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If you do want to purchase something, there are a variety of options. In reality, there are now several websites where you can buy and sell these valuable things. There are several different types of certificates and memorabilia, ranging from extremely rare to equally valuable. You can get these from a variety of locations, so depending on your budget and how much you want to spend on a present, you can get a star or a spacecraft at a low price.


There are several options available if you want to name a star USA  and offer it as a gift. There are a variety of online stores that sell these products, for example. You can quickly browse the pieces' pictures and catalogs before placing your order. Prices can vary greatly, so you can get a good piece for a fair price. You may also purchase a piece of memorabilia with a higher value than you would actually put up because its value will increase over time, but the bottom line is that these gifts are really famous and will be a lot of fun to offer.

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There are quite a few proper dieting tips that will help you to live a healthier lifestyle and eat healthful eating. If you are trying to eat healthily and stay healthy, you should take these proper dieting tips of the same quality advice that needs to be incorporated into your daily lifestyle. You can incorporate these gradually and you'll be taken to it no time!Health Benefits Of Dates

First is you need to always fill the meat cupboards and refrigerators with balanced diet. After all, if you don't have balanced diet ingredients to cook, and all you have stocked up on is processed foods, how can you cook healthy meals?

Another of my proper dieting tips is that you should keep every of your meals balanced. Plan foods ahead of time. This will help you manage your eating habits much easier, and will help you avoid preparing unhealthy meals in the name of "I don't know what to cook today", or "I've come to an end of ideas".

Proper dieting advice is easy to come by everywhere, but any good advice must stress how to get nutrients out of whatever foods you are eating too. This is very important as there is no point eating all the right foods, but losing all the nutrients you need from them! How you cook and process your foods is important and crucial to their nutrient-retention. The average home seems to lose a high percentage of the nutrition in their meals, just by the way they prepare and cook it alone!Health Benefits Of Dates

When incorporating proper dieting tips into your day-to-day lifestyle, it is essential to understand how nutrients are lost in food cooking, and preparation. That way you can avoid the worst culprits and retain all-important nutrition in your meals.

In fact, even without changing the foods consumed yet, but simply getting maximum nutrition out of the foods alone will give you more energy, help your body to work much better, help your bowel movements to be more regular, help you to concentrate better, keep you healthier, and even help you lose weight!

Yes, just like that. And then add slightly tweaking your diet and right food choices to it, you have a complete winner! Not crash diets that don't work. Not diets that work for a few weeks, and then take you back to sq one when you crave the foods you liked to eat. This is because using the right cooking methods and food preparation methods will enable you to cook largely without added fats and oils (now, that's key! ), cook foods in their natural juices without water, and cook on lower heat settings.

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our company Organica Group provide cosmetic Argan oil and culinary Argan oil in bulk or packaged, as well as products of Spa and Traditional Hammam skincare: argan oil, black soap, natural soap, Rhassoul, kassa glove, floral waters (rose, lavender, jasmine), for professionals an individual, we supply major retailers in Europe, Spa and Hammam and supermarket and most of the Argan oil Amazon seller according to Amazon Fulfillment rules. All our Argan oil has been certified organic IMC and USDA and meet the international standards of quality extra virgin argan oil 100% organic product.


Many companies in the market are offering you, Argan oil, but the quality is low. At this point, we come in the ground with our natural cosmetic products that are ECOCERT and USDA certified that perfectly meet the international standards of quality. Furthermore, our prices are much reasonable as compared to other suppliers in the market. However, you can take advantage of our all organic products. Another main difference that makes us altered from others is we never compromise on the delivery time of products. As we never want to make our clients wait for the products. Moroccan organica is your one-stop-shop for purchasing organic cosmetics products in pure form at affordable rates.

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group organica

Moroccan Aker Fassi for women secret to glowing skin. Use it as a face mask as lipstick or blush for a deep red hair dye to and cleanse the skin. It also helps in treating dry lips. Add water as needed.

Moroccan Aker Fassi powder is known in Egypt and some Arab countries as the blood of gazelle or Aker Fassi in the Moroccan dialect. It is a Moroccan product extracted from a red flower called anemone and then ground after drying.


