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es really , really hard to make sure that President Obama is re-elected next year no matter who the Republican candidate is.Gingrich’s campaign nearly sputtered to a halt last summer, but he has recently soared to the top of the polls in the Republican contest to choose a nominee to face Obama in the 2012 election.Gingrich is known for his socially conservative views and has said he opposes gay marriage.Gingrich-Jones, a director at the Humans Rights Campaign, a gay advocacy group, said he did not attend her wedding.RelatedDavid Frum: Gingrich is weapon of mass destruction aimed at his own partyKelly McParland: Newt Gingrich’s surge leaves GOP wondering what it wished forGingrich s familial past, which includes multiple marriages and instances of alleged infidelity, has become a target in the race for the Republican candidacy.ostensibly in contrast to Gingrich.The attacks against Gingrich have even extended to his fashion sense.Women’s Wear Daily gave the paunchy former speaker of the House of Representatives a C-minus in its man of the week feature Thursday, saying there’s almost nothing right about his casual shirt-and-slacks outfit.The black belt separating the pastel blue short-sleeve dress shirt from the beige pleated slacks accentuates his less-than-svelte middle, it said, deconstructing a photo of the politician holding a hand over his heart.Trying to be helpful, the WWD website suggested that a dark V-neck sweater would minimize his girth without compromising his accessibility while darker color trousers would be always slimming.a reference to frumpy but wealthy retirees in nothing to clear his name from sexual harrassment allegations that led him to drop out of the race.Rishma Dunlop is the author of Lover Through Departure: New and Selected Poems, newly released by Mansfield Press.Love, Second Time Around: The Zoomer BrideDavid has asked me to marry him.He is 61, has a heart condition, and mortality seems ever-present in my consciousness, while I’m waiting for my divorce to be settled.I think of the husband of my youth, of the marriage bed where we conceived our lovely two daughters.I think of the cradle my father made for his granddaughter, of the intimacy of objects, worn and made beautiful by use and memory.Thinking of marriage a second time leads me to amusing contemplations.I’m struck by the popularity of reality shows about wedding planners and shows like Rich Bride, Poor Bride, Bridezilla, and Say Yes to the Dress.I’m fascinated by the phenomenon of these shows in a love-hate cringe-worthy fashion, astonished by the Kim Kardashian debacle, and the caricatures of bridesmaids in Hollywood chick flicks.After the royal wedding of Kate and William, it seems that the spectacle of the wedding ritual looms large in public consciousness.The business of weddings is the big lucrative industry of fashion mavens like Vera Wang and life-style gurus like Martha Stewart.And what will the poet, writer, academic wear to her wedding, the second time around?Sometime soon , after David and I have moved to a larger place, our wedding will mark a new beginning for both of us.By then, I hope that my daughters will have forgiven me for falling in love with a man who is not their father and perhaps they will help me say yes to a dress.We plan on traveling more together.We’ve been to the Netherlands, to Italy, on road trips in Canada and abroad, all with an easy companionship.Cities, hotels and the road have shaped us, and we’ve laughed a lot through our adventures, like the day we checked into the Pulitzer Hotel in Amsterdam.The solicitous porter carted our luggage through a maze of canal houses, now a modern Starwood hotel, when an ominous buzzing noise erupted from my suitcase.The porter, alarmed, reached into the side pocket and pulled out, not a weapon of destruction, but a pink plastic vibrator.We looked at each other, stone-faced at first, and then broke out into peals of laughter.Questions of travel always return us homeward.Memory is a form of sonar, a boomerang of remembrances that trace the shape of our lives.Recently, I brought home a bouquet of Esperanza roses, fat creamy blooms, with pink and green tinged edges.I carried their abundance, these roses, through the streets of our city, on the subway and the bus.In a Proustian sense, roses are my madeleines, their scent a form of joy I have wanted since I was a young girl.The Esperanzas bloom in a glass vase, as we cook supper together.Home is in the rituals.Love, second time around , teaches me that after grief, we are unmoored.But just when we think we’re done, desire restores us.After midnight, David is sleeping, his breath filling the loft.I think of my beloved’s body, the beloved’s body as home.I lay my head on his chest, waiting, listening, calling his name, coming home.George’s Play, 504 Church St.I wore this to the senior’s home.Standing in her bedroom, she gives it a shake and the tiny ribbons that trim the collar and hem wave like underwater tendrils.For the old people, you know, the 92- or 94-year-olds.Vintage, maybe, like some of her spectacular clothing, but certainly not old.on Wednesday, and Toronto’s gay community marked the milestone with a gala and a tribute show.she says when we walked by the statue of Alexander Wood).She still makes her rounds of the Village and shares stories from when she was with The Great Imposters, a travelling drag queen troupe.For a photo slideshow of Michelle through the ages, click here.In her anecdotes, she always describes what she was wearing.Here’s your heel, lady.Or the time she attended the Halloween party at St.and a mob outside pelted her with eggs.I went home and changed.Put on a red wig and came back out again.She walks around her room, in between rolling racks of dresses and shelves stacked with shoe boxes.She frets about the mess, uncomfortable having visitors to her apartment on Alexander Street.In the living room, two photos of Russell Alldread, the man under t.

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