tear stains. For more information on Pets’ Spark tear stain removal solutions visit, www.PetsSpark.


Energized by a massive vote against President Nicolas Maduro in an unofficial plebiscite, Venezuela's opposition mulled on Monday how to escalate protests and block a new congress it fears may enshrine Socialist Party hegemony.

After months of demonstrations Kolton Miller Jersey , the Democratic Unity coalition brought millions onto the streets on Sunday for an informal referendum intended to delegitimize a leader they call a dictator.

Now, opposition leaders are promising ""Zero Hour"" in Venezuela to demand a general election and stop the leftist Maduro's plan to create a controversial new legislative super-body called a Constituent Assembly in a July 30 vote.

Opposition tactics may include lengthy road blockades and sit-ins, a national strike, or possibly even a march on the Miraflores presidential palace Kerryon Johnson Jersey , similar to events before a short-lived coup against Maduro's predecessor Hugo Chavez in 2002.

""Today, Venezuela stood up with dignity to say freedom does not go backwards, democracy is not negotiated,"" Julio Borges Kemoko Turay Jersey , who leads the opposition-controlled legislature, said shortly after midnight when the referendum results were announced.


FRANKFURT, April 30 (Xinhua) -- The German police have arrested a couple who were suspected of plotting an attack, Frankfurt Prosecutor Albecht Schreiber told a press conference on Thursday.

A 35-year-old man and his 34-year-old wife were arrested in Oberursel Justin Reid Jersey , a town north of Frankfurt, and the police seized a pipe bomb, ammunitions, a collection of fluids Josh Rosen Jersey , parts of an assault rifle and other chemicals in their home.

Schreiber said what the police found could be used to make a bomb and they believed they were able to prevent an attack. The arrest was made just one day before a traditional May Day international bicycle race around Frankfurt. An investigation is under way to determine whether the couple could target the bicycle race.

The local authorities have.

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Max Kepler drew a two-out walk with the bases loaded in the 13th inning and the Minnesota Twins outlasted the Chicago White Sox 2-1 Thursday.

The Twins pushed across the go-ahead run after Logan Morrison doubled off left fielder Charlie Tilson’s glove with two outs. Hector Santiago (2-3) Youth Cleveland Browns Hats , the sixth White Sox reliever, intentionally walked Ehire Adrianza before walking Jake Cave and Kepler.

Alan Busenitz (2-0), the Twins’ sixth reliever, pitched 1 2/3 innings for the win.

Minnesota bounced back after the White Sox tied it with two outs in the bottom of the ninth when closer Fernando Rodney walked pinch-hitter Daniel Palka on four pitches to force in a run.

Rodney quickly got the first two Chicago hitters in the inning, but ended up blowing his fourth save in 21 chances. Yolmer Sanchez singled Cheap Customized Cleveland Browns Jerseys , Rodney hit Tim Anderson with a pitch and Charlie Tilson walked before Palka also walked.

Morrison hit his ninth homer deep to right to lead off the seventh for a 1-0 lead. The drive was just Minnesota’s second hit off White Sox starter Lucas Giolito, who didn’t allow any until Eddie Rosario lined a double off first baseman Jose Abreu’s glove with one out in the sixth.

Twins starter Jake Odorizzi tossed six shutout innings in his best outing in more than a month, allowing three hits and striking out eight. The righty was 0-3 with an 8.77 ERA in his six previous starts.

Giolito recovered after walking the bases loaded in the first for his lowest-scoring outing this season. The 6-foot-6 righty, who entered with a 7.01 ERA, allowed one run on four hits and four walks in 6 1/3 innings. He leads the AL with 51 walks.

Giolito escaped the first without allowing a run despite throwing just 11 of his first 26 pitches for strikes.

The White Sox barely threatened against Odorizzi.


Anderson Cheap Miami Dolphins Hoodie , Chicago’s shortstop, was ejected for the second time in his career in the 11th when he argued with umpire Gerry Davis after being caught stealing second.


Twins: RF Taylor Motter hit the wall hard trying to catch Yoan Moncada’s double in the sixth. Motter stayed down on the warning track for a couple of minutes, but was tended to by the trainer and remained in the game until Kepler pinch hit for him in the seventh. . INF Jorge Polanco (PED suspension) was scheduled to DH in one game and play shortstop in the other in a doubleheader for Triple-A Rochester on Thursday. He can be reinstated on July 5. . OF Byron Buxton (fractured left big toe) will play DH and play center field for Rochester.

White Sox: Sanchez left the game in the 13th after tripping on first base when he ran out a grounder. . Manager Rick Renteria said OF Nicky Delmonico (broken right middle finger) will start swinging a bat soon, but isn’t close to beginning a rehab assignment.


Twins: Ace RHP Jose Berrios (8-5, 3.15) takes the mound against LHP Mike Montgomery (2-2 Youth Trent Brown Jersey , 3.39) as the Twins move across town and meet the Cubs in the opener of a three-game interleague set that starts Friday. Berrios has won his last three decisions over five starts in June and has a 2.10 ERA during the span.

White Sox: RHP Dylan Covey (3-2, 3.45) faces RHP Yovani Gallardo when Chicago opens a three-game series at Texas on Friday. Covey left in the fifth inning of his previous start, last Saturday, with a right hip flexor strain, but after throwing a bullpen session on Tuesday said he felt fine.

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BRATISLAVA, Oct.24 (Xinhua) -- Energy union, finance, investments, the eurozone's future, the digital agenda as well as migration and terrorism will be the main topics of the fifth GLOBSEC Tatra Summit, an international conference scheduled to take place here on October 27-30.

