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she saves him by offering him a simpler,

es Karl RoveJohn Dickerson: Clinton is the most uncontested party nominee in almost a century.And that’s exposing some nuttinessHer speech to a business audience of 1 ,800 was to promote her new 600-page memoir Hard Choices, which she wrote longhand, to the frustration of her editor and her daughter, Chelsea.Later in the day, she signed copies of the book for hundreds of admirers who lined up at a downtown Indigo store.Many Americans may take our relationship with Canada for granted, but our northern neighbour is an indispensable partner in nearly everything we do around the world, she writes.Other mentions of Canada are in passing, over such issues as climate change and NATO.Stephen Harper, the Prime Minister, is briefly quoted once on northern sovereignty, especially in the face of Russian militarization, saying it demands forces on the ground, ships in the sea and proper surveillance.The book includes many photographs, starting with the grand scene of her 2008 concession speech at the National Building Museum; being watched by a North Korean soldier in Pyong Yang; holding on to Nicolas Sarkozy after walking out of her shoe, playing the piano with Bono; eating soup at an elaborate table with Aung San Suu Kyi; and the famous Situation Room shot with her hand over her mouth.In her speech, she said her heart was in her throat at that moment, after the helicopter crashed in the bin Laden raid.Hard Choices also reflects on Chelsea s wedding, and how, as mother of the bride, I was delighted to help in every way I could, including reviewing photographs of flower arrangements from the road and making time for tastings and dress selections back home.I felt lucky that my day job had prepared me for the elaborate diplomacy required to help plan a big wedding.In her speech, she praised the Canadian military, and took a few frank and amusing shots at Russian President Vladimir Putin , the thin- skinned autocrat and intriguing character with whom she has a longstanding diplomatic rivalry.Now there are a few world leaders who might not be very happy when they read it, and I m talking to you, Vladimir, she said.But I say what I m going to say and let the chips fall where they may.There are a few world leaders who might not be very happy when they read it, and I m talking to you, Vladimir What he s trying to do is look to the past for Russia s future, she said, driving with his eyes on the rear-view mirror.She was coy, however, about her own political ambitions, which are thought to include a 2016 presidential bid.For example, asked what a male spouse of a female president would be called, she said she has heard suggestions from First Man to First Mate.I don t know, she said.I hope our country has the chance to find are the aristocrats.million, has some top tips for saving money.In an interview with Tatler, the magazine that chronicles all things upper class, she has suggestions on everything from used soap to conserving the lobster.Here are five tips from the Baroness.Never serve guests with food on plates It’s a waste, says the baroness.Let guests help themselves.That way, they can take exactly the amount of food they want, and no more.They can always have seconds, but you won’t be left scraping luscious lobster into the bin.I love Melba toast, but it does mean cutting off the crusts.We have it with dinner on Friday and Saturday, but keep the crusts.with boiled eggs for Sunday breakfast.then re-uses it herself.She adds , When it’s nearly finished, put it in drawers and cupboards to keep the moths away.Ditch the tentInstead of using a marquee at garden parties, buy 200 Panama hats for guests to keep the sun off.Don’t pull the plugOnce you’ve had a bath, leave the water in the tub for a couple of hours to warm the room.Other suggestions for keeping warm include using electric blankets and hot water bottles and using sausage-dog draught excluders at the bottom of doors.Her other suggestions include growing your own fruit (apples and pears, she recommends); re-using napkins (guests can use the same linen napkin for breakfast and lunch; shopping for bargains (local auctions and eBay, for instance) and not throwing anything away (old newspapers can go to the fishmonger and socks should be mended).Other aristocrats have also been dishing out economic advice.Sir Richard FitzHerbert, ninth baronet and owner of the 400-year-old, 48-chimney Tissington Hall in Derbyshire, confesses to pocketing hotel pens.All these little things help, he says.Caroline Lowsley-Williams of Chavenage House, an Elizabethan manor in the central Cotswolds district, laments hiring out her estate for weddding.I wouldn’t wish the wedding trade on anyone, she says.We peaked one year at 37.It helped the cash flow, but that meant 37 mothers-of-the-bride to deal with.I’m keener on funerals.They have a shorter run-in time.James Kudelka’s Cinderella fits the National Ballet of Canada exactly the way the glass slipper fits the central character’s foot: perfectly.Now celebrating its tenth anniversary, this modern take on the classic fairy tale is as elegant, comical and original as when it first debuted.One of the main reasons this ballet still sparkles like the crystals adorning Cinderella’s pointe shoes is because Kudelka understands the importance of spectacle in a 21st century story ballet.For instance, instead of arriving at the ball the usual way, Cinderella floats down from the sky in a giant pumpkin.egg in Kudelka’s The Nutcracker.The plot is the familiar one but Kudelka’s take is decidedly more contemporary and less sugary than other interpretations.The stepsisters are not evil so much as they are self-absorbed and materialistic.Her stepmother is a chain-smoking the prince any more than she saves him by offering him a simpler, more down to earth life, than one dominated by royal pressures and paparazzi.The ballet is set in the Roaring Twenties, which means the pouffy pastel gowns seen in the popular animated film and storyb.

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