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How-To Setup LinkBoost for LinkedIn Demonstration + Join Engagement Pods

How-To Setup LinkBoost for LinkedIn Demonstration + Join Engagement Pods

In this video, we are going to review how to set up your LinkBoost app, as well as how to add (engagement) pod members, how to join (LinkedIn) pods, and how to submit your URL for engagements on your LinkedIn posts. So to start, we first have to go to - or use the hyperlink that was provided in the email course. That'll take you directly to this engagement pod trainer pod that you'll be invited to. So if you're watching this the other way to do it is go to www dot link and then you will go to get LinkBoost (from the Google Chrome store). Now this works only for Google Chrome and the Brave browser. Now I've obviously got it (installed). So I won't be removing it, but once you're here, you will hit, 'add plugin' or add up, and then you will then have this handy little icon up here called LinkBoost (LB).So once you're there, LinkBoost is going to need your LinkedIn email and password in order to access it and do the automations for you. So but once you're there, you will have to put that information in and then you will have a LinkBoost account that you'll need to set up a new password for. Now, once you're in there you will have your profile and it will show all this kind of interesting stuff. And then we are going to quickly show you how to join different (LinkedIn) engagement pods. So there are various different kinds here that you can join. It'll tell you, is this a 'likes only', or is it a likes and the comments? You see that little comment bubble and it'll also show you how many people are in that engagement pod. So that is, and then you would click join pod there. So that is how you get LinkBoost set up, as well as how to access it from your Google Chrome or Brave browser, and how to join (LinkedIn) pods. In the next video, I will show you how to add your engagement pod members and how to get your LinkedIn posts boosted. So hangout for that next video!


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