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seomypassion Jun 25 '23

A Course in Miracles is a massive book – 628 pages of Text, 478 of Workbook and 88 of shop acim Manual for Teachers. Many people feel overwhelmed by it.

May Cause Miracles offers a self-study program that will help you get started with the Course and start noticing a shift in your life each day. You will learn to stop the chattering mind and make room for Love – which is really all there is.

Is it really possible?

A Course in Miracles is a comprehensive step-by-step system of spiritual thought that consists of three volumes of channeled literature: a 622-page Text, a 478-page Workbook for Students, and an 88-page Manual for Teachers. The students are encouraged to decide on their own pace for reading the text and working through the lessons - often staying with a particular lesson for more than one day if they find it helpful to do so.

It is also recommended that students read the Song of Prayer and the Psychotherapy Booklet to provide an additional context for interpreting the Text and Workbook Lessons. The Course is written in a highly poetic and symbolic style, so it takes an open mind to be able to fully appreciate and understand its message.

The May Cause Miracles 40-Day Program is based on the teachings of A Course in Miracles, and many participants report experiencing a shift within 24 hours of practicing the daily exercises and “watching their thoughts like a hawk.” This is a truly postmodern spiritual practice, and it’s fun! It’s all about learning to make room for Love — because that is who you really are – and listening to the Quiet Voice within.

What is the purpose of this book?

A Course in Miracles is a profound, step-by-step system of spiritual thought that offers an impressive theoretical framework alongside 365 daily exercises. It has three volumes of channeled writing: the 628-page Text, the 478-page Workbook for Students, and the 88-page Manual for Teachers (there are no official "formal"/'approved' teachers of this course).

The Course is meant to be read at your own pace so it's not possible to give you a recommended timeline for reading. However, we recommend beginning with the Text and determining for yourself what works best for you. For some, this may mean reading a chapter a week, or a section each day. Others find it easier to read the entire book at once, or a few chapters a day.

Whether or not you read the entire Course, or only the lessons in this 40-day program, the goal is to become aware of the false beliefs and thoughts that keep you from experiencing the love that is your true nature. You'll be making room for the love that you are, which is God.

This 40-day program was designed to help you begin your journey into this deep understanding of yourself and the world. It is a powerful practice that allows you to experience a new field of possibility for yourself, your loved ones and the world. If you're interested in learning more about A Course in Miracles, and how to apply it to the things you care most about, check out our new coaching program that combines monthly private coaching and group retreats based on six key teachings of the Course.

Is it really easy?

A Course in Miracles is a step-by-step system of spiritual thought. It consists of three volumes: a 622-page Text, a 478-page Workbook for Students and an 88-page Manual for Teachers. The Course was channeled through the teacher known as Jesus or “the Holy Spirit.” It teaches that you are a divine creation and that the only thing that can hold you back from your true essence is fear. It is a universal path that reaches across religious and spiritual lines.

While anyone can benefit from it, the Course is challenging to read because of its sophisticated metaphysical, theological and psychological concepts. It also includes many blank verse passages, and the Course’s vocabulary and style often seem foreign to those unfamiliar with it. In addition, the Course is sometimes contradictory in its teachings. This makes it difficult to understand if not studied with an open mind.

Although there are a variety of study groups and workshops centered on the Course, it is not necessary to attend one to get started. The first thing to do is purchase a copy of the textbook and begin reading it. There are online versions available, but you may find it more beneficial to have an actual book.

After you have the textbook, start by taking one lesson per day and studying it in the context of your life. The goal is to watch your judgments and stories with a discerning eye and allow your internal guide, the Holy Spirit, to help you. During this time, it is important to be willing to let go of all ego-based judgments and to release the belief that you are not worthy of love.

As you progress through the 40 days, you’ll learn to replace fear with love in your thoughts and behaviors. Many people who follow the course say that they experience a shift within the first 24 to 48 hours simply by practicing “watching their thoughts like a hawk.” The key to creating positive change in your life is repetition and consistency. If you are willing to make this commitment, May Cause Miracles will help you create profound transformation in just 40 powerful days.

Can I really do this?

I’m here as your temporary guide for 40 days, to help you learn to make space in your mind and heart for God. I’m asking you to put your stories and judgments on pause, so you can begin to hear the quiet voice within.

This is a self-study program you can do from the comfort of your own home. All you need is a computer or smartphone and an internet connection. You’ll receive daily videos, and a practice to apply to your day.

Each video is about 15 minutes long. You can watch them in one sitting or at your own pace. There are also transcripts of each lesson, which you can download to read at a later time. You can choose to read a chapter a day or a few pages each day. Whatever feels right for you. It’s a lot of material, but it’s not so much work that you won’t be able to commit to it. This is a gentle way to retrain your mind, and find peace with what is.


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