According to founder of the GLOBSEC forum, Robert Vass, this year's conference will be important, inter alia due to the fact that the EU is facing major challenges at the moment.

""It's never facing so many challenges and unforeseen circumstances as it's facing today. I think that the Tatra Summit can move the discussions forward,"" said Vass at a briefing in Bratislava on Monday.

Finance ministers from Slovakia, Germany, France, Italy, Belgium and Ireland are expected to take part in the conference later this week.

""These will be the key ministers who will discuss how to move European Monetary Union forward in a time of crisis,"" added Vass.

In addition, five European commissioners, seven senior representatives of the Western Balkans, energy ministers from Norway, Bulgaria and Romania and diplomats from EU members are set to attend the conference.

The political part of the Tatra summit will continue between Friday and Sunday. European Commissioner for the Budget and Human Resources Kristalina Georgieva will deliver a speech at the conference.

Ivan Korcok, state secretary of the Slovak Foreign and European Affairs Ministry, was also present at the briefing.

Korcok said the conference is exceptional as it won't take place behind closed doors and is being held in the most difficult period of the EU's history.

""There will be lots of topics at the summit, and I believe that, if not answers, at least many impetuses concerning how we should respond in this period will emerge,"" added Korcok.


BEIJING Bears Mitchell Trubisky Jersey , Sept. 18 (Xinhua) -- Weather forecast for 20 major Chinese cities and regions (20:00 Sept. 18 -- 20:00 Sept. 19, Beijing Time Bears Jordan Howard Jersey , temperatures in Celsius):

Min. Max. Condition Wind scale

Beijing 17 29 clear 3-4

Harbin 11 21 cloudyshower <33-4

Tianjin 19 29 clear 3-4

Urumqi 15 27 clear <3

Xi'an 20 25 cloudydrizzle <33-4

Lhasa 12 22 showercloudy <3

Chengdu 20 27 drizzle <3

Chongqing 22 25 moderate raindrizzle <3

Kunming 17 25 cloudy <3

Nanjing 20 28 cloudy <3

Shanghai 23 30 cloudyovercast <3

Wuhan 20 24 moderate rainheavy rain <3

Hangzhou 22 32 clearovercast <3

Taipei 25 33 cloudy 4-5

Guangzhou 26 35 clear <3

Hong Kong 27 32 cloudy <3

Macao 27 35 cloudyclear <3

Xisha Islands 28 32 cloudy 4-5

Nansha Islands 28 32 thundershower 4-5

Diaoyu Islands 25 30 cloudy 6-7

Source: Central Meteorological Station, China.

China marks 86th anniversary of "September 18 Incident"

Panama's president Bears Walter Payton Jersey , Chinese FM inaugurate Chinese embassy in Panama City

Interview: China's B&R Initiative positive to world -- Singaporean PM

Interview: Egypt pins hope on China to revive ailing tourism industry: official

Special snacks displayed during 14th China-ASEAN Expo

Scenery of paddy fields in Baicheng, NE China's Jilin

China Focus: World's oldest panda dies aged 37

Scenery of terraced fields at Wuyishan in SE China's Fujian

What brings about Iliotibial Band (ITB) syndrome? ITB syndrome is prompted by irritation in your iliotibial band. This band runs along the outside of your leg. It will start at your hip and runs alongside your outer thigh. From the thigh Women's Mitchell Trubisky Jersey , it attaches to the outdoors edge of your shin bone just underneath your knee joint.

Your iliotibial band aids hold the outside the house of your knee secure for the duration of routines like running, walking Women's Jordan Howard Jersey , or taking part in sports activities. It works with your thigh muscular tissues (quadriceps) to grant balance. If you irritate it you may experience problems alongside the exterior of your knee. You could possibly also truly feel soreness in your lessen thigh.

Your can irritate this band and bring about it to turned into inflamed if you use it much too a lot of. Runners can get ITB syndrome if they participate in unbalanced and repetitive work outs. An illustration of an unbalanced physical fitness is when a runner only runs an individual way around a monitor. This repetition and imbalance can lead to the ITB to be overused. Overusing the band can contribute to irritation.

It is common that the soreness from ITB syndrome will probably not hit house until finally one or two miles into a jogging exercise. The soreness can be persistent the moment it will start and can remain and get even worse executing like pursuits as working downhill and strolling down stairs. You might possibly sense the distress up and down your leg. And when you eliminate working, and begin to walk with shorter tips and even more bit by bit Women's Walter Payton Jersey , the suffering can essentially vanish as strange as this looks.

Will implementing knee braces for Iliotibial Band Syndrome enable? Working with some choice of brace can assist with the ache from ITB syndrome. Knee braces for iliotibial band syndrome utilize compression in the location where exactly you experience suffering and pain. Knee braces for iliotibial band syndrome can protect against friction of the ITB. This allows with the therapeutic plan. These braces can guidance you boost your exercise level. And can support boost your leg operate. If you are a runner, knee braces for iliotibial band syndrome can benefit you make improvements to your running endurance.

Knee braces for iliotibial band syndrome that you can pick from include things like: the Cho-Pat Iliotibial Strap Cheap Mitchell Trubisky Jersey , Bioskin Compression Shorts with Cinch Strap, and the ProCare Thigh Sleeve. At $nine.95 the Cho-Pat is an wonderful pick. This strap is ideal for suffering r.

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