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Michael’s mom knocked on the door

the body’s in the ground).They’re the second cousin that insists on sitting next to the widow and her children and spends the entire service loudly comforting them , even if they’re bearing up.They’re the person no one quite seems to recognize, who’s crying louder than anyone.After the passing of Jack Layton last summer, my friend and fellow Post columnist Barbara Kay commented upon the outpouring of public grief that accompanies the deaths of the famous.Her column cited Diana, Princess of Wales; Amy Winehouse and Steve Jobs are more recent examples of the same.Flowers, teddy bears and homemade cards are deposited at impromptu shrines to the memory of the departed by people who, in the main, only knew of them.I have another possible explanation for this behaviour, and for the flocks of grief vultures that circle eagerly over the tragedy of others.In a society where even bland activities like baking cupcakes or looking for a new apartment warrant their own television shows and create quasi-celebrities, and entire TV franchises have been spun out of watching women endure the emotional struggle of picking a wedding dress (complete with obnoxious music and sound effects), millions of people seem confused as to why their own daily lives are so uninteresting.They try to overcompensate by treating every little obstacle as if it’s the plotline of their reality TV premiere.And what makes a better plot development than a tragic death?Granted, the reality TV-ification of our society is a recent development, whereas grief vultures are probably as old as man.But they do seem to be getting more plentiful.Who wants to put up with that?Reverand Graham Bland is worried that Canadians are too afraid of death to plan to die well.abandoned traditional channels for the expression of communal sorrow.I suspect they’re, in large part, both right.But when I made the decision to request no funeral service, it wasn’t because I’m afraid to die.It’s because I don’t want my passing to be cheapened by being made into the sideshow of someone I hardly know.My family and friends are invited to dip a tiny bit into my estate to throw a hell of a bash in my honour after I’m gone.It comforts me to know that the people I care about most will be the ones to benefit from that hopefully distant party.ties up a lot of loose ends that had been lingering over the three earlier instalments.And it offers some major plot developments while leaving room for more.Not a lot happens in the film, but what does is major.It can be summed up in three words: marriage, sex, pregnancy.You know, typical vampire movie fare.Yes, Bella (Kristen Stewart) and Edward (Robert Pattinson) finally tie the knot.s and drawn-out melodrama.It begins with an invitation.Jacob (Taylor Lautner) receives his and is not amused.breaking in heels , hair and makeup, heirlooms passed down, all to a sweeping classical soundtrack.But not everything is perfect.about tying the knot with the undead.Needless to say, she forges ahead.The wedding is treated with swoon-inducing sensitivity.As Bella prepares to be escorted down the aisle by her father Charlie (Billy Burke), the camera pauses on her nervous face, her hairclip, her neck, her veil and the intricate design of her dress plunging down her back.Don’t get me started on the kiss.There are amusing speeches (mercifully edited into a snappy montage), dancing and just enough dramatic tension (cue Jacob) to let us know that this is not going to be all fun and games.But there is a little fun and games.Which brings us to the honeymoon.Edward goes all out, sweeping his bride off to Rio, Brazil, then a quiet island where they can be alone.All is picture-perfect, right down to the nuptial bed that awaits them, beckoning.After three films of foreplay, Bella and Edward are ready to consummate their love.The results, while far from raunchy, are surprisingly suggestive; let’s just say the Earth shakes.The blissful tone takes a turn in the second half, as director Bill Condon gets a chance to show his dark side.Pregnant with what, no one’s sure, exactly , Bella turns a ghastly shade of pale.The rest of the film is devoted to keeping her alive as the beast within grows, and gets thirsty.A dutiful action sequence breaks the adult vibe with some cartoonishly animated battles with wolves.But when all is said and done, Twilight makes a necessary quantum leap forward, while managing to end on a suspenseful note that neatly sets us up for one more round.Speaking of which, fans are advised to stay in their seats for a mid-credit teaser of what’s in store for next time.Bride, groom went on with wedding as Nova Scotia resort burned downPeople often pray for sunny weather on their wedding day.In hindsight, Nancy and Michael Rogers should have pined for rain.The historic lodge near, Liverpool, N.where they were to be married, White Point Beach Resort, was consumed by flames minutes before their ceremony was set to begin.But even a massive fire is no match for true love.The Post’s Joe O’Connor caught up with the bride Monday night:Q: How were the pre-wedding nerves on Saturday morning?A: Well, we have both been married before.My biggest concern was that I didn’t want to trip walking down the aisle or make a mistake with my vows.Q: So, you were focused.We were staying in a cabin near the main lodge.My mom and I ordered room service.I had French toast with bacon.Mom had an omelette.We were drinking mimosas.Q: When did you find out that your perfect wedding day was about to go up in smoke, so to speak?A: While the girls were lacing up the back of my dress.Q: Did you go with a white gown for your second wedding?A: It was pink, or fuchsia actually, with a white bolero.Q: Back to the fire.Michael’s mom knocked on the door.She had an awful look on her face.Karen, from White Point Beach Resort, was there to see me and she also had a horrible look on her face.She told me there was a fire at the main lodge.Q: Could you see any flames?A: No, just a whole lot of d.

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