It is used to lighten the skin tone

It is used as a mask to clean and purify the skin

Treats the problem of dry lips and opens their color

Use as a mask for tired skin

How to use Aker Fassi powder

skin supply

Mix a teaspoon of deer blood or Aker Fassi and a tablespoon of rose water and apply it on the face as a mask for 20 minutes and then wash it with soap.

Skin purifying mask

Mix one teaspoon of Aker Fassi with two tablespoons of rose water and mix it with white Moroccan clay, green Moroccan clay or green sage, mix and apply it on the skin as a mask for 15 minutes, then wash the face with soap and warm water.

For chapped lips and lighten their color

Mix an appropriate amount of deer blood or Aker Fassi and Vaseline and apply it on the lips in the morning and before bedtime, your lips will become soft and pink.

Dyeing hair in gypsy red

Prepare the juice of two lemons, a quarter of a teaspoon of gazelle's blood, 10 tablespoons of henna, corn oil, boiling water, and egg whites.

Then mix the Fassi by mixing henna and adding boiling water to it until the mixture turns between solid and liquid and leave it for 30 minutes, then massage the scalp with corn oil to prevent hair from drying out, then add the henna to the egg white. Mix the mixture well and spread the mixture on the hair and leave it for two hours after rinsing the hair well and using the conditioner to moisturize the hair without using shampoo.

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The blue Nila powder is one of the secrets of the Moroccan bath, as it is the habit of the bride before the wedding to go to the Moroccan bath, where the skin is lightened and fresh. The blue Nila is very well known in the Maghreb for its skill in whitening and lightening the skin.

Easy to use: Add one tablespoon of blue nila powder to two tablespoons of natural yogurt, mix well and your mask is ready. Leave it for 10 to 15 minutes, then use it.

Moroccan Blue Nila benefits:

Blue Nila works to purify, lighten and whiten the skin and remove the effects of the sun from the first use

• Blue Nila eliminates black and whiteheads and excess sebum because it deeply cleanses the skin

Gives an attractive scent and velvety softness

Its benefits are light and noticeable to tighten sagging skin

Use on intimate areas of the body such as the buttocks, elbow, and neck

Blue nila helps to eliminate the darkening of the joints and knees and unify the color of the body

Helps to get rid of dark spots on the body and face and pigmentation

Give your skin freshness, radiance, and firmness, free of fine lines

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group organica

Moroccan Ghassoul Lava clay Powder

wholesale for Moroccan lava clay Powder contains high levels of magnesium potassium. Facial Mask, and oily sensitive and tired skin, and a natural cleanser.

Ghassoul clay powder is a clayey powder extracted from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, 100% pure Natural lava earth and full of iron and other minerals such as magnesium, potassium

Product Origin:Morocco

Type of treatment:100% Organic

Ingredients:Moroccan Lava Clay

Have you ever wanted that perfect bath item that helps you relax and get into the right mood after a long tiring day? That’s item exists and comes from a small North African country called Morocco. Ghassoul or “rhassoul” is the best treatment for dull, oily and dry skin. That’s not only it! It’s also good with Acne and sensitive skin.

Ghasoul is believed to have formed naturally in the mountainous regions of Morocco, which is the only Moroccan Clay powder producing country in the world. Centuries ago, Berber women have discovered its utility when it comes to cleaning the impurities from the skin and hair. Modern science has discovered that it is rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements such as iron, zinc, magnesium, phosphorous and silicon.

Ghassoul is a detoxifier, a mineral reconstitute and a natural cleanser. Along having slow aging properties, it is also an exfoliant and a clarifier of skin. It should be applied at least once or twice per week, and be made as a weekly routine. Ghassoul is used as a mask to be formed after or before a bath in order to relax and let it fuse with the skin.

You want to get ghassoul as soon as possible? Wait no more. At organica Group, we produce and export the finest quality of Ghassoul available in Morocco and in all over the entire world. You will get the modern vibe alongside the ancient benefits of the substance in Orange blossom, rose or honey. We provide Ghassoul in three forms: bulk, wholesale and in unit pieces. Just contact one of our professionals and we will take care of your order sooner than you think! And if you wish to resell the product with your own brand, we provide an exclusive private labeling service so you get the final product to your clients in its most complete form, just contact us today and we will take care of all your needs.

