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r the first time in a musical film

response from the crowd Mermaid Dresses Outlet , as expected, was restrained.Coaches in the Corner.maybe say something about the troops or the pinkos or something.Tempting, but I’ve already got my sights set on something bigger and better: JVC is looking for someone to head up their VHS department.Now, there’s plenty of nattering ninnies out there who say that the videotape is dead: But I believe I’ve got a 10-to-20 year plan to finally get analog back on top.I’m going to get in some top talent, send some of the old guard packing, and by the time I’m done, DVD, Blu-Ray and HD will all seem like a bad dream.Most importantly, JVC tells me they have a lax dress code: No sport coats, no collared shirts and absolutely no ties.Murphy do I hate ties.Les Miserables: Costume designers on the film s unique challengesCostume designer Paco Delgado first met Tom Hooper in Spain, when they worked on the Academy Award-winning director’s series of commercial shorts for Captain Morgan rum together.var, the preparation on a star-studded Hollywood film of this scale was as immense as it was intense.rables is by accident.was a cue taken from period artworks.You have for example Delacroix’s Freedom Guiding the People for the barricade and you see people blocked in solid blue, with red and with white.But then with Marius and Cosette, it was more natural, a question of a romantic story going on.Delgado continues, before recounting ideas behind the costumes of each major character.Jean Valjean (Hugh Jackman)If the dark robe-like garment Valjean wears on his road to redemption brings to mind St.Francis of Assisi, that’s by design.It is very monastic, his life.And once, in Morocco A-line Dresses Outlet , I saw shepherds in the Atlas mountains wearing these long coats made with very, very coarse wool from the sheep that they had.Delgado scoured his sources for the right material to no avail until, by serendipity they unearthed three monks’ outfits in a vintage London supplier.from grey to bluish greys to black and I thought, ‘This is the fabric.We cut them down to make the coat.Fantine (Anne Hathaway)Fantine begins in soft pinks and lavender.When she becomes a prostitute, her wardrobe moves to a deep crimson, mirroring the red prisoner costume of Valjean.Along with the other women at the factory who assemble rosaries, she wears gauntlets and a bonnet of rich blue, which recalls the blue mantle worn by the Madonna in art.One of the first things that Tom said to me is that he wanted that factory to look in fact a little bit like a nunnery.Like a convent of girls, where purity was there.Obviously blue is a colour associated with purity, and also associated with nuns and the Virgin Mary.We chose it for those connotations.ponine (Samantha Barks)In On My Own, plaid gossamer silk clings to Eponine’s shoulders and becomes sheer in the rain.I love see-through materials, always.I think they bring a fragility and you always can play with light with them.And also you always can play with different layers.For another example, if you see the wedding dress of Cosette, it has like a white sort of very, very fine cotton muslin but underneath it’s a pink colour.Because it’s pink with a little bit of orange, it looks like a bit of apricot.Javert (Russell Crowe)Initially, as a prison guard he wears a turquoise blue uniform.The thing with Javert is that at the beginning we talked about a guy who was getting darker and darker through the movie, that’s the reason we started with a bright blue.obsessed with trying to catch a man who was almost uncatchable.The reason to use more and more silver on his uniform with him is to portray what an important person he became at the end of his life.the reason we used peaches and lilacs and all the colours you could see in a garden.She started as a girl dressed in black because she was living in a convent and had this sort of saint kind of look, a proper girl at a convent school.Marius’s first glimpse of Cosette is at the market Short Dresses Outlet , where she is wearing a bonnet lined in pleated pink silk that has a halo effect.Later on, her white bedclothes are finely embroidered with lilacs, vines and other blossoms.We intended it to be an explosion of emotions coming from her in the romance.Marius (Eddie Redmayne)The opulent velour and patterned waistcoats worn under tattered jackets say something about his identity.We wanted to play all the time with this sort of incongruity.He obviously is a rich guy who pretends he is poor and all those things had to be inside his costume somehow.Later at their wedding, Marius wears a cravat with a tiny floral print that subtly mirrors Cosette’s lilac blossom motif.Technical requirementsFor the first time in a musical film, the actors sing live in their scenes on set.This created a distinct new challenge for the costume department.We had to be very careful with the sound of the fabrics.We couldn’t use any taffeta at all because it makes so much noise.But by fortune, that wasn’t a period of taffeta.gime, used at Versailles, and there was a big backlash and rejection of those expensive fabrics at the time.They had also discovered a new fabric from India: cotton.Chintz and cotton and muslin, it’s an amazing period for that.So you have a moment in history when cotton was considered much more beautiful than silk.We were very lucky about that!nardiers’ costumes feature riotous colour, pattern and texture.Delgado used their Master of the House number as an opportunity to have fun.We thought of them like being magpies, stealing everything as they do, and thought we could incorporate that idea into their trying to bring all these ideas of holiness inside a costume.and Sacha Baron Cohen is like a clown, really.nardier wears breeches and a military jacket trimmed in fringe and braid, like an overgrown toy soldier; in the book he says all the time that he was at Waterloo, helping Napoleon.We thought he would have stolen his jacket, which is almost rotten by the time he has got it, not from a simple soldier but from a genera.




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