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How do I register?

Registration for your IELTS test is quick and easy:

Application form

Printable copy of the IELTS application form 

Step one - find your nearest IELTS test location

With more than 1,600 IELTS test locations in over 140 countries, there is bound to be one near you. Find my nearest centre. 

Step two - register for your IELTS test

You can register and pay online or download an application form to print, complete and submit to your local test centre.

Don’t forget to provide a copy of your valid identity document.  You will also need to present the same identity document on the day of the test.

Step three - Your IELTS test is booked

Once your application has been processed, the centre will send you a written confirmation of the date and time of your test. The Speaking and Writing tests typically take place on the same day.  If this is not possible, the tests will take place within seven days of each other.

For further information, contact your local IELTS test centre or download our Information for Candidates booklet (PDF 704 KB).

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