Quick Details

Place of Origin: Morocco

Brand Name: moroccan organica or private labeling

Form: Paste Or Powder

Use: Body , face ,Hair

Product name: Ghassoul/Rassoul

Feature : Antiseptic, Basic Cleaning, Whitening

Flavors : rose – orange blossom and honey.

Delivery Time : 7-15 working days

Cultivation type: Organic

Shipping :UPS,DHL,FEDEX,TNT,EMS,etc or as per customer request

Precautions: rinse thoroughly if products gets into the eye.Keep away from children

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group organica

Organica group is the ideal manufacturing partner for Private label, with a wide range of organic skincare product categories, we are very flexible, supplying you with the highest level products at the best price. We can provide a significant selection of pre-set products, sizes, and packaging types, but also entirely unique products customized for sale by your business only. All products, whether pre-existing or custom-developed, are well-packaged and delivered with uniquely professional private label and branding specialized product name.

Private label products are created and made by a manufacturer who then allows others to sell them under their brand name. A manufacturer will make products to be sold under another company’s label. The manufacturing company retains control over the product (specifications, quality, etc.). In other terms, the manufacturer remains the owner of the products, which are positioned as a low-cost alternative to well-known products of the same or different brand. They and their products are fully certified, although a brand will need a separate certification if a product is re-labeled. Startups like Brandless are rewriting branding narratives by selling plainly packaged high-end cosmetics and grooming products at an affordable price point. The idea behind Brandless is that it can add value for the consumer by selling quality products without a so-called “brand tax.” Instead of having a big logo emblazoned on their beauty range, for instance, the actual attributes of the product are listed on the package.


you can either make your own design and our company give information about the bottles measurements or we offer design services and an extra surcharge will apply


the minimum order quantity for a private label t5 tube is 2500 tubes.


the minimum order quantity for private label Boxes is 1000 units


High-quality custom labels and sticker printing. Minimum only 100 printed labels and stickers.


customs do not allow to export of unlabeled cosmetic products and the buyer is pushed to make some small easy removed stickers to avoid any kind of troubles that might happen with customs


Our Company provides for your bottles additional labels in English, Arabic, French or another language containing the most important information about the product. For these additional labels, no further surcharge will be applied.

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Tips on finding the preferred chic labels for a curvaceous person is not any longer an arduous chore, certainly if you have had the right dress methods. Labels for instance the fruit lower a pair of jeans, Levis A pair of jeans and therefore the lot from shirts or dresses not to mention fashion accessories to choose from because of Zara Buy over the internet show you how to go for among the best shirts or dresses not to mention fashion accessories for a smart take a look. You can actually consume a specific not to mention chic gallery whereas even being tremendously more comfortable through such shirts or dresses.Quotrell

Fruit lower A pair of jeans, produced programs 2003 is without question by far the most widely known dress labels amongst the the famous people and various other form careful families. Typically the label primarily digs up a lot of women with the help of amazing figure and then a suitable overall body. It again brings forth yourself and provide some discuss with the form survey. Hence, it again a consequence of this unique valid reason who countless a lot of women presently, seek such chic Fruit Lower A pair of jeans. At the same time, that allows you to aim at a more substantial customers, typically the label provides her chic a pair of jeans every one sizes and shapes. Typically the label capacity distances out of your small different sizes in the in addition to different sizes, and so match finder system your lifestyle not to mention capacity absolutely. Vehicle fruit lower a pair of jeans, you too can see typically the Zara buy over the internet.Quotrell

Zara, some widely known dress label in your type market place, will be to begin with variety of virtually all form icons. Typically the label provides examples of the hottest researching shirts or dresses, a pair of jeans, fashion accessories, and so. for the purpose of individuals, a lot of women in addition to teenagers. Being label, Zara provides clothing for everybody styles of moments not to mention patterns. But, the right thing concerning label might be her superior services which are usually virtually all displayed dumbfounding decent levels. Zara it isn't just the right chic dress label, but more by far the most decent labels in the marketplace. That is why, form one self prefer your form icons by hassle-free decent levels designed by over the internet dress stow.

A second chic dress label that anyone can consistently prefer might be who of this Levis A pair of jeans. Referred to across the country as for the chic not to mention greatly more comfortable a pair of jeans sports, Levis is normally the greatest personal preference for the purpose of snug a pair of jeans jeans. You can actually consider the recent a pair of jeans bunch of completely different motifs not to mention patterns match finder system your lifestyle survey from the Levis stow. You can actually binocular a Levis a pair of jeans with chic shirts allow a personality a classy take a look. Which means, get one self a good solid set of clothes aided by the preferred dress start around Zara buy over the internet not to mention form one self for a diva take an amazing smart take a look.

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100% Natural. Certified Organic. Made by a genuine women's cooperative in Morocco, certified and supported by the Moroccan government.

Leave your skin silky soft as you tone and hydrate with true rose water. Add to your favorite masks for added anti-aging benefits.

Moroccan rose hydrosol is great for tired eyes, moisturizing skin, cooling inflamed skin and much more. Our Rosewater is extremely versatile and commonly used in a number of applications. This product is clear to orange in color.

Many of our customers add this to their creams and lotions instead of water. Our Organic RoseWater is also commonly used as an aromatic face or body spritz. They also make an excellent linen spray and a simple way for the aromatherapist to enjoy the benefits of essential oils without spending a lot of money.It can even be added to a hot bath.


Face Masks: Add to various clay or plant mixtures to form skin soothing, hydrating face masks.

Toner: Soak cotton balls with rose water and apply to face to soothe chapped or red skin. Hydrater: Mist on face to keep skin fresh and dewy. Use cotton balls with rose water on top of eyelids to soothe eyes.


Certified Organic, pure Moroccan rose hydrosol (rosa damascena)

Important: Please note that this product may be sensitizing to some individuals. We strongly recommend that a patch test of this product be done on the skin before use.

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It is difficult to find clothing brands that have managed carryout a name for themselves, have sustained it for more than a century and are still going strong. Lyle and Scott is one such brand and those of you who have not heard about it will do well to check out their range of jumpers and other knitwear. These have indeed assumed iconic status in the fashion industry and the Golden Eagle insignia is an easily identified one associated with top quality and style. While the UK market is its greatest and most profitable one, the brand is now finding takers in other countries as well, thanks to growing awareness and the fact that people can now buy such clothing online. Males in particular can find a large range of irresistible knitwear clothing that is unique in their patterns, colours and elegance.Quotrell

Amongst all its clothing, it is the jumper for which this brand is most famous. They are available in excellent quality knitwear featuring V-necks and are synonymous with luxury. The brand has devoted a lot of care and attention to even the most minute of details with the buttons and collars chosen and sewn with great style. People are willing to pay a premium for the Eagle insignia mainly due to the confidence in the quality, doing your hair and comfort that the brand stands for. The fact that this brand is required to do very little advertising is a testimony to its popularity, loyalty and strong image amongst the shopping public. This quiet style and elegance has been its strong points that have facilitated it to be able to one of the top clothing brands for over a century.

Irrespective of the material you choose for your jumpers, you are guaranteed luxury and comfort. Moreover, the clothing is not expensive at all and you can pick up something for the small sum of £30 as well. This is reasonable when one considers the hefty premium other designer brand labels charge for even clothing like t-shirts. The vast range enables you to choose something affordable and within your budget and you can thus have one of the hottest designer brands adorning your wardrobe.Quotrell

Though it started as a major manufacturer of golf and woolen clothing, its knitwear range captured market share pretty quickly and it was not before top celebrities started endorsing the brand. The brand pulled off another master stroke in coming out with a whole range for women as well. The merino jumpers as well as polos are the most popular amongst women. It helped the brand achieve more market share and women who often purchase their partners found this brand very appealing to them and started purchasing clothing for self as well. Men have a expansive range to choose from jumpers to t-shirts to even formal shirts.

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