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we allow parents to make ill-informed poor choices that put other people at risk?Parents may be free to choose not to vaccinate , he said.But if their child infects or harms another child, they still may be liable if that child gets sick or dies.That doesn’t release you from your responsibility to others if you hurt them.Outrage over an accusation that a transgendered person was not allowed to try on clothing at a bridal shop in Saskatoon has prompted dozens of people to rally outside the store.Rohit Singh was looking for a bridal gown at Jenny’s Bridal Boutique late last month but says she was told that men weren’t allowed to put on dresses.Singh, who identifies as a woman, attended the Saturday rally and said the outpouring of support made her feel even happier than her wedding day.Everybody came to me, to shake hands with me, to take pictures with me.RelatedTransgender ‘bathroom bill’ passes with crucial support of 16 Tories‘Zhe’ ‘Hir’: Toronto School Board guidelines on gender identity allow for non-masculine/feminine pronounsWarriors for gay rights: The Conservatives have become unlikely LGBT supportersMiki Mappin with the Gender Equality Society of Saskatchewan said her group organized the rally and circulated a petition that calls for gender identity and expression to be included in the province’s human rights legislation.Mappin said many of the people at the rally expressed their support by cross-dressing, even if they weren’t transgendered.The store owner left.No one at the store was available for comment.The phone was not answered.and a friend and when they selected a dress, they asked to try it on.Singh said the person working at the store assumed that it was for her female friend.When they explained that the dress was for Singh, the situation went downhill.She said, ’Oh, I don’t allow men to wear dresses in my store.She told me, ’It doesn’t matter to me.And then she snatched that dress from my hand.Singh said she left the shop in tears.Many people from across North America have expressed scorn for the bridal store on social media.Singh said she intends to lodge a complaint with the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission.She told me, ’You look like a man and I don’t think men can wear dresses as females’.Singh said she later found a dress at another store in Saskatoon, where she said staff were friendly and helpful.while she was doing a master’s in biotechnology at the University of Toronto.They were married April 29.Mappin said she was happy, and a little surprised, to see Singh at the rally.She said her group had been trying unsuccessfully to reach her since the first media report about the incident surfaced on Thursday.Organizers weren’t sure if they should hold the rally without talking to her, Mappin said.She was just beautiful.lang inducted into Canadian Music Hall of Famewk.let your freak flags fly.The singer was inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame by Canuck icon Anne Murray , who recalled her first impression of lang stomping around the stage in cowboy boots.Murray said onstage at Regina’s Brandt Centre.I loved her sense of fun, her spunk, her gumption.Lang emerged in the mid-80s as a maverick country crooner with an ironic sense of humour and a powerful voice.She quickly distinguished herself as unique.At her first Junos in 1985, she accepted the trophy for most promising female artist dressed in a wedding dress and matching cowboy boots.RelatedThe 2013 Juno Awards: The full list of winnersThe 2013 Juno Awards live: The stars gather in Regina for Canada’s biggest night in musicLeonard Cohen, Carly Rae Jepsen among big winners as bulk of Juno Awards handed out Saturday NightJuno attendees had high praise for the singer as they walked the Juno red carpet.I think she’s wonderful.I’m thrilled for her.When I received the Juno Award for Big League back in ’89, she performed Crying and it was one of the finest performances I’ve ever seen anywhere by anybody.Constant Craving and lang’s version of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah.I’ve always had lots of respect for her, but this experience a year ago, she’s unreal.So I think she deserves everything and she seems like a wonderful woman.Adam Cohen, the singer-songwriter son of Leonard Cohen, had high praise for lang’s interpretation of his dad’s song.She does a song called Hallelujah great, great justice.through her career and that’s no small feat.whatever she touches turns to gold.For his part, Royal Wood said lang’s induction into the Canadian Hall of Fame is way overdue.I mean it sounds so pedestrian to say but she’s an iconic Canadian and she’s the real deal.There’s no autotune, there’s no correction, she’s a talent.She deserved to be there a long time ago.Decency, respect and British civility win out as Thatcher laid to restIt seemed to come out of nowhere.No one knew who’d started it; perhaps it was purely instinctive.But as the hearse came into view, the crowds found themselves breaking into applause, applause that followed the hearse all the way along the route , until it drew up at the church of St Clement Danes.Then, once the coffin had been loaded on to the gun carriage, and the horses moved off, the applause started again, and followed the procession all the way to St Paul’s.Down the roads it spread and spread, gently rippling, a long, impromptu chain of respect and appreciation.The applause wasn’t rowdy; there were no whoops or whistles.It was steady, warm, dignified.But it was also, somehow, determined.only to find the rest of the crowd applauding all the more loudly to drown them out.It has often been said that Baroness Thatcher appealed to the silent majority.They weren’t silent now.Ever since the news of her death last Monday, we have been told one thing above all else about the former prime minister: that she was divisive.Well, maybe she was.But you wouldn’t necessarily have known it yesterday along the route of her funeral procession.From Westminster to St Paul’s, mourners crammed the pavements, in places stand.


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