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ch it with a moustache mani (she s the queen of manis).A polo shirt dress: Riffing on the overalls idea Discount Bridesmaid Dresses , Deschanel should also do a dress inspired by the 90s Hilfiger polo, perhaps elongating it to above the knee in an argyle print, maybe pairing it with knee-high socks?Cher Horowitz would wear it, and since designers have a major 90s fascination these days, many today would wear it, too.Red, white and blue: What sort of collection would this be without Hilfiger s three signature colours?Seriously, though, someone buy the man a colour wheel.The Look: To the manor born, in country tweedsMuch of this week’s intrigue takes place among the downstairs denizens of this drawing room drama.The plain cottons of the kitchen girls offer a simple glimpse of the changes in high fashion making their way, ever so slowly, into the plainer uniforms of those in service.The collars are spread, with button and bib-fronts on the dresses because the corset-cinched bust has relaxed and the waist, too, dropped a little even below the apron.After her ordeal, Anna is secretive and keeps the story of her attack from Bates.She is understandably dour and drawn, and her black maid s uniform taking on a secondary meaning of mourning and self-effacement.Outdoors, Mary joins the men and begins to tour the long-time tenant and estate grounds.while she wears the lady version of these, a loose shapeless coat and still in purple wistful about the news of the engagement of dashing if boring Lord Gillingham.Lord Gillingham or Mycroft Holmes?Sherlock, The Sign of Three The Look: Three cases and a weddingTo the question of what Sherlock Holmes might wear to a fancy dress occasion, the answer: What every other English gentleman sports: a peak lapel cutaway morning coat over grey trousers, and like David Beckham at the Royal Wedding, Sherlock carries the matching top hat Discount Wedding Party Dresses , rather than wearing it.The Bloody Guardsman.Sherlock shares them during his best man’s speech because: wedding episode!Watson’s nuptials, which is an excuse to gather a gaggle of extras, dress them up and sit them on trendy clear Lucite cane chairs.Holmes threatens, and the story becomes a flashback to Watson, in typical gingham check layered under button-up polo neck sweater and brown corduroy, on a pub crawl stag night with Sherlock.Drunk Sherlock’s wardrobe signatures are too much for him and he struggles with both overcoat and gets tangled in his scarf, slapping himself enthusiastically, like Steve Martin in All of Me (or Peter Sellers in anything).The speech goes on like a bad shaggy dog story as Sherlock tries to figure out which wedding guest is the Mayflyman.There are a few memorable costume changes in the multilayered flashbacks, like Sherlock being very Withnail by wearing a dramatic camel-coloured shawl collar and cuffed dressing gown over ice blue shirt while cracking a long-ago case at home.Public Mycroft, in his latest tailored chalkstripe charcoal suit, is also a far cry from Private Mycroft, who we see stealing an illicit moment on the treadmill of his stately home, in warm-up jacket, running leggings and Adidas sneakers.the inverse of her kitchen wallpaper, which she nonetheless blends Watson’s getaway excuse), Mary wears a silk blouse buttoned up to the neck that’s patterned with pink thumbs-ups, a stage direction she gleefully mimics at the end of the scene.typically English wedding headwear a.ridiculous fascinators, from the black curlicues worn by macabre schoolboy Archie’s mother to Molly’s unfortunate, sagging yellow bow contraption (the hat costume motif continues with another column seemingly rolled in black feathers, a silhouette that’s echoed in case of the murdered Her Majesty’s Guard: he wears a high fur hat.Colourful straw funnel cakes perch on extras and guests but Mrs.Hudson’s asymmetrical ivory saucer hat steals the show, as improbable and preposterously large as the one Julia Roberts wore to the races in Pretty Woman.The bride wears a beaded 1930s lace gown and similarly retro long cap veil, with net held in place by a garland of a similarly ill-fitting strapless lilac gown.Our favourite accessory, however Discount Plus Size Wedding Dresses , is not Sherlock’s napkin-folding jujitsu, but the pair of brass bracelets the saucy maid of honour notices Sherlock seems to have had in his pocket all evening.Do you always carry handcuffs?There s nary a beat before his winking aside.and Hannah s fashion choices left us feeling equally sombre.Patiently waiting for a meeting with her e-book editor David, who doesn t show up to work because he s later found face down in the Hudson River, Hannah wears plaid trench with a brown knit tee, mustard yellow mini-skirt and brown flats with argyle socks.And she was doing so well.The fashion funeral (rest in piece, good style) continues when Hannah wears a Bronx Zoo T-shirt displaying all sorts of aquatic wildlife, as well as a black sweater with a sun, raincloud and umbrella patched on it (the sleeves read Golfers do it Rain or shine!Unfortunately for her, the look is more raincloud than sunshine.The style slum continues with Marnie, who spent much of the episode air-punching out her frustrations about Charlie in black workout gear.Shoshanna, meanwhile, was all about bandanas.I feel like my bandanna collection is my most developed collection.My array of bandanas is insane.may be insane, but in the most literal sense of the word.Adam s sister, an oddity who gives the show some much-needed life, may just be the most tragic dresser of all.Pairing a tattered Mickey Mouse sweater with white shorts that are ruffled on the bottom, we wish she would have buried the ensemble in the cemetery she and Hannah were running around in.Jessa, who finds out one of her closest friends faked her death to avoid her, gets sweet revenge by showing up to said friend s house in a striking white 90s-inspired slip dress, which she pairs with an unstructured velvet blazer, dark lips and leather cutout can easily look